What are different types of Custom Cardboard Boxes?

What are different types of Custom Cardboard Boxes?

What has brought change in the packaging world?

Have you ever thought about it? If not then let us reveal that it is the cardboard boxes. They are the most reliable packaging solution. There are a lot of features of these custom cardboard boxes, about which people are confused. Let us talk about this to clear all the confusions. Firstly, there are a lot of people think cardboard packaging are expensive than other materials like plastic, etc. Actually, it is another way around, which means these boxes for sale are cost-effective. For this reason, they are used in a variety of business fields for product packaging. In the same way, custom corrugated boxes are playing their role in product packaging. Both these categories possess all the features which make them eligible for storing different types of items.

Let us share with you some common types of wholesale cardboard boxes around you.

Custom Jewelry Boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for both light and heavyweight packaging of products. Among these products come the precious jewelry, gemstones and so on. Starting from a small ring to delicate jewelry cardboard packaging is very much effective and reliable. Get them design as per your demand. Mostly to give these custom cube boxes, as well as other types, are printed with black color. Further, lamination with gloss, matte and other lamination option gives them even more polished look. All these additions transform simple looking custom cardboard boxes into luxury ones. For custom box printing consult company’s graphic designer which will shape your ideas in front of you. Don’t forget to have foam or velvet inserts. These additions will make your jewelry pieces more elegant and worthy. Ribbon bow ties will turn them as jewelry gift boxes for you.

Display Cardboard Boxes

One of the most common types of customized cardboard boxes. Being common means that you must have seen them around you in every small shop, store as well as in big malls and outlets. Further, stationery products, bakery, and confection products, they play an incredible role. As its name suggests, this particular assortment of cardboard packaging helps in displaying the new arrivals or even the old stock back to the focus of customers. Well, using the right placement of these small cardboard boxes can give boost to the sale. Place them near the cash counter so that you can have an impulsive sale. Moreover, this type further has another type known as standing display stands that also bring product in limelight.

Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is a versatile material for making custom cardboard boxes. Usually, you have seen cardboard boxes with a single wall but they have the ability to get the flute. These additional fluting provide them strength and sturdiness to pack heavy and transport heavy products to various places. Well, consult the company for the addition of the layers. That’s why custom corrugated boxes are preferred for shipping purpose. When it comes to the companies we The Custom Packaging Boxes provide the best boxes for sale. Well, there is another printing and packaging company Alibaba Packaging Boxes equally reliable you can also consult it. On the other hand, our company is able to provide printing which can advertise your company as well as products while they are shipped.

Cardboard Apparel Boxes with Logo

Do you know cardboard packaging which is very much famous in the apparel industry?  They are custom folding boxes that easily pack a wide range of clothes. For instance, scarves, shirts, ties, and a lot more small cardboard boxes are very much efficient.  In addition to this, for bridal gowns, these custom cardboard boxes play a great role in packaging. Further, you can avail the advantage by printing them. This customization can help in advertising your brand. Taking the help of the logo printing over these custom boxes you can easily advertise your brand in the market. Other than social and print media these custom cube boxes are more essential in providing these services. Just print your logo with some other important details such as your contact details then wherever the customer will take these boxes they will become your representatives. Moreover, the customer will also be able to tell others about you more conveniently.

  • Retail Cardboard Packaging Boxes for sale

Are you a producer of the wholesale item on a large scale? If yes, then you definitely need these cardboard packaging. Making the use of these cardboard boxes is the retail packaging solution. Therefore, you must have seen their wide spread usage for various products. For instance,  from cosmetics to shoes, food and other wide range of products. Everywhere these cardboard boxes wholesale are ruling. If you also want to release your product in the market then we TCPB present your cardboard box with multiple features and a wide variety. For instance, custom corrugated boxes for shipping. custom cube boxes as per the product’s requirement.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Further, small cardboard boxes will help you to present small items in a much-assembled way. This will definitely increase impulsive buying and selling.



How can Custom Handle Boxes can help retailers in several ways?

How can Custom Handle Boxes can help retailers in several ways?

