How much cake boxes are important for confectionery business?

How much cake boxes are important for confectionery business?

Hey people! Do you own a bakery or passionate about showing your baking stuff to the people? If yes then you really need the support of custom packaging boxes. Most of all, the delicacy of confectionery, cakes really needs a perfect cake box to preserve your passion and efforts done with them. As cakes make the occasion more special and memorable that’s why they are present on every event. From birthdays to weddings to anniversaries to bridal showers and so many other festivals. Therefore, cake boxes wholesale are essential for a bakery. They are really effective in providing safety wall against any damage.  Moreover, they are available in a variety of size starting from small cake boxes to wedding cake boxes.  These custom cake boxes personalized as per your demand complement your cakes inside with polish finishing.

What are different dimensions of Cake Box that attract customers?

As already mention there is a wide array of cake box available to allure customers. However, there are a lot more other products in bakery that need custom packaging boxes. The list is way long but to mention fey cupcakes, chocolates, truffles, pastries, pies donuts, etc. Therefore, with cakes market offers custom cupcake boxes, donut as well as custom pie boxes. Moreover, these assortments are available in a variety of style as per their making such as:

  • Standard to mini size clear plastic boxes
  • Flip top boxes
  • kraft custom cupcake boxes
  • wedding cake boxes for favor
  • windowed wide opening boxes

All the above mention categories have a significant wide opening feature that helps in packing and unpacking of cakes. There is an induction of handles because of which there is no need for shopping bags. Handles, are helpful also they enhance the beauty of custom donut boxes.

Let us some other types of custom packaging boxes use in bakeries:

Custom Cupcake Boxes

Unlike huge cakes, there is another variety known as cupcakes. They are yummy cute mini cakes with yummy toppings. Therefore, for such an amazing variety attractive custom cupcake boxes are available for you. All such types like custom donut boxes will attract the customers and boost the business revenue.  There is a huge variety to present cupcakes,  muffins or even donuts as favors. In addition, they are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Furthermore, design changing is possible because of die cutting. These boxes have several divided sections like fix places for cupcakes.

Cake Boxes wholesale

Custom Pie Boxes

This type has many benefits for packaging. Custom pie boxes are used for pie packaging which is evident. However, there shape and size make then efficient for pastry packaging. Pastries are another delicacy in the field of confectioneries. And they demand separate custom packaging boxes. For a single piece of cake, you don’t have to waste a standard size box. Well, in other words, they are a kind of small cake boxes. Thus, just them get some kind of neutral printing designs. Well, at weddings, they also play the role of wedding cake boxes. Even on birthdays or other parties, they are efficient in presenting cakes or pies to the guests. They can easily customize as per your demands.

Custom Macaron Boxes

Macarons, the most colorful delight pack together. There are different ways to pack them. But custom macaron boxes with see-through packaging are the best option. These custom packaging boxes are affordable as well as efficient in flaunting their beauty. Further, you can have strong cardboard base with clear top lid or a die cut window through which these macarons can allure customers with their colors and yummy nature.

Why  Custom Packaging Boxes need printing?

Cakes are dear to everyone. Just think how much damage you do to them by packing them in an unattractive cake box. Therefore, to create appeal in custom packaging boxes printing is necessary. There are a lot of ways to do so especially when it comes to an event. For instance,  for weddings, you can print them with the bride and groom’s names. Moreover, for such tier cake boxes, wholesale make addition as per your wedding theme. Besides, for birthday parties of cute adorable get custom printed cake boxes as per the theme. Using these ideas it will definitely become easier to convince people to be your customers. To customize these custom packaging boxes you can select  from various printing techniques such as:

  • Laser printing
  • Digital printing
  • Graphic printing

You can visit Amazon for printing patterns. Moreover, you can come up with your ideas for custom cupcake boxes.

Cake printed boxes

Where to buy cake boxes wholesale?

Must be thinking from where you can get such variety of cake boxes wholesale. Well, there is no need to worry as The Custom Packaging Boxes is one such company that can meet all your needs. Whether you need custom packaging boxes or printing facility, it is at your services. Moreover, if you need low price cake boxes without compromising on the quality then contact them.  This printing and packaging company have multiple facilities through which it ensures the trust level. Just click on the link above and know more about the company and its services for you.


