How To Choose Custom Printed boxes at ‘The Custom Packaging Boxes’?

How To Choose Custom Printed boxes at ‘The Custom Packaging Boxes’?

Packaging is the necessity of modern era. Each and every product you brought comes in amazing product packaging. Often these custom boxes are printed with the logo and contact information and often they are simple. If you are new to the business and a startup that are looking for the best box design to start their line, you are at the right place. Best custom printed boxes have more sale and demand in market than the one standard boxes have. Here is what you must look for, in the boxes before getting the wholesale printed boxes for your startups:

What to look for in custom packaging boxes:

  • It should have functional purpose.
  • It must be able to sense what buyers will feel.
  • Your customized packaging needs to affect them emotionally.

Make sure your custom cardboard boxes have function to serve. Basically 3 P’s are put into consideration that is Protection, Preserve and Promote. So if these three functions are performed properly your custom packaging boxes are perfect to stand in the market. Make sure your custom packaging boxes provides protection and ability to preserve. If you are looking to ship fragile things like candles, you can select custom printed candle boxes with the sleeves or with the auto-lock bottom so that your candles will be shipped without being broken. Another feature that is really important while looking for the custom packaging boxes is to make sure you get them printed with the Logo and contact details. This is the only way to promote your company and your brand.

All sort of packaging boxes for cosmetic to daily use products are available.

After making your custom packaging design perfect to suit your product inside them, you need to make sure you also add sense to the packaging.

What does your product make your buyers feel?

It is necessary to choose the box design by keeping your client’s priority. Not only style that matters but also the design plays significant role. You can get the custom gift boxes printed as per the occasion and your demand of the company. Clients are purchasing something on their behalf and what makes the clients happy is not what they are getting only rather what they are getting along with their purchase. It is best that you provide these boxes with excellent finishing and printing options to make them look appealing and perfect. You can induce die cut windows with plastic lamination or without plastic lamination.

Let them know what benefit they have gained by choosing you:

To conclude, you need to tell your clients that purchasing from you is beneficial for their own benefit. You have to design the box in a way that is not only elegant but also useful that your custom size boxes serve more than one purpose.  If they print box from ‘The custom packaging boxes’, they can utilize them not solely for the promotional purpose but also for the printed gift boxes and with the spectacular quality they can use them for shipment purpose as well.

Custom Favor Boxes: with their wide range Advantages

Custom Favor Boxes: with their wide range Advantages

Are your arrangements complete for the party?

Yes, mom! But I still feel something is missing.

Arrangements are complete but what about favors?

Oh no! favor boxes are missing.

You must have understood how much custom favor boxes are important for the parties. They enhance the value of the parties to another level. These folding boxes do not have one single feature but several purposes to perform. For instance, raise the level of the party as party boxes; show your love, generosity thankfulness to your guests and much more. If you are also wondering for the assortment of custom printed boxes then don’t panic. You are on the right page to get the right knowledge and information about wholesale favor boxes.

Favor Box

Wide Range of Favor Packaging

We are well aware that favors are significant for parties.  To make them worthy for the recipients,  favor boxes really help. Custom favor boxes are efficient to be used as party packaging boxes for various important events. For this reason, they are available in a wide range. For instance, pyramid-shaped boxes, flip top boxes, gable boxes, pillow boxes, and bakery boxes. As donut party favors are the yummiest favor for the guests. Additionally, pillow style boxes are also competent because of their folding features. That’s why they also fall in the category of folding boxes. You can also get custom printed boxes as per theme or the event. This effect on outlook will increase the appeal in wholesale favor boxes. With such kind of assortment, it will become easy for you to attract customers.  Moreover, if you like these party boxes can be utilized for food packaging.

Custom Favor Boxes

Boxes  for Weddings

There is an enormous variety of custom printed boxes to be used at weddings. They also serve as wedding card boxes. Thus, you can use them for card packaging as well as favor boxes on the wedding day. Moreover, these folding boxes can also be used as the decoration as well as serving purposes in your weddings. With the best party boxes for weddings, you can give them a feeling of being important. Let me share some customization ideas with you. Furthermore, you can customize the shape of these boxes into a wide range. For instance,  in the shape of wedding dresses of bride and groom or can print with their names together with loving wishes. The best part of the favor boxes is that you can customize them with the matching color scheme of the wedding theme.

Wholesale favor boxes

How do Favor Boxes are build?

