5 type of Wedding Card Boxes that really appeal the customers

5 type of Wedding Card Boxes that really appeal the customers

Mom I want to have  unique wedding card boxes on my wedding.

Yes dear why not but tell me what type of uniqueness you’re thinking of?

Girls…. When it comes to them they need everything perfect on their special days. Further, if it is their wedding day then is sure people around them will be mad while doing the preparation. Wedding, an extremely important day of anyone’s life. Therefore, its invitation also needs to be the best and remember able. This is the reason bride or groom both focus on the custom wedding card boxes. Utilize Custom printed wedding card boxes in so many ways on the wedding. They are the best way to decorate the tables on wedding for guests to place their wishes in them for the newly married couples. Further, there is a lot of information custom boxes wholesale for which you have to stay with me.

Types of Wedding Card Boxes

There is a huge number of custom printed wedding card boxes available through which you can make your wedding a member bale day for you and for your guests as well. Here are some cards which I looked when it was my wedding.

  • Royal Birdcage style Boxes

It is one of the antique style wedding card boxes but still considered the coolest one for wedding invitations. Spray paint are done on the cage to get rid of the discolored paint and rusted area if there is any. Usually, golden color paint is preferred as it gives a royal outlook. This further makes it stands out in the crowd. Moreover, you must hang a string with cards written with the wishes on them so that people are not confused about the purpose of custom wedding card boxes. Place it on a table and arrange some flowers around it to give it a princess kind of feel. This design works for pastoral outdoor weddings as well as the classy ballroom kind of wedding ceremonies.

  • Lego box Style

If your clients are die heart fan legos and blocks then they surely love making this type of custom printed wedding card boxes. Using colors as per their demand, you can make a lego style custom printed wedding card boxes with their names imprinted on them. It is a design which would be liked by all age groups adults and kids as well. on the other hand, you just have to be a little careful with such type of wedding card boxes because they can fall apart easily as they are delicate. So the best way to go about is to keep them in front of you so that you can cherish it afterward as a couple and secure the memories of your special day.

Custom wedding card boxes

·        Painted Mailbox Wedding Card Boxes

In this advance age of technologies hardly any of us are using the snail mails for sending messages. The mailboxes which was once in front of every home are now obsolete. Well, it is the time to bring them back to use. Paint one of your mailbox which your customers like the most or which goes in accordance to wedding theme. And your wedding card boxes assortment is ready to shine and attract customers. Moreover, they are also utilize as custom gift card boxes. These boxes perfectly go with all kinds of themes. Therefore, you can convince customers easily for buying such  unique idea. Simply place these wedding card boxes on  tables and have your guests fill them with their wishes for you. Having this number of mailboxes in people’s homes, you can start selling custom boxes wholesale if you use them with the same creativity.

·        A vintage suitcase style

Another style of custom wedding card boxes that look beautiful. They are vintage suitcase style boxes  which creates attraction using custom wedding cardboard printing. Further, readers if you like you can make them at home.  Do you have old suitcase in attic? Don’t throw it instead use creativity on that box. Get it cleaned and little polish as you are going to use on an important day. Customize as wedding card boxes with some painting or craft. Furthermore, you can write a wish on the outer side or names of bride or groom. Hang in string to present as custom gift card boxes so that your guests know where they have to put their gift cards. What is even better is that you can always lock it afterwards. So, if you have to rush to  your honeymoon straight away, you can lock and leave this box without getting worry.

Picnic Basket

This type is my sister’s favorite wedding card boxes style. She even uses it on her theme wedding that was rustic outdoor wedding.  You must be thinking that it is so simple. But these picnic basket style custom gift card boxes look beautiful on countryside themes. If you are an owner of custom wedding card boxes, you must have such assortment. This will mesmerize the customer. Maybe they change their wedding theme just looking at this assortment. Moreover, wholesale wedding boxes are also use for invitation purposes. These basket  boxes are so creative Place your wedding card and chocolates for recipient. This will definitely be the best wedding invitation for the receiver. Furthermore, your wedding will be most remember-able for your guest. If you have an old picnic box in your homes then take it out. Get custom wedding card boxes printing over them that are available in wide range.

Custom wedding card boxes printing

Printing and Designing

Printing is crucial for the wedding card boxes as they are the major source of seeking attention and advertising your product in the market. Therefore, it is essential to print some important information about the product as well as the company, such as brand name, contact details like phone number, web page address, barcodes or QR codes that are used now a day over these custom boxes wholesale. Moreover, this information must be clear and comprehensible for the customers to understand. This will help them contact you easily in the future. Moreover, if anyone else receives these custom printed wedding card boxes that would also contact you through these details.