4 ways Pie boxes can serve for your professional and personal use

4 ways Pie boxes can serve for your professional and personal use

How to package your bakery items differently?

Well, have you seen bakery items packaged in a cloth piece or any gift paper?

I’m sure you got surprise or you would say that how is that possible. Well, it can be possible. It is not necessary that you have to actually pack them in gift paper or in some kind of wrapper. Just like other bakers and confectioners’ custom boxes wholesale is the best option they can use to secure your bakery products. Every packaging of bakery product requires different packaging and for that purpose, you can modify the previous packaging or you can simply make the outlook different from other bakery packaging.

Pie Boxes

Here in this blog we are not only going to tell you some of the alluring ways to make the outlook of your pie boxes but some of the basics as well so that you will get to know where to get best pie packaging boxes. Here are few key factors that show that these custom boxes wholesale, can be personalized according to your desires are best for you.

Why need printed pie boxes?

  • They provide you with an effective medium to advertise your bakery.
  • Protection from physical factors.
  • Catches the attention of customers in the first glance.
  • Keep your bakery items fresh
  • Make sure your bakery items look appealing and fascinating to your customers.
  • Die-cuts to provide you little area to view your products.

Perfectly designed:

Designing of these pie boxes actually gives strength to these packaging custom pie boxes. Many manufacturers of custom pie boxes provides you with the best folding patterns. Most of the customers are fascinated by the structures of the boxes while making these old folding patterns alluring with our modern technology, go for the company that ensures that your product quality remains the same. Custom window pie boxes are designed in a way that interlock the tabs effectively, making your product safe.

Pie Boxes

Retain your quality items in these wholesale pie boxes:

I believe that it is really hard to find some of the dealers that actually understand the printed pie boxes requirements from customer’s point of view and hence, look for the manufacturers and dealers that provides quality custom boxes wholesale. The custom packaging boxes is recommended if you haven’t decided yet. It does not provide you with the standard boxes rather make sure quality is ensured and provides you with the quality cardboard and premium inks. This cardboard helps you to absorb extra moisture that can ruin your bakery items. Not only moisture it helps your product remain warm too. Apart from quality cardboard, we ensure you get quality printing as well. This helps you to make your boxes amazing and appealing. These cardboard wholesale pie boxes help your product to be safe and shock free. The best feature of these printed pie boxes is that these are made from food grade material that is you don’t have to worry about the quality of your pie inside. No moisture or fungus could harm that.

Free Design support:

Free design support means that you have this opportunity to make the box as per your wish. These window pie boxes wholesale can be imprinted in your desire design and company’s logo. This helps you advertise your brand along with making them appealing. Different occasions require different bakery packaging, therefore, best manufacturers of custom sleeve boxes provide you with the variety of boxes for all occasion. It does not matter if you require custom window pie boxes for Valentine’s, birthdays or other events, we provide you with the best color combinations for your boxes so that your customers get satisfied. Innovative designer and skillful product engineers are all time ready to facilitate you with their services.

This designing helps in the marketing point of you. As the only way to market your product is through reaching the masses. And here with the complete information about your bakery or confectionary, they get to know where to contact you.

Finishing options:

To ensure the durability and effectiveness of the custom sleeve boxes, The custom packaging boxes provides you with amazing finishing options. Matt and gloss coating. Along with these we also provide you with the Aqueous and UV spot coating. This helps your window pie boxes and printing to remain on its place and give the texture to your logos. The matt printing helps you look your logo more appealing while gloss coating helps deter dirt and dust particles to enter and ruin printing. With proper finishing options, we also provide you with unlimited add-ons like golden and silver foiling. Proper separators on demand of prestigious customers. This is because for, The custom packaging boxes, Customer care matters more.

Pie Boxes


The custom packaging boxes make sure your boxes are economical and cost-effective because few confectioners are working at small-scale and hence to entertain them with quality products, best custom packaging boxes consider it a privilege. This bakery packaging becomes economical because no die-cut or plate setup charges are being applied. Along with this free cutting, a wide range of sizes and shapes are provided by The custom packaging boxes so that you can select your desire window pie boxes according to your products requirement and budget needs.

