Eyeliner boxes can be used for different purposes too

Eyeliner boxes can be used for different purposes too

Why do you always throw things after being ready?

Well, I don’t have time to put them back in the boxes and then move on.

You should at least put them in the right place.

This is what I got into before writing a blog. So, I decided that this is something that most sisters face. Well, you don’t have to be girl to understand what actually happened it is something everyone can relate to. While getting ready you get your nerves stuck on the plan and meanwhile you ignore the organization of things back. Here are some of the tips for you so that you could manage to organize even after getting your brain everywhere. So, today I decided to share something about custom eyeliner boxes with you. You might b thinking why not custom makeup boxes. But since I have to choose one right now, I thought of something which comes in different packaging and you have to be concise so I decided to go for eyeliner packaging boxes.

eyeliner packaging boxes

Types of Eyeliner packaging box:

Well, the types of eyeliner packaging boxes depend on the type of eyeliners. With the advancement in almost everything, you can see the makeup is also evolving. From matte looks to gloss look and shimmery. Variations and evolvement are always the key factors to progress forward. Hence, if you look around you will notice that eyeliners are in the different form:


It can be a cake that needed to be applied from brush. It is usually applied after making brush wet.


Just like a pencil, these eyeliners are in pencil form you either have to sharp them with a sharper or you have to roll it out for the lead.


Gel eyeliner is the other form of eyeliner that is usually waterproof but usually, that eyeliner is used for shiny appearance.


Waterproof eyeliner as suggested by the name is waterproof in its nature. You can use that for making the outlook matte or little shiny.

Why Have I explained this to you?

Well, the basic reason of telling you is that as the different eyeliners exist, the different custom packaging is required. You can look for the type of eyeliner and then get the wholesale eyeliner boxes for that eyeliner. You can make different style packaging as per your desire for each of the packaging. The question is how one get to know if the eyeliner is gel liner, waterproof or cake. Apart from packaging, this is something that is mentioned on the eyeliner packaging box.

Different packaging defines a different type of eyeliner. You can use these packaging for different purposes, depending on its shape and size. Which I will describe later in this blog if you stick with me till the end.

Wholesale eyeliner boxes

What purpose it may serve:

Custom packaging boxes serve purposes more than you can think of in both personal and in the professional field. Here you will get to know both. But before that, there are some of the things that are required to be kept in mind. These are somethings that are necessary for both personal and professional use of custom packaging. This might also help you in future purpose too. So, this checklist has following some features:

  1. Look for the quality of the cardboard. You have to be very reasonable while selecting the best box.
  2. Make sure if you enter die-cuts in the box, they are properly and finely cut.
  3. You have to be very choosy about the printing of these eyeliner boxes.
  4. Make sure all the required information about the product are printed on it.
  5. The tabs when cut must properly interlock into one another in order to give support. Or make sure if the adhesives are used, they are of good quality.

After looking at the best 5 things for choosing the custom packaging boxes for your eyeliners you can now get into the usefulness these custom eyeliner boxes serve:


When I talk about professionally usefulness what I really meant is the use in the professional field. For that purpose, you don’t have to be a user of the product instead you have to be the manufacturer and dealer of that product. If you choose best-printed custom makeup boxes for your products, you will definitely get into the flourishing business.

eyeliner packaging box


Printing these custom eyeliner boxes with the logo and contact information is the best way to advertise your brand. You can have them printed in whatever way you want and add the logo. Make sure your logo and information are printed in best colors possible as these colors help in making an impact on the customers.


Eyeliner boxes are the perfect way to protect your product from dust and other physical factors. The best cardboard eyeliner box not only serve this purpose but also helps in making the shipment easier for you. You can trust the quality of the boxes for shipment purpose and for the protection of your product as well.


You can add these custom packaging into your products as complimentary or you can make more than one for a complete package. This helps you gain more customers and their trust as well. You can always trust that the product worth gets doubled when given with complimentary gifts and stuff.

