Apparel boxes attract in multiple ways, how to innovate them in different ways

Apparel boxes attract in multiple ways, how to innovate them in different ways

Before we get into the details of how and what type of boxes are best for your business and what type of apparel packaging boxes can have an impact on your personal storage of clothes, it is best to have a short description of apparel packaging boxes. Here you will get a complete guide on what type of custom apparel boxes are best for professional use and how they can be recycled. I have started my own clothing line with the very small budget. All you need is smart investment of your budget and perfect marketing. You will learn all the smart ideas from investment to package your clothes in an unconventional way.

apparel boxes


If you are familiar with the clothing line, you already know what Apparel boxes are and how to use them in an effective way. But if you are not in clothing line or not own a boutique. You might want to know what apparel boxes are. Custom shoe boxes are used for packaging your clothes in an effective and innovative medium. You can customize them according to the requirement of your product. For instance, if you want it to be for your shirts and tie, you can have them that way. If you want it to for complete set, you can customize your apparel packaging boxes as thick and strong as per the set of clothes you want to put in. Different sections can be made with the allotment of different separators.


Customization of these apparel boxes can be done by you or you can ask any of the company to do that for you. Numerous companies do free customization of your apparel boxes according to your requirement. The custom packaging boxes is at the top of it, who provides best printing offers with best quality services. If you are wondering that why would you need a customized apparel box for your clothes packaging, the answer is really simple.

  • Advertise your brand.
  • Make the outlook attractive and appealing.
  • Secure your clothes from every corner.
  • Die-cuts for the perfect outlook
  • Customization of different colors according to the occasion or event.

Apparel Boxes


The key feature for making the custom retail boxes perfect for your clothing line is through marketing and brand advertisement. With the custom retail packaging, you get the opportunity for marketing of your brand. You can customize them with the logo of your brand, with washable and recyclable tags. You can also get these wholesale apparel packaging printed with the instruction of use and with the material used in the manufacturing of the cloth. For instance, if you are putting a cotton mix clothing in it, you can put the description of 80% cotton and 20% linen or any other material that is being mixed with it. Customization can be done at your end as well. You can customize them with the printing on plastic bags as well. All you need is your own creative mind.

With the google free tool, you can choose your design in accordance to the apparel boxes and then insert the text that you desire. Along with the contact information. While printing custom retail boxes, you need to be very much open about your contact information as this is the only way through which you will get more customers. So, if you want apparel packaging boxes for your professional use, you have to be very precise about the things you are putting on display apparel boxes.


For the die-cut apparel boxes, it is necessary to have a little space through which you can look into the product. This is not necessary only for the look inside but it is also necessary for you in order to have an appealing look. But the question is how to make die cuts that will appeal. If we look at the mugs packaging, cube boxes and other boxes that can be used as gift boxes, we might see that the die cuts are in different shapes and sizes. But when it comes to apparel boxes you might constrict yourself to squares and rectangular shapes.

Apparel Boxes

There is something that is needed to be clear and that is die-cuts are not only the shapes and sizes that is on the one side usually on the top of the boxes. Sometimes it is laminated and sometimes it is not. Die-cuts can be the cuts that are in any kind of shape. And when the term die cut comes, it means that the edges that needed to be interlocked into one another also counts in. It is the cut that gives the strength to your boxes. You can get the strength in cardboard if the tabs are properly interlocked into one another.


Here is my favorite part, that is creativity. You can make your apparel boxes appealing by adding the flavors of creativeness. You can make the outlook perfect and appealing by making different innovations in them. If you want them to be different from other upstanding clothing businesses, you can make your custom apparel boxes different by carving wood and hook. You can create the design by creating minute die-cuts inside the box you prepare for your clothes. These apparel boxes do not need to be customized only for shirts and trousers if you need them for one part of attire you can customize that accordingly. A tie or cufflinks can be put in one box while the other can be put into a sperate box or you can combine the tie box with shirt box for gifts.


Give and take of clothes have become custom and honestly, in my opinion, the best gift that you could give to your beloved ones is of clothes. This is because this will be used by them and they could wear them. But one should give gifts in a presentable way and for that purpose, customized apparel boxes comes in. You can customize apparel packaging boxes as per your desire and requirement. Here are some of the ways that I found attractive on Tumblr and Pinterest. I have applied them and to ensure you, response from every person I gave gifts was awesome.

Apparel Boxes


Net is always eye-catching and to make the cover perfect. You can either use it on the outside of the box or for the clothes themselves. You can cover it in the simple paper and the cover that with a colorful glittered net. You can fold them and them in the basket if you want to, along with many other items like chocolates and whatever other person likes. This way you make a complete package of items and things other person like alongside, you secure your clothes from getting damaged.


Another perfect way is by putting them into gift papers. If you don’t know want to put them into gift boxes, you can cover apparel boxes with classic style gift paper. This will help in making the apparel boxes and your clothes outlook appealing and fascinating.

Apparel Boxes


If you are giving gift to a very beloved friend, family member or family friend, make sure you give them in a way they remember for log time. You can get your picture customized with him/her on the lid of the apparel boxes. This is my way of reminding that we stick together. You can use different quotes or your favorite pickup lines for making the lid more memorable and appealing.


Different shapes in lids provide a different outlook. You can make your own or you can get them customized, as you will.

A perfect apparel box is one that could bear strength and capacity to hold for a long period of time. So, quality comes first then quantity.