Quality services:

The custom packaging boxes provides you quality printing with quality services. This is because we believe that quality can’t be substituted by anything. Hence, provides you with the best quality services. Quality facilities includes

Pie Boxes

Free custom quote:

All you have to do is select the options from the given, on the website and then make ask for custom quote. This helps in making the custom quote for you. You can have an estimate to it and then select the variations you want to. You don’t have to worry if you are going to like them or not. We have an option to cover this skeptical mind too.

Free sample:

This is the option we talked earlier. This free sample of bakery boxes, no matter what type of box you need either cake boxes, pizza boxes, pastry, with this feature of free sample you get to know quality printing prior to ordering. This helps you in making up your mind for the best outcome. And you could select and compare easily.

Fastest turnaround:

Fastest turnaround time the one key feature that makes us different from other printing companies. This needs to be done in order to make sure your quality products reach on time. With the provision of these shortest turnaround rates, we make sure you get your things on time even in the time of emergency. This helps build the trust of your clients on you. The fastest turnaround time is 15 days. These window pie boxes are assembled and shipped to you flat within fifteen days. Moreover, to entertain your queries Sales representatives are all time available.

Pie Boxes

With the best printing and best services, you get not only custom sleeve boxes but custom printed pie boxes for all occasions. You can get customized window pie boxes for valentine days with red color and heart die-cut. You can also get them for birthday parties and for other celebrations like Independence Day, Christmas and for all traditions that actually involve cakes and bakery items give and take. Die cuts would be free of cost for the good.

Cube boxes can be used for more than one purpose- 5 innovative ideas to follow

Cube boxes can be used for more than one purpose- 5 innovative ideas to follow

Custom cube boxes as suggested by the name is cube in shape and have many other options in which it can be used. Cube boxes can be customized and made handmade. It depends on the use of the cube storage boxes that you make them by hand or use technology by other sources to make the best cube boxes. Here we are going to show you few of the steps in which you can make your own handmade gift cube boxes or if you already have cube boxes for your products, you can use them for more then just packaging. Here not only the manufacturing of the gift cube boxes will be discussed but also the ideas that will help you enhance your creativity while giving gift boxes.

Cube boxes

The resourcefulness of cube boxes:

Coming to the point where you will ponder that how these custom cube boxes can serve you here are few of the convincing points that will help you in making the decision of how these custom boxes wholesale can be useful for you:

  1. If you are planning to use these cube boxes for professional use, these cube storage boxes can serve as a medium for advertisement.
  2. Perfect to cover your fragile objects if you are planning for shipment overseas or for local shipments.
  3. This helps in the marketing of your product or brand if you aim to use them for a longer run.
  4. Cube boxes that are manufactured with proper sturdy cardboard, helps in making different objects that can be used for both professional and personal use. That we will discuss later in this blog.

How to make gift cube boxes at home:

It is not a rocket science to make custom cube boxes at your own. All you need to do is to look for the quality material as it is necessary to provide the best quality material for your products and finishing must be neat so it is best if you could use some of the basic accessories for making of these cube boxes. But if you are a beginner, you would not need to get those tools, you can get your box ready in minimum budget.

Cube Boxes

Things required:

All you need are following things for the making of cube boxes.

  1. Cardboard act as a skeleton for your box so it needs to be really hard. More than hard it should be capable of handling pressure and little weight as you are going to mold it into many other holders and other objects.
  2. Stationery that usually includes, pen pencil, scissors, and obviously eraser to make the corrections. When you are making cube box, there are some basic tool that are required for your convenience and that is a scoring tool for creasing and paper cutting mat for the measurements.
  3. Glue, double sided tapes or any type of adhesives that you believe is suitable for your cardstock texture is required.
  4. If you are the beginner and not familiar with the cutting pattern of boxes, it is highly recommended to start from smaller size box, as it is easy to handle and for that purpose just get the readymade layout from Google in which instructions are mentioned.
  5. Cutting board is not necessary but it helps in keeping the track of measurement and secure the cutting surface beneath the medium required to be cut.
  6. Measuring scale or paper cutter are not necessary if you have cutting mat or cutting board but if you don’t have them then you will need to have this as not only cutting is that matters but also the alignment.