My support in Packaging

Let’s not do any further delay and let me tell you from where you can get these wholesale wedding card boxes. As per view of the market, there are many companies and franchises advertising for custom gift card boxes.  However, if I reveal the famous company that is usually preferred by renowned companies is The Custom Packaging Boxes. This company really does a great job in bringing the innovation in the markets for its customers.  It maintains the packaging system in the form of custom boxes wholesale with premium quality products. The packaging they provide I assure you about the quality. I am telling this after my research. There would be no shame in saying that quality is the real asset of this company. In addition, there is a list of significant features that increase its professional view of this company. Those features are:

Enter One Quote

To see the real difference from other companies just fill one custom quote for custom boxes wholesale. With the filling of this one form, the sale representatives will tell you all the relative details about your orders of wedding card boxes.  To surprise the customers, this facility of the custom quote is also free.

Wholesale Wedding Card Boxes

Design Assistance and Sampling

This company provides design assistance as well to its customers, which is like a treat for the customers. For this capability, you can easily contact the company for designing process over custom gift card boxes. Moreover, they welcome your ideas and tells you about the possibilities, choice, and category of printing with the approximate cost. To have polish work they provide help of their expert graphics engineers. Moreover, they also provide samples before you order the wholesale wedding card boxes consignment. Both these facilities are free for their customers.


Add-ons is another free feature  The Custom Packaging Boxes offers.  This includes die cut, clear windowpanes, gold and silver foil for these boxes. Additionally, there are no set-up charges. These minute things are important in creating a strong impression of the custom boxes wholesale.

Atmosphere Resistant Ability

The best part of these custom boxes wholesale provided by this company is that they have atmospheric resistance ability. Anything packed and placed in them are protected from heat, inside moisture, dust, dirt, insects attack and other things. Moreover, they are eco-friendly. These custom wedding card boxes are dynamic in providing such and much more services.

Custom printed Wedding Card Boxes

Shipping facility

Another reason for preferring The Custom Packaging Boxes Company is their shipping facility, which is provided free of cost throughout the world. Moreover, their delivery timing is commendable. They make deliveries of the custom boxes wholesale consignment at your doorstep in the least possible time. In this fastest turnaround service, they always take great care of the batch, which are very delicate, and needs care.

Wholesale Wedding card boxes type for foodie lovers

Wholesale Wedding card boxes type for foodie lovers

Hello to all foodie lovers!  Who loves to attend or give parties? Today I have brought you with some information related to serving and giveaway solutions for the parties. I know all the hazards and problems while the organizing the parties. From a single napkin to all the decoration and most importantly utensils, sometimes turn the parties into a headache. So, here is the solution of these problems, which I find very convenient for myself and for you too. They are wedding card boxes. Moreover, if you are running a party organizing business then these custom wedding card printing is a real blessing.

Wedding Card Boxes

If you are wondering, where do I find this solution affordable with innovative designs, and then stay with me throughout this blog? You will definitely get a lot more than you required.

Comprehensive detailing for Recognition & Remembrance

To tell you the truth few years back I used to arrange parties for my families and friends, who motivated me to own this field as a business. That was the time when I seriously realize the need of wedding card boxes. The first and foremost I looked forward to was printed designs over these boxes. Furthermore, how can I have my logo on those printed wedding card boxes? These boxes are the best way to promote the business. Initially, I find some problems but with the proper printing of important details of my business were proved essential in recognition of my party organization profession. One thing you should keep in mind is that the details should be brief and comprehensible so that the customers will easily remember and recall them in the hour of need.

Importance of Innovative Designs

Innovative designing is the most important thing, which plays a forceful part on any of the product. Let me give you view as a business owner. As I told you before, if you are party organizer then this is your responsibility to have catchy and huge assortment of custom wedding card boxes with vibrant colors and prints as per the requirement of the event.  If you really have such vast variety of printed wedding card boxes then the customer will surely come to you for the services. In other words, these wedding card boxes are the real business boosters. These boxes are helpful in making a proper portfolio of what you have to offer.

Selection of Colours Scheme

Another major aspect that need to be focused is the selection of color scheme for these wedding card boxes. There are the variety of events, which you might need to present at. Therefore, for all these different celebrations and events you must have custom wedding card boxes of different color or color combination. Sometimes you need to have the vibrant color pallet for boys other times sweet and smooth selection for girl’s party. Moreover, for adults or for co-operating parties subtle color combination are required. Nowadays customers are attracted towards theme custom wedding card printing.

