How can making use of Window Boxes make product packaging versatile?

How can making use of Window Boxes make product packaging versatile?

When it comes to run a business you really need innovation.  Innovation is what leads to the target you want to achieve. This is what really requires in custom boxes for packaging of the products. As there are a variety of products so therefore for them cardboard box with window are introduced.

What it really bring?

It actually brings the charm in the products inside them. Whether you own an apparel business or it is a food or confectionery business,  these window boxes do magic for you. In addition to this, bakery boxes with windows are also available which customers love to have. Further, such custom bakery boxes. seek attention more quickly than another packaging. When there is no way to observe the products without opening customer feel less confident or bit confused while making a decision. For this reason, their decision can turn out to be in negativity. Stay with us and you will definitely learn a lot about them.

What makes Cardboard Window Boxes more special?

This is important to that what make these boxes different from other custom boxes. As the name suggests these cardboard boxes with window are manufacture from cardboard sheets that is the easily available manufacturing material.  Moreover, if you like these windows are also induce on custom food boxes manufacture from kraft sheets.

Manufacturing Techniques: Well, when it comes to the production or manufacturing technique, manufacturers prefer to die cutting. This technology is far more easy to use for the inductions of the windows. Moreover, it makes wholesale window boxes remain in the budget of customers. In simple words with the help of die cutting, you can have cost-effective window boxes.

Window box packaging

Needless Printing:  There is another benefit of having window boxes. This benefit is of having less printing. When you have windows on top or wherever on the custom boxes then you require less printing to make these window box packaging more attractive.  For instance, bakery boxes with window help you can flaunting your yummy confectionery delights. When more than half of the top or front have clear plastic window then there will be less printing and lamination over these window packaging boxes.

How to convert the Window box packaging into a marketing medium?

To convert your window boxes into marketing medium first change that any of you need is to do proper logo customization. As this can become the hurdle in your business’ way. Even if you have a wide range of customers but they cannot refer you to others then there is no use of having custom boxes. The solution of this trouble is to have proper printing of either of logo or any name on custom bakery boxes to make your brand recommendable. If you are having any confusion right now so use your name or name’s initials as brand’s logo for your custom cake boxes as well as custom food boxes.

Hey, don’t get panic this procedure of printing over custom sweet boxes is not so expensive.

Select logo for Custom Boxes

As per the research for the logo on these cardboard boxes with box you need to work on several points given below.

  1. The logo or name should be in relevance to the product you are selling in window boxes.
  2. It should be short enough to get easily printed overall sizes of custom bakery boxes.
  3. Shortness of one word will be helpful for the customer to remember.
  4. Most importantly, it should be visible on the background of custom boxes.
  5. You can make use of light color background and dark color for Logo or vice versa.
  6. Go for a funky tag line or make changes in the spellings that attract the customers.
  7. With the logo, print your address or contact details to invite your customers.

With all this window box packaging will automatically turn into advertisement medium.

Cardboard box with window

How can you get Window box Packaging at a reasonable cost?

For a variety of products, window box packaging is highly recommended. For instance, from food to clothes to apparels to cosmetics to jewelry even daily grocery items.  Well, when it comes to buying these custom boxes there is one company ready to give you its services.  It is The Custom Packaging Boxes. they provide premium quality bakery boxes with window as well as a wide range of custom food boxes for you. The best part is that they are just one call away. Moreover, an assortment of cardboard box with window by TCPB are really cost effective for all types of budget. Most of all, there is no minimum order condition also they offer to give you design assistance as well as sampling. And when it comes to shipping, they are known for the shortest turnaround. So, you can get these facilities for free. Just visit them and feel the difference.


What are different types of Truffle Boxes and what benefits they offer?

What are different types of Truffle Boxes and what benefits they offer?

Truffle… as its name suggests is the real delight to have on any or every occasion. If I am not mistaken people of all ages likes to enjoy their beautiful moments in the presence of these sweet delights. As this delight, spread the sweetness from body to the soul. On the other hand, there is an important factor that plays a significant role in its selling and purchasing and that is truffle boxes. The time bakers spend on the making and baking the truffle, therefore to preserve the effort they have done we the manufacturers of custom boxes offer truffle box packaging. Otherwise, all your effort will be in great loss. Therefore, it is suggested to go for truffle boxes wholesale, for safe packaging of yummy delights.