Custom Apparel boxes- Customized Apparel Printed Boxes

Custom Apparel boxes- Customized Apparel Printed Boxes

Living in the modern world we make sure we look good and well-dressed. To look presentable your outfit should also be presentable. So, to make sure your clothing does not get damaged, the custom packaging boxes provides alluring Apparel packaging boxes. These fine quality custom apparel boxes are most often used for wrapping and presenting your clothes in a way that they don’t get wrinkles and presentation of your outfit also appeal your customer. Because the more nicely these outfits are presented more value to your services is given. Some of you may wonder that most brands give your dress in a shopping bag so why should you go for boxes, So the answer is very simple and visible Custom Apparel Boxes gives protection to your clothes. These boxes prevent your clothes from wrinkles and while shipping, made your shipment easier.

Custom apparel boxes

Custom apparel boxes

Quality along quantity:

Along with Quality product and quality cardboard, the custom packaging boxes provides perfect printing and finishing. You can get these custom apparel boxes in a variety of sizes and styles, it depends on you if you want to put the shirt in them or complete three-piece suits. Because along with quality we also make sure you have enough space for your quantity. If you are planning to get scarves, tie and shirt as a gift or as a business to your clients, a perfectly crafted and innovatively designed Apparel Packaging Boxes gives you enough space to tuck in your entities and to present them in a spectacular way.

Free design option:

Our innovative and skilled designers are all time ready to help our valued customers. In selecting customize apparel boxes for your products and clothes, make sure you pick only the most flattering colors, depending on the print and pattern of the item you’re shipping. You don’t need to get into the selection trouble just let us know the finishing product you want for your company and we ensure exact replica of your imagination in alluring quality as asked by you. Try to avoid any potential for the shock of clashing colors.

Apparel packaging boxes

Apparel packaging boxes

Durability of your product:

It is right for you to think about your product’s printing quality. Since we know you value your product so we value your product too. And this is why we make certain of our printing durability. You can get customize apparel boxes with some lamination options. You can select the type of lamination you want for your boxes. The custom packaging boxes provide finishing in matt to make your printed logos or name textured, Gloss to make your logo shiny and Aqueous coating to make sure no dust particles enter and leave the fingerprint when held in hands. UV spot coating is also offered by the custom packaging boxes which ensures that your logo gets dry quickly and left with the texture.

customized apparel Printed boxes

customized apparel Printed boxes


There are many entrepreneurs in the clothing line, out there who are selling their products at affordable prices. We want you to continue your best services of customer’s care with these Wholesale Apparel Boxes. So, to make these custom apparel boxes economical and reasonable for your services our team makes use of special die-cut equipment which results in finest quality. And here is the perk of allurement along with quality, no charges for this die cut or plate cutting are being charged.  YES! You read it right, no die-cut or plate charges are charged. So, if you are wondering that where you can find high-quality offset printing free of die-cut and plate charges, the custom packaging boxes is the right spot to place your order.

Wholesale apparel boxes

Wholesale apparel boxes

Diversity in use:

These custom Apparel boxes are more commonly used for clothes but since it’s world of smart people, people can make use of these apparel packaging boxes in giving gifts as well. It is not necessary to only give clothes in these boxes rather you can make them the complete package. Subsequently promotional packages along with your products. These Customized Printed Apparel Boxes have enough space that if you want to give cologne with the shirt you can put it along with dress or you can add books with bookmarks paper clips, cards for greeting and certainly the related stuff of one’s choice.

Custom Apparel boxes- appeal your clients with quality

If you own a boutique or working in the clothing line, you are probably familiar with these boxes but if you are no need to worry. These fine quality custom apparel boxes are most often used for wrapping and presenting your clothes in a way that they don’t get wrinkles and presentations of your outfit also appeal your customer. Because the more nicely these outfits are presented more value to your services is given. If you are wondering why boxes, why not shopping bags or so the answer is very simple boxes gives protection and helps you in safety shipment.

Custom Apparel Boxes

 Alluring quality:

These apparel packaging boxes can be personalized and be customized in different sizes and styles depending on your product. If you are planning to get scarves, tie and shirt as a gift or as a business to your clients, a perfectly crafted and innovatively designed apparel packaging boxes gives you enough space to tuck in your entities and to present them in a spectacular way.

How to choose best custom apparel box for yourself:

Think of yourself as the personal shopper of your Customer. The first and foremost thing that is necessary for choosing these Customized apparel boxes is hard quality box and premium printing on it. So, when you are shipping these boxes the printed logos or designs of your company does not get cast-off. In selecting your customize apparel boxes, make sure you pick only the most flattering colors, depending on the print and pattern of the item you’re shipping. You don’t need to get into the selection trouble just let us know the finishing product you want for your company and we ensure you exactly same quality as asked by you. Try to avoid any potential for the shock of clashing colors.

Custom Apparel Boxes

Complete in itself:

These apparel packaging boxes are complete in itself. They provide printing with long-lasting effect, which means that if you have used this box once for the shirt and tie you can use this custom apparel box next time for scarves or sweatshirt. It aids in storing purpose as well. That if you are traveling you can put your fancy or formal clothes separate from each other and use them in the hour of need without pressing them.

Since, the extensive use of these boxes in aiding and facilitating not only in business line but also in personal life, these boxes are highly in demand in the market. This makes a perfect opportunity for you to advertise.

You can add your company or organization information on the box. Or if you are getting these wholesale apparel boxes for weddings you can get them printed with the name of bride or groom in a very attractive font. This will not only help you in bringing more clients but also impact on your customers.

Finishing option:

For the quality outcome of these apparel packaging boxes, we make sure that our product looks perfect inside out. To make sure the printing does not cast off during shipment and is durable, lamination is made either in gloss or in matt materials. Aqueous and UV spot coating are also offered. These increase the life of printing and defend your printed logos or themes against dust and rubbing. For quick dry and glossy texture Aqueous coating