Where to get Software boxes for securing your electronics

Where to get Software boxes for securing your electronics

Electronic lovers?

Well, if you are then you must be super doper conscious about your software and electronics. Mostly we consider these custom software boxes as product boxes. Since they fall in the same category. These custom boxes are called software boxes if  the product relates to software.  Software boxes do not serve as a deluxe item but hence has become the necessity of the age as a result of the mass production of gadgets, products. Further, mobile accessories have make it impossible to store the products out in the open.

Custom software packaging boxes:

Furthermore, the most operative way to invest in the market is through your custom boxes. As they become the uniqueness of your brand and help you in flourishing in the field. People identify a precise brand or product through the packaging of the software printed boxes. The packaging is also the source of the first impression that a customer gets about a product. If you invest more on the product and less on the packaging; consequently, it will result in lousy packaging. This will automatically make the consumer lose interest in product and move on to look for a better device that will facilitate him.

custom software boxes

What to look for while selecting packaging boxes?

This is something that implies in all packaging material. Whether, you’re investing in cosmetics, detergents, electronic devices, crockery, sportswear or gadgets.

  1. Look for the stock that is used in the manufacturing of these wholesale software boxes.
  2. If the cardboard used is perfect and in accordance with the requirement, look for the die cutting.
  3. Tabs must interlock into each other so that it will help in giving support to your product inside.
  4. Making sure the quality is perfect you need to look at the printing side as well.
  5. The inks used in software printed boxes must be quality ensured and must be friendly with the stock.

Well, these are some of the basics that you need to keep in mind. The rest is usual and you get to customize according to your requirements.

Custom product boxes:

Using custom product boxes needs innovation to use in the market for some time now. In order to make your product look more appealing to the consumers, add a tinge of uniqueness. You can have your personalized custom product boxes manufacture by many printing and packaging companies. The custom packaging boxes is currently leading and took pride on staying at the top of the ladder. According to what I believe, the secret to their success lies in keeping their clients happy. Moreover, the best and most premium material for soft wares, custom boxes, are vital in different ways.

custom software packaging boxes

Promote your company

These software printed boxes help with the promotion of your company. You can print anything on your wholesale software boxes. It all depends on what you choose. Print the design, colour combination, necessary information  on the box etc. Furthermore, you can also add your brand’s logo for a good marketing method. In addition, your boxes should endure and present the product properly. Moreover, grit is to protect the merchandise. Firstly, we can design your custom product boxes for you if you’re having any difficulty. The assistance of team of graphic designers will assist you so you can make the best decisions for your company.


Custom boxes of our company are always of top-notch quality. Here at the custom packaging boxes, you will get anything printed at cost effective prices. In fact, your custom software boxes can be somber with decent colour choices and minimal design printing. this will help in keeping them simpler and more sophisticated. Whole lot of free services are available with our wholesale software boxes to deal  with such features.For instance, free samples, free custom quote, free design assistance, free worldwide shipment, free die cutting, no setup and plate charges, fast turnaround time, low minimum order quality and quick shipment of window boxes. These services are being offered to our valuable customers in profitable rates to facilitate them with the best.

Software Printed Boxes

Use them well:

The software product boxes are later package into packaging boxes to make shipping easier out into the market. They can be of really great use along with being display boxes, they can be build as hang wall box. Mostly, these custom software packaging boxes involves corrugated cardboard material, courier bags, bubble envelops and cartons. The benefit of corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are easily accessible in the market and are super eco-friendly, therefore of recyclable quality.

Wholesale Software Boxes

Make the size of your packaging containers according to the perfect measurements. For this, you can add essential information and stickers such as fragile if the product needs careful handling. Low-quality manufacturing materials  will collapse under the weight of the heavy products. It will most likely damage products in the way.

Custom Foundation boxes with different foundation types

Custom Foundation boxes with different foundation types

Who broke my new foundation?

Where have you put it?

On the table over there (pointing towards the side table of bed)

You should have put it in the box.