Theme Customization

As I have told you earlier that custom wedding card printing with respect to themes are in trend now. For birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers and so on. For a specified theme, what is really required are not just color scheme but proper printing patterns with innovative ideas. Being an event management business runner I have already faced these problems long ago but now I am free from all this because I have found someone to provide me with wholesale wedding card boxes with the variety of designs. Here are some example of innovative designs for different occasions:

Wedding Card Boxes

Custom product boxes for Birthday boxes

Birthdays are very special event for everyone. It becomes even more special when it is someone’s first birthday. Therefore, to make it more special and rememberable I made some special efforts through printed wedding card boxes. Therefore, in all these decorations these boxes helps in boosting the shine of the party to another level. For this, I have customize these wedding card boxes with the balloon and party poppers. Recently, I have started the offer to print them with the names or pictures as well.

Ideas for Other such Parties

For events like bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries, I have options to imprint the custom wedding card boxes with the names and the picture of the bride and groom with some message to show the love to their loved ones. In addition to this, for graduation parties, I have the assortment to offer, customized and printed wedding card boxes in the shape and designs of books, graduation hats, and gowns, which can easily be identifiable with the event, and celebration of the clients.

Character Customization

There is another way of customization in theme printing, which is loved by the cute little kid customers. In this type of customization, animated characters like prince and princess are printed over custom paper boxes. For instance, characters like Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Cinderella are extremely attractive for cute little female customers. It is the case with adorable boys. As they are attracted towards animated characters of super heroes. This variety really attracts the potential customers. Truly, these wedding card boxes help in boosting my business as well giving me recognition among my cute little but important customers.

Boxes for Serving and Giveaway Purposes

The best part of these custom wedding card boxes is that they can be used for both serving as well as giveaway purposes in the party. Instead of using simple cardboard made disposable plates and other accessories use wedding card boxes to serve your guests.  Moreover, there is a trend and tradition to give thanks giving favors to the guests at the end for attending the party. For instance, you can have truffle size custom wedding card printing for giving favors to your friends and family attending the party after taking out time from their busy schedule.

 For Invitation Purpose

For the customers, there is another way in which these wedding card boxes can play the important role. This important role is of giving invitations to the guests. Grab these printed wedding card boxes customized as per the theme of the party. Place some chocolates or sweets and print all the important details of the party. After all these perpetrations present your unforgettable invitation to your potential guests.

Do not forget Lamination

I have told you a lot but there is an important thing to remember about custom paper boxes. This important factor is to give proper finishing after the printing process discussed above. For satisfactory finishing look, lamination is required. There are multiple options available like matte, gloss, silk, spot UV, aqueous, semi-gloss AQ. Lamination helps in increasing the lifeline of these custom wedding card boxes. Furthermore, it gives them the strength to resist the sun’s heat, moisture, dust, dirt and other atmospheric changes that can either harm these custom wedding card printing or the product placed inside.

Wedding card boxes Suppliers

Well, I have talked a lot about the boxes. Now It’s time to tell you for where do I get the supply of the wholesale wedding card boxes. As I have already told you that there is someone working as my silent partners. They are Wedding box supplier the one and only printing and packaging company, which I prefer. There are the number of reason because of which I choose and prefer to keep going with them. First of all, I made compare many companies according to their services and quality of products. To mention a few:

Wedding Card Boxes

Design Assistance

As you know that, the designing over wedding card boxes plays the important role. Therefore, to solve the confusion of the customers they provide design assistance. Moreover, they welcome the ideas that you bring. The best part is that they improve your ideas of custom shipment boxes with their professional skills and high tech machinery.

Die cut/ Window cut outs

Another feature of great importance are die cut windowpanes. These window cutouts are given clear plastic covers to have a clear view inside of the custom product boxes. This trait really makes custom wedding card boxes appealing to the customers. I would recommend you to induce windows. There can be induced on the top, front and even wrap around the custom product boxes. Interestingly, like design assistance, this feature is provided free by the company.

Custom Quote

The custom quote is an important thing for any company. At Wedding box supplier, you can request for it at any time. Moreover, this facility is free. Just fill the form carefully and give the required information of wedding card boxes. Their sales representative are 24/7 available and gives you all the details about the stock and its costs.


The manufacturing material used in the production of the wedding card boxes are cost effective. The raw material required to mold and fabricate these custom wedding card boxes are inexpensive in such a way, which makes them affordable for us, whereas the alternative materials can be costly. The manufacturing cost directly affect the prices of cardboard and paperboard made wedding card boxes. Moreover, if you buy wholesale wedding card boxes in bulk from this company you will definitely be not disappointed about their quantity.