Something beyond eyeliner packaging:

I guess the problem remains the same. Whos going to put that liner back when in hurry after getting ready? Well to eliminate the issue, all you need is custom makeup boxes with large wide faces. With those wide face, you can always add your brushes and makeup items in them. You can add your brushes in them.

custom eyeliner boxes

Where to find the best wholesale eyeliner boxes:

Now the question comes of the place from where you have to buy the best packaging boxes. I have got my custom makeup boxes from The custom packaging boxes who actually not only provides you with the best quality products but also with the best quality services. You can have them printed in whatever way you want and in whatever design you want from them. The best packaging, I have found this far. The bit you are always open for options. You can google different packaging and printing companies for your convenience. If that is a problem you can always use other boxes that has been used once, as your custom makeup boxes. I have discussed that in my different blogs, you can look for them.

How to get best eyeliner boxes for your cosmetics?

Fashion trends are always changing. Where there is a change in the medium of eyeliner, there is a change in the colors of eyeliners too. So, it becomes hard to find eyeliner boxes that contain all the required features. But best printing and packaging companies allow you to get your custom boxes packaging, printed according to your desire. This company also includes The custom packaging boxes, who are providing their services all over the world from past many years. You can look up different designs and styles for your eyeliner packaging boxes at thecustompackagingboxe.com. If you are here and reading this blog you are definitely in need of best eyeshadow boxes or for best-printed eyeliner boxes.

Eyeliner Boxes

You have come to the right place and we make sure you won’t regret coming to us for help. We provide you some of the basic tips that will help you in the selection of your custom boxes packaging.   

  1. Look for the best quality cardboard stock. As this helps in a lot of things that will be discussed later.
  2. Quality printing cannot be neglected by clients as it provides you with the best opportunity to advertise.
  3. Perfection in a cutting of tabs and edges is necessary. Because this provide you best strength and quality outlook.
  4. Look for different perfect sizes and styles according to your product. As large size can damage the product inside and small will not pack your product completely.
  5. Prior in the selection of your eyeliner boxes, always make sure is your money worth the quality you are looking for? Which means smart investment is necessary.
  6. Go for the options that provide you good quality printing along with quality services. As they are very necessary for customer satisfaction.

Where to get such eyeliner packaging boxes?

If you are worrying about the place from where you could get the boxes with above-mentioned characteristics. No need to bug your mind instead just visit thecustompackagingboxes.com to see the styles and quality for yourself. The best printing and packaging that will not only make sure to provide you best eyeliner boxes but also ensures that you get fortified by the quality services too.

Eyeliner Boxes

Quality printing:

With The custom packaging boxes, quality is ensured. You can get your eyeliner boxes, printed with quality raisin inks. This helps your printing to stay longer and adhesive to the boxes. Most of the eye catchy thing that attracts the customer is exact printing of color and brush on eyeliner packaging boxes as the original object is. Since eyeliners come in different colors so to provides you with the best boxes it is necessary to print the same color on custom box packaging as the color of the product.


With the best customization company, you get a chance to print and advertise your design on desire. The custom packaging boxes is included in that renown company and hence facilitates you with the customization. You can get these eyeliner packaging boxes printed in your company’s logo and designs. You can get your company contact info printed so that your clients can get back to you in the time of need.

 Perks and Perks:

With the variety of sizes and styles, it does not matter if you want eyeliner packaging boxes for your cake eyeliner or for liquid eyeliner. Almost every packaging for eyeliner boxes are available that are refined cut and perfect interlocking tabs. This helps in providing them perfect strength and best quality sturdiness. The custom packaging boxes is renown for the best eyeshadow boxes provider hence, provides you with the quality custom boxes packaging that is durable as well.

Eyeliner Boxes

Laminated printing:

To make your eyeliner packaging boxes durable, it is necessary to laminate them with the quality coating. The custom packaging boxes provides you with gloss or matt coating. Gloss coating helps in making your printed text shinier and deters finger impressions. Matt coating helps in making your texture look more attractive. Aqueous and UV spot coating are also offered by The custom packaging boxes that is done by high-quality technology and make your printing stays on its lace for the longer period of time.

Quality services:

Considering the services providing by packaging and printing companies, The custom packaging boxes provides you with the more quality add-ons and more finishing options. Along with this, cost-effectiveness is also amazing attraction that attracts the clients. Thecustompackagingboxes.com provides you free die-cut and no setup charges are charged which make these eyeliner boxes, reasonable for everyone. You can get these eyeliner packaging boxes in different sizes and styles depending on your requirement of eyeliner product and budget needs.

Eyeliner Boxes

If you are still looking for the best packaging and printing company that provides you with all quality services and products, you may like to visit the official website of The custom packaging boxes to look for more.

