Custom Cream Boxes Packaging Wholesale

Custom Cream Boxes Packaging Wholesale

Cream boxes – best-designed cream packaging boxes

Every day different advertisements have been introduced by different brands in the market. These creams are available in different attractive packaging boxes. These cream boxes do not only play an important role in the promotion of that cream, but it also protects its ingredients from external environmental factors. Cream boxes must have high quality. These boxes prevent the creams from spoiling. To maintain the quality of the creams, it is important to pack them properly in quality boxes. The best thing about these boxes is that you can customize cream packaging and printing in your own style. We offer you an option to design your own packaging boxes according to the formation of the cream. You can add as many features as you want.

Custom cream packaging boxes

THE CUSTOM PACKAGING BOXES provides exclusive personalization services for these cream packaging boxes. You can order these packaging boxes in your favorite shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending upon the feature, we use different eye-catching colors and images to manufacture these boxes. We use the latest techniques of printing to design these cream packaging boxes. We do not compromise on the excellent quality of our packaging boxes. For us, customer satisfaction matters a lot, that’s why we design these packaging boxes with high-quality material. Our team makes sure to complete all the orders before deadlines.

Cream boxes

We also offer a free shipping facility in the USA and deliver your products within a fast turnaround time at your doorstep. If you want particular designs for your cream packaging boxes then our highly qualified team is there to make the amendments as per your requirements. We are contributing to minimizing the waste generated by packaging boxes. We use 100% biodegradable material for the manufacturing of our all packaging boxes. We are doing all the efforts to prevent the land from the waste and taking different steps to play our part. For this reason, we are promoting our eco-friendly packaging boxes.

24/7 customer support

If you have any questions regarding cream packaging boxes, then you can contact us 24/7. Our sales representatives are always there to help you with your cream packaging boxes. You can request for free samples or ask anything about your packaging boxes.  We believe in developing a long term relationship with our customers. That is why we are always here to speak to you and fulfill your packaging needs.

Get innovative Nail Polish Box get from The Custom Packaging Boxes

Get innovative Nail Polish Box get from The Custom Packaging Boxes

The trends in makeup industry are changing with every passing day. From simple cream to base and even nail polish turn into nail art.  All these changes in trends also demand change in their custom packaging. For instance, a simple nail polish box is the one which will speak for the quality of the nail color inside it. Likewise, for a variety of other cosmetics, there are cosmetic boxes that present them, their makers and ideology of quality. Therefore, when it comes to such products one needs to be very vigilant in choosing cosmetic packaging. Most of all when you talk about makeup or particularly nail polishes then be ready to give detail analysis as their consumers are female. However, if you really want relief from such type of fatigue then let nail polish packaging speak for you. For this purpose you need is quality nail polish storage box.

What are the different Nail Polish Boxes?

When it comes to any cosmetic product especially nail polish it custom packaging demands innovation. For this reason, there are several types of nail polish storage that enhance that provide more than one benefit.   For instance:

  • Display Nail Polish Box

This type of nail polish boxes are commonly seen in the shops, mall, cosmetic outlets. This custom nail polish box is simple but it arranges the assortment of nail polish very systematically. Having such container casket or display custom packaging the life of retailer remains at ease as he or she does not have to deal with the mess of arranging the product again and again. In addition to this, customers can easily have the look of the wide range place in a single nail polish storage casket.

Nail polish storage

  • Cube Custom Cosmetic Packaging

As its name suggests this nail polish box is available in cube shape that can pack more than one nail polish. The advantage of these cube-shaped nail polish packaging lies in its robust nature which provides it strength for the protection of the glass nail polish containers. Moreover, this custom packaging also works as custom cosmetic boxes for so many other makeup products. With little transformation related to printing will turn it into cream boxes easily.

