Custom soap boxes that are perfect and water proof

Custom soap boxes that are perfect and water proof

How do you know what type of soap boxes that are best for you and on what type of paper your printing will stay little longer?

Well, if you are manufacturer of soap boxes wholesale, you worries are correct but if you are not a dealer of customized boxes, here is the reason, why you should stick with us, you should know how to select boxes that are suitable for your product and you should also be aware of the quality products so that you could make the right choice. Here all prospects will be discussed in this blog so, stay with us till the end to know them all.

Soap Packaging Boxes

Determining the quality of Kraft soap boxes:

Well, before digging deep in the uses and the purpose of these custom soap boxes, it is better to know the product at first. Soap boxes are often known as soap wraps by some packaging companies but there is a slight difference between both. Well, it is correct that these both customized boxes are used for wrapping the soap and it really helps in protection of the quality of soap. Apart from that, they are different in shape and in quality. Soap wrap are usually in the form of wrapper or in paper material that is glossy and printed. On the other hand, custom soap box is one that is box-shaped, hard and sturdy that gives better protection than soap wrap and are also printed as similar to that of soap wrap.

What to look for?

This is what I was asked most frequently and the reason why I decided to put all the details in this one blog. People come to me and ask that what actually makes boxes good boxes? How do we get to know what type of custom soap boxes are best? Hello fellas! You will get the answer to all these questions. Just relax your mind, sit back and have a little breath. I have experienced and learned with my experience that there are few basics that you need to look while selecting your customized boxes. No matter it is custom Kraft boxes or it is Soap boxes, all you really need is a vigilant eye. Here is a checklist I have created for your convenience.

Custom Soap Box

  • Look for the best quality that will help you in keeping the product safe.
  • Best quality comes in cardboard as protection comes first.
  • Secondly, printing. Here you don’t have to look for the colors, though colors are important you have to look for the refine printing.
  • After looking at the printing here comes the color selection. Most companies offer different color combinations for your easiness. All you have to do is to make the best choice. For your background and your logo printing.
  • After printing make sure there is some kind of guarantee of it. And that can only be possible if suitable lamination is being provided.

Some more things will be added later in his blog as you read till the end, but these are some of the basics that you need to make sure you get all these things in your customized boxes.

Printing customization:

Next comes the printing customization options. We all know that now a day’s soap comes in different fragrances and are amalgamated with some other ingredients. Now how do you know that and how can you make sure you know all the things that are being told. Some best custom boxes manufacturers make these custom soap boxes perfectly printed with the ingredients printed on these boxes. Apart from getting them printed, you have to make sure they are mentioned in the manufacturing items too. Some soap boxes manufacture makes sure they put these all the required information on the boxes.

Soap Boxes Wholesale

Printing helps in some of the basics of marketing.

  1. Advertise with best logo printing:

In the advertisement of your product, it is necessary that the clients know your product name or your company’s name. It actually helps in making your company recognize in the market. Plus, point of getting your logo printed is that your product could not get copied and people will know if they are using a proper genuine thing or not.

  1. Make sure your clients know you:

Printing logo is separate than providing complete information. You soap boxes should be printed in a way that give complete information to your clients. This information is both your contact information and your product information. It actually includes the things that are used in the manufacturing of your soap and your company details. This helps your client to get back to you whenever they need and want to.

  1. Durability:

After getting complete printing done the next and most important thing is the lamination of these printing. You need to keep this printing protected from being casted off. And for that purpose, you need to do the laminations. You have to make sure printing is covered with gloss or matte sheet. This helps in making it waterproof along with making them durable.

Kraft Soap Boxes

Design support:

Well, I would recommend you to try custom soap box manufactured by The custom packaging boxes as I have tried them and they give the best printing boxes with perfect edges. Moreover, the thing I have enjoyed most in these custom soap boxes is that they are open for customization. You can customize them in whatever way you want. You can induce die-cut in these custom boxes that will make you see a little inside the soap boxes. You can get these designs supported option at The custom packaging boxes not only in economical prices but in different designs and shapes as well. This will help you in making the design in whatever way you want.

What are the important factors to make Soap Boxes even more attractive for retailer shops?

What are the important factors to make Soap Boxes even more attractive for retailer shops?