To achieve all the above mention features of customization of shape and printing e mostly cardboard and kraft paper are used. These manufacturing materials are most favorable for the production of custom favor boxes. Generally, rigid boxes are most preferable for favor boxes than folding version. Well, this completely depends on the demand of the customers.  However, The Custom Packaging Boxes provide rigid as well as folding boxes to satisfy their customers.  As per a manufacturer, the production of these wholesale favor boxes is possible because of cardboard and kraft paper.  These materials are easily crafted into any shape related to the product going to be pack in them. For instance, if you need to pack  Donut party favors then their production also include food grade material. In addition to this, the party boxes made from these materials are print friendly.

Party favor Boxes

Appealing Addition of Windows

There is another additional feature that can make these custom favor boxes even more versatile. This feature is the die cut windows through which product inside will present itself to customers. In addition to this, the induction of the windowpanes will enhance the outer look of the wholesale favor boxes. Most of all, the retailers do not have to unpack the product to show the customers. Moreover, you can also add foils inside these party boxes. Both these factors will further improve the appealing factors in the custom printed boxes for the customers and beneficial for the retailers.

Favor printed boxes

Moreover, when they are presented in the party, they will definitely charm the recipient with their charismatic style. It will also show your aesthetics taste to others. For more design and shapes that make your impression, also check the Cimpress for favor, party as well as wedding card boxes.

Diversity in lunch boxes that make your lunches more appealing

Diversity in lunch boxes that make your lunches more appealing

Want to make your lunch more interesting?

Then you need to bring change in lunch boxes.

You definitely agree that people go for outer appearance. This means first they judge with their eyes then decide to eat. Whether they are children or adults, all show the same type of attitudes. This has made difficult to make them eat lunches. There is one single solution for this which is custom printed lunch boxes. These custom printed boxes are the real source to create attraction, especially for kids or children. As you do a lot of efforts on making lunch attractive but don’t focus on the lunch packaging boxes.  A little focus on custom food boxes will turn the tables in your favor. Therefore, we are offering you various kinds of wholesale lunch boxes for different types of age groups. All the types have a number of capabilities to fulfill different types of requirements.

Custom Printed Lunch Boxes

Variety 0f Lunch Boxes

Hey! Do you want to know more about different types of wholesale lunch boxes then read the full blog and get benefits?

As there are a wide range of lunch packaging boxes, which have so many interesting features that it will be impossible for you to ignore these custom printed boxes for the personal and professional level. Let’s find out some innovative types that will definitely attract your attention.

Wholesale Lunch Boxes

Party Lunch Packaging Boxes

The first category of lunch packaging boxes is very interesting. They are simple but highly effective to be used on several occasions. These are party lunch boxes. As their name suggests, these wholesale lunch boxes are exceptional for their usage in the parties. Especially the events that are organized for the kids and children. For these custom printed lunch boxes, different designs are also available in relevance to the theme of the party.  Whether you ask boxes for the birthday party or for Christmas or any other event, the stock with all its designs are ready to serve you. In addition to this, these boxes are helpful in cleaning the after party mess. Most importantly, there will be no fear of getting your utensils damage. Further, these custom printed boxes will also add to the decoration of your party.

Lunch Packaging Boxes

Stackable Handled Lunch Boxes

There is another interesting type of wholesale lunch boxes. These lunch boxes are disposable in nature which is possible because of the manufacturing material. There are several resources to produce these lunch packaging boxes. For instance, cardboard,  paperboard, corrugated cardboard and kraft paper. These kraft lunch boxes are perfect for storage and stacking of the catering lunches. In addition to this, they have handles on its top. These handles are easily bent for convenient stacking of these custom food boxes.  Furthermore, these handles are also built as a security lock for the boxes. They also provide help in carrying these boxes easily. Moreover, their recyclability feature makes them even more versatile option to choose.

Kraft Lunch Boxes

Wholesale Lunch Boxes

There is a wide range of food or snacks that people like to have in their lunchtime. For instance, sandwiches, salads, they also include coffee, tea or soups. For all these types of eatable and much more, there are a wide range of lunch packaging boxes.  For salads, dry or solid form of food there are a number of lunch boxes. But for liquids, you need something special which hold it sufficiently without the leakage.  A lot of well-known companies and food chains choose these custom food boxes as liquid edible containers. The best feature of these boxes is that they are leak proof that enhances their reliability for customers. Sheets of corrugated cardboard are used in the production of wholesale lunch boxes to give them robustness.

