Apparel boxes attract in multiple ways, how to innovate them in different ways

Apparel boxes attract in multiple ways, how to innovate them in different ways

Before we get into the details of how and what type of boxes are best for your business and what type of apparel packaging boxes can have an impact on your personal storage of clothes, it is best to have a short description of apparel packaging boxes. Here you will get a complete guide on what type of custom apparel boxes are best for professional use and how they can be recycled. I have started my own clothing line with the very small budget. All you need is smart investment of your budget and perfect marketing. You will learn all the smart ideas from investment to package your clothes in an unconventional way.

apparel boxes


If you are familiar with the clothing line, you already know what Apparel boxes are and how to use them in an effective way. But if you are not in clothing line or not own a boutique. You might want to know what apparel boxes are. Custom shoe boxes are used for packaging your clothes in an effective and innovative medium. You can customize them according to the requirement of your product. For instance, if you want it to be for your shirts and tie, you can have them that way. If you want it to for complete set, you can customize your apparel packaging boxes as thick and strong as per the set of clothes you want to put in. Different sections can be made with the allotment of different separators.


Customization of these apparel boxes can be done by you or you can ask any of the company to do that for you. Numerous companies do free customization of your apparel boxes according to your requirement. The custom packaging boxes is at the top of it, who provides best printing offers with best quality services. If you are wondering that why would you need a customized apparel box for your clothes packaging, the answer is really simple.

  • Advertise your brand.
  • Make the outlook attractive and appealing.
  • Secure your clothes from every corner.
  • Die-cuts for the perfect outlook
  • Customization of different colors according to the occasion or event.

Apparel Boxes


The key feature for making the custom retail boxes perfect for your clothing line is through marketing and brand advertisement. With the custom retail packaging, you get the opportunity for marketing of your brand. You can customize them with the logo of your brand, with washable and recyclable tags. You can also get these wholesale apparel packaging printed with the instruction of use and with the material used in the manufacturing of the cloth. For instance, if you are putting a cotton mix clothing in it, you can put the description of 80% cotton and 20% linen or any other material that is being mixed with it. Customization can be done at your end as well. You can customize them with the printing on plastic bags as well. All you need is your own creative mind.

With the google free tool, you can choose your design in accordance to the apparel boxes and then insert the text that you desire. Along with the contact information. While printing custom retail boxes, you need to be very much open about your contact information as this is the only way through which you will get more customers. So, if you want apparel packaging boxes for your professional use, you have to be very precise about the things you are putting on display apparel boxes.


For the die-cut apparel boxes, it is necessary to have a little space through which you can look into the product. This is not necessary only for the look inside but it is also necessary for you in order to have an appealing look. But the question is how to make die cuts that will appeal. If we look at the mugs packaging, cube boxes and other boxes that can be used as gift boxes, we might see that the die cuts are in different shapes and sizes. But when it comes to apparel boxes you might constrict yourself to squares and rectangular shapes.

Apparel Boxes

There is something that is needed to be clear and that is die-cuts are not only the shapes and sizes that is on the one side usually on the top of the boxes. Sometimes it is laminated and sometimes it is not. Die-cuts can be the cuts that are in any kind of shape. And when the term die cut comes, it means that the edges that needed to be interlocked into one another also counts in. It is the cut that gives the strength to your boxes. You can get the strength in cardboard if the tabs are properly interlocked into one another.


Here is my favorite part, that is creativity. You can make your apparel boxes appealing by adding the flavors of creativeness. You can make the outlook perfect and appealing by making different innovations in them. If you want them to be different from other upstanding clothing businesses, you can make your custom apparel boxes different by carving wood and hook. You can create the design by creating minute die-cuts inside the box you prepare for your clothes. These apparel boxes do not need to be customized only for shirts and trousers if you need them for one part of attire you can customize that accordingly. A tie or cufflinks can be put in one box while the other can be put into a sperate box or you can combine the tie box with shirt box for gifts.


Give and take of clothes have become custom and honestly, in my opinion, the best gift that you could give to your beloved ones is of clothes. This is because this will be used by them and they could wear them. But one should give gifts in a presentable way and for that purpose, customized apparel boxes comes in. You can customize apparel packaging boxes as per your desire and requirement. Here are some of the ways that I found attractive on Tumblr and Pinterest. I have applied them and to ensure you, response from every person I gave gifts was awesome.