  • Cosmetic Packaging with Windows

There is one innovation that works excellently for all type of custom makeup boxes. This addition is of die-cut windows with clear plastic that allow the customer to have a clear glimpse of the product inside them.  This induction makes these custom packaging turn into display boxes which itself speak for the product pack inside them. Most of all it is not confined to any single product like nail polish or custom cream boxes rather is this induction can be made in all types of cosmetic packaging.

How Cosmetic Packaging helps in advertising of a brand?

Custom packaging always provides more than one way of utilization. Same is the case with makeup boxes, together with product packaging they also play the role of advertisement for the suppliers and manufacturers among the customers.  As with packaging customers easily judge the quality of products whereas labeling these cosmetic boxes turn a simple cardboard box into a marketing medium.  In this way, you can transform simple nail polish box into an advertising tool. This makes labeling important for nail polish packaging. Looking for someone to label your products? For this, there are so many companies working to create your impression on the customers. For instance, we custom boxes as well as  Amazon which are skillful in customizing these nail polish, cream boxes and so on with desired logos. These colored nail polish storage boxes also help in easy identification of a vast assortment of nail colors.

  • Smooth and Polished Surface of Cosmetic Boxes

After fulfilling all the requirements of the logo printing, there is one thing, which is extremely important for these nail polish packaging. This feature is known as lamination. It is the process in which a thin layer of silk or plastic is applied to the Makeup boxes. This outer layer provides a smooth surface and a shiny appearance. It also helps in retaining the printing over the single nail polish box which is comparatively small. Therefore, the logo and other details remain on these printed nail polish boxes for a longer time. The preferable options for laminations are gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and semi-matte AQ. These glazing not only give polished effect that enhances the beauty but enhances the shelf life of the custom packaging. Moreover, it helps to resist the dust, dirt, moisture, and smudges to get inside these boxes.

Nail polish packaging

 Where can I buy printed makeup, cream and nail polish boxes near me?

Well, whenever there is a question that from where I ( clients) can get such assortment of cosmetic boxes then there is a single answer to it is The Custom Packaging Boxes.  This is a well-known custom printing and packaging company. For all types of cosmetic products such as mascaras, beauty creams, foundations, eye shadow, liners, and nail polish, this company provides custom packaging. Moreover, this responsible company provides best nail polish packaging at reasonable prices with no delivery charges at your doorsteps. Well, makeup boxes with logo from this company help in getting you recognition as well as elevation in the product’s sale.

How to assemble your Skin care products in cream boxes?

How to assemble your Skin care products in cream boxes?

When it comes to innovation in your cosmetic products and in managing the space on your dressing, girls are best. But when it comes to creative mind, no gender discriminations are being seen. Cream boxes are not only associated with the beauty cream product instead you can use these cream packaging boxes for medical creams and for other types of creams. So, it does not matter if you want cream packaging for jars, bottles or for tubes, different custom cream packaging can be made or even available in different sizes at different manufacturing stores.

cream boxes


If that is something that is bothering you, stick with us till the very end of the blog. Because you are going to get a sneak peek into how to assemble things and on how to make things look more appealing for your viewers. You will get the idea of how to use cream boxes differently for different purposes as well. But before that there are few of the points that you have to look for:

  1. What type of cream, you have to pack.
  2. What type of packaging fits the cream?
  3. Does the tabs of the boxes are properly interlocked?
  4. Is printing worth displaying?
  5. Are you satisfied with the finished outlook?

Selection of size:

I have started my business by manufacturing handmade custom cream packaging. This packaging does not include any type of cardboard or box shape material. Instead of being the entrepreneur, I have tried to make packaging that are low cost and attractive at the same time. I have packaged the custom cream packaging into net packages. And then tied from the top of the net. In this way sizes selection is made easier. You can customize them into different sizes depending on the type of packaging you need for the creams. If you require packaging for medical tubes, you might need smaller size packaging in a rectangular shape. The custom packaging boxes provides the best cream boxes for your cream tubes and for your beauty creams as well. Just make sure you select the size of your boxes properly and wisely.