Yes! Yes! I agree with this, she should have put her foundation in her foundation box. But what do you think are your foundation packaging boxes strong enough to secure your product inside? Well, that is something that you will find out by the end of this blog. Since, we are going to discuss some of the best types of custom foundation boxes, that help in securing your foundation, no matter what type of foundation do you use, it will be secured. We will also discuss some of the major uses that same foundation box can serve and some of the tactics that you can do to make other custom boxes resourceful for your product.

Custom foundation boxes

Here is what actually foundation boxes are and how can you make sure the box you are using is refine and perfect for your product. But before that let me clear out some things for you. When I say perfect for your product what I actually mean is perfect in security or your product, perfect in manufacturing and last but not least printing. As not everyone here with us are here to find ways, some of you will definitely be looking for some kind of wholesale foundation boxes for your business. Hence, both professional and personal uses will be kept in mind throughout this blog in order to make it more resourceful for our audience. Let us get into the details before wasting much of time.

Foundation boxes wholesale:

Let’s begin from foundation boxes wholesale that most of you will like to get for your business. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in your mind. This will help you in selecting the best for your products and for the benefits of clients.

  • Make sure, the tabs of the cut foundation boxes interlock into one another properly, so that it will help in giving strength to your boxes.
  • After getting these custom foundation boxes, manufactured from printing and packaging company, make sure you get the best quality cardboard for its manufacturing. It should be ink friendly.
  • After making it perfect for printing and for your product, make sure they are durable too. Printing does not cast off that easily.

These are some of the basic points that you need to keep up with. The reason for the best quality cardboard is the security, and if you are wondering why the printing needs to be secured so the answer is for your business betterment. This might sound little confusing to you right now. You can take it the way, you need printing in order to make the advertisement and marketing of your company strong.

Foundation packaging boxes

Perfect printing for Marketing:

In order to market your foundation products, make sure your product is representable. And to make it presentable you need perfect printing and refine cut cardboard. Once you package your product in this way, what you have to make sure is the printing. You can either get these custom foundation packaging boxes printed in your company logo or you can just print the instructions, whatever way you like your custom boxes to be. It is best to make your company logo printed on these custom boxes so that people while selecting their foundation will know which company is best and what ingredients they use in the process of foundation making.

This increase your market value and your brand will get its recognition. Certain other services do come along that I will not discuss in this blog as I have to tell you more about the benefits of using a good foundation box.

Advertise with complete printing:

Well, if you are using a well presentable foundation box with fine edges and die-cuts in order to enhance it appealing characteristic, here are something more useful for you in your business.

Make sure you print all the instruction or direction of use on these wholesale foundation boxes. This will enhance the customer impact and they will definitely go for the product that tells more about what you are using. So, make sure that you mention all the details required for printing the best foundation boxes. Details for your contact and address must be mentioned in them as well in order to make it convenient for your clients to reach to you in the hour of need.

Wholesale foundation boxes

Secure through custom foundation boxes:

Either you look from the professional point of you and sell wholesale foundation boxes or you look from the personal point of view, security is something that is must and need to be perfect in order to gain your audience trust and reliability. For that purpose, not only, sturdy cardboard is enough but perfect cutting and structure should be made sure.

If you are selling these foundation boxes wholesale from one place to another, you need to make sure they reach to destination safe and sound and for that purpose, you need to make them strong. Similarly, if you are concerned from my perspective that what a box can do, you might have seen foundation comes in different styles and are in different texture just like eyeliners and other makeup tools. So, to package it completely we need to make sure the box covers the product completely and after that, you have to make sure that they are shipped safely without breaking. When the foundation is not in liquid form, more chances or disintegration is there. So, choose wisely in order to secure wisely.

Personally, use foundation boxes:

Using foundation boxes personally not only helps in securing your product but help you in quite different ways. It will help you in storing different products. Well, it is better to use the box for the same product it is made up for but you can always use them for lipsticks or other stuff if you want.