Apparel Boxes


Net is always eye-catching and to make the cover perfect. You can either use it on the outside of the box or for the clothes themselves. You can cover it in the simple paper and the cover that with a colorful glittered net. You can fold them and them in the basket if you want to, along with many other items like chocolates and whatever other person likes. This way you make a complete package of items and things other person like alongside, you secure your clothes from getting damaged.


Another perfect way is by putting them into gift papers. If you don’t know want to put them into gift boxes, you can cover apparel boxes with classic style gift paper. This will help in making the apparel boxes and your clothes outlook appealing and fascinating.

Apparel Boxes


If you are giving gift to a very beloved friend, family member or family friend, make sure you give them in a way they remember for log time. You can get your picture customized with him/her on the lid of the apparel boxes. This is my way of reminding that we stick together. You can use different quotes or your favorite pickup lines for making the lid more memorable and appealing.


Different shapes in lids provide a different outlook. You can make your own or you can get them customized, as you will.

A perfect apparel box is one that could bear strength and capacity to hold for a long period of time. So, quality comes first then quantity.

Shoe boxes can be resourceful- All the uses you need to know

Shoe boxes can be resourceful- All the uses you need to know

Most of your appearance rely on your shoe, hence it is best to make your shoe polish well and store well. A refine and best cardboard manufactured box is best for storing the pair of shoes. You can customize shoe boxes into so many other products with your creative skills. I have décor my room and made multiple things out of cardboard shoe boxes and by making them well printed and well presentable. Here you will get to know a few creative ideas about shoe boxes and the use of it. But before that, there are few of the points that are needed to be clear in order to know the quality.

Shoe Boxes

How does Quality Matter?

The quality of the cardboard shoe boxes matters a lot as they are required to protect the shoe and its polishing. Along with that custom boxes for shoe packaging must be eligible of handling the weight as they have to carry the large sole shoes or even if not, they need to make sure one box does not destroy the second box. Here is a list of few things that you need to keep in mind before looking for the best shoe packaging boxes.

  1. If you are looking for cardboard shoe boxes, make sure quality of cardboard is good and does not get soggy. It also needs to be sturdy and eligible to handle pressure.
  2. Custom shoe boxes need to be Perfectly cut so that the edges are refine and the quality reflects itself.
  3. Sizes could vary, you have to decide what type of size is more convenient for you as different projects require different sizes of shoe boxes.
  4. Diverse shapes provide you benefit of different designs for your outcome. Different designs can be constructed with the creativity of your mind.
  5. As far as neatness of edges are concerned, another concern is the proper lids and structure. For that purpose, make sure interlocking of tabs re best. This gives strength to your wholesale shoe boxes.
  6. If you are marketing or advertising your shoe company, you would definitely require best and durable printing so that it not only makes an attractive impact on buyer but also make the outlook appealing for the project.

Shoe Boxes

What different should you do?

In this world of competition, what will make you stand out in the market? How would you achieve that excellence and what different way you can opt to stand up in the market? All of these questions have one answer, creativity. And here we will tell you how creative you are and how creative you can be with these simple ideas that will be discussed below. It is not necessary to pack your shoes in the shoe box, there are so many ways in which you can provide shoe packaging to your shoes.

Use shoe packaging differently:

Get them printed in order to make your product recognized in the market. This printing can be solely of design or if you are making or ordering wholesale shoe boxes for your business, you can get your company name and product details on these boxes. But this is the actual use of shoe boxes, here we are going to introduce you with the best uses apart from shoe boxes for shoes. The reason why this is required is, most of the pollution and demolishing of the ozone layer is due to excess burning and pollution caused by smoke. To avoid this pollution, we need to recycle the products. And to recycle these biodegradable cardboard shoe boxes, you can use them well in different ways.