Cream Boxes

Perfection in printing:

After selecting the size, next step is followed by the outlook and for the best outlook, you need to print these cream boxes either according to the ingredients or with the customs and traditions of printing. Different creams used for different purpose requires a different kind of printing. As per my experience, I have found that the best printing and crafting is being done by The custom packaging boxes. They package the creams with different packaging requirements and make sure you get all the required necessities fulfilled for your printing as well.


For the medical purpose creams usually, have antibiotics or other certain drugs in the to cure the target. For that purpose, make sure you select the suitable packaging. And to select suitable packaging, you may require to look for

  • Cream packaging with cautions printing on the back side or at any corner.
  • Make sure your cream has a section of manufacturing ingredients with the amount of dosage. Some cream packaging, that attracts the customers, usually has a section in which each drug or medicine used in it has specified their percentage.
  • The direction of use. Most of the creams have the instructions printed on them with the direction of use. Which is really important as most of the drugs are harmful for your eyes or for the inflammation of your skin.
  • Always take skin test before applying and for that, you need to read the cautions or the paper of instructions that are usually printed by the manufacturer of the cream, in order to guide their clients properly.

Unlike medical cream boxes, there are certain differences in the printing of beauty cream boxes. You can’t say that the whole printed box is different, there are certain similarities that can be found in printing of boxes as well. It’s up to you how you want your beauty creams to be packaged in order to increase your market and to make the outlook look appealing and attractive. Here are some of the things that are mandatory for printing of beauty cream boxes, rest can be customized and you will learn how you can personalize printed cosmetic boxes according to yourself, later in this blog:

cream boxes

  • Use the color scheme that match your brand. If not try match the ingredient used in manufacturing of your cream product.
  • Mention the list of ingredients used in the manufacturing of your beauty cream product.
  • Keep the other caution items and direction of use instructions as it is in their sections. Allot them separate sections just like you do when you print your medicine cream boxes.
  • Use thermophore or any kind of insulator to make sure your cream remains on its position.
  • Make sure your printing is clear and in contrast to the color used for base.

As discussed above different items used as per purpose, have a different way of packaging. Similarly, you can add your different customization options to make the printing different and appealing. You can customize the themes for your beauty cream boxes with the ingredients used for adding fragrance and flavor to your creams. Or you can add the color contrast of the colors that goes along with the season. Different cream products like summer creams and winter creams are available in the market and for that purpose, you can customize theme accordingly.

cream boxes

If you use organic products or herbal products, no need to worry about the tags, you can get them printed as well. Or you can print them by your own self by using multiple free software for themes and color combinations. You can customize the fonts and use your own company name or your own name on them. Make some space where you could add set of instructions for usage or you could add the number of things you have used in the manufacturing of cream. Similarly, there are certain foot and hand creams that can be categorized accordingly and can be customized with foot and hand pictures on the layout.

Impact of Die-cut:

Different custom packaging companies make their boxes appealing by different tactics but the best way we have found and thought of making cream boxes on the pattern of die-cut. The die-cuts on the front surface make the boxes look appealing and amazingly printed. It also helps in giving you a little insider look of the product which is necessary if you are selling them in retail boxes. These retail packaging boxes with die-cuts are best so that your client would also get the idea of the type of product he or she is purchasing. Die-cuts can be in different shapes and sizes and that depends on the box you are going to make. If it is an occasional theme for some kind of female usually hearts or small die-cuts are being made.

cream boxes

If you haven’t made up your mind for the company, from where you will purchase the custom cream packaging, we would recommend you to go for The custom packaging boxes. This is because you get to have best services with the best printing offers. You get free die-cut and plate charges, You also get free custom quote with free samples so that quality is ensured prior that taking order for wholesale cream boxes.

Use Custom cosmetic Boxes to Increase Sales

Custom cosmetic boxes

Custom cosmetic boxes are a multipurpose and useful packaging choice. Unlike plain boxes that are used mostly for storage and transportation, customized versions offer many benefits. As a result, there are many ways you can use boxes to increase your business sales.