A heavenly EyeLiner Boxes would show your eye cosmetics extend!

Thecustompackagingboxes.com offers a variety of customization for eyeliner boxes. You can have them imprinted in favored shapes, sizes and hues. Having stylish pictures, cut workmanship and lettering on your custom eyeliner boxes would make them affable to the purchasers.

eyeliner boxes

Creative eyeliner boxes bundle the item as well as fill in as a badge of a corrective brand. A heavenly customized eye liner box would show your eye cosmetics extend in a more viable way. Planning an eye getting eyeliner box requires proficient mastery. Thecustompackagingboxes.com is an esteemed printing press that has been taking into account the bundling needs of large number of organizations around the world. The devotion to convey bulldoze administrations has earned us affirmation in the specialty. We are favored on account of:

Idealize Prints:

Our cutting edge computerized and balance presses as a team with most recent strategies make printing a beneficial ordeal. Notwithstanding giving most reduced market rates we have never traded off on quality and plan. Thecustompackagingboxes.com gives impeccable customization choices to enable you to get the most creative Eyeliner boxes. Consumer loyalty and item perfection are trademarks of our organization.

We give various customization alternatives to Eyeliner Boxes, in actuality; we can do every single kind of change to your Eyeliner Boxes that is, essentially guaranteed, workable for this sort of boxes. On the off chance that you have specific plan inclinations with you, we make a point to tail them with essential changes to best fit your prerequisites, be that as it may, in the event that you don’t have any outline close by our master group of visual fashioners can offer you various outline alternatives to browse remembering your necessities and end reason or utility of your bundling.

Promptest Turnaround Time: Thecustompackagingboxes.com esteems consumer loyalty. Our generation group ensures that every one of the requests is printed before due dates. Auspicious printing and shipment are the centers estimations of our organization.

Free Shipping:

As set up solidly that Thecustompackagingboxes.com cheers in encouraging its clients to the most extreme cut-off points, at that point why load them by charging for what we convey to them. You’re bundling items are conveyed to you completely free of cost comfortable doorstep all finished USA and Canada. For our customers living outside these districts, our delivery rates are the base in advertise. Be that as it may, this offer of free sending is legitimate on standard requests just, on the off chance that you are in a rush and can’t sit tight for at least 6 days for your item; we have sped up conveyance alternative which gets your item in your grasp inside six business days. Indeed, even our facilitate shipping charges are a great deal not as much as the typical offerings in the market.

Searching for a motivational bundling box for your eyeliner run? Thecustompackagingboxes.com has various energizing choices for you. Our Free Designing Services can be profited to have a few formats in regards to plan inclinations for the  wholesale eyeliner boxes with no setup cost. Brief your specs to our designs group and they’ll give you startling work of art choices .

eyeliner boxes

The hugeness of strong materials and quality inks can’t be undermined for a bulldoze bundling item ; in this manner we make utilization of premium stocks and inks.

Eco-accommodating Printing:

Thecustompackagingboxes.com  uses 100% customer neighborly, recyclable substances for printing.

Care focus:

Thecustompackagingboxes.com encourages its customers by giving them online client mind benefit round the clock. Don’t hesitate to contact our Call Sales Representatives from Monday-Friday. Print fabulously with Thecustompackagingboxes.com Eyeliner boxes are utilized for displaying fluid, gel, cake, natural and different types of eyeliners. Being the most famous and fundamental piece of eye cosmetics; corrective brands give careful consideration to eyeliner bundling. The material utilized as a part of the creation of these cases can be modified to craved shapes, sizes and hues. Having windows in eyeliner boxes increment the odds of getting them seen by potential purchasers. The shading subjects of the containers ought to be as indicated by the item bundled in them. There are many shaded liners accessible in the market nowadays; eyeliner boxes that have entrancing works of art are probably going to snatch consideration of the intended interest group.

Eyeliner boxes have weight and elements of the item imprinted on them which edifies the clients about the items they are purchasing. The bundling boxes likewise shield the eyeliners from getting scratched. Fluid eyeliner pencil boxes with alluring hues entice the spectators into looking at the eye pencils.