Shoe Boxes

Custom boxes for storage:

Use cardboard shoe boxes for storing your memories. Paint the custom boxes from outside if its completely brown and if it is already printed, you can customize the paints with your own painting or layer of coats. Then put all your essentials, or even if not essentials, you can use them to store old entities. It does not matter if you need these custom shoe boxes for personal use or professional. You can store your files or documents as these custom boxes provides you lid covering to avoid dust particles to ruin your books or files. So, again it depends on you how you make use of what you already have. You can add pieces of cardboard to create portions for separate things. But that depends on the size of the box.

Shoe packaging boxes as a bookshelf

Well, this is the other level of creativity as you are not only going to put your books or entities in it, instead, you’ll use more than one box to create a shelf impact. And to create that impression of shelf, it is best if you use different sizes. To your creativity, you can use the same size and same design cardboard shoe boxes as well. But along with shoe boxes, there are some more things you need to get.

  • White glue or strong adhesive
  • Scissor
  • Paints
  • Cutting samples from google, if you are not good at cutting.
  • Pencil and scale for sure.

After getting all your stationery done. You can look at YouTube for free tutorials, but you can follow simple steps as asked by us to get an average bookshelf of your requirement. Just take boxes of different sizes varying at least 2 inches in measurement. Glue these boxes up and inside, so that you get a difference of 2 inches between the boxes. that is where you’re going to put your books or put them in an uplifted way.

Shoe Boxes

Custom shoe boxes for birthdays:

You might feel that funny. That how could shoe boxes be a birthday unless if you are aiming to give someone shoes as a gift. But you are wrong here, we promised to show you things that are done differently. So, here is the idea that you can follow for the birthday parties. Although you can put all the sparkly luggage of birthday in it for storing or for carrying it for easy access apart from that you can just wrap the cardboard shoe boxes with wither gift paper or with spray paint. After that put the gifts you want to give to the birthday person. You can fill in space by adding paper cuttings and another popper stuff. This makes a perfect handmade gift for your loved ones. So, try it out and do share your reviews and the receiver’s review in the comment box or you can text us privately.

Make your pets comfortable:

Along with making your loved one surprised and yourself comfortable, here is turn to give some room to another family member. That is your pet. If you are a pet lover you will love the idea but if you ‘re not, you might not get the idea of how these custom shoe boxes can serve the purpose of your pet’s home. There s no rocket science in it, all you have to do is to make a cozy bed with a blanket and some mattress relaxing atmosphere, where your pet can lie down and relax. It is not necessary that you have to make bed with these shoe boxes, you can use them as pet’s bathroom or in training phase, you can train your pet how and where to go poop.

Shoe Boxes

Best wholesale shoe boxes by The custom packaging boxes:

If all these ideas, somehow intrigued you, we would recommend you to try them at home and let us know the review of what you have tried and how does it turn out to be. If you are wondering where can you find custom shoe boxes for shoes and to carry out all the above discussion, The custom packaging boxes, is our number one choice. As they give variety in sizes and shapes. It also gives quality services so that you could come back to them in the hour of need. So, feel free to order them with your boxes, This is for now but you’ll get to know more effective and pragmatic uses as one tries.




Shoe boxes are mainly utilized for a number of ways such as to deliver the shoes from the factory to the company’s outlet and then from the store to Your home. The second usage is to store the shoes in them to keep them clean and squeaky. Water and humidity are consequently the biggest factors that contribute to the growth of fungus and bacteria in our shoes which later on causes the terrible feet smell, rash, and itch on our feet. However, all this could be prevented through one really small and simple step which is to never leave your shoes lying around in the corners but to pack them in the shoe boxes for longer shelf life. This article will be your light in the dark if you’re new and unfamiliar with how the market works. Custom packaging company provides the best deal for custom made boxes that is convenient and easy on your pocket while still maintaining the quality we are well known for. Furthermore, we will also tell you about how to recycle these boxes and put them to use, through all the creative ways you can utilize these shoe boxes again instead of mindlessly throwing them away.

