Kraft Boxes – build special Kraft boxes for your products

Kraft Boxes – build special Kraft boxes for your products

We build special Kraft boxes for our customers for their multiple goods to suit the specifications of customers. We use different approaches to make the looks of our Kraft Box fantastic. These Kraft boxes are designed according to our customers ‘ preferences. We have a large variety of Kraft boxes available. Our company will help you to design these boxes if you are looking for Kraft boxes in various colors, shapes, and sizes. These boxes are requested by our customers for their special items. These boxes are very important for the supply of different products. Kraft boxes are commonly used for baking items, fragile goods, and jewelry products. These boxes are designed for each product differently due to their wide spectrum of usability. By visiting our website, you can verify the availability of our Kraft boxes. A large variety of Kraft boxes for various items can be seen here. However, the customization option can also be used.

What will you get?

You get multiple advantages by choosing our services. Our popularity in the USA is because of our quality, low prices, and reliable services. You will get a lot of advantages when you head to our packaging boxes. We professionally plan, decorate, and produce boxes. Our business promises reliable operation, from complimentary samples to on-time delivery.

Customize packaging solution

The Custom Packaging Boxes has always provided customers the ability to customize their boxes. We sell a range of boxes, but our customers love to customize their boxes. We provide personalization options for all clients. The size, color, shape, style, printing, and design of your boxes can be picked here. It is convenient for our clients to partner with us. They send advice to our technical team and trust us. This is why our offerings are enjoyed by consumers.

Fast and free shipping

If you are searching for a committed business, then you have found the right one. Our services are free of charge, and we have a fast turnaround. You will get your items at the desired place in no time after purchasing our packing boxes. Do not think about the security of your boxes. We would ensure that the goods are delivered without damage. So we are here to supply you with all manner of packing boxes at affordable prices while you are searching for a reputable packaging firm in the United States. We sell Kraft boxes in various sizes, designs, and types.

How paper bags play important role in the world of custom boxes?

How paper bags play important role in the world of custom boxes?

Greetings to all, today we are here with another interesting type of custom boxes. Well, in other words, you might not like to call them boxes because they are bags. Actually, they are a combination of bags and boxes because of which they are called paper bags. These brown paper bags are light in weight but extremely efficient in packing the products. This is the reason you find all these paper bags wholesale in different markets, stores, even grocery shops. They make it easier for them to carry objects from one place to another with handiness. Further, there is a variety of custom shopping bags with a variety of manufacturing materials. In addition to this, there are many renowned brands use these printed paper bags. Grab these custom retail shopping bags for your supermarkets or stores.

Actually, there are different varieties of these bags. Some of which are hard and bit rigid in nature whereas some are flexible.

Which material is used to make paper bags?

When it comes to flexible or even rigid type of paper bags, paper manufacturing materials are used. For instance,  paper sheets, cardboard, and kraft sheets. All of them are different in nature and provides different features to custom shopping bags. Moreover, these resources are even worthy of providing custom specialty boxes which are hard in nature and usually use as the product packaging of special products. In addition to these custom boxes, there is another type which is manufactured with these materials. They are called custom kraft boxes. as the name suggest kraft paper is involved in their production.

Let us see some example of these brown paper boxes.

Printed paper bags

  1. Grocery Paper Bags Wholesale

Grocery is one such thing which concerns everyone.  Departmental or grocery stores are the most common place to have these paper bags. Well, if you have your own store then you are really in need of these custom paper bags. The best part of using them is easy takeaway for a lot of items. May with the name paper bags wholesale you might question their reliability. But in reality, they are extremely eligible for placing lightweight objects like bread, vegetables,  and a lot more stuff like that. These custom shopping bags are available in a variety of sizes as grocery items are also not in the same shape and size. For instance, for the packaging of items like vegetable packets, fresh bread, eggs, cereals, and other domestic products, these paper shopping bags are very efficient. They are flexible bags but well-built also that no item can easily tear them. Usually, in grocery stores, brown paper bags are used but you can also go for printed paper bags.

  1. Custom Shopping Bags

The other type of paper bags also have evident use in the market. Well, these are custom shopping bags that are used by every worthy outlet. Whether you sell clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, even jewelry; it is just to make the use of these paper bags. Think of it once, that you pack the item in custom boxes and hand it over to the customers. Or if you pack the anything special in custom specialty boxes and then places it any of the unattractive plastic bags. Then it will completely destroy the impression of the bags. For this purpose, printed paper bags should be preferred. Together with us, there are many companies that offer such variety. These brown paper bags are beautifully transformed into a variety of designs. This customization completely depends upon the demand for the product and clients. To make these bags little harder cardboard sheets are used that provides strength, robustness as well as flexibility.

