Hair extension Boxes – promote your goods differently

Hair extension Boxes – promote your goods differently

We are one of the top packaging companies in the United States which supply the best quality packaging boxes for hair extensions. We are known for our high-quality offerings, goods, and fast turnaround throughout the United States. We provide our customers with free delivery and design assistance. If you are spending on hair extension boxes to make your brand consumer-friendly, please email us at any time. We sell a wide variety of boxes. We promise our customers the best available hair extension boxes at reasonable rates.

Free quote on box manufacturing

When you are searching for boxes and do not know what to do, please visit our website to find all of the information. We give our customers free service and quote to design their hair extension boxes. If you need assistance with your hair extension or any other boxes, please email us. You will get a free quote for your boxes from our customer service team.

Free delivery

The Custom Packaging Boxes is renowned for its high-quality offerings and shipping. Our customers in the USA and worldwide are delivered free of charge. We offer a fast turnaround on all our packaging items. You can also add exclusive art pieces and color prints that complement exactly the real color of the product. It will impress your customers. Moreover, any personalized hair extension box can be adapted to give the product a highly entertaining way of shipping to consumers with exciting finishing choices like spot-UV, matt, and gloss. We have anything to give your product a distinct look regardless of your printing specifications.

A perfect packaging solution for each industry

Our packaging facilities are not only for a single industry but rather for hundreds of sectors. You will be able to contact us for inexpensive packaging if you are searching for packaging boxes for your important items, including hair extensions. We have the best facilities in all phases including ordering, processing, printing, design, and distribution. Our hair extension packaging boxes are great for taking customers’ attention and having a good picture of your brand. We also manufacture environmentally safe, reusable hair extension boxes. For all our packaging facilities, there are no hidden charges. Our hair extension boxes with a top printing facility provide the highest consistency and cost-effectiveness. Do not hesitate to order on our website if you are also hunting for the finest quality boxes.

Foldable hair extension boxes – an artistic way to enhance your product looks

Foldable hair extension boxes – an artistic way to enhance your product looks

Everyone wants to represent their product artistically. The hair extension packaging boxes also require a lot of effort to design innovatively to grab the attention of the customers. Besides that, the demand for hair extensions is also increasing as not everyone can afford hair treatments or transplants. THE CUSTOM PACKAGING BOXES is an ultimate solution for most of the industries in the USA. We also offer hair extension boxes for your products and design them in a user-friendly way. We offer foldable hair extension packaging boxes to avoid the entangling of your hair extensions.

Best quality foldable hair extension packaging boxes:

We manufacture high-quality foldable hair extensions packaging boxes with different color schemes and designs to engage the customers and to make your brand identity. We offer the best quality hair extension boxes at affordable rates. You can get your boxes in any color, size, and shape with the name of your company and logo. Let us know your requirements, and we will design it for you.

Foldable hair extension boxes

Custom foldable hair extension boxes:

We design best quality custom foldable hair extension boxes that are easily noticeable by everyone. We are well aware of the importance of your products that is why we use high-quality material for the manufacturing of our packaging boxes. We use fine quality ink for printing of those foldable hair extension boxes. Our printing and manufacturing techniques ensure that our customers are getting the best quality products. We highly believe in providing the best customer services and on-time shipment. Our team do all the efforts to manufacture and deliver your products. If you are looking for custom foldable extension boxes for a wide array of your products, then we are the best option for you.

Specifications of hair extension boxes:

We offer our foldable hair extension boxes in different sizes. We offer glossy, matte, aqueous coating and UV coating finishing options for our foldable hair extension boxes. You can also choose a die-cut window and embossing options for your foldable hair extension boxes. Our foldable hair extension boxes are easy to assemble, so there is no need to get worried about the assembling and usage of boxes. If you are still confused about our services, or you want custom sizes and styles at competitive rates for your packaging boxes, then contact us. Our customer support will guide you and help you to get high-quality boxes at affordable rates.


Hair extension boxes of various kind for your convenience

Hair extension boxes of various kind for your convenience

Do you use Hair extensions? Are you aware what actually hair extensions are?

Well, it does matter that you know the product description before you use them or sell them. So, if you are not aware of what hair extensions are, or even if you know the product but not by this name, here is a quick sum up of what hair extension is and how it is used.

Hair Extension Boxes


You might have seen some of the people have short hair but when you see them in parties or in dresses where they want long hair, their hair got long all of sudden. Or you might come across a person in the morning with blonde hair and in the evening with double shade of blonde and ash brown. Well, those are actually the right utilization of hair extensions. It is actually the extension of your original hair either in term of length or in term of volume. These hair extensions are available in different shades colors and in different lengths so that you could select one you want for yourself.