Shoe Boxes


Now a days, the most ideal option that people go for is the cardboard shoe boxes. They have their own set of pros and cons but both sides balance each other out. The first advantage is that cardboard is not hard to find, it is easily available in the market and hence saves the trouble for the long hunt. Moreover, the second advantage is that it is a cheap material which translates to this that it needs the low cost to produce. When purchased on wholesale, it does not cost a lot of money as it is manufactured from recycled material. The third advantage is that it can be easily sealed using tape, glue or metal staples effectively keeping the cardboard around an item until it is opened. By getting cardboard shoe boxes, you can get a cost-effective deal that comes with a lot of facilities. Our company produces all types of custom-made boxes. There is no unique shape or style that we can’t mold and produce for you. Aside from these facts, you can utilize these cardboard shoe boxes in a number of ways that do not include your shoes. They are easy to carry around as they are super light weight.

Shoe Boxes


You can design your shoe boxes in a number of ways if you contact our company for the production. We hold expertise in manufacturing custom made boxes, your only responsibility is to give us the essential details such as the color, the design and shape of the shoe or apparel boxes and we will do our work. Furthermore, if you cannot settle on one decision regarding your cardboard shoe boxes then you can freely consult our efficient team of graphic designers that will give you the best advice. Lastly, you can skip all the hassle and trust us. Just tell us the quantity of the boxes you require and the theme you have in mind and we will work our magic and create your box for you from scratch. Our design assistance team is available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to reach out. Your shoe boxes will become the face of your company so do not think that investing in the custom-made boxes is futile as they are the just as much important as the quality of your product and the advertisements on the television and billboards.


It is our responsibility to keep the environment clean and produce eco-friendly products so the damage is lesser. Therefore, we can play our part by not wasting a product if we can still utilize it in one way or another. By using creativity and your artistic side, you can turn your cardboard shoe boxes into any things such as you can use it as a tool organizer or a tool box. You can stack the shoe boxes on the shelves of your workshop or garage and keep them in an organized manner. Moreover, you can turn the box into a toy doll house and store the smaller toys such as Barbie’s clothes and accessories, tiny race cars etc in them as they are easily lost. Your office doesn’t have to be messy anymore because you can store your business mails, bills, and receipts in the box. You can line these light weight boxes with a pretty wrapping paper, attach ribbons and beads and turn it into a treasure box. Furthermore, you can store your sentimental mementos like letters, greeting cards, photos, and souvenirs; all that is close to your heart in one place so you can reminisce and go back in time on a rainy day while sipping hot chocolate. These are just a few of the things you can do with your custom made boxes. The alternatives are endless.

Shoe Boxes


If you are new and fragile in the business of apparel boxes and boutiques then you have come to the right place as we will teach you everything there is to know so you can flourish and grow. Apparel boxes have been in use by the high ends boutiques that sell premium expensive clothes. These clothes are also given as gifts so the focus on the apparel boxes is just as much as the what is inside. The material used in the manufacturing of these custom made boxes is to be of excellent quality. Custom printing shop offers cost-effective deals that come with free services that will be perfect and exactly what you are looking for. Apparel boxes are a good way for easy marketing as these boxes are seen by a lot of people every day, for example, a person holding these boxes in a shopping mall will make other people aware of your brand. This is why the external outlook is so important.

Shoe boxes


Custom packaging company is without a doubt well known around the world for its premium quality goodies and friendly customer service. We know how to take good care of our customers because a long lasting relationship only flourish when both sides put in effort. So, this is why we offer a handful of free services and facilities with our cardboard shoe boxes deal. Our package includes free custom quote so you can easily and instantly access the invoice, we send free samples, we offer free shipment worldwide, fast turn around time, rule of low minimum quantity order Is followed so you can place an order of even 100 boxes, 100% free design assistance is offered with our custom made Wholesale boxes. Moreover, die cut window option is also available with golden and silver foiling. If you are not familiar with what die cut is, it means the process of multiple identical shapes with a blade called a die that is used to cut material hence the name die cut. Furthermore, finishing options such as glossy and matte are also available with aqueous coating and spot UV. We are always striving to come up to your expectations. We’d really like it if you will leave a remark in the comment section about your experience with us.