  1. Variety of assorted Handle

There is one such feature which further enhances the value of paper bag is the addition of the handles. They are not solely added for creating attraction but for convenience and strength. There are a variety of fabrics or paper stuff used in the manufacturing of the paper bags wholesale. In the same way, various types of handle features are also available that you can ask for. For instance, Ribbon, Cotton wire style, Twisted paper, and Foldable handles. All of these are different in nature as well as features. Ribbons are luxurious and soft widely use in custom shopping bags. Cotton looks just like a ribbon but have more strength whereas twisted paper are made from machines and have commendable endurance. However, foldable handles are a simple economical category that are even handmade to lift up lightweight products. It is best for brown paper bags.

Paper Bag


Which company is the best to buy personalized Paper Bags?

When it comes to questioning the fact which is the best company to have premium quality printing over paper bags. There are many companies like Amazon and Alibaba Packaging but there is one which is much more beneficial to choose for custom boxes printing is The Custom Packaging Boxes  which has the experience of so many years with so many renowned companies. The best part is that with these printed paper bags you can easily advertise your brand in the market. Just by printing the logo or name of your mall or store with address will get you more and more customers. Then contact us for quality paper bags wholesale with a lot more services.

How a tissue box can be beneficial for retailers and consumers?

How a tissue box can be beneficial for retailers and consumers?

Tissues one of the most delicate but important item to be present at everyone’s home and offices. But have you ever thought what actually protect these tissues? To protect these modernize handkerchief custom cardboard boxes. It is actually known as tissue box that preserves the delicacy and softness of the tissues. The idea of packaging is not new but the variety of packaging boxes is getting new day by day. It is the innovation in these custom kraft boxes that provide a wide range of benefits to its customers as well as retailers. From small tissue box to a large size with more number of tissues are available in the market.

What benefits tissue box can provide?

As already told, even a single tissue box  provides a number of benefits because of its manufacturing which make it reasonable to buy for everyone.   For instance:

  • Cost Effective

When you talk about tissue box or tissue box cover, they are actually manufactured from cardboard and kraft paper which are easily available manufacturing stock. Therefore, these custom cardboard boxes and kraft boxes are cost-effective and come under the budget. Being budget oriented does not mean that there will be any sacrifice on quality. Premium quality resources are used in the production of custom tissue boxes.

  • Print Friendly Nature

Printing plays a very important role over packaging boxes. However, this material should be friendly. As the name suggests custom kraft boxes and cardboard boxes, they involve kraft and cardboard respectively. Both these resources are not only print-friendly, further, their sustainability level is also very good. Laser, digital, lithography as well as die cutting all such printing is easily done on the assortment of square tissue box.

  • Advertisement Medium

Such a small tissue box…. What benefit it can give? Do you also think that but it is not like that? Even this type of box is worthy of providing an important benefit. This benefit is of advertising your brand among consumers. Tissue printed boxes are the best way to attract customers towards your product. These customize tissue boxes also help in differentiating the brand from each other. As with these packaging boxes, customers easily judge the quality of the products. However, the label on custom kraft boxes do the advertisement for the company. You must be worried that how to get printing? For this, there are so companies working such as  Printcosmo and Amazon. With their help and these customize logos, you will be able to make an impression. Also, these are your representative in front of customers.  Well, Tissue box cover is the best way to print logo.

small tissue box

  • Points of Focus while selecting Logo

Well, intelligence is necessary when selecting the right position but usually, the tissue box cover is preferred for this purpose. Consider the following points.

  • The logo or name should be in coordination with the manufactured goods.
  • Chose Funky names as it catches more attention these days.
  • The more it is brief, the more it will be attention seeking.
  • Brief names are convenient in printing especially on custom die cut boxes as well as in remembering.
  • Most importantly, it should be apparent on the background of packaging boxes.

For all this printing thing companies like  Vista Printing and Alibaba Packaging are working at their best to provide an attractive square tissue box.

What to do with tissue box?

Well, whether it is a small tissue box or a big one they are recyclable. After fulfilling their primary purpose of packaging and preserving the freshness of the tissues, they can be used for so many other purposes. Tissue boxes from such materials are sturdy and durable that surely become your stationery box for all of your side stock of stationery.  Take beautifully designed tissue box cover  into ear studs display stand, which looks very beautiful on the dressing. For this just prick two holes on both sides of the custom cardboard boxes, adjust a small bamboo stick covered with ribbons, and then place it between the holes. In this way, the box is ready to hold delicate items in it. However, by re-designing these packaging boxes you can even properly arrange your wristwatch collection in much simple but creative way.

square tissue box

Which company is best to buy Custom box Sleeve?

