Things to Know Before You Order the Custom Product Boxes

By on September 5th, 2017 in Product boxes

You have spent years designing and working on your dream product. The whole life of hard work and dedication has brought you to this moment where you are now finally ready to launch your own product and have it reach homes, offices and touch lives in the most personal ways possible. It has always been your dreams to have your product become a brand people would relate to and associate with. But you might have to step away from that dream for a while now because you might think that you have taken care of every aspect involved in this process but there is something crucial you are missing out on. Have you thought about how you plan to package your product?

Product Boxes

Packaging is the last stepping stone which is standing between you and your success. All the potential customers in the market cannot see the hard work you have invested in and the good this product can bring in their lives. This is because all they would see and judge you on is the product packaging boxes you have paid little to no attention to.

What are product boxes?

These are those special packaging you wrap your product in so that it can make it to the consumers in its perfect condition. Not only does it serve to protect the product you are trying to sell but also markets it for you. So, it the custom product boxes of your product ultimately becomes the identity of the brand they would soon be recognized with.

With their importance brought to your attention, now it is time for you to order them away. But, wait! There are still many things you need to know about so that you order the perfect custom product box for your business. Just how the location, capital, and resources are important for a successful business, the right product boxes are important for your product.

1.     Design

It is the most important aspect of the product packaging boxes. Spend as much time here as you possibly can. Saving dimes here might cost you the success of your, make sure you hire the best team and do all that it takes to design a custom product box which is a true depiction of your product and what it actually stands for. People need to look at the box and just want to buy it. Make it as creative and interesting as you possibly can. The box needs to stand out on the shelf when placed with all its competitors. This is where the creative design will bring it the competitive edge it needs.

Product Boxes

2.     Printing

Once you are done with the design, you might think that all the other things would take little to no time but you are wrong. Now comes the time where you need to hire the best printing company. You will ultimately be working with them in close association. Make sure they are worth your time and money. Not only should they be creative enough to provide helpful recommendations but should also be dealing with the best technology meant to bring more uniqueness to your product boxes’ design. Depending on the style you choose for your custom product packaging boxes, the printing should be chosen so as to complement the whole look and bring it all together.

3.     Size does matter

Do take into consideration the size of your product and what size of the product packaging boxes you need to order for it. The product should fit in perfectly and the box should feel as if it belongs to the product. Failing to do so would have the whole brand image you are creating for your product fail miserably. So, let’s just bring in some proper measurements and work closely with the design team to create the custom product boxes that are unique in their look yet perfect for your product.

Product Boxes

After all the size of the custom packaging boxes is meant to serve another purpose too. It is the box which will keep the product safe during shipping and handling. While shipping it to longer distances, there can be a lot of mishandling along the way. Having the product boxes of the right sizes can prevent the product inside.

4.     Material

While most of the product boxes are made out of paper, you don’t have to do that. You can choose to stand out and go for a different material as long as it serves the purpose right. From protecting the product from all sorts of shocks and falls, it should also be good enough to handle the extreme weather conditions and still manage to keep the product safe. Most of the times, the products are delicate and need a strong sturdy material to provide them support, We should also be looking at the moisture locking capabilities of the material that we are going with to make sure that the delicate product doesn’t get to damage its look in any way. The product can be anything from a crockery item to a heavy object. The material should be strong enough to support the delicate objects and handle the weight of the heavier ones.

Product Boxes

Once you have decided and thought on all of these factors, it is time for you to order away. Most of the times the printing and packaging companies have many standard product boxes available with them already so that the selection is easier and prompt for you. Not only can you order one of their designs but can also introduce your customized one.  Always ask the team they have for recommendations. Given their experience making and designing custom product packaging boxes, they surely can help you their helpful insight that might change things for the better for you. Business is all about creating a brand and an identity for your product. With the right product packaging boxes, you will be a step closer to making that happen for you.


Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.