Shoe Boxes: Avoid Clutter with Simple Shoe Storage

When we first step into the concept of ‘how to store our shoes in the right manner’, we’re pretty sure that most of you would think that it is not a significant part of one’s chores. However, we believe that once you spend your hard cash on something, it is your duty to make it last for as long as possible and to ensure that maintenance of the product is not compromised.

shoe boxes

It is a significant factor for people today because the moment one enters someone’s house as a visitor, unintentionally or intentionally, the pile of shoes lined up near the door speaks a lot about the family living under that roof. Regardless of how hard the occupants attempt to arrange their shoes without making it seem like they’re forming a clutter, they regularly wind up in a chaotic, disastrous pile. This leaves many individuals searching for shoe storage ideas with the goal that their visitors won’t ever again witness a heap of messy shoes the minute they enter their home.

Look for the possible options

The first thing to do in a situation like this is to get accustomed to the shoe storage options that you have around you. Before picking any sort of expensive shoe closet it is recommended that you explore and realize that there are alternatives available and you don’t always have to spend a fancy amount to take care of a mess like this. Sometimes, it is better to just see something better without further ado subsequently. When looking for something to store shoes in, customers will actually go through most of the available items to browse and scan through their options, which is the wiser choice indeed. But then again, why get stuck with complex shoe storage options when you can get the most out of a shoe boxes wholesale?

shoe boxes

Shoe boxes vs closet

Among the few store-keeping alternatives for shoes, most of the confused lot is inclined towards a shoe storage closet to keep their shoes clean and in shape.

  • Such closets can undoubtedly contain several kinds of styles and sizes of shoes that you may have, which, by the way, you can choose according to your liking, keeping in view the number of shoes you may want to store. Many individuals appreciate having a shoe storage closet placed close to their entryway or in their bedroom, or in the clothes closet. But doesn’t that seem like a lot of work? On the other hand, when you settle for the basic and affordable shoe storage box for each pair that you own, you won’t have to deal with the tension of where to place your large shoe closet or worry about all the space it would take, or even the amount it would cost you.
  • Since women love to make their style statement with the right pair of Manolo’s or Louboutin’s, it is a wise option to keep them safe from any scratch, dust or roughness by storing them inside individual shoe boxes. You can even mark the boxes with its specific feature which distinguishes it out of the other dozens of pairs that you own, and you will witness your life falling back in one piece as you will never get late while trying to look through the boxes to find ‘The Right One’ to go with ‘The Dress’! Most people have exceptional capacity needs because of restricted space and spending plans that they have for shopping. But having custom shoe boxes are ideal for the necessities and spending plan of such people as it helps them increase the lifetime of their oh-so-precious pairs of shoes! Also, you can moderate arrangements for the boxes according to the season or your need so that there is no clutter and finding one in a hurry is always a breeze.

shoe boxes

  • We all put a lot of thought while making a purchase for the right pair for us, or when we are considering the quality within the budget, then why not consider the quality of the shoe storage box? Buying things that are worked to last minute is dependably a smart thought on the grounds that an individual sets his budget to and remains within the realm so that he does not overspend on petty items. Spending the right amount and choosing the right storage box avoids future dissatisfaction, loss of money, and doesn’t compromise with the maintenance of your shoes. When we speak about the space that the custom shoe boxes take up, especially when it comes to the individuals who reside in apartments, we find that their storerooms and the space under their beds are the main accessible spaces that can be utilized as their shoe-storing areas, all the while helping you avoid clutter.
  • A few people even need to use their attic room or cellar storage areas to keep their shoe storage boxes. Regardless of where the shoe boxes are put away, keeping them secured and mess-free is the fundamental goal. Most people even think that it is a somewhat modest approach to store shoes that are out of season. And if you have broken or lost your original boxes, then it’s never too late to browse through the shoe boxes wholesale to find endless piles of boxes in the best rate and quality possible. The pairs that won’t generally fit along with the flow of the pairs that are to be stored back up after the season is over, is one way of organizing it. You can be as creative as you like and ensure on your own that you manage to arrange them in a manner that makes it exceptionally convenient for you to reach the pair when you need it.

shoe boxes

Despite of the situation when, why, or where the shoes should be put away, inquiring about the other diverse storage choices accessible to you will only leave you confused, and after which you will find out that the one best, cost-effective option for the well-established issue of putting away shoes are the shoe storage boxes!



Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.