Appealing varieties of sweet boxes to make sweets more appealing

Appealing varieties of sweet boxes to make sweets more appealing

Hey mom, look what I bought for you.

Sweets, Aww, they look even more delicious custom sweet packaging.

Yeah, a special gift box for my special lady.

As per business the importance of packaging can never be denied what so ever is the business. However, when it comes to the packaging of sweet and yummy delights, sweet boxes have come up as blessing for confectioners. There are several other purposes other than for mere packaging for which these custom sweet boxes are considered essential.  As you can observe from the above discussion of anonymous customers, innovation in custom sweet packaging brings the real dynamic. These dynamics play the role of gift packaging as well as decoration on various occasions and events. Want to know more of such purposes and possibilities of wholesale sweet boxes? Only then you will find about your party boxes, types and much more about them.

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Gift Pyramid Candy Boxes

If you are extremely fed up of using usual packaging for your candies in the sea then switch to these Egyptian pyramid sweet packaging boxes. These three-dimensional pyramid folding boxes bring innovative changes in your sweet gift packaging.  Give these custom sweet boxes to your loved ones on their special occasion and observe their happiness. You will observe that they will preserve these custom sweet packaging even after candies are finished from them. For such wholesale sweet boxes, the company provides design assistance to its customers.  Get your pyramid-shaped boxes personalized as per your demand. Moreover, for events like weddings, bridal showers and so on; they provide services as favor boxes.

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Hexagonal  Sweet Party Boxes

These hexagon sweet boxes are very much famous these days. As their name suggests they are completely different in their shape than the usual square shape. The shape of these custom sweet packaging  is efficient enough in providing 3 D effect to this shape. Further, there are various ways of packaging in these boxes. For instance, you can have it as two piece box with separate lid and they are also available with a three-panel opening connected with its top. This kraft or cardboard made our best to be called as  party boxes can be easily used for packaging of the customize chocolates, macaroons etc in the bakery. Moreover, having such wholesale sweet boxes assortment at your shop will attract the customers; since the packaging is the only appealing factor in the product.

Wholesale Sweet Boxes

Sweet Book Boxes with Cavities

Another type of custom sweet packaging, very much famous these days for the chocolates packing and other bakery sweets like mini donuts, macaroon and so on. These book style sweet boxes  open with several numbers of cavities. You can better say that they have the dividers insertion which makes proper cavities. For instance, starting from number two, the number goes high till thirty-six and sometimes more for cavities. Available in a wide range of colours and designs they enhance the beauty of the custom sweet boxes. In addition to this, they also fall in the category of handle  boxes because of the handle induction. Further, they belong to the rigid category go packaging.  Their beauty can further polish when we add a window on the top. Further, use organza ribbons to transform them into party boxes as favour or gift on various occasions and events.

Window Sweet Boxes

Pie Slice Cake Sweet Packaging

You must have seen pie slice custom sweet boxes, especially on the birthdays or wedding events. As their manufacturing does not involve rigid material that’s why they are called folding boxes.  Custom sweet packaging like pie slice have a striking appearance place on the counter shelf. The customers are allure by their cute and eye-catching outlook.  Moreover, even for selling a single piece of the pastry or serve them in the party they are the best option to opt.  Further, you can have it in different sizes and colours. Moreover, if you like these wholesale sweet boxes can be the part of your birthdays, weddings or bridal showers to conveniently serve the cake pieces to your guests. For desired printing company is at your services but if you wish you can visit Cimpress to make your impression.

Kraft Sweet Boxes

Sleeve Candy Packaging Boxes

There is another category of  folding boxes  making its way in bakery packaging which is sleeve sweet boxes. For the yummy and delightful products like candies, donuts, cookies, macaroons, muffins, and so on. They look like a sleeve that comes out of the packaging like a drawer. These custom sweet boxes are really interesting and appealing. In addition to this, plastic is also in the preference list of some customers. Some customers prefer to have window induction and for them complete plastic covering.  As they help the producers to flaunt their yummy sweets to the customers.  Therefore, to make safe and sound delivery of such exceptional consignment custom printed shipping boxes are available.  If you like, can check the consignment boxes from U-line shipping services to match the quality. Thus, grab these sweet boxes from The Custom Packaging Boxes to boost your confectionery business.