Where comes product, the packaging is must.

Since, now you know what hair extensions are you can use them in personal life for functions or if you are a makeup artist or run your own saloon, you might need to keep such products with you most of the time. This not only intrigues the interest of your customer but also make your customers aware of the options they could avail at your services. Purpose of packaging is to preserve the product from damage, enhance its beauty to attract the customers and for the better use by the consumer.

Hair Extension Boxes

How to package?

Packaging always enhance the value of the product, Hairs extensions are delicate products, and these hair extension packaging saves its beauty and quality. They also help to resist the climate changes and other factors. They provide you with more space to assemble your product. As these hair extensions are used to further improve your storage, there quality should not be compromised and to make sure of it. Many types of custom hair extension boxes are being introduced in the market, which make this hairstyle more appealing.

Here are few wholesale packaging boxes styles for hair extensions.
  • A sleeve-shaped custom packaging boxes which opens sideways like a drawer are one of the most attractive extensions boxes as they reveal the hair extension gracefully.
  • Focusing on quality of the product, the top lid hair extension boxes appeals most of the professionals as it contains the complete set of everything they require.
  • The sleekness of the box matters and for that purpose, most of the used and recommended hair extension boxes are one with the preferably long flap hair extension packaging. Being a thin box, it still has enough space to properly preserve the hair extension as well as advertise the brand.
  • The thin body, but more spacious hair extension boxes are mostly used and are competitive in the market because of their less space in your room. They are also known as foldable hair extension boxes.
  • As per hair, extensions are not of the exact same size so when it comes to wholesale packaging boxes, customized cardboard extension boxes are preferred to be used.
  • These boxes are biodegradable. That means they can be re-used to and FRO and they are completely recyclable and can be used for so many other purposes. As per your saloon requirements

These are the styles of boxes, which are trading in the market and fulfilling the requirement of all types of consumers.

Hair Extension Boxes

Benefits achieved by these extension boxes.

If you are wondering that why do you need them and how could they be of your use. With my personal experience and struggle for finding the perfect way of preserving my hair extensions so that they could be reused when the time comes. I have realized the importance of these custom hair extension boxes. The basic and foremost obvious advantages achieved by these custom hair extension packaging is to preserve the quality and beauty of your hair extension.

Make them waterproof. Which has become very necessary? You might have observed that whenever straight hair get the moisture they turn frizzy. And when curled hair get moisture, in some cases, they get straight. So, to avoid this deformity in your extensions and to preserve them for the longer period of time it has become need of an hour to prevent them not only from dust particles but also from moisture and water droplets. You don’t need to worry that how you’re going to do that, just make wise selection for your wholesale hair extension boxes. As most of the manufacturers of these custom hair extension boxes, they laminate them in either gloss or matte laminations. As I have witnessed the quality of the custom packaging boxes, they provide different laminated hair extension boxes. They provide offer in UV spot and aqueous laminations as well in order to protect the box. If the packaging done is quality, definitely your product’s quality is safe too.

Hair Extension Boxes


Get benefit with the printing of these boxes as well. In addition, there are other benefits attached to them. These hair packaging also advertise the brand of the company as well as describing the use of the product. Innovations are make ensuring creativity and new ideas for our customers to make our product more eye-catching. Adding glaze and laminations to our new ideas helped making our product prominent in our customers’ eyes and apprehending the market. Diversity is an asset of many companies so to maintain their dignity they provide the range of boxes classified as the Wholesale packaging boxes and retail packaging boxes. The types of retail hairs packaging boxes are described above. For the Wholesale packaging boxes, can be customized on your own at home or you can go for the custom packaging boxes for best results as they provide the customized packaging technique depending on the specific requirement of their distributors.

Size and Shapes matter:

Since you are working in a saloon where you feel like you need more space on table and you can’t put everything on the table. The best solution to such a problem is hangable hair extension boxes. These hair extension boxes help you to keep the space clean and do different necessary chore without being interrupted by lack of space. In this case of assembling things, sizes and shapes of your custom hair extension packaging does matter. This may vary with the size of your hair extension but it also varies with your requirement and need.