To make cube boxes at home you need to follow some of the basic steps, starting from taking the pattern from google. After that trace that pattern on the cardboard and then follow the instruction. The lines that are required to be cut are labeled with dotted lines while the one that need to be scored are kept straight. After following the structure, cut accordingly.

Score the lines accordingly and follow the same instructions for making the cap. Different pattern with one cardboard and with two cardboards are shown. You can choose your preference. Either the one with the separate lid or with the open tab.

Cube boxes

You can add die cut of any shape at one side of the box this will help to give the professional look to your handmade cube boxes. After all the creases and cutting, use adhesive to put all the pieces together. And your box is ready.

After your custom packaging boxes made by yourself at home, is ready, you can use most innovative cube boxes by adding the colors of your creativity. Here are few of the creative ideas in which you can use your custom cube boxes for your personal use and in a really innovative way that will definitely help in appealing the customer at first look too. So,

  1. Utilize them as gift cube boxes:

Most of the time wondering how to make your gift look different has become a hobby, to an end. You can utilize these handmade boxes as gift cube boxes to give it to your friends, family. It does not matter if you want to give customize coffee mug or horizontal stand, these printed cube boxes got your item completely covered into it and helps in keeping it protected. With the die-cut, your gift item can be visible which helps your beloved one to get the idea. The best part of giving gift cube boxes is that you can customize them according to the event. If it is the birthday you can use them for birthday parties, if its anniversary, you can mention the years and if it’s some other occasion you can mention the wishes accordingly.

  1. Cube storage boxes:

For the second idea, you can use these cube boxes as storage boxes. Pencil holder, for storing pencils. And if you have selected the large size cube box, you can combine one or two to transform into book racks or into the storage boxes for your documents. So, if you want to use these cube boxes for professional use, these cube boxes can save you from paper mess by storing them into themselves. Cube storage boxes can be used for storing your cd’s or can be utilized as a small bin on the table in which you can throw pencil sharp for the time being.

Cube Boxes

  1. Custom boxes wholesale for decor:

Custom boxes wholesale or its custom cube boxes crafted by you. Both can be of great use in decorating the home. Some of the people put plants and flowers in them and then put them in the front door to have a good welcome look. But if you are not planning to decorate with the flowers or plants, you can add marble pieces or simply get the printed paper with customized wishes or with the motivational quotes and wrap the cardboard cube box in it. It become appealing and attractive itself but if not, you can add your favorite things in it to put them to the display. Die cut, in this case, helps a lot.

  1. Die cut cube boxes for candles:

You are definitely aware of the die-cuts that are present in the boxes. Well, you can induce same die-cuts in your custom cube boxes so that it looks appealing. Custom cube boxes wholesale usually have die-cut in the decorative boxes but you can use the same method for candle boxes too. These cube boxes when turned into candle boxes that can hold candle in it and if you open the lid to pass the air and then flame the candle inside, these die-cuts would give an effect of lamp. So, it is definitely worth trying innovation when you are using cube boxes. You can decor or make your candle lit dinners differently perfect.

Cube Boxes

  1. Make it a part on your study table:

Make these cube boxes an addition on your study shelf or your study table. We all use pencil racks and books racks for storing books or pencils, but if you don’t have one of them, make one for yourself and that is not a big deal. All you need to do is to decorate the box either with the use of markers and doodles or you can make it worth use by adding sparkly pens. To make it look decent, you can use a decent colored gift paper. This helps in covering the whole base even if the box is not fine. Another crazy idea is that you can induce a small piece of cube inside it to fit your erasers and sharpeners.


The power of custom pie boxes

Custom pie boxes are a different approach in terms of packaging as people are approving newer designs in the packaging world. It must be noted here packaging solutions are not about the packaging designs and everything else, it is more about the appearance of the custom pie packaging boxes.

pie boxes

There are a number of factors that must be taken into account before designing the top custom pie box as these factors can play an important role in marking the effectiveness of your products.

Understand the demands of your audience:

If you do not know what you need, you will fail in getting the best thing for yourself. In a similar manner, if you fail to understand the requirements of your audience, you will never understand what they want and what you should be offering them– all things considered, they are the general population you need to put resources into your creation.

