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Restaurant Take Away Packaging

Restaurants and fast food takeaways are among the world’s largest industries, with billions of restaurants preparing the best delicacies for their customers and delivering the food with reliable and hygienic packaging. Paper food containers are among the most popular and safe packaging in the industry. These Biodegradable Kraft paper takeaway containers serve the best for multi-purposes. These are made from 100% recycled material with minimum or no waste by-products. Our restaurant takeaway packaging will make a lasting impression on your customers. 

Our Products

Chinese Takeout Boxes

A Custom Chinese food box is the best technique to embellish your packaged food. Presentation of gourmet goods in these boxes is ideal for a gift or party favors and other fun treats. Personalized Chinese takeout boxes allow you to give a captivated packaging.

Personalized Lunch Boxes

Protecting edibles from moisture and other physical factor is necessary hence, We’re understanding your need of protecting the eatables and giving medium to advertise your organization simultaneously, provides lunch boxes packaging in a variety of sizes and styles.

Finger Chips Boxes

Looking for custom Finger Chips boxes? We have got what you want. We offer customized, wholesale chips boxes, custom sized, colors, styles and designs. We also provide an opportunity to match your boxes theme with and product.

Chinese Food Boxes

Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, cafeteria or working as any other food provider, your food boxes may move to home with your customer. This is where you can create your first and final impression.

Details for Free Custom Quote

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2Product Details
3Upload Artwork

A good restaurant understands the importance of its food packaging as it has a clear vision to promote its brand value. It affiliates the customer through amazing logo printed packaging for their clients to boost sales and leave a lasting impression. Inspiring text and designs of your restaurant takeaway packaging always create inspiration for customers and give them more reasons to stick to your brand! We have an extensive list of unique designs and styles with high-quality printing to give your packaging the perfect final touch to boost your recognition.

If you are wondering that why would you need cosmetic packaging boxes? Let us tell you, these custom printed cosmetic boxes are perfect way to advertise your brand. You can get your logos or company’s contact info printed on these boxes.

These Kraft food boxes are ideal for takeout and storing food leftovers from your meal. However, there are many other ways to make use of these boxes for storing your things. These boxes are mostly reverse locked to avoid Tape or rubber band use and have the desired strength for the packaging. Most boxes can also be opened up and transformed into a paper tray as needed. All packages are made specially to avoid any leakage to give you the best experience of your meal.

We provide exotic designs and styles for your custom lunch boxes, Chinese food boxes, finger chip boxes, carry out boxes, paper food containers and many more. Our food boxes can carry any food, even if it’s hot, cheesy, damp or dry. It will keep your food warm and safe even in the freezer for longer periods. They even work best for extended trips or even in school cafeterias, fundraisers or just for give away purposes. So choose our restaurant takeaway packaging and get the best! 

Specifications for Food packaging boxes

The only company that provides quality off-set printing and quality food packaging supplies is The custom packaging boxes. The food packaging boxes allow you to take away your food when you are out or ship your edibles effectively. We provide:

  • Quality off-set printing
  • FDA approved paperboard
  • Custom quote
  • Economical boxes
  • Laminated finishing.
  • Free design options
  • Fastest turnaround.
  • Paper Packaging on a Commercial basis.
  • Restaurant Paper Goods.
  • Eco-Friendly material

Before you order your next paper food packaging consignment, make sure you get all these qualities on your checklist.

Order Right away with the required sizes and shapes on our website. We offer free design support to make customization of your own desire. From colors to shape we offer all kinds of customization. Also to make the box structure suitable for food and takeaways, we prefer you to use gable boxes or auto lockboxes. Look for the types of boxes through our boxes by style category and select the best one you want for your product packaging.

Order Now your custom designed restaurant takeaway packaging @ The Custom Packaging Boxes


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