Personalized Lunch Boxes

Custom Printed Lunch Boxes

Looking for something that makes your lunch snacks more interesting for the customers?  If yes, then what you need are custom printed lunch boxes.  The Custom  Packaging Boxes offers you its services with their wholesale lunch boxes.  To make these boxes more interesting company have a lot of printing techniques. Moreover, the company also welcome ideas from the customers. Custom printed boxes with various designs attract the kids specifically. Moreover, assistance is also available for customers to solve their confusions. As printing should be according to the target audience. Additionally, with these printing techniques, these boxes can easily utilize as bakery boxes. You can choose printing techniques suitable for your budget on which quality is never compromised. Further, the finishing is improving with the application of lamination. This gives a smooth and shiny surface the boxes and completes their outlook.

Customize Lunch Boxes

 Lunch Packaging Boxes with Compartments

As we have already discussed a variety of custom printed lunch boxes still there is one type which is very effective. This is an interesting type of lunch packaging boxes, especially for domestic use. Their manufacturing involves BPA materials which make these wholesale lunch boxes more appealing. The most alluring thing about them in the number of compartments to place the things separately. Now without any fear, you can pack sandwiches, salad, fruit chunks, and even sauces together. The best part is that these custom food boxes have their individuals lids under the main lid.  These individual lids are really effective in maintaining the dignity of the food pack in them. Therefore, for your kids, hubby and even for yourself buy these lunch boxes and feel content.

Lunch Boxes Packaging

Personalised Custom Printed Boxes

There is one really important benefits that we can achieve from these wholesale lunch boxes. This advantage is of making an official advertisement of your products through these custom food boxes.  Pack your content in these custom printed lunch boxes and they will automatically become your advertisement partners. For this purpose print your kraft lunch boxes with name, logo, address, etc. In addition to this, you can also add the details of the food content pack inside.

Custom Printed lunch Boxes

The more they are using the more they advertise your products. Moreover, the same type of personalization is possible on bakery boxes which will promote your mouth watering bakery products. For more information about printing and design, you can also take help from Amazon prints. We assure you our printing techniques will match their quality.

5 ways to use wholesale Chinese takeout boxes differently

5 ways to use wholesale Chinese takeout boxes differently

Forgot to have lunch?

Didn’t get much time to eat whole?

Well, get the lunch boxes packaged with you wherever you go. Just grab them out and eat your lunch. With Chinese takeout packaging boxes, you might get confused that if its Chinese food box or is it a term used for all kind of food boxes, Well, here in this blog you will get to know all the information you need to learn about Chinese takeout boxes, its etymology, uses and yes innovative and creative ways in which you can make these wholesale Chinese takeout boxes as per your desire.

Chinese Takeout Boxes

What are the Chinese takeout boxes?

Do not get confused with the name. It is completely opposite of what name actually suggest. Basically, the tradition of using Chinese takeout boxes has come across from China and Japan and hence, they are known as Custom Chinese takeout boxes. These Boxes are manufactured with different printed sheets and actually, have the pattern of folds that keep the food warm for longer period of time and also make sure that whatever type of food you are pouring in it does not get damaged or fell down.

With the security and protection of your food, you will get Chinese takeout boxes a perfect packaging material for many other things. Hence, it can be used in various types of field, both personal and professional. In this blog, you will get to know both as per your requirement. All you have to do is to stick with us till the very end and then have to submit suggestions if you want us to add more innovative ways to make the outlook and use of these custom printed boxes and which one was your favorite among those I have shared in this blog.

How to create one yourself?

Before getting into the details of creating the Chinese takeout boxes, you must know some of the traits that actually make Chinese takeout boxes different from other boxes. These includes the following best aspects:

  1. Best cardboard stock either printed or simple.
  2. Folding pattern in a way that your food inside is secure.
  3. Tin handle in order to hold it.
  4. Sizes so that you could look for the size according to your food.
  5. Use of food-grade material in order to retain the quality and freshness of your food.

After getting to know all these things you have to make sure that if you are going to make Custom Chinese takeout boxes at home, you might need to get these things in your box quality as well. So that your inside food remains safe and sound. For the production of handmade custom printed boxes, all you are going to need is basic stationery items so that you could make your own packaging boxes instead of asking wholesale Chinese takeout boxes from any printing and packaging company. All you need in the manufacturing of these small to large custom Chinese takeout boxes are:

Chinese Takeout Boxes

  • It can be printed or can be simple brown.
  • Scissors, pencil eraser, rulers etc.
  • Adhesives to glue the box.
  • Template so that you could get to know the exact folding and cutting pattern.

