A Complete Guide to Mini Muffin Boxes Size

By on March 7th, 2017 in Muffin Boxes

As a matter of fact, mini muffin boxes are quite famous these days but a small number of people know about the technical information about mini muffin boxes. This article will help you out in deciding cupcake muffin boxes for your muffins. It will not only decide the best window muffin box for you, it will also get you more customers.

mini muffin boxes

Two important factors must be taken into regard while purchasing the muffin boxes wholesale:

  • Quantity of muffins
  • Size of baked muffins

Muffin Quantity

It is quite important to have sound knowledge about the quantity of the muffins. If you want to launch different categories for muffin range like 6 muffins in one box or 12 muffins in one box. The size of cupcake muffin boxes must be kept small as it must be easy to carry whereas the 12-muffin box must be kept of standard size.

Muffin Size

mini muffin boxesOther than the quantity of muffin, the size of the muffin is also important. In addition to it, the capacity size of the muffin pans is referred to as muffin size. Dimensions play an important role in making your brand a blooming one in a matter of days if the quality of your muffin remains unaffected by the enhanced size of the muffin.  If we focus on dimensions, there are three major dimensions:

  • Mini muffin boxes
  • Standard mini boxes
  • Jumbo muffin boxes


Tray and sleeve boxes for muffin:

If you want sleeve boxes for muffins, you must go for a strong tray that comes up with the position for every muffin. If you are planning to buy muffin boxes wholesale, you must keep the following tips while purchasing them:

  • Box for 1 muffin cup must have a single shaped mold
  • Box for 6 muffins pan for keeping 6 muffins as a category
  • Box for 9 muffin pan is basically for the category of 9 muffins. These are usually placed in a tray that is beautifully designed.
  • Box for 12 muffin pan can be used for 12 mini, jumbo and standard boxes and mini boxes. You might have seen cupcake muffin boxes that are beautifully designed to adjust 12 muffins inside one box.
  • Box for 24 muffin pan is basically presented in window muffin boxes to gibe sneak peek to the customers. Window muffin box can be used for different numbers of muffins. In the case of 24 muffins, a tray for 24 muffin boxes is used and it has different designing.
  • Box for 48 muffin pan is usually used for 48 muffins and is used by big companies.
  • Box for 50 muffins pan or more falls in the category of large muffin boxes and they are purchased by a number of bakeries. In addition to it, muffin boxes wholesale is used for cupcakes too but in a different mode.

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