Day by day we are witnessing the significant changes that Packaging boxes wholesale bring in our life. Moreover, for the customers, these custom folding boxes are constantly moving through the process of transformation. This time it is the handles that make these custom party boxes more attractive and appealing. Theses custom handle boxes are widely use in different business fields. Starting from jewelry to cosmetics to apparel to shoes. Moreover, for the packaging of bakery and other food products, these custom gable boxes are especially consider by the retailers. These wholesale handle boxes have many benefits. For instance:

  • Provides convenience in carrying products.
  • They do not any shopping bags.
  • They are eco- friendly.

How to create an advertising impression with Custom Handle Boxes?

Packaging and labeling are two of the most important aspects considered for any product. Both of these play a highly important role in the company’s packaging boxes wholesale.  For instance, with packaging customers judge the quality of the products whereas the labeling on these custom handle boxes does the advertisement of the company or the brand in the market.  You must be worried that how will you print your logo on these wholesale handle boxes. For this, there are so many companies working, besides this, they are just one click away from you.  For instance, Printcosmo a printing and packaging company providing premium quality handle and custom folding boxes. These customize logos will definitely help you making an impression of the wide range of assortment available at your outlet.

Gift handle boxes

How many choices do you have for Handles?

As custom handle boxes are widely used in various packaging departments that’s why they have different types of handles. These handles bring innovation. Moreover, they transform them from simple boxes to gift handle boxes. Thus, different types of handles include:

  • Ribbons: They are soft and luxurious material used to make handles. Moreover, they give a high finishing to the bags and are among the most reliable materials.
  • Cotton: This fabric provides the same type of appearance like ribbons but have more strength in upholding the packaging boxes wholesale than ribbons.
  • Twisted Papers: These handles are made from a machine which is a quick process. Though they do not appear to be luxury they have commendable strain ability.
  • Foldable Handles: This category of handles are manufactured from simple foldable papers. They are the most economical option for custom folding boxes having lightweight loads and for easy lift ups.

Wholesale Handle boxes

How to manufacture Packaging Boxes Wholesale?

There are the number of reason because of which these custom handle boxes are great in demand. They are manufactured using cardboard and kraft sheets as well as paperboard materials. These material make these custom gable boxes light in weight but reliable in quality. Further, these materials are eco-friendly that don’t harm the atmosphere and are easily available. These features also make them less expensive for all kinds of users.  Moreover, cardboard materials is extremely favorable for packaging and labeling. There are several companies like Amazon, that helps you create the impression over these packaging boxes wholesale as per your demand.

Wholesale printed handle boxes

Why size matters for Wholesale Handle Boxes?

Together with manufacturing material, there is another important feature that is the size of the custom handle boxes. The size and shape of the custom gable boxes make the outlook of the product. This makes these packaging boxes wholesale appealing for the customers. Moreover, it makes packaging and labelling easier for retailers. Preciseness in the sizes also provides shape to different products that are packaged in them. The different sizes of the wholesale handle boxes are 24*36, 48*24, 2-3/8*1-3/4 inches, full sheet custom party boxes 18 x 24 x 2 inches or 18 x 26 x 2  and others boxes with the size of 9 x 12 x 2 or 9 x 13 x 2 inches. Therefore, you can get your individual type of gift gable boxes. ULine is one of the companies that fulfill all the requirements as per the demand of the customers.

Custom printed handle boxes

Who can provide quality Wholesale Handle Boxes?

Well, if you want to have proper packaging and labeling partners then you can also contact The Custom Packaging Boxes company as they fully satisfy its customers with all their demands related to packaging boxes wholesale.  Whether you are looking for custom gable or party boxes or you need custom folding boxes, you can place your order using free custom quote.

Which folding boxes are perfect for your packaging requirements?

This is the thing that recognizes them from different sorts of bundling containers. Because of the way that these cases are transported out level, hundreds and possibly a greater amount of their amount can be pressed in a solitary creased sending holder. After you get folding boxes, they can be effectively turned into their auxiliary shape either by hand or naturally. This specifically makes an impact on the cost of these containers as their transportation is significantly more affordable when contrasted with unbending bundling things that must be delivered out in their genuine shape and frame.

folding boxes

Custom Folding Boxes are used for various purposes the whole way across the world. We go over these crates number of times in our day by day lives. These crates give off an impression of being extremely basic and accommodating yet this viewpoint is tricky, on the off chance that we go top to bottom and investigate the assembling procedure that is included in their creation, we would be astounded at the unpredictability and exertion that is included.