It sounds evident yet when you’re the one in the driver’s seat it’s so natural to ignore. If you are planning to take your business to whole new level, you need to understand the psychological needs of the customers. What do they look for in a product, what kind of packaging affects them? Do they get impressed when they see custom pie boxes or not?

Speak to your customers about packaging solutions!

Basically, to speak to your clients, you need to comprehend them and understand whether they’re looking for quality or quantity and if both, what they prefer the most. Do some statistical surveying, make sense of your key statistic and take into account their requirements, uniquely. That way, your pie packaging boxes will shout to them and wind up leaving the racks quicker than any other product. This is the power of amazing packaging that allows your product leave the shelf within few hours.

pie boxes

Analyze the custom pie box experience with your clients:

For this situation, ergonomics is a favorite term for the path in which individuals will open and connect with your custom pie boxes wholesale; this is an imperative piece of the packaging process.

Few things are important to notice as they can take your product to new heights within no time. You must understand the size and suitable shape they are looking for and other dimensions as well. Do you ever wonder why companies are paying millions to conduct surveys and research activities? They are urging their clients to share their unboxing experience with them so that they can have a better understanding of what must be improved and what not.

The results in case of such surveys resulted in such positive outcomes, that best toy brands, for example, immediately hopped on the fleeting trend and utilized the activity to make their bundling open to their primary fan base – sensitive kids – and the outcomes were generally welcomed by the everyone. They got the feedback which helped them in improving their services.

It appears that if individuals experience issues getting to their item, their dissatisfactions may keep them from buying the product again or availing the service and for this reason: ergonomics are imperative.

For example, if your specialty lies in food and beverages like eatables and juices, an adaptable unique in design packaging box with creative touch may well be the appropriate response. These fundamental and simple to-overlap custom pie boxes are best in every sense and influence the companies to have this unique packaging experience for their valued clients.

Private brands and their packaging approach: creative yet classy:

pie boxes

Eventually, retailers have the last say on private brands’ plan and approach. All things considered, brands must pick the right kind of design and shape the best packaging box. Cooperating is basic, or disappointment of the item and range will be inescapable. Private brands are successful in terms of enhanced sales due to the fact that they are no afraid of experiencing. They welcome challenges and changes like most of the pizza companies have started using pie boxes to serve a single big slice to their clients.

The authoritative key for retailers to prevail in the market is to guarantee that item, promoting and the client will all be benefited by custom boxes. Retailers must keep on building brands yet in addition look forward towards the new opportunities in the market. We are continually looking forward at patterns over the whole segment and how we can expand on these for a customer. Making packaging solutions that line up with the best quality item enables retailers and organizations to guarantee private brand success and better hold in the market.

D.I.Y. Pie boxes:

With regards to the right design, there’s no place like home. DIY pie boxes are significant enough in a manner that they can be carved quite easily that cannot result in any hassle. As these pie boxes are amazing in shape, they can be used for preserving pizza slices. These are mostly being used by Pizza industry. These boxes can be designed by us easily and there are a number of videos and tutorials available online that can help in this regard.

Regardless of the possibility that your items are sold online instead of in stores, beautiful bundling can lead to enhanced sales and profit of course. Digital printing and packaging doesn’t need to be traditional one as you can try a lot of new things with them. A considerable measure of online retailers now perceives that it’s an essential piece of their marketing.

Become environmentally friendly

pie boxes

Reused and naturally well-disposed custom pie boxes can be purchased online as well. It is important to get environment-friendly pie boxes now because they are good for health as well as the environment.  As climatic situations are getting worse, it is important to have a look at the solutions that can help in limiting the effects. It must be noticed here that environmentally friendly packaging solutions can help in minimizing the effects.

Customized Pie Boxes Do More than Just Packaging the Pie

Baked products such as pie and cakes require special protective packaging for protection during transport. Therefore, baked goods should be packaged in special cardboard boxes to prevent damage to the delicate food products inside. Pies are a special baked food item that requires being protected while transportation to prevent any damage to their decoration, topping as well as keep them safe from spilling. These delightful and delectable pies need to be packed in a case for them to reach their destination safe and sound while presenting it in a very enticing manner. Even when a pie is held within its own plate, additional packaging is required for transportation to the destination from a store or delivery purposes. The pie packaging box will keep the food intact and protect it from outside germs.