Well, whenever there is a question that from where you can get such assortment of square tissue box then there is a single answer to it which is The Custom Packaging Boxes.  It is a well-known custom printing and packaging company. For all types of products, they provide packaging boxes. Moreover, this responsible company provides the best custom cardboard boxes at reasonable prices to make safe delivery of your consignment. Moreover, an assortment of custom die cut boxes are also available to use for various product packaging.

Just visit their site and get the required custom packaging boxes with lots of free features like a quote, add-ons, die cut, shipping and so on.

What type of Product Box packaging create attraction in your products?

What type of Product Box packaging create attraction in your products?

Have you ever thought What makes a product worthy on the shelf?

Well, it is the product packaging boxes that actually make the attractive appearance of the products pack in them. A Product box is a landmark of quality of the product inside and it also presents the quality preference of the company. This product packaging provide multiple benefits to its user whether they are retailers or the end user. These printed packaging boxes not only pack the products and also attract the attention of the customers towards them. Moreover, custom kraft boxes provide the product’s resistance against several unwanted atmospheric and physical effects. Besides, products like perfumes and others that have glass containers are safe when pack in these boxes.

What are the different kinds of Product Packaging Boxes?

When it comes to product packaging there always have been something that is used for packaging. For instance, leaves, cloth piece paper wrapping and so on. But with the passage of time, they have been transformed into product packaging boxes.   There are several products from cosmetics to eatables, clothes, different types of gifts and so on. A product box is what related to the product pack inside them.  Moreover, there are further several types of  product boxes such as:

Product Packaging

  • Custom Kraft Boxes

It is the type of product packaging boxes that are highly in demand for so many products. As in the production of these product boxes packaging involves kraft paper that is why they are named custom kraft boxes.  This type of product box packaging is used for bakery, cosmetics, soaps medicine, and so many products. The best part is that kraft paper is easily customized into any type of custom printed boxes. As these boxes are highly flexible that with the addition of corrugated layers they can be vigilantly used for shipping purposes.

  • Custom Paper Boxes

This is another type of product packaging boxes that are very well-known in the field of packaging. These custom paper boxes are most commonly utilized in the food packaging field. Their manufacturing material which is paperboard is flexible enough to shape as Chinese take away boxes, salad trays, soup or liquid containers. Even for bakery items, this type of product packaging is the best and most suitable. Further, there are origami paper packaging boxes that even can be designed at home but they are very suitable for a gift or favor packaging.

  • Custom Handmade Boxes

Like Kraft and paper boxes, custom handmade boxes is another type of product packaging. They are actually two pieces with separate base and lid. Further, they are available in different sizes, shapes, and even colors. The range of these boxes starts from a small truffle size to a medium and standard size product packaging boxes. The shapes in which these boxes are available in pyramid cut design, sleeve style, and flip top lid style. These custom printed boxes involve different color schemes such as PMS and CMYK.  Further, these boxes are of two types rigid and flexible, both these types are sturdy and reliable enough to use and pack things.

Product packaging Boxes

How to create an advertising impression with Product Packaging Boxes?

Custom printed boxes are the best way to attract the customers towards your product. Well, there is another way to utilize these product packaging boxes. This is to do an advertisement for your brand in the market. These printed packaging boxes also help in differentiate the products from each other. As with these product packaging customers easily judge the quality of the products. However, the label on custom paper boxes do the advertisement for the company. You must be worried that how to get printing? For this, there are so many companies working such as  Printcosmo and Amazon. With the help of these customize logos will definitely help you make an impression. Also, these are your representative of you in front of customers about the products.  These colored custom paper boxes also help in easy identification of the different items on the counter shelf.

How to order Product Packaging Boxes?

looking for someone to solve your problem of product packaging boxes? Then don’t worry because The Custom Packaging Boxes is at your service that provide you all types of product packaging from custom kraft boxes to custom handmade boxes.  Moreover, this company also have a wide range of custom printed boxes that look highly attractive on the shelves. Ordering these product boxes packaging is very easy. You just have to fill the custom quote form on the website of the TCPB, the representative will collect your information and give you all of the details of the required stock of product packaging. Further, they provide you with design assistance as well as samples so that you can be assured of your required customization. In addition to this, their shipping services are exceptional. The best part is that all of these services are free. Moreover, they are just one click away.


How to utilize cardboard boxes in wide range of packaging and promotion?

How to utilize cardboard boxes in wide range of packaging and promotion?

Do you know how you can build the level of trust among the end user?

Building a level of trust regarding packaging among the customers is very much difficult especially when similarities can make confusion. All of you know that cardboard boxes are the best and most reliable packaging solution. In this blog, you will find facts and utilisation of custom cardboard boxes used in different fields. Have you ever heard that wholesale cardboard boxes are expensive than other materials like plastic boxes?  But it is another way around, which means packaging boxes wholesale are cost effective.  This makes their wide use in different business fields in various forms. Similarly, custom kraft boxes are also playing their role as product packaging. Both these categories possess all the features which make them eligible for storing different types of products and items in them.