These cases can be known as a blend of innovation, inventiveness and workmanship. These crates are made out of paperboard; it is a type of fiberboard that is uniquely made to withstand wrinkling. It will twist or overlap with no splits or undesirable lines. Once a sheet of paperboard is printed, the state of the container that will be accomplished is utilized to fabricate a cutting bite the dust, this kick the bucket presses onto the paperboard sheet with several tons of weight, along these lines makes scores which don’t break after folding when the case is stuck and raised and topped off with things.

When outlining a Personalized Folding Box for your item, you need to settle on two choices. Initially is that of the basic shape that the container should procure once it is collapsed up. Besides; the printing that you require to get on the crate, or at the end of the day the viewpoint or appearance that you need to provide for the container. Current innovation has made it workable for you to have the greatest number of style minor departure from your crate printing as you can consider. Various decorating printing methods can be connected on your case to make it look one of a kind and make it emerge as a free element among its opposition on retail retires and different commercial centers. Letterpress, rotogravure, flexography and lithography are the four essential printing forms that are included in the printing procedure of Folding Boxes.

Speedy and Efficient:

We at Thecustompackagingboxes.com try outrageous endeavors to give you your coveted bundling item negligible time allotment. Our standard transportation time is between six to twelve business days; notwithstanding, we attempt our level best to get your coveted item at your doorstep route before the guaranteed time.

folding boxes

Sharp for Green:

It is a well established reality that our planet is in an appalling state right now. Dangerous land squander has forced risky medical problems to people and the contamination prepared through the wear and tear of the squandered materials has truly destroyed the ozone layer into its most terrible state. Thecustompackagingboxes.com trusts that every conceivable exertion ought to be made for the preservation of land squanders and even the littlest strides ought to be taken emphatically to anticipate facilitate crumbling of the present conditions. Thus we prescribe and advance “Eco-accommodating” bundling firmly to our customers. Our eco well disposed bundling items set up and reinforce the way that quality and artfulness in bundling “can” be accomplished without essentially using perilous materials in your bundling generation.

Free Shipping:

As built up solidly that Thecustompackagingboxes.com celebrates in encouraging its clients to the most extreme points of confinement, at that point why trouble them by charging for what we convey to them. You’re bundling items are conveyed to you completely free of cost comfortable doorstep all finished USA and Canada.

For our customers living outside these areas, our transportation rates are the base in advertise. Nonetheless, this offer of free sending is legitimate on standard requests just, on the off chance that you are in a rush and can’t sit tight for at least 6 days for your item, we have assisted conveyance choice which gets your item in your grasp inside six business days. Indeed, even our facilitate shipping charges are significantly less than the standard offerings in the market.

Thecustompackagingboxes.com gives best in class Folding Boxes to its esteemed customers on discount rates with selective and financially savvy quality. Our Folding Boxes wholesale are made utilizing first rate innovation and apparatus and are known for their strength and similarity. They can be utilized and reused number of times and can be reused after use as keeping a sheltered and sound condition is our best need.

folding boxes

Transportation Services:

We offer free sending far and wide. Is it exact to state that it isn’t dazzling? It is in actuality. We offer different organizations to our customers and we are happy to report that we offer free sending as well. Despite it, because of any emergency or any issue that you may stand up to with transport, you can clearly contact our customer advantage delegate and they will control you what to do in such cases.

Eco-obliging Printing:

We require especially stressed over climatic changes and us to contribute in restricting this thing by using of 100% biodegradable material for packaging boxes. We are respected to report that we use the Eco-obliging material for rebate bread shop boxes. Despite it, material that is not naturally all around arranged is awful to well-being and we are to a great degree sharp to the extent the quality of our clients, thus, we use the best material for packaging organizations.

Customer Care Facility:

Client satisfaction is the thing that we are truly following. Your satisfaction is our best need and we foresee having the best and satisfied customers. Thus, we have enrolled a skilled gathering of customer advantage specialist who will oversee all of you through the system. Despite it, you can essentially associate with them about anything you have to discuss.

folding boxesTalk and Tell:

We place stock in purchaser unwariness. Our each moment of consistently online talk office has arranged specialists to address your request with respect to custom personalized folding boxes. Print staggeringly with Thecustompackagingboxes.com





Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.