There is always something missing when you see the product without its packaging. Moreover, to preserve your products from external damages custom box packaging plays an important role. Packaging is that type of thing, which is concerned by both business community and retail customers. Among a lot of products in daily use, sops are the most important. They are the most crucial part of our life. From the basic hand and face washing to a proper bath. We need them from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to bed. A way to bring hygiene and cleanliness in our life. This is the reason a proper and premium quality soap boxes are necessary. The quality of these custom soap boxes represents the quality of the soaps packed inside in them. Further, these kraft soap boxes gives a professional look to the soaps.

Soap Boxes

Production Quality

Quality is what matters to all of us. Customers give preference to quality instead of quantity. Therefore, when it comes to manufacturing these soap packaging boxes we all look for the best solution. The best possible material for this purpose is cardboard, paperboard and kraft paper. The boxes made out of them are customized easily and are called custom soap boxes. The structural features makes them ideal for packaging. The raw material required to mold and fabricate these boxes are inexpensive in such a way, which makes them affordable for large and small scale business owners and customers, whereas the alternative materials can be costly and have some restrictions. These boxes have the capacity to use various color patterns and schemes. In addition, for digital printing, this kraft soap packaging are one of a kind. Bring your creative and innovative ideas for soap boxes and for these patterns, select your own color scheme.

Importance of Designs and Color Scheme

As already told the class of the product is determines through packaging but the design on custom packaging boxes also set the standards. Soap boxes are composed of various manufacturing material that are customized according to a specific content. Soap boxes wholesale are an excellent way of making an identity of the product as well as your company. There are multiple ways to customize the shape of the kraft soap packaging. For instance, the induction of drawers and flip top lids according to the demands to decorate them, which make these custom soap boxes even more attractive. Moreover, sleeve style box acts as a casing, which serves to enhance the visibility of the products packed inside in a splendid manner. Another way of customizing these soap boxes is in the form of printing designs. These printed patterns helps in distinguishing your product from other competitors in the market. These printed custom box packagings are very special in type, to make the product highly impressive. This design can be used in another industrial sector to easily pack other types of items in them such as cosmetics. The range of these boxes are available to your imagination, for example, custom lotion boxes. These boxes play an amazing role in boosting up the overall revenue in the business.

Categorization of Soaps

As you know very well that, there are the variety of soaps like organic soaps, beauty bars, and baby soaps and so on. Using printing facility categorization is easily done, which means print soap boxes with catchy buzzwords, logo, contact details, and barcodes. Moreover, a little detail can be added about the type of soap so it become easy to guide the customers about the soap. For all these categorizations laser and graphics printing shows successful results over kraft soap packaging. Moreover, you can choose from various color pallets like CMYK, RGB, and PMS.

Soap Boxes

Advantages of using Cardboard & Kraft paper

Formed from most oriented materials of cardboard and kraft paper gives a number of benefits of to the manufacturers and retailers. The advantages of these materials are:

  • Kraft soap boxes together with cardboard made boxes are print friendly.
  • They can also customize from shapes to sizes easily.
  • Both of the materials are environmentally friendly as it can be recycled and if required can be disposed of properly without damaging the nature.
  • They can easily be utilized in the machines to be molded and folded into various shapes.
  • Cardboard and kraft paper are extremely affordable, which makes soap boxes available at affordable prices.
  • Another advantage of kraft soap packaging is that they can be utilized in their natural look.
Folding & Rigid Types

There are further two types of custom packaging boxes used in soaps and cosmetic packaging.  These types of packaging are folding and rigid type of sap boxes.  Cardboard is the best way to form the rigid type of custom soap boxes. These rigid types can be of the two-piece or single piece. On the other hand, to bring the flexible features of folding type kraft soap boxes are the best options. As kraft, the paper is extremely suitable as it have the combination of strength and flexibility.

Effective impact of Die cut windowpanes

To improve the aesthetic beauty of these custom soap boxes, I will recommend you to induce die-cut designs. This induction will prove to be a topping on the cake for both retailers and retail shops. To tell you the truth it really helps in attracting the customers. Moreover, it provides its help to display your products without unwrapping it. These soap boxes wholesale also increase the shelf life of the products. Fascinatingly, these cut out are not limited to any particular size or shape. They can be on the lid of the flip top boxes or sleeve style soap boxes, on the front or the top of the boxes. These cutouts can be given shapes of square shape, rectangular or flower cut or any other.