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Laser Cut Truffle Candy Boxes

As the trends are changing so sweets are now prefer for giveaway purpose. Thus, a continuous demand for innovation has force us to present you with something more original as well as stylish. For this reason, we present laser cut custom sweet boxes. They are mostly available in truffle sizes which is the best size for favours in parties. Their production and design include a laser machine.

Sweet Boxes Wholesale

A number of carvings are made on these party boxes.  Single colour sheet with various die cuts all around their opening makes these custom sweet packaging all the more appealing.  Additionally, bow ties of ribbons on the top to tie a knot add to their good looks. These details make them eligible enough to be used on various occasions and events. Thus, it’s up to you that what type of candies you pack in them as favour for your recipient.

Why printed sweet boxes are required by the bakers?

Why printed sweet boxes are required by the bakers?

Sweet boxes are required usually by the bakers and confectioners. But you can’t bound them to that specific niche. There is a lot of things that you can do with your sweet packaging boxes. The reason why they are more common in bakers will be discussed in this blog along with some of the tips that are required to use these sweet boxes in a perfect way.

Well, I just went to a friend’s house and to my surprise, she served us sweets in a very attractive and unique way. It was merely wrapped but it was put into a foil sheet. They were chocolates and other sweets on it that help in making the serving really good. You can create variations in sweet boxes as per your requirement so that, here are some of the key factors that actually make these sweet boxes useful for bakers and I would advice you to look these features when selecting custom sweet packaging boxes.

  1. Look for the quality of cardboard used in the manufacturing of sweet boxes.
  2. They must be manufactured by food grade technology.
  3. The die cuts must be neat and alluring, they can be of different shapes and sizes.
  4. Most of the bakers provide sweet boxes so printing needs to be really accurate.
  5. With the sweet boxes, you also need to make sure they do not get greasy and oily with the cardboard foiling or covering is necessary.
  6. With the best manufacturing, you need to make sure that they are well printed you can use them in your home as well if you make sweets at home.

custom sweet boxes

How to advertise through sweet boxes?

Wholesale sweet boxes are the best way to advertise your brand and bakers. You can get them printed with the details and the logo on it. You might be considering that why am I saying that this is the best way. Well, you know sweet packaging boxes are often used to take as a tradition to people home. And when they reach from one home to another, more people will get to know your brand and will come back to you in the hour of need.

Since this custom box printing helps in making an impact on your clients they need to be printed well as well as with the perfect die cuts. So, the die cuts will help in having a sneak peak inside the sweets. Later here I will let you know the ways in which you can use custom sweet packaging. Moreover, you can look for the different styles in which you can wrap your sweets and make them look presentable. It is not necessary that you have to print them instead you can get them fully colored. That not only attract children but also adults.

How can sweet boxes be used for other purposes?

Sweet boxes can be used for different purposes and vice versa. You can get your sweets packaged in different custom box printing. This helps in keeping the sweets secure and presentable. Here are some of the packaging ideas in which you can serve your sweet boxes.

custom sweet packaging

  • Use Foil paper:

Well, these are some small things that you can do to make the sweet look more presentable. I have seen people putting out foil in the shape of cupcake and parchment papers and put sweet on them. This way not only sweets get served but they look attractive too. This also make sure the quality of your sweets does not get spoiled. Well, for chocolates sweet, we would prefer them to be served as they are instead of pouring them out.

  • Make the tray:

Serve these sweets in trays instead of putting the whole custom sweet boxes in front of a person. Por some in the fancy tray and serve them with elegance.

  • Custom gift card boxes:

Well, you can serve them as a gift to your sweet tooth friend. If you want to serve them you can either serve as favor boxes because they are made from food grade technology and will help in producing the quality of sweets at its level best. You can wrap them and put them in the custom gift card boxes as a gift of gratitude or you can also take it along with you as a gift or greeting.

How to make them resourceful?