Usefulness of custom Chinese takeout boxes:

  1. After getting your Custom Chinese takeout boxes of desire size, you can use them over and over again. This actually tells us about the usefulness. All you need to do to make them useful with your innovation and creativity. Here are some of the ideas that I have tried ad and that they have actually worn out and made new too. Store your utensils:

Chinse packaging boxes are not square, they are high in height and that is the advantage for you. you can put these boxes on your kitchen shelf as they will not look bad because they are manufactured with colorful printed paper, and store your spoons and forks in it. You can put all your daily use spoons, forks and knives in it so that you don’t have to open up all the cupboards when needed.

Chinese Takeout Boxes

  1. Turn them into pencil box:

Just like your utensils, you can use them on your study table as well. Select the best colored Chinese food box, wash it or just clean it with clean clothe and then put pencils in it. Since Chinese food boxes comes in different sizes you can get some for other stationery items as well. Or you can select colors for a certain group of pencils and then organize your stationery properly.

  1. Store excess food:

It’s not that you can’t use these food boxes for food again. You can always use them for your food again and again as they are being manufactured by food grade technology that allows you to protect the box from all sides and also your food from direct contact with the cardboard. So, if your food has some left over, you can put them in these boxes in a refrigerator too.

  1. Take them with you:

The best solution they serve is by making you take your food with you. as the name suggest, Chinese takeout boxes. you can take your food in it anywhere you want. This box will not only keep that warm but also keep it safe and protect it from dust particles. Plus, these food boxes have the tin stand that make it easy for you to carry and handle it anywhere you want.

Chinese Takeout Boxes

  1. Microwave:

Most of the packaging companies manufacture these Chinese takeout boxes with removable handles. This way you can remove the steel handle and then microwave your food in it. You don’t have to take out your food than the microwave and then put it back. The box itself become microwavable when the handle is removed.


10 ways to use your cardboard boxes scrap in an innovative way

10 ways to use your cardboard boxes scrap in an innovative way

Burn it,

Throw it.

It’s a waste!

Imagine if cardboard boxes had a feeling! I know it might sound bizarre but Yeah imagine if they had feeling and they knew how they are being treated, definitely they would feel bad. I’m not saying that I’m empathetic or making lame excuses, I know that these things has some ultimate end and then they have to be part of nature. But here what I’m trying to convey is my concept of recycling.

Before, you get bore of understanding my motto of writing this blog, lets just jump into the sea of knowledge that you might hit in this blog. Here I’m not only going to tell you, how to select you best cardboard boxes for your requirement but here I’ll also let you know that how can you utilize your old cardboard boxes into something really creative and appealing.

Cardboard Boxes

What make custom cardboard boxes best?

Well! if you ask random people, they would give you a very common answer and that is, ‘Quality’. Which is really true in most of the cases but in my experience, quality solely does not make wholesale cardboard boxes reliable. Here are some of the factors enlisted that can make your cardboard boxes best and resourceful for your future purposes.

  1. Quality cardboard definitely at number one.
  2. Quality printing for cardboard box printing.
  3. Cutting of edges and interlocking of tabs.
  4. Protective covering to make boxes durable.
  5. Color combinations of custom Kraft boxes.

Here are some of the factors that one should necessary look for in his/her blog. Apart from that, you can always add more stuff in the list but here are some basics that are being mentioned.

Cardboard boxes manufactured on your own:

Well, making cardboard boxes is not a rocket science, all you need is some creative instincts and some quality cardboard stock. Here are some of the basic things you might need for the manufacturing of cardboard boxes.

  1. Quality cardstock for manufacturing
  2. Best adhesives for pasting
  3. Ruler, pencils and some basic stationery
  4. Paper cutter and bone folder
  5. Layouts

With these basic stationery items, you can make the base of a good cardboard box. After that, you decorate it of make it stylish with different embellishments as per you want. If you want cardboard boxes to be little fancy and beautiful, you can use printed cardboard stock so that after manufacturing these boxes, you don’t have to decorate them over again.