Hair Extension Boxes

Add-on benefits

If you haven’t decided what to do, where to go for your hair extension packaging. we would recommend you to look for the company that provides you best quality with quality services as well. And give you options of add-ons and other important features as offered by the custom packaging boxes. As per the add-ons, they provide the best quality services to its customers. As the top-level manufacturers, their team utilizes the best quality raw material and turn into the top-level packaging boxes. Along with that, they offer other services to satisfy their valued customers, which includes customized designs, free of a custom quote, free shipping to our customers’ place and special discounts for regular customers.  Their company’s main objective to which they stay true is to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers in the most delicate way. They strongly believe in providing the best possible packaging solutions that would be affordable for our customers. If you have any queries or confusions, you can contact them any time on the given number and on our page. As their representatives are 24/7 available to answer your questions.

5 Reasons Why Hair Pillow Boxes Are Better Than Regular Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extensions are trending these days and you can change your looks in seconds by using hair extensions without any difficulty. Hair extensions are made up of high-quality material and they are used by models and top notch media fraternity. They come up in different amazing hair pillow boxes and you might have seen them in two type of boxes:

hair pillow boxes

#Choice of leading companies

The question that arises in everyone’s mind and that you might be thinking at the moment is the difference between the aforementioned two boxes. It is without a doubt a right question that needs to be answered as you might get confused due to the fact that almost all the leading hair extension companies are using both of them. Leading companies are using both of them but they have started to use hair pillow boxes to a larger extent due to the following reasons:

#Trending at the moment

Hair extension pillow boxes are trending these days as compared to the sleeve boxes and there are a number of reasons to prove this fact. A number of leading hair extension manufacturers were using sleeve hair extension boxes a few years back and now they all are utilizing pillow boxes for hairs due to its simplicity. They are easy to make and handle of course. Tammana hair extension use pillow boxes for hairs and sleeve boxes more often.

#Carry Hair Pillow Boxes with you all the time

The time has gone when you used to get ready on special occasions. There was a time when brides only used to wear hair extensions on their wedding day. Now, the trend has totally changed and all you do is out them on when needed. Either you are going for an interview or any other thing, you can just put them on to have a makeover and change your looks.

hair pillow boxes

#Light weighted and easy to use

You can carry pillow boxes for hair in your bag easily and they can be managed easily too. All you have to do is open the hair pillow box and get the extensions out of it. The material used for manufacturing the boxes is high in quality and it will not be affected by pressure or strain. Once you are done with extensions, all you have to do is put the extensions back in the box. Hair extension pillow box is very light-weighted and it can be carried in a handbag or any other carrier.

#Get the best hair look in seconds

As you can keep pillow hair boxes all the time with you in your bag, you have the chance to change your look entirely by means of extensions. If you have to appear for an interview, the best tip is to take your extensions on any time out of the box and look exceptional in the interview.

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Hair Box Packaging – The Perfect Way To Keep The Extensions Safe

Spending a lot of money on hair extensions is a common thing these days and it must be done as change is the basic need these days. Getting extensions is a good idea and not getting it protected in a hair box packaging is a bad idea. As a matter of fact, hair extensions have managed to become a new rage in the world of fashion.

hair box packaging

In fact, with the newest trend in hairstyles, women and housewives are utilizing these hair extensions too. With the appearance of this innovative trend in the fashion world, makeup manufacturers and hair extensions producers are in a fierce competition to overcome each other in terms of sales and all of them are adopting several marketing techniques. Packaging is a major marketing element and in the case of hair extension boxes, it plays a vital role.

Hair Box Packaging Significance:

All the makeup manufacturers are aware of the packaging significance and that is why they are striving every day to have a more compact and appealing hair box packaging for their product. As all the products are placed in one rack in the marketplace, Thus the packaging should be appealing enough. Another major issue faced by customers while experiencing the hair extensions is the packaging that does not fit the product properly and damages the extensions. 

As they are to be used again and again, extension packaging must be designed in a way to protect the product from any damage. For this purpose, the custom packaging boxes have designed perfect and appealing hair box packaging for extension packaging.

Different Shape, Look and sizes:

hair box packagingHair extension boxes available at the custom packaging boxes come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to it, additional window panes at the top permit the customer to have a look at the original product to check the color and quality of the extensions which is quite beneficial.

We at the custom packaging boxes have built up a resolve of manufacturing the best custom hair boxes that are available in a number of styles. They can be made in different shape and styles and if you have plans of adding ornaments at the box, that can also be done. Extension packaging is a risky thing to do but with our updated hair extension boxes, this task has become an easier one. If you have a design of your own and want it ay, we also provide custom hair boxes in this regard.

Customer Benefits:

We convey every ordered item in short time period and surprise our customers with the best execution of their ideas and services. We convey your items for free. You should simply get in touch with our customer service representative and request your things and you will be astounded with our execution.

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Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.