Well, in the beginning, I have told you that different packaging can be done to make the sweets representable, similar to that you can make the custom sweet boxes useful in many other ways. Here are some that I will discuss with you. Feel free to add to it and share your experience with us in the end of this blog.

sweet packaging boxes

  1. Make them useful for storing diaries:

I know you would be surprised when you look at the heading of this paragraph. That how can you use these custom sweet boxes as a box for storing diaries. Well, that is something my daughter has done. And trust me it’s really creative. A perfect hideout place for securing your diaries. Moreover, on a serious note when you look at the structure of these custom box printing you will get the ideas. It is best if the storage box is manufactured with plastic. All you can do is put your diaries in it.

  1. Make the folding or favor boxes:

Well, I have described this before in the serving of your sweets. Similarly, you can design your wholesale sweet boxes in a way that can serve both sweet boxes and as grateful boxes. You can customize the printing on it with accordance to the theme. That makes me move on to another important point, matching the theme.

  1. Use them with the theme:

Well, usually we mix candy and sweet boxes, though if you design sweet boxes in a way they can be used as both but here these boxes are best if they match with the theme. If you are using candies in it match the color with the flavor theme. If you are using these sweet boxes, you better match these custom sweet packaging boxes with the theme of the occasions.

Wholesale Sweet Boxes

  1. Utilize to store food:

We all know the best part. That is, they are manufactured with food grade technology. If we want to make it useful in a better way, we can by not waiting for them rather making them use of it in storing food for later use. Since the food will not get damaged or spoiled when come in contact with the sweet boxes.

Sweet Boxes: An overview of Customized Sweet Boxes

The importance of sweet boxes must be known. With sweet boxes for gift items, it is not always just about the way it appears and its attractiveness, in fact one must always be aware of all of is uses and features. For instance, the sweet packaging box should be made to be suitable enough for the storage and transportation of the gifts or items they are meant to carry.

Sweet Boxes

Uses of Custom Sweet Boxes

Some of the many benefits of custom sweet boxes have been discussed below.

  1. Bakeries:

When it comes to the use of these sweet boxes to bakeries, transforming them into custom sweet boxes of all shapes, sizes, and colors is the solution. These packaging custom sweet boxes can hold apart your cupcake business from opponent in business and boosts the satisfactoriness of your brand. The material of the boxes is flexible enough to be tailored into the shape, size and color required by the customers.

For professional bakers, it is necessary to keep in mind that the attractiveness of the box is not all that matters, but the features that must be included in order to customize it, must also be considered. It should be kept in mind that custom packaging sweet boxes are necessary for storage and transportation of cakes and cupcakes. The boxes can be decorated with sweet and appealing images for publicity and some greetings too!

Sweet Boxes

Cupcake boxes with beautifully crafted features such as handles and windows can be an addition to make them easy to carry. Windows and inserts can also be used so as to make it easy to pick out a cupcake when you wish to eat.

The popularity of these sweet packaging boxes is increasing by every day. They keep the items safe from dessert items from being ruined during transportation. For birthday plans, cupcake boxes can be considered to make your parties unforgettable. The beautifully decorated boxes can also fascinate and engage the children.

Reasonable boxes for cakes and cupcakes are a great choice to gift the sweet and delicious treats to your friends, family or loved ones on special events to show your love and care. These are also great gift items if your budget is low. It is much better to get your cakes packed in the well-designed Custom sweet boxes to appeal your desired audience. Custom Cupcake boxes rather give a very classy image and worth to your baked goods.

  1. Chocolate Boxes:

Chocolates are taken as the sweetest gifts in the world. Chocolates are often referred to as royal sweets because of the regal taste and popular all over the world. There are probably very few people in the world who are not into chocolates in any flavors. This is why people have given them the title of universal edibles.

Sweet Boxes

These are the reasons as to why chocolates are the most favored sweets for any festive occasion and as gift items for joyous events. Therefore, the importance of displaying and presenting them in the most appealing fashion can be judged from this fact. Apart from this, the chocolate boxes also serve the purpose of delivering your feelings also by giving them more value and improving the charm of the gift.

  1. Candy Boxes:

When we hear the word candies, the first thing that suddenly appears in our minds, are kids. And quite obviously when we talk about kids, the objects that must appear in our minds are basically lively, colorful, gleaming and adorable. Therefore, our candy boxes with rather colorful, vivid and bright packaging are actually just what would relate to the purpose of our gift for kids perfectly. These boxes basically add to the charm and beauty of the candy boxes as gift items and make it extremely enticing for the children. You can stylize and modify your candy boxes in various different ways that you desire to, and convert them into custom sweet boxes to make it all the more eye-catching so it could attract your customers.