Wedding Card Boxes

Worldwide Shipping

Another reason of preferring this Wedding box supplier is their free worldwide shipping facility. Their delivery timing is credible. Moreover, they deliver the consignment in premium quality custom shipping boxes. They have the fastest turnaround service. In other words, this company make deliveries at your doorstep in the least possible time. The best part is in the fastest time span is that they take great care of the consignment of the product like wedding card boxes, which are very delicate, and needs extra care.

Wedding Card Boxes: Using Household Things as Wedding Card Boxes

When it comes to a wedding, one thing that all the couples look forward to is the wedding cards. The gifts and all the monetary wishes that they can use in the days to come is something which is always a little fun and exciting for them both. They have both taken their time selecting the things that they would want and now after their wedding, they would be able to start their new life together with all those amazing gifts and blessings that their friends and loved ones have sent their way. If you are thinking of collecting and receiving the wedding cards by hand on your big day then you are at fault here.

Wedding Card Boxes

With so much going around you, it wouldn’t be possible for you to keep track of every little activity. Moreover, you might end up misplacing some of these cards too. Having wedding card box on a table close to you would help you a great deal. You can keep an eye on all the envelopes and still get to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. While some couples do like to order custom wedding card boxes for themselves that would go with the theme of their wedding, others leave this thing for the last moment. If you are from the second category, then we have compiled a list of things that you can use instead to make your own wedding card boxes for your big day. If you need any help with custom wedding card boxes printing then we can help you with that too.

1.     A vintage style suitcase

If you have an old suitcase lying in your attic which is too small to be of any use but too pretty to be thrown away then now is the time to take it out. Get it cleaned and maybe polished a little before the big day. Hang in the string to mark it as the wedding card box so that your guests know where they have to place their gift cards. What is even better is the fact that you can always lock it afterward using one of its locks to secure the cards. So, if you have to rush to your honeymoon straight away, you can always lock and leave this wedding box in your room without any worry.

2.     Spray Painted Mailbox

In this age of emails and web, hardly any of us is still using the snail mail. The mail boxes which used to be in front of every home a few years ago are going obsolete. Well, now is the time to bring them to use. Paint one of the mailbox using a golden spray paint for a glossy finish. It would go perfectly with all kinds of themed weddings so you wouldn’t have to worry much about decorating it. Simply place it on one of the tables and have your guests fill it up. Given the number of mailboxes people have in their homes, you can start selling wedding mail boxes wholesale if you use them with the same amount of creativity.

Wedding Card Boxes

3.     Royal Birdcage

It is one of the oldest but still the coolest style for wedding card boxes. Spray paint the cage to get rid of the old tarnished paint and rust. A golden paint would give it a royal finish and would make it something that would stand out in the crowd. Hang a string with cards written on it so that people are not confused about its purpose. Place it on a table and arrange some pumpkins around it to give it a princess kind of feel. This design works for rustic outdoor weddings as well as the sophisticated ball room kind of weddings.

4.     Lego box

If the couple is a fan of legos and blocks then they certainly would love making this box. Using colors of their choice, they can make a lego box with their names imprinted on it using legos too. It is a design which would be liked by adults and the kids equally. However, you would have to be a little cautious with the custom wedding boxes made with legos as they can fall apart easily. So the best way to go about is to keep the box in front of you so that you can cherish it afterward as a couple and secure it as a souvenir of your wedding.

Wedding Card Boxes

5.     Picnic basket

This one is our personal favorite as you wouldn’t expect something so ordinary to be used so creatively on one of the most important days of your life: picnic boxes. We often take these boxes for granted and never really use them much too. If you have an old picnic box lying somewhere in your homes then take it out on time. Have its insides covered with a gift wrap that matches the color scheme of your wedding? Since the picnic baskets already come with a lock they make for great custom wedding boxes.  If you want, you can always get the insides of the custom wedding card boxes printing so that all you have to do is apply the printing and you will be good to go.

Wedding Card Boxes

For any kind of custom wedding card boxes, printing gets in contact with us. We also deal with wedding card boxes wholesale so that you can arrange events using our unique creative wedding boxes made just the way you like them. Our team is very competent and creative when it comes to designing things that will become a part of someone’s memories eventually. The custom wedding cards you would order from us would soon have you become the talk of the town in all the right ways. So, you concentrate on other aspects of your wedding and leave this task to us and our team. We will make sure that you are not disappointed and the final look of the box after custom wedding card boxes printing is just how you would have imagined it to be.


Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.