Cardboard Boxes

To begin with, just search for the templates on cardboard boxes and you will get the whole lot of templates. If you have been manufacturing these cardboard boxes, you can use measurements but if you are not really use to it, you can use templates and then cut accordingly. There are thousands of templates that are available in different sizes and shapes, all you have to do is just look for them and follow the instructions carefully. Patch up the tabs with glue or make sure your tabs interlock into one another properly. After doing that you can use them for certain purposes you want to. There is no need to get panic if you don’t get the exact cutting. That is because when you manufacture custom cardboard boxes on your own, you don’t use high-class technology for the cutting.

Customize cardboard boxes by packaging company:

Sometimes, getting things done is the easy way out. All you have to do is to make sure your cardboard boxes are exactly the same. There has been plenty of events when you want more than one box and you have to order wholesale cardboard boxes for your functions. Well, that I would prefer you to order from the best printing and packaging company that is The Custom packaging company. This is because you will get the perfectly cut and printed cardboard boxes that are refined in edges. This way all the boxes will be equally cut and designed identically.

How can you make them innovative?

There are plenty of ways to make your cardboard boxes innovative and perfectly printed. Along with that, you can make them useful by using them for the following purposes.

Cardboard Boxes

  1. Use them for gifts:

You can use these custom cardboard boxes for wrapping the gifts for your loved ones. These can be wrapped in the gift paper but gifts like cups, mugs etc. that actually requires protection and are fragile can be wrapped in them. Moreover, you can actually get them printed with the wishes and motivational quotes.

  1. Storage purpose:

You can use these printed cardboard boxes for other storage purposes. For instance, if you want that for your professional life, you can use that for storing your files and other stuff but if you are not using these custom cardboard boxes for personal use you can make memory box by storing your past memories in them or other significant things in the box. This is the most wise thing to do in order to manage space and store your best things at one place.

  1. Shipments can be done:

Since cardboard boxes cover the whole product equally and from all sides, you can use the for shipment purposes. This will help you keep your fragile products safe at one place. And will help protect the items during the shipment process. So, if you want the best shipment boxes, make sure the cardboard used in the manufacturing of these custom boxes is perfect and sturdy to not only carry weight but also enables to protect them.

  1. Make the plants grow:

Since I love gardening. I can’t miss a chance to grow plants. Even if you are not a plant lover person or you feel that gardening takes a lot of your time. Which is by the way correct. You can use artificial flowers on small stones and add them in small-sized cardboard boxes. You can put them out on the gallery to make the view look beautiful. Though you just can’t water plants in cardboard boxes you can make some plants grow there and then lift them up when roots start to grow.

  1. Decorate them:

Decorate your shelf with these best-cut cardboard boxes. It is not necessary that you have to take large carton sized boxes for decoration. You can use a small size box with cute die-cuts and add led or fairy lights in it. After that, you can put that best-printed cardboard box on the shelf or at your room for décor. This can be used for the purpose of the lamp too.

Cardboard Boxes

  1. Use for advertisement:

Since these boxes are best for shipment and roam with your things around the globe, you cannot find a better way to advertise your brand. If you are using them for professional point of view, which you are definitely for the shipment purpose. Get them to customize according to your self or if you are not going for wholesale boxes, make them personalized custom printed boxes according to your desire logo or signature designs.

  1. Customize them in pencil case:

For the personal use and since I have mentioned already about the storage use, you can store your stationery items in these boxes and make that set on the study table. You can add partitions in these cardboard boxes so that you could different pencils in different sections.

  1. Make them perfect favor box:

Favor boxes can be manufactured with the cardboard boxes. Though there is enough room for the customization of these favor boxes, you can personalize that as per your requirement or as per the need of the event. All you have to do is add the things that are required for favor boxes and follow the instructions that I have already mentioned in the tab of how to manufacture your own box.

  1. Store your tools:

Similar to pencil boxes you can use them for tools. But the only thing that you have to keep in mind for the sake of storing heavy tools in these boxes is that you have to select the type of cardboard really keenly. These tools are heavy and you have to make sure your box does not get damaged.

Cardboard Boxes

  1. Use them for pet’s house:

Last but not least, I thought that I have already said enough about people who love stationery, who love gardening and who are using these cardboard packaging boxes professionally. This one is for animal lovers, who have pets in their home or are kind enough to provide shelter to the small animals. You can make these cardboard boxes cozy with some kind of cloth and create the bed for them. Similarly, different boxes can help you train your pet well.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.