Foundtion boxes wholesale

Where to find the custom cream boxes:

When we talk about quality, The custom packaging boxes just clicked into my mind out of nowhere. Well, I have tried custom cream boxes and my foundation boxed printed from the custom packaging boxes and to my surprise they were printed in the best quality possible. Moreover, to secure the printing they have laminated them with gloss or matte coats. That actually has helped in many ways like waterproofing, giving shiny effect etc. They are always open for options. But you can always look at your convenience. Still, if you want my advice, this is the best place to get all you want in really economical prices.

Make your custom eyeshadow boxes unique and useful

Make your custom eyeshadow boxes unique and useful

Put that palate politely as it will break!

Put it out of reach of your children?

These all problems come when you are really conscious about your makeup products.  And when it comes to fortifying your makeup particularly eyeshadow pallets and blush-on, females are always few steps more cautious than men. And the reason is that they are more conscious about beauty products. But it would be biased to say that men don’t care at all. I have seen multiple DIY videos on youtube and google where men come forward to solve the problem. Most of the daily hack ideas to fix the broken palates and how to make colorful pallets are from men. You don’t always need custom eyeshadow packaging boxes to secure your eyeshades, there are multiple ways in which you can safeguard your eyeshadow palate from being damaged. Here we are not getting into the details of those ways but we are definitely going to assist you out in choosing the right type of eyeshadow packaging the custom boxes that is not only confined to your eyeshadow palates but also for your other shimmers and blush on beds.  Here few of the best eyeshadow packaging are mentioned for your ease so that you could either get the best packaging or you might like to create one for your makeup palates.

custom eye shadow boxes

  1. Printed Eyeshadow boxes:

Let’s begin from the very primitive time when the ways of storing your eye shadow palette, custom eyeshadow boxes. It is simple and easy way, that if you want to secure your eyeshades from being wrecked you cover them in the small sheet of foam or in bubble sheet and then put in in the box of exact same size. This is completed for you so that your palates either of 4 shadows or for 12 remain secure. You can’t deny the fact that this is exact in case if you want to get them shipped from one place to another or if you want to send them from place to place. This idea of custom boxes can never be outdated for this reason. So, protection comes along with getting these custom eyeshadow boxes printed too.

Let’s just get to the bigger picture of getting these eyeshadow boxes printing. You can observe that if we look at the bigger picture, printed eyeshadow boxes can serve more than one purpose as well. Apart from Storing and securing that almost all the custom boxes serve for their product, the different thing about wholesale eyeshadow boxes is that it provides you a medium of marketing and opportunity to attract towards your boxes.


You can either print for yourself or you can get them in black and white from any company. The custom packaging company is recommended for its services and quality printing. You can get your company logo printed in 5 different colors and along with shades color pattern. It totally depends on you if you want to cover the light shades in light color boxes and dark shades in dark color boxes. Furthermore, information like your contact, email id would help you a lot in the marketing point of view.

custom eye shadow packaging


When something is draped and packaged in a box with slight space to move around, there are 99% chances of its safety. Similarly, you cannot contradict the security your palates could get when they are packaged in a custom eyeshadow box. This safety is necessary when you are aiming to ship wholesale product from one place to another or you are working professionally in the wholesale market.

  1. Net cloth packaging:

When after being secured, if your eye shades need to be given in an alluring and appealing way, you can just get the palate, it does not matter if it is one shade or set of four or twelve shades, cover them in a transparent plastic bag. It should be air tight so that it does not get damaged or wet. After doing that make the packaging appealing in putting that in net clothe you can choose shimmer net if that add grace to your packaging. and then tie a bow on the top or you can use clips of different kinds.

Such eye shadow packaging is being done to give presents on special occasions or usually with the combinations. What type of combinations and how to combine it with the other accessories is the next best thing you will get to know in this blog?

Wholesale eye shadow boxes

  1. Bucket/tray:

When an upcoming birthday is approaching of a person who loves makeup and is good at packaging, I have a super cool idea for you to surprise him or her with your creativity. You can take cane basket or any ordinary basket, take makeup kits or if you want to customize it with certain makeup items you can choose random items. Cover eye shadow palates, blush-on and other shimmer items including custom eyeliner boxes and stuff. Wrap them in net and present them well to your beloved on or the concerned person. You can make these ideas more creative depending on your capability.

Where to get these custom eyeshadow boxes?

The best place to get these eyeshadow boxes is The custom packaging boxes. I have got mine from there and they not only provide you quality products but also quality services. Here is some list you should look for your ease in deciding on your wholesale eyeliner boxes or your makeup boxes. I got all these features from the custom and you might want to try them too.

eye shadow packaging

  1. Best quality cardboard
  2. Perfect printing that is later secured by lamination of gloss and matte material.
  3. Free customization options
  4. Perfect interlocking tabs that provide strength and structure.
  5. Partitions if required.

You can look at these qualities and can go for any printing and packaging company that provides all these things. The custom, you can even rely on emergency deliveries of your product.

What type of Wholesale medicine boxes are best for you?

What type of Wholesale medicine boxes are best for you?

Medicine boxes have key importance in pharmaceutical companies. These boxes are used to preserve the medicine for long time. At present, nobody wants to have unhealthy medicine boxes in their medical kit. Medicine storage boxes are extremely important for medicine storage in a chemist shop as they’ll as in homes. In homes, these boxes help adults to pack and place medicine in a sophisticated way on some top shelf, away from children. Pharmaceutical companies are extremely conscious of their products and custom box packaging. Today it is not just about providing healthy goods instead these boxes have turn into health symbols. Medicine boxes that are perfectly printed with all the instructions clearly and visibly are available at The custom packaging boxes. All you have to do is to look at the medicine you want custom medicine box packaging, and then look for the types of boxes that will secure your medicine in it. With Custom product boxes provided by The custom packaging boxes, you can totally rely on the quality of cardboard and of Printing. Along with these some of the following facilities are also provided to enhance the outlook of your custom product boxes.

Medicine Boxes

Quality ensures product boxes:

It does not matter if you want software boxes or medicine boxes. The custom packaging boxes got it covered for you. With the utilization of best quality cardboard, security of your custom medicine box packaging is ensured. With the perfect interlocking tabs of these cardboards, it does not matter if you want medicine boxes for bottles or for tablets, thecustompackagingboxes.com got it covered for your convenience.

Supreme printing with quality inks:

For the best quality, The custom packaging boxes is one of the most experienced printing and boxes Supplier Company. Our healthy boxes enable us to serve huge consumer base with complete satisfaction. Being a printing company, they provide the best boxes printing. Especially on medicine boxes, they keep a keen eye on all the details that need to be printed. For careful printing, they use best quality ink and skillful engineers. Printing on these boxes is a matter of life and death. Therefore, being the best in the market they take this opportunity very seriously and use quality paper and ink. This ink, print every single word clearly, especially the formulaic, manufacturing and expiry details.

Medicine Boxes

Customers yearn for the custom boxes that are carefully printed with the instructions and directions. As this help them get the better understanding of the product. The custom packaging boxes understand this yearning of the customer and try to make the best medicine boxes printed with clear instructions. With the manufacturing ingredients being mentioned on your medicine boxes, customers get the satisfaction of using the right thing. Moreover, quality raisin inks of multi colors are made visible with the overlying coatings of matt and gloss material. This helps in keeping the printing for somewhat longer time and helps in making them look alluring too.

The amazing option of customization:

Furthermore, to protect this printed stuff our company offers perfect laminations. These options include spot UV, matte UV, gloss matte, matte AQ, embossing and foiling. All these laminations help in securing the printed details, which are extremely important for the customers. Moreover, in their production sturdy material is used to make these lamination coats effective. These laminations facilities are also available for all types of custom handmade boxes. In accordance to its name, presentation boxes are used to present a gift to show a gesture of love or gratitude. It is not necessary that you have to go with some of the company, However, as an alternative, it can also be utilized as medicine storage box in homes to assemble all the medicine in one place.

Medicine Boxes

The custom packaging boxes facilitates you with the free customization of your custom product boxes. You can personalize them with your pharmacy logo or with the layout of your company design. Most of the companies and pharmaceutics prefer to print the boxes in white color and black printing, in order to make the writing look more visible. You can customize them with the striking colors if you want to. Our innovative graphic designer and perfect engineers are all the time available to entertain your queries and to help you out in the selection of colors for your medicine boxes.

Biodegradable material:

The set of best services and best printing also includes the best for the environment and thence, keeping this in mind, biodegradable medicine packaging is introduced. This allows you to recycle the whole boxes and utilizing them in various purposes. For that purpose, Kraft boxes or the boxes that can be used for different purposes are manufactures. You can use these boxes for various purposes if they are printed plain but since these custom medicine boxes are printed with different dosage and with different ingredients, it is better to use the boxes that are best used for. For example, if the medicine box is printed with the instructions of medicine that is used for tuberculosis it is recommended not to put osteoporosis medicine in them.

Medicine Boxes

Best services to entertain you:

If you haven’t decided on what type of medicine boxes you should go along, they would recommend you to try the best services one. As with the best quality, best services are available only at The custom packaging boxes. They provide you with the best services in most economical rates. So, just visit thecustompackagingboxes.com for further details related to any custom handmade boxes and medicine boxes.

Medicine Boxes

To maintain their reputation and bond among their customers, they offer list of features and services to satisfy our clients. The list includes the free custom quote, free design options, unlimited add-ons, and extensive range of sizes, shapes, colors, no setup or plate charges, low minimum order quantity, laminations, and free shipping worldwide and free samples. In addition, they deliver the consignment in the fastest turnaround on your doorsteps. Furthermore, if you need any help or have any queries. You can contact them; all the details are given on their page.

Shoe boxes can be resourceful- All the uses you need to know

Shoe boxes can be resourceful- All the uses you need to know

Most of your appearance rely on your shoe, hence it is best to make your shoe polish well and store well. A refine and best cardboard manufactured box is best for storing the pair of shoes. You can customize shoe boxes into so many other products with your creative skills. I have décor my room and made multiple things out of cardboard shoe boxes and by making them well printed and well presentable. Here you will get to know a few creative ideas about shoe boxes and the use of it. But before that, there are few of the points that are needed to be clear in order to know the quality.

Shoe Boxes

How does Quality Matter?

The quality of the cardboard shoe boxes matters a lot as they are required to protect the shoe and its polishing. Along with that custom boxes for shoe packaging must be eligible of handling the weight as they have to carry the large sole shoes or even if not, they need to make sure one box does not destroy the second box. Here is a list of few things that you need to keep in mind before looking for the best shoe packaging boxes.

  1. If you are looking for cardboard shoe boxes, make sure quality of cardboard is good and does not get soggy. It also needs to be sturdy and eligible to handle pressure.
  2. Custom shoe boxes need to be Perfectly cut so that the edges are refine and the quality reflects itself.
  3. Sizes could vary, you have to decide what type of size is more convenient for you as different projects require different sizes of shoe boxes.
  4. Diverse shapes provide you benefit of different designs for your outcome. Different designs can be constructed with the creativity of your mind.
  5. As far as neatness of edges are concerned, another concern is the proper lids and structure. For that purpose, make sure interlocking of tabs re best. This gives strength to your wholesale shoe boxes.
  6. If you are marketing or advertising your shoe company, you would definitely require best and durable printing so that it not only makes an attractive impact on buyer but also make the outlook appealing for the project.

Shoe Boxes

What different should you do?

In this world of competition, what will make you stand out in the market? How would you achieve that excellence and what different way you can opt to stand up in the market? All of these questions have one answer, creativity. And here we will tell you how creative you are and how creative you can be with these simple ideas that will be discussed below. It is not necessary to pack your shoes in the shoe box, there are so many ways in which you can provide shoe packaging to your shoes.

Use shoe packaging differently:

Get them printed in order to make your product recognized in the market. This printing can be solely of design or if you are making or ordering wholesale shoe boxes for your business, you can get your company name and product details on these boxes. But this is the actual use of shoe boxes, here we are going to introduce you with the best uses apart from shoe boxes for shoes. The reason why this is required is, most of the pollution and demolishing of the ozone layer is due to excess burning and pollution caused by smoke. To avoid this pollution, we need to recycle the products. And to recycle these biodegradable cardboard shoe boxes, you can use them well in different ways.

Shoe Boxes

Custom boxes for storage:

Use cardboard shoe boxes for storing your memories. Paint the custom boxes from outside if its completely brown and if it is already printed, you can customize the paints with your own painting or layer of coats. Then put all your essentials, or even if not essentials, you can use them to store old entities. It does not matter if you need these custom shoe boxes for personal use or professional. You can store your files or documents as these custom boxes provides you lid covering to avoid dust particles to ruin your books or files. So, again it depends on you how you make use of what you already have. You can add pieces of cardboard to create portions for separate things. But that depends on the size of the box.

Shoe packaging boxes as a bookshelf

Well, this is the other level of creativity as you are not only going to put your books or entities in it, instead, you’ll use more than one box to create a shelf impact. And to create that impression of shelf, it is best if you use different sizes. To your creativity, you can use the same size and same design cardboard shoe boxes as well. But along with shoe boxes, there are some more things you need to get.

  • White glue or strong adhesive
  • Scissor
  • Paints
  • Cutting samples from google, if you are not good at cutting.
  • Pencil and scale for sure.

After getting all your stationery done. You can look at YouTube for free tutorials, but you can follow simple steps as asked by us to get an average bookshelf of your requirement. Just take boxes of different sizes varying at least 2 inches in measurement. Glue these boxes up and inside, so that you get a difference of 2 inches between the boxes. that is where you’re going to put your books or put them in an uplifted way.

Shoe Boxes

Custom shoe boxes for birthdays:

You might feel that funny. That how could shoe boxes be a birthday unless if you are aiming to give someone shoes as a gift. But you are wrong here, we promised to show you things that are done differently. So, here is the idea that you can follow for the birthday parties. Although you can put all the sparkly luggage of birthday in it for storing or for carrying it for easy access apart from that you can just wrap the cardboard shoe boxes with wither gift paper or with spray paint. After that put the gifts you want to give to the birthday person. You can fill in space by adding paper cuttings and another popper stuff. This makes a perfect handmade gift for your loved ones. So, try it out and do share your reviews and the receiver’s review in the comment box or you can text us privately.

Make your pets comfortable:

Along with making your loved one surprised and yourself comfortable, here is turn to give some room to another family member. That is your pet. If you are a pet lover you will love the idea but if you ‘re not, you might not get the idea of how these custom shoe boxes can serve the purpose of your pet’s home. There s no rocket science in it, all you have to do is to make a cozy bed with a blanket and some mattress relaxing atmosphere, where your pet can lie down and relax. It is not necessary that you have to make bed with these shoe boxes, you can use them as pet’s bathroom or in training phase, you can train your pet how and where to go poop.

Shoe Boxes

Best wholesale shoe boxes by The custom packaging boxes:

If all these ideas, somehow intrigued you, we would recommend you to try them at home and let us know the review of what you have tried and how does it turn out to be. If you are wondering where can you find custom shoe boxes for shoes and to carry out all the above discussion, The custom packaging boxes, is our number one choice. As they give variety in sizes and shapes. It also gives quality services so that you could come back to them in the hour of need. So, feel free to order them with your boxes, This is for now but you’ll get to know more effective and pragmatic uses as one tries.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.