Below mentioned 3 Ways Custom Boxes Can Increase Sales:

1.Build Name Recognition

One can order custom boxes in any shape, size, and color or material you can think. Therefore, you can select a color scheme that matches the company’s branding and promoting efforts. You can also add your company name, promoting slogans or web address. These boxes actually perform double duty by serving as a box to hold the marketing materials and the soundless business messenger.

2.Enhance Superficial Value

It is a true fact that persons are willing to spend cash on the things they worth. Hand over your products in high-end customized boxes can increase sales. For instance, match the packaging between the cosmetics offered at local outlets and those offered at high-end department stores. The department store products are capable to offer a higher price fairly for the reason that how customers answer back to the way they are presented.

Without any question, these boxes can add an element of stylishness and superiority to your products. They can be manufactured from wide-ranging variety materials, including heavyweight canvas and leather. In addition, the boxes also can be made from many different materials, for example, leather, plastic or rope. This adaptability makes it very easy to design a packaging solution that expresses directly to your projected audience.

3. Make a Long-lasting Impression

Custom boxes aren’t only made just for retail products. One can also use to increase the influence of direct sales presentations and many other promotional efforts. For starters, they make it stress-free for sales agents to transport marketing materials from one position to another. In addition, professionally designed marketing materials help establish confidence with potential customers because they specify your business is not a shifty organization. Lastly, customers remember these boxes for the longest time of the period due to their attention-grabbing design and visual charm.

This type of box Consumers is also preferred for upcoming storage needs, in that way increasing the length of time they are showing to your name of business and marketing message.

Print Cosmo is a manufacturer of custom cosmetic boxes that also specializes in packaging boxes and business cards.

6 Must Have’s to Think for Designing Cosmetic Boxes

6 Must Have’s to Think for Designing Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic BoxesWhether it is a food, healthcare, beauty care or a cosmetic product, your packaging decides how successful your product would be in the retail market. Packaging of a cosmetic product plays a significant role in establishing or enhancing the brand identity. It is the cosmetic boxes packaging that enhances the exquisiteness of the items. Merely printing a logo for branding or product promotion is not enough. There are six steps that must be considered for designing the cosmetic boxes in order to compete with the competitors.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research:

    To make your product successful in the market, initially analyze the competitor’s product and study consumer behaviors. Conducting thorough research on the designing of printed products can make your cosmetic packaging boxes more distinguishable from the competitors’ one.

  2. Make Your Cosmetic Product or Brand Communicative:

    To make your brand or product communicative, analyze what your potential buyers want to know about your product or brand. Including a piece of information on the cosmetic packaging with an elegant typeface and attractive design, appearance would help you to influence the buying decisions of the potential buyers.

  3. Custom Cosmetic BoxesKeep Design Drafts for Further Innovative Ideas:

    During the creation of custom cosmetic boxes, numerous design ideas appear from the designer’s end. You can save those design drafts to get further innovative ideas from them. By combining those ideas, you can finally craft a design for the end printed product.

  4. Retain Focus On The Packaging Design:

    Just like other renowned brands that cover keywords and important information all over the packaging, if you are one of a kind, then display a logo with essential info and keywords on the forefront. Creating a fine line between important info and a precise message could help you to convey your message effectively to the targeted audience.

  5. Analyze Targeted Audience By Taking Packaging Feedback:

    To test your audience, simply create a few packaging options and ask for their comments and suggestions regarding the packaging design and sturdiness. Such feedback could help you a lot in learning valuable tips about the packaging you have never noticed before.

  6. Learn from the Competitors’ Designs:

    Without copying the other’s packaging designs, look at the renowned brands’ packaging in the market to get loads of ideas. Figure out why their packaging is so effective, which features are helping in making the packaging work so well, etc.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.