Custom Cardboard boxes

Let us share with you some extensively used types of customized cardboard boxes around you.

  • Custom Cardboard Postage Boxes

There is another common but important type of custom cardboard boxes. As their name suggests, they are used for posting and mailing purposes. Thick or we can say corrugated cardboard sheets are the real source of their production. The addition of these groove layers in cardboard boxes provides strength and sturdiness to them. If you are wholesalers or retail vendors then there is a vast range of postage packaging boxes wholesale available. However, what you need, is to look for some important points because there are several options offered as per the manufacturing materials in the market. The points of consideration are:

wholesale cardboard boxes

  • What kind of cardboard box printing do you wish for?
  • Decide the specified color palette as per your requirement color scheme.
  • Do you need extra foaming or cushioning?
  • What size of customized cardboard boxes do you prefer for postage services?
  • Best choice for Shipping purpose

The best and wide spread usages of these cardboard boxes are that they are extremely efficient for shipping purposes. These customized cardboard boxes are not just used as retail packaging boxes instead their structure is strong and sturdy enough to provide protection to the stuff packed inside.  These packaging boxes wholesale protects the consignment during delivery. As they include multiple layers that work as a shield against all kinds of bumps, jerks, and other such damages. It is not necessary that you can only use these custom cardboard boxes for long distance deliveries instead they are valuable for short distance shipping as well. As they are the finest shipping cartons.

cardboard box printing

Further, their structure includes rows of air columns, which act as cushions for content inside them that increase their durability to a new level. Indisputably, the safety of content inside depends on these boxes therefore, their strength and durability is extremely focused.

  • Custom Archive Cardboard Boxes

Since, the production of custom cardboard boxes is to bring ease in life, therefore; archive boxes are another important type. Customers make the use of these cardboard boxes on both personal and professional level. You can rely on these customized cardboard boxes for storing all kinds of important documents, memoirs, notes, handouts and so on. Unlike, custom kraft boxes  a bit harder cardboard sheets are used in their production. These sheets helps in providing resistance to paper stuff against several harmful effects. With this, you are not only able to maintain the documents instead have timely access. Thus, they save your time and also lessen the fear of losing ant document. These wholesale cardboard boxes are available in variety of sizes and shapes. For instance, two pieces separate lid, file archive storage, and banker’s record maintaining important documents in the archive.

customized cardboard boxes

  • Retail Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Are you a producer of any wholesale item on a large scale? If yes then you definitely need these custom cardboard boxes. Making the use of these packaging boxes wholesale is another best way. Therefore, you can see the wide spread use of these customized cardboard boxes packing various types of products. For instance,  from cosmetics to apparel to a variety of food and so on.  which these are working around you, me and everyone are as retail packaging. Everywhere these wholesale cardboard boxes are ruling. If you also want to release your product in the market then we present your cardboard boxes to get benefits through them. There is another famous variety of wholesale cardboard boxes suitable to use as display boxes. This helps you to present small items in an assembled and nicer way. This will definitely increase impulsive buying and selling.

Cardboard boxes wholesale

  • Cardboard boxes as Favor Packaging

Interestingly, these customized cardboard boxes have widespread usage after being used as retail packaging they are also customized in various ways. These custom cardboard boxes also have importance in the field of favor packaging. in all most all the fields. For this purpose, cardboard box printing plays an important and favorable role. As printing make them much more appealing and attention seeking. Mainly, this is the reason for which customer will be attracted to your gift shop. It does not matter that you own a big branded outlet or a small shop, what matters is the presentation of the products in these wholesale cardboard boxes. Get the assortment to present your customers, only then big orders for party favor packaging will come to you. Moreover, regular customers will definitely remember you for their necessitation.

Cardboard packaging

  • Packaging Boxes as Advertising and Information Tool

As I have told a few ways of using these cardboard boxes. However, there is another important way to utilize them.  When it comes to business these cardboard box printing plays an important role. As these cardboard and custom kraft boxes with printing are on the top to use as an advertising tool. To achieve this benefit you just have to focus on imprint these cardboard boxes with your company’s name or logo, serial numbers, contact and address details and social media details like your webpage address (if there is any) on your packaging boxes wholesale. In addition, these boxes can also be printed with information like:

Cardboard boxes suppliers

  • Warnings
  • ingredients used in the products
  • way to use the product
  • validity dates

These details should be in comprehensive language for the convenience of the customers. The easy language helps the customer in recalling your product for future time.


Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.