What type of Truffle box packaging are available?

When it comes to custom boxes, there is a great variety available. This available variety help in easy packaging of different confectionery products. For instance, chocolate truffle boxes are the easiest way to package chocolate chunks. Mostly these custom chocolate boxes have dividers in them with foiling that preserves the chocolate from bacteria as well as heat. In addition, to this gold or silver foiling adds to the aesthetic look of these truffle boxes wholesale.

  • Custom Macaroon Boxes

Another yummy sweet that is necessity of every party or event are macaroon. From Easter to Christmas and weddings to birthdays, they are in demand throughout the year. But what makes them even more attention seeking are these custom macaroon boxes. These custom boxes have really turn out to be the problem solving for sweet packaging.

  • Custom Donut Boxes

Now it’s time to discuss yummy and delicious donuts with yummy chocolate, vanilla, and so many other icing. For them there are innovative custom donut boxes are available. As bakers are making mini donuts for you that is why truffle box suppliers are producing custom boxes for these cute mini donuts. These type of truffle packaging boxes are really good in seeking the attention of the customers. Just get this variety of truffle boxes and have more numbers of customers at your doorsteps.

Truffle Boxes

Why  Truffle boxes are so important & what are their advantages?

As I already told packaging plays the role in perceiving the value of the product that’s why simple and plain boxes do not worth it. Especially truffle boxes for food and confection needs proper presentation. Furthermore, there are a number of other categories such as custom chocolate boxes, donut boxes and so on. All these custom boxes provide a number of advantages.  Some of them are as follow:

  • Print Friendly Nature

Printing plays a very important role over custom boxes. However, this material should be friendly. Custom donut boxes involve kraft and cardboard in their manufacturing. Both these resources are not only print-friendly but the way they sustain the printing is very good. For this purpose, Laser, digital, lithography as well as die cutting all such printing is easily done on the assortment of truffle boxes wholesale.

  • Advertisement Medium

Having cute small truffle boxes… What benefit they can give? Do you also think that but it is not like that? Even this type of custom boxes are worthy of providing an important benefit. This benefit is of advertising your brand among consumers. Innovative designs of truffle box packaging are the best way to attract the customers towards your product. These customize truffle boxes also help in differentiating the brand from each other. As with these boxes, customers easily judge the quality of the products. However, the label on custom chocolate boxes does the advertisement of the company very well. You must be worried that how to get printing? For this, there are so companies working such as  Printcosmo and Amazon. With their help and these customize logos, you will be able to make an impression. Also, they are your representative in front of customers.

  • FDA approved

The best part of these truffle box packaging is that the involve food grade manufacturing material which is safe for the packaging of any kind of eatables. Manufacturers like us have FDA authorized sanctions of making these truffle boxes wholesale.  The benefit of using these custom chocolate truffle boxes is that after baking these delights can directly pack in them. As there is no harmful reaction involve therefore, the product will remain safe from bacteria as well as from contamination.

Chocolate truffle boxes

Where to buy truffle boxes wholesale?

There is no other company than The Custom Packaging Boxes that provide you with best truffle box packaging. In addition to this, they have the best prices to offer you. Further, on the request of the clients, design assistance is also available. As it is a printing and packaging company, its customers will get both reliable custom die cut boxes and quality printing at one place.

What type of Shopping Bags you must have at your store?

What type of Shopping Bags you must have at your store?

Do you have any kind of custom printed shopping bags for your shops, stores, malls?

You must have them as they are extremely necessary as custom boxes are not just enough for packaging.

Hello to all our readers! You must have understood the need for the as discussed above. Boxes are important for packaging but alone they do not fulfill all the requirements and manners of packaging. Therefore, you definitely need custom paper bags with custom paper boxes. These paper shopping bags are very much effective in providing convenience to customers. They make it easier for the customers to carry the products they buy from one place to another with ease and style.