Customized Pie Boxes

Uses of Pie Boxes

Some uses of the Pie Boxes include:

  • Protection: these pie boxes prevent your creamy pies from getting tipped off as well as from moisture and heat.
  • Conserves texture:Custom pie boxes are usually made out of materials that guarantee the conservation of the texture and flavor.
  • Upgrades the Outlook:Pie boxes help to make your pies look exquisite. Beautifully designed but low price pie boxes make your product seem inviting without burdening your pocket.

Durable and Recyclable

The durability of pie boxes makes them a popular packaging choice for the pies. Their sturdy built enables you to store and carry pies around with ease. Also, they come with the Eco-friendly feature of recyclability which helps to keep the environment safe while you advertise and transport your product safely around.

Customized Pie Boxes


Pie boxes seem to be a very cheap and cost-effective packaging option provided that they look so unique and stylish. These boxes never seem to fail you with their sturdy built to keep and transport your pies safely. Whether you need to merchandise your confectionery brand or transport your pies safely, these boxes provide a very colorful way to add a personal touch without burdening your pocket.

Keep your Pie Safe from Spillage

As we know that pies are notorious for spillage, it can happen at any phase even during the baking. However, putting the finished pie into a sturdy pie packaging box is a great way not only to protect the pie but also the place where it is going to be placed at home or in office. Consider the possibility where a blueberry pie gets spilled over your car’s upholstery. The blue stain would be absolutely impossible to clean up. Therefore, protective pie boxes will present with a simple answer for protection from such stains caused due to spillage.

Custom Printed Pie Boxes For Confectioners

Confectionery has reached the next level with the innovative and unique pie and cake designs seen every day. The competition is getting tough day by day with all the styles and designs that attract customers. So being a confectioner, you would want to promote your business in an impactful manner. The use of custom pie packaging boxes seems to be a good start to promote your brand and products. You can stand out by designing your boxes in a distinctive way to represent you and your brand to attract potential customers and keep the delights safe.

Merchandise your Brand with Custom Pie Packaging Boxes

In order to successfully advertise your brand, you can get your custom pie boxes made by adding a personalized touch to them to promote your pies. Get creative and think of a catchy slogan which would highlight the quality and deliciousness of your snacks and get it printed on the pie packaging along with a mouth-watering picture of your pies to attract maximum customers and increase the volume of your sales. You can also entice potential customers by adding an attractive logo as well as important business details to these boxes. So, choose a good printing company to get the best out of your custom pie boxes.

Customized Pie Boxes

Styles for Pie Boxes

Pie boxes can be made into different styles and a variety of sizes depending on the designated specifications. Some of the styles are Dispenser, Bowl Sleeve, Fence Partitions, Foot Lock Tray, French Fry, Double Wall Tuck. You can have them made into your desired style. Commercial bakers and confectioners can save further by ordering bulk quantities of pie boxes. Pie boxes do more than just protecting pies, they even promote your brand and help to increase productivity, so invest in them to achieve great outcomes.

Windowed Pie Boxes

If you wish to give a hint of the product you have packaged within the box, then windowed pie boxes are the thing for you. These type of pie packaging boxes are widely used by the companies to provide the consumer with convenience to see the products without having to open the box. This feature is particularly advantageous in advertising the products as they are displayed by the window and grab the attention of the potential buyers. When the buyer gets attracted to the enticing and mouth-watering pie because of this unique packaging style, they most likely buy it. And hence, you marketed your product using windowed pie box without even knowing.

Get your Custom Pie Packaging Boxes in Bulk

Another advantageous reason behind the popularity of pie packaging boxes is that you can get them printed in bulk for packaging as well as advertising your brand cost effectively. So, get your wholesale pie boxes printed with your smartly-thought business logo and product details in order to help you promote your business powerfully and cost-effectively.

Customized Pie Boxes

Keeping in view the numerous benefits that the pie packaging boxes have to offer, it is the best idea to get them customized and market your confectionery brand properly to increase brand loyalty, popularity as well as productivity. So, get in contact with a professional printing company to get your unique custom pie packaging boxes made to store as well as advertise your confectionery brand to increase the popularity of your brand and enhance your sales cost effectively.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.