Finishing Look

After doing all such effort with packaging process and printing, to give a proper finishing look lamination is required. It is such a process of applying a layer of plastic, to protect the custom boxes packaging from various physical and atmospheric effects. For instance, heat, moisture, dust, dirt, inside and outside bacteria etc. for the products like soaps, they really need protection from inside heat, inside and outside moisture that can be harmful for them. The preferable options for laminations are gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ. This glazing gives a silky and polished effect that enhance the beauty and shelf life of the custom soap boxes.

Soap Boxes

About Suppliers

There are the number of companies working in the field of custom boxes packaging. You need to compare all the companies with each other. With comparison, you will be able to make the right choice for your packaging partners to serve you as per your requirements with their careful services.  According to my experience, I will recommend you to go for The Custom Packaging Boxes. This company is renowned for printing and packaging. Furthermore, this company have a list of features for its customers.

Design Assistance and Sampling

The Custom Packaging Boxes provides free design assistance, which means their customers take the services of their skilled engineers regarding the designs and color selection for soap boxes wholesale. Moreover, you can come up with their ideas, which will be further polish with the professional skills of the graphic designers. Additionally, their free sampling facility to the customers that is really facilitating. With this, you can get sure of the required design before giving the final and big order of the consignment.

Free Quote

The list further includes the custom quote. You can order it at any time. Fill out the form and their sales representative will provide you with all the data about the available stock, its price, and the possibility of the minimum order of the soap boxes. To your surprise, this facility is free for its customers.

Soap Boxes

Atmosphere resistant quality

The best part of these soap boxes is that they have a strong ability to resist the atmospheric changes. All the products really needs protection from heat, inside and outside moisture, smell germs, dust, dirt, and other such atmospheric changes. Moreover, they are biodegradable. These custom soap boxes are dynamic enough in providing such services. Moreover, the usage of this custom boxes packaging are approved from the authorities to package skin care products like soap.

Free Add-ons

In the list of free features, add-on are very significant. They include die cut windowpanes, gold and silver foiling, insertion of paper or sheets to protect the soaps. Windows are important as already told they bring uniqueness to these custom boxes packaging. Either you can give die cut on the one side or it can wrap around them. It enhance their appearance. I would recommend you to go for this.

Free Shipping

Another important feature that is provided to facilitate its customer is free shipping worldwide. In addition to this, there shipping timing is commendable and shipment or your consignment will be delivered at your address in minimum possible time with scheduled timing. The best part is their shipping is also free.

Soap Boxes

To conclude, if you like then contact this company and avail their services and if you want to know more about them then contact on their given number or visit their site for new updates and for the innovative designs and variety in soap boxes. 24/7 availability of their representatives ensures that you can call or message them at any time.


soap display boxes – 4 Tips to for a better Packaging

Soap Display Boxes Packaging!

Business always replies on the two functions – marketing and innovation. In this article, I will tell you how these both ideas would help you in regards to the soap display boxes. When it comes to the packaging boxes it serves the purpose of the marketing. VIA soap display boxes you can easily send your marketing message to your customers so they can purchase your soap. If you are selling the soap at a retail store, then packaging is also considered to be the major factor behind your product success.

soap display boxes

Nowadays, to compete for the different soaps you have to go for the soap boxes packaging. You have to check what your competitors do, and which type of packaging they are using to market their product. Innovation is the 1st thing that people notice in terms of packaging because it will help you to market your effectively, and add the worth to your soap.

soap display boxes

So, from where to get the innovative soap boxes packaging? Online packaging company is the best way to get the kraft soap boxes packaging design.

If you are not willing to get it follow the below mentioned ten ideas that can make your packaging more innovative. Read on!

  1. Always go for the Recyclable Packaging

The soap market is extremely competitive, so you have to come up with the really new ideas in regards to the soap boxes packaging. Your soap packaging should be remarkable but not much expensive for your targeted audience. You should go for the reuse soap box kit.

  1. Add a Little glamour to Your Soap Packaging box

Sometimes you just have to go for the simple packaging to stand out from the crowd. Some box brand just chooses the color label that really give a boost to the looks of their soaps without spending too much money on it.

  1. Focus on Your Design Packaging

Manufacturers always think about the soap first and its packaging second, but according to the marketing point They have to focus on its packaging first then the product itself. They have to create attractive kraft soap boxes packaging design to stand out in the market.

soap display boxes

  1. Focus Your Packaging on a Specific Target

Every product whether it is soap or some other has its own specific target audience so they make their packaging according to their target marketing. The package for the Axe Shower Gel looks like it could just as easily contain motor oil as a shower gel.