We should understand the importance of the custom sweet boxes packaging in order to store and promote the particular candy. So basically, the packaging designs for candies are done so as to target the customers we want to target. The promotion and marketing today are rather the beneficial traits of the packaging for candy boxes and the part where they are to be protected from damage is the most significant one. The greater the protection given to the candy boxes, the greater is its quality. There is a variety of materials which are used for their packaging according to the different candy types.

You can in fact pack all your perfect and favorite candies, whether bought or made at home and fill the boxes with any kind of candies, toffees, to give them out as gift items. It is significant therefore, to take special care of the packaging of candy boxes as gift boxes on someone’s birthday, house party or even as tokens of gratitude.

Sweet Boxes

Custom Candy Boxes

For those who manufacture or sell the candies or chocolates or even the bakeries as mentioned above, custom sweet boxes can be very beneficial for such businesses. You can get your boxes packaged according to your own requirement of material or the theme of the boxes or even get the logo of brands of your respective business of the sweet items that you need to sell. Therefore, even if you are offering your own homemade candies and sweets, one must not compromise on its packaging because this results in the loss of all the charm of your candy. This way, not only would you be able to get beautiful candy boxes to sell your sweet desserts in but the logo of your brand printed on them would in fact be helpful for the progress of your business.

Every company is using these now for their promotion. The added advantages to the companies include an increase in the brand status with custom packaging boxes, a reduction in the transportation costs and an increase in the product’s safety.


Custom sweet boxes; Brief exploration about its importance and usage

Custom Sweet Boxes Importance And Uses!

Want to get the benefit from the cupcake boxes? Then you should consider the option of customization. Customization option offers these boxes in almost all shapes, sizes, and colors. These packaging boxes not only differentiates your cupcake brand from your competitor but also boost the acceptability of your cupcake brand. The flexible material is normally used to manufacture these boxes so you can easily tailor them to the required shape, size and color. In the following article, we will talk about the importance and usage of custom sweet boxes.

Custom sweet boxes

Why do You Need Them?

When we talk about the sweet boxes, every baker should know its importance. Remember one thing that cupcake boxes story is not all about attractiveness, infect you should know your usage and what features you want to include in it. Well, you need the sweet packaging box for the transporting and storage of your cakes. If you are the owner of a bakery, then don’t forget to print your logo and attractive images on them for the advertising. If are using the cupcake boxes for a party, weddings or Birthday, then you should print greetings on them.

Custom sweet boxes

Sweet Cupcake Boxes With Handles;

Cupcake boxes are also available with the added feature like window and handles so you can easily hold it. Windows prevents the cupcake box from opening and destroying its packaging. Apart from these two things these boxes are also available with the insert so you can easily insert your fingers for picking the cupcake when you want to eat them.

Perfect For Every Situation;

Sweet packaging box is getting popular day by day because they save the dessert items from damaged during transportation. These boxes are also designed for the protection during the presentation of cupcakes. If you are planning for a party today, then you should consider the option of cupcake boxes for making your party memorable. You can also decorate the cupcake boxes to become a party more engaging for the children’s.

Custom sweet boxes

Affordable Custom Sweet Boxes;

Affordable cupcake boxes are the excellent choice to present the sweets to your friends or family on special occasions. It also shows your love and cares about them. Besides the other benefits. These boxes are the excellent alternative if you have a limited budget.

Custom sweet boxes

Many online printing companies offer these boxes along with the free shipping; you just need to tell them your exact requirement.

Take the sufficient time to search the best printing company but don’t forget to check their prices to make sure that it will not overburden your budget.

To conclude, sweet cupcake boxes are unique, eye-catching and perfect for the packaging of deserts. If you are running the confectionery businesses, then you should give proper attention to its packaging for grabbing the customers. Don’t waste your time and wrap your cupcakes and dessert items in the well-designed Custom sweet boxes to allure your targeted audience. In the end, Custom Cupcake boxes look very classy and add value to your baked goods.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.