Hey! Stay and read the full blog to know various benefits of having these bags as well as the worthy place in the US to buy premium quality bags and custom paper boxes.

What are the different types of shopping bags use in markets?

There is a wide range of customized bags with a variety of manufacturing fabric seen around in the market. From a small grocery store to big markets and outlets everywhere these shopping bags are playing vital roles. Moreover, there are varieties of features of these bags and custom handle boxes that allure the customers towards your brand. Before grabbing let us take the look at what type of custom printed shopping bags for your supermarkets or stores.

custom printed shopping bags

  • Custom Paper Bags

All of us do grocery weekly or monthly to different stores, supermarkets, etc.  There we see the plain brown custom paper bags in which different products are pack for the customers to take away easily. These paper shopping bags are available in a variety of sizes as per the shape and size of the products. For instance, for the packaging of the items from vegetables to fresh bread and eggs to cereals to other domestic products, these paper shopping bags are quite efficient and reliable as they don’t tear apart. As these personalized shopping bags are well-built and strong. Moreover, it is not compulsory to have them in plain brown shade; they can be of any color as per the demand of the customers. As companies like Printcosmo as well as Cimpress are ready to show their printing skills on them.

  • Cardboard made Shopping bags

There is another type of paper shopping bags that are frequently used around us. These bags are made from cardboard sheets which are a little bit thicker than the usual ones. Remember cardboard provides strength, robustness, and flexibility to these shopping bags because of which they are folded easily. These custom paper bags are mostly used in apparel and jewelry shops. Moreover, cosmetics and various other supermarkets and stores confirm their widespread usage. This huge demand gives insurance about their durability and reliability. Further, cardboard is easy to customize as per printing. Therefore, different printing designs can easily print them at affordable prices.

Further, there are some other manufacturing materials for shopping bags such as Hemp, Nylon, cotton, etc. All these have different reasons for usage in the market.

  • Custom Handle Boxes cum Bags

Above mention is a type of boxes which is a kind of mixture of two different categories.  For instance paper shopping bags and custom paper boxes. These two have combined to form custom handle boxes. With these innovation retailers like you do not have to spend any extra penny on shopping bags separately. For illustration, you can use them as food packaging boxes for taking away purposes without the need for an extra layering of custom paper bags. Likewise, there are several other products that can be easily pack in them.

Paper Shopping Bags

For these boxes as well as custom printed shopping bags, there is a different variety of handles available such as ribbons, cotton, and foldable handles, as well as twisted paper handles. Moreover, the joining of the flaps also make reliable handles over custom boxes/

 Where to get personalized shopping bags?

Personalization is one of the most important features which is extremely beneficial for business. Custom printed boxes, for this reason, are the best choice to opt. For this, you just have to select a worthy company like The Custom Packaging Boxes.  Being custom boxes and bags printing and packaging company will provide you with premium quality personalized shopping bags. These shopping bags with customize logo or company name will do magic for you. Using them is the best way to advertise your brand and product in the market.  The right advertisement becomes the real source of your products fame.  For this purpose provides design assistance so that the client makes the right choice of the color scheme for their boxes and bags. Further, there is a list of services which this company has to offer you like free sampling, add-ons as well as shipping around the world. Just send custom quote and see the difference.



Serve your food in Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes to your customers

Serve your food in Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes to your customers

Have you heard of Custom Chinese takeout boxes? If not, are you ready to know their advantages?

I think you will find it interesting to know about these custom Chinese takeout boxes. As they are the best option for food storage and packaging. We all are aware of the importance of food in people’s life. However, for foodies quality and deliciousness of food are worthy of living. Therefore, to maintain the quality of the food, packaging plays an important role. For this reason, custom boxes really work for you.  For the customers, these features in takeout boxes are very important when they are supposed to buy edibles. Therefore, to give your customers the best food packaging services and also to attract them towards you get wholesale Chinese takeout boxes. There are a number of advantages which you can achieve from Chinese food boxes.

How Chinese Takeout Boxes makes serving easy?