I cover this article to cover more and more ideas about the soap box kit packaging. Remember, your soap boxes packaging not only contain your product, it is your final marketing message to your targeted customers so you should know what’s your competitors are doing to make your brand message more effective.

Why To Choose Kraft Soap Boxes For Your Soap Advertising?

Advertise your handmade soap with Kraft soap boxes!

Many times you feel distressed searching for the perfect kraft soap boxes, especially when you have limited time. Your search for the kraft soap box continues for a long time of period and you become frustrated with the failure to get it and just because of it you mess up so many things. If you want to launch the new soap, you always wish to choose the stylish boxes for soap. This is when you realize the importance of the kraft soap box. Because these boxes are the perfect and viable solution to market the soaps. These boxes also allow you to save your soaps properly from the outside factors.

Kraft Soap Boxes

Let’s check it out basic points which make boxes for soap popular:

  • Color Standardization

Cardboard soap boxes are normally available in light brown color and this thing kept the soaps safe from inside. These boxes are provided with strong seals to disallow all the outside object to enter and ruin the soap.

  • Shapes difference

The 2nd feature which makes kraft soap boxes stand apart, is its availability in different shapes. You can have these boxes in different shapes like square, rectangle, round and oval according to your soap shape. Cardboard soap boxes are specially designed for keeping the soaps save during the transportation purpose.Kraft Soap Boxes

  • Feasible soap box size

kraft soap boxes are not only stylish in look but also manufactured according to the size requirements of your soap. The soap size is considered the most important thing to consider for the soap boxes. When it comes to the size of the kraft soap box, it differs with the shape of soap. There is no uniform size, shape, and design of these boxes.

  • Multi-usability

Cardboard soap boxes are considered the best solutions to advertise the soap because of its multi-purpose use. For instance, you can use these boxes to keep clothing accessories like buttons, rolls and safety pins. You can also neaten your study table by arranging your color pencils in one kraft soap box.

  • Affordability

Looking for the most affordable storing and advertising solution for your homemade soaps? Cardboard soap boxes are the best choice in this regard. The best thing about these boxes is, they are available at affordable rates. The rates become more feasible if you decide to shop these boxes online. During festive seasons, online packaging companies not only give you discounts on buying the kraft soap boxes in bulk but also offer gift vouchers too.

Kraft Soap Boxes

To conclude, cardboard soap boxes are chosen for storing all types of soaps in a convenient manner. Finally, don’t you think that you can market or transport your soaps in a kraft soap boxes in an organized manner?

6 Must Have’s To Consider for Designing Soap Boxes

Soap Boxes

Highlighting the retail market shelves with custom soap packaging is really a difficult task. The designing of soap boxes is not merely limited to the imprinting of logo for brand or product promotion, but could also conserve the fragrance and quality of the soap. Appealing, trendy and resilient soap packaging boxes indicate the quality of the enclosed product and communicate the brand. There are six essential steps that need to be considered while crafting soap boxes. These are as follows:

  • Thoroughly Conduct The Research:

There are numerous branded products available in the market that reflect the buying behavior of the clients. Thorough research on the designing of these printed products could help us to craft appealing soap boxes packaging that could differentiate us from our competitors.

  • Make Your Brand or Product Communicative:

Why do all soap manufacturers focus on the packaging? Obviously to let their brand or product communicate with the potential clients. Every business owner aims to deliver a particular product or brand information to the consumers. The information printed on the custom soap boxes packaging along with appearance and style of the packaging can convince the possible customers and influence their buying decisions.

  • Save Design Drafts for Further Innovative Ideas:

During the designing of custom soap boxes, designers undoubtedly create some drafts. You can hold on to these designs to get further innovative ideas from them. By looking and combining some of these ideas, you can certainly craft a final design for your finished printed product.

  • Focus on Design and Information for Packaging:

If you are visualizing your brand as the other renowned ones, then display your keywords and all the other essential information on your packaging so that the customers could know why you are better than the other brands. For displaying such information, list down all the important points that should appear at the forefront of the packaging. Keep your information precise and clear so that the clients could easily understand it.

  • Test the Audience by Getting Their Design Feedback:

Create some sample packaging options and test your targeted audience by getting their feedback. With their feedback, you can really learn something very valuable about the packaging design that you have ever noticed.

  • Learn From Other Packaging Designs:

Learn from other branded packaging that why their product is so successful in the market? What strategies have been used to make the packaging work? Without copying their design ideas and strategies, you can learn a lot from their advertising policies.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.