Give your eyeliner box an innovative touch with delightful shading plans and appealing fine arts. For your velvety eyeliners a sleeve box is an incredible choice. Eyeliner pencils ought to be bundled in a container with decorating embellishments like strips and bows. Tip eyeliner boxes ought to have inventive eye themes. Eyeliner blessing boxes that you plan to dispatch on exceptional events should supplement the occasion. Establish a connection with appealing custom eyeliner boxes

Our best administrations:

  • First class Printing:
  • Thecustompackagingboxes.com is popular for its top notch printing and bundling administrations. We have cutting edge presses in addition to the most recent procedures that enable us to give the best printing administrations to our customers.
  • Finest material for bundling:
  • we have constantly favored and utilized the best and the finest material for bundling administrations. We offer bundling arrangements, as well as consider the results of the material being utilized by us. It must be noted here that our cases experience a colossal testing method that checks the exactness, size, and strength of the cases.

Strength and solidness:

we here at Thecustompackagingboxes.com  ensure that the administrations we offer are up to the stamp. We offer quality and strength in the meantime and we have an entire testing process for this reason.

eyeliner boxes

Die cuts innovation:

We have faith in the headway and consequently, we convey to you the astonishing pass on slice innovation through which you can get each sort of outline inside a couple of days. You don’t need to trade off finished your inclinations as we offer you the best answer for this thing. You should simply contact our client benefit agent and they will help you all through the procedure.

Turnaround Time:

Our customers perceive our endeavors and abilities because of a considerable measure of reasons and one of the main motivations are our swiftest turnaround time. On time conveyance is our first need and we convey your items inside no time. You should simply arrange your pastry shop encloses package on the web and you will get them for nothing in a couple of days. Our standard transportation time is right around a week or ten business days. Actually, you will get your things at the guaranteed time with no trouble.


Eyeliner Packaging Boxes Importance in Cosmetics Industry

Why Eyeliner Packaging Boxes Is More Important Than You Think?

Cosmetic quality is very important to increase its sales but on the other hand product presentation also matters a lot. When it comes to the eyeliner box, you cannot be sold it without eyeliner packaging boxes. In this article, we will discuss some major tips regarding designing and packaging of eyeliner box in a cost-effective manner. Are you interested to know that why these boxes are so much important nowadays? Read on the below-mentioned points.

Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

  1. Customized Eyeliner Packaging Boxes;

Highly customized eyeliner box helps you to standout your cosmetic brand from the competitor. A lot of cosmetic brands are not only using these boxes to add glamor and attraction to their eyeliner product but also to motivate the purchaser to buy their eyeliner. Additionally, attractive eyeliner boxes are the best option to give some creative touch to the eyeliner.

  1. Organize Your Eyeliners;

If you are someone who has the great variety of eyeliner but you are uncertain about organizing them, then obtaining eyeliner boxes is an intensive idea. Additionally, it doesn’t only protect your eyeliner or cosmetics from dust but also to arrange them in a stylish and easy way.

Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

  1. Eyeliner Brand Launching;

You can launch your new mascara brand in custom eyeliner packaging boxes. These custom boxes are specially designed according to the mascara type. Additionally, you can have them in unlimited colors like silver, gold, black, red, pinks and blue. Another popular way to customize your eyeliner boxes is by adding windows to it. The window can be inserted anywhere on these boxes like left side, right side or top of the boxes so that the buyers can have a view of the eyeliner without opening it.

  1. Finding Reliable Printing Company;

Finding a reliable printing company is the most important tasks. Once you hunt the reliable printing company, you can easily get high-quality eyeliner boxes according to your printing needs. So, you have to be very cautious in finding the best printing company for your boxes. These days unlimited online and local companies are offering printing services, but you need to make sure that they use the quality material and able to provide you these boxes at affordable rates. Hight quality eyeliner packaging boxes not only best for the protection of eyeliner but also grabs the attraction of targeted customers.

eyeliner packaging boxes

  1. Highly Attractive

Professional makeup boxes are highly attractive. Also, CMYK printing technique, offset printing technique, bright colors make these high-end boxes more presentable. Although you require a professional designer, who can deliver the best eyeliner box according to your required design and style.

You shouldn’t speed up your hunting process to search reliable printing company instead give considerable time to it. However, you need to check that your chosen company use the eco-friendly and flexible material for the production of eyeliner box, so you can easily amend into any shape or sizes. But, material range and its thickness totally depend on your budget. You should choose the thick material to enhance the popularity of your eyeliner brand.

Get Custom Quote Here!

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.