Life is so busy these days as every one of us are getting late for something or other. Who has the time to sit and serve food in plates or dishes? However, this difficulty is resolved because of Chinese takeout boxes.   Chinese food boxes provide reliable food packaging and favorable for making deliveries. In addition to this, it also helps in serving the food in themselves directly. As these wholesale Chinese takeout boxes can easily open to change its shape into a plate. This feature of custom boxes completely changes the scenario for the consumers.  Moreover, if you like these custom cardboard boxes can aid you to serve food on various occasions like family or friends picnics,  for school, office lunches and so on. Therefore, to provide your customers to get the assortment of custom Chinese takeout boxes at your shop and use them for food packaging.

custom Chinese takeout boxes


Custom Boxes with Logo

While running a food chain don’t forget one thing, which is to make recognition in the market.  Use Custom boxes to advertise your food brand among your competitors.  Chinese food boxes with logo is the way to get inside the market to present yourself.  Printing logo and other relevant details is not at all difficult. You just need the help of the experience partner. And you can have the experienced partner in the form of The Custom Packaging Boxes. As printing and packaging company they guide you in the customization of wholesale Chinese takeout boxes. The more these customized takeout boxes will be consumed by customers it will automatically turn the boxes into the advertising medium. Moreover, if you are Chinese owning a restaurant or a food chain in foreign land and especially in America then Chinese takeout boxes will make root recognition of your country in your surroundings.

gift Chinese takeout boxes

Recyclable & Eco-friendly

Usually, the custom cardboard boxes are put into the garbage after being used. However,  Custom Chinese takeout boxes can be re-used. The inside and outside coating of lamination on custom boxes make them less greasy that can be easily clean and utilize for several purposes. For instance, you can consume them as gift Chinese takeout boxes or can use them for storing other food items or any other variety then Chinese food. Recycling of the Chinese takeout boxes make them eco-friendly as protecting the environment is also our top-most priority. To get more sales in your business, you should opt for eco-friendly Chinese food boxes. This will also reduce waste during production. It will not only create a good impact on customers but also economical for your budget. Moreover, you can mention this thing in your boxes for your customers to know that you are green.

Takeout boxes

Microwave and Refrigerator Friendly

Since, these custom Chinese takeout boxes are made from cardboard, Kraft and corrugated paper materials customers can think that they can get greasy or smudgy. Let me reveal the secret that these Chinese takeout boxes not only have resistance features furthermore; these materials made them microwave and refrigerator friendly. As custom cardboard boxes are reusable, anything can be stored in it to put into the refrigerator.

Wholesale Chinese Takeout Boxes

There is one more thing, which makes these Chinese food boxes even more worthy. This addition is of wire handle which are sometimes metallic or could be made of plastic. However, take care of the metallic handle while using in the microwave as sometimes they are not microwave friendly. Otherwise, there is no harm in these custom boxes.

Display Boxes with all their attractive types and benefits

Display Boxes with all their attractive types and benefits

Why the counters are empty? Where are the display boxes?

Boss, why do we need them?

The above question needs to be answered. Therefore, when it comes to your shop or outlets’ decoration. Especially to give it some more business appeal, custom display boxes are extremely helpful. These retail display boxes maintain your products with absolute perfection in reserve space. In addition to this, they are also beneficial in displaying a variety of items to your customers. These presentation boxes are the best way to allure your customers with hot selling products and new arrivals. Moreover, the cardboard display boxes enhance the beauty of your counters. For utilizing them you do not have to belong to a big business fraternity even if you run a general or grocery store; it is beneficial.

Custom Display Boxes

Benefits of Display Boxes

You need these cardboard display boxes thoroughly.  As they are a complete package for showcasing and also alluring your customers.

  • Products display in retail display boxes have the potential to grab the attention of the customer.
  • Contents in custom display boxes in a single glimpse seek attention, it is sure that the customer will not think twice while purchasing it.
  • These custom boxes result in impulsive sales which, increase the sales revenue.
  • Using these display boxes wholesale  customer can be made aware of the upcoming arrivals in the store.
  • Besides, you can stack the existing varieties with new deals that customers may have forget because of new arrivals.
  • These boxes do not require outsize area rather adjust at small places.

Cardboard display boxes

Stand up Custom Display Boxes

Is your products are large or bigger in size and you want to make a statement? Then stand up custom display boxes are a great option. Place them tactfully at the right position such as near the cash counter. Thus, these retail display boxes can become one of the last things that customers will see as they are all set to head out. This positioning is always a great place to make better impulsive sales. As they will linger in the mind of the customers. The stuff pack or place in these display boxes will increase the possibility for the customers to come back and buy your product at later sometime. Stand-up display boxes wholesale are custom made so that they can fit your product perfectly. Moreover, they ensure a successful display, rather than a disaster on the store’s floor.

Display Boxes Wholesale

Custom Book Display Boxes Stand

This type of custom display boxes are very interesting.  As their name suggests they are the best way to present the books in any book stores, stationery shop or any other retail shop. These books stand retail display boxes are effective in assembling a massive amount of the books at one place. Moreover, place separately they will seek the attention of the customers quickly. Books, novels, magazines, comics, newspapers etc can sufficiently place in them. Heavy duty cardboard sheets are use in the manufacturing of these cardboard display boxes. This helps them stand properly and bear the weight of the books. In addition to this, they are available on one side as well as in four-sided book house structure. Therefore, they work as presentation boxes for books.

Retail display boxes

 3-Tiers Display Boxes Bin

This bin style display boxes are perfect for displaying items in any retail store. These 3-tier custom display boxes bin are also known as cardboard store fixture. They can move slow-selling products off from crowded shelves to the aisle, where customers can’t miss them. These custom boxes are multipurpose as they can display with sale or clearance of items by selling them. The bin display boxes wholesale have a removable header for grabbing more attention. These cardboard display boxes dump bin are crafted with black-coated corrugated cardboard which coordinates almost any retail setting. This allows retailers to showcase products vertically, using minimal floor space. These bin display have following structure measurement such as :

·        20-1/2″ wide

·        10-1/2″ high

·        12″ deep bin compartments

Moreover, bin display intends to hold products neatly package and for free-standing items, like boxed food or books.

customized display boxes

Power Wing Custom Display Boxes

Creativity with the appeal is when you are able to put them on the show for the customers. Power Wing display boxes are reliable sturdy and cost-effective display way out. The custom boxes wholesale have 14.25 ×5 header and 14.75 inches base. Their length is of 60.25 inches with use able hook space. Manufacturing of these custom display boxes includes corrugated layers. These retail display boxes are also known as sidekick displays. Further, these power wing custom specialty boxes have detachable base. Because of this feature, their placement on the floor and as wall hanging is possible. These custom boxes enable you to increase your product sell-through on the retail platforms. Most of these boxes are ship pre-pack for quick setup. Boost your products with a wide range of designing and get perfect sidekick or power wing display solution.

colored display boxes

Small Cardboard Display Boxes

As its name suggests, small custom display boxes help in displaying the assortment on the counter top. Everywhere, almost in all types of shop, for every kind of products these cardboard display boxes are providing their services. As they are place on the counter tops will force the customers to purchase. With this, the products will automatically attract the customers towards them. This results in impulsive sale and purchase of a wide range of products. For instance, a variety of cosmetics [ lipsticks, nail colours, chap sticks etc], CD or  DVDs, candies, chocolates, magazines. In addition to this, a lot can be placed in these retail display boxes for example products in pharmacy etc. To cut short, these counter top presentation boxes greatly boost sales.

display packaging

Customize Cardboard Display Boxes

Printing is fundamental for making cardboard display boxes attention seeking in the market. In addition to design embellishment, printing is a clever trick to print important information as well. Moreover, there are a wide range of ways to design these retail display boxes.  For instance, in accordance with the product to theme customization is easily possible. This printing over custom boxes makes them fall in another category.

display box printing services

This customization is even effective for custom specialty boxes. As they are used in various stores for displaying a wide range of products. Therefore, for a different audience, you need to have different designs. For instance, attract the kids with their favorite superheroes’ and princess’ characters. Moreover for cosmetics, draw pictures of models highlighting your products. Further,  you get more ideas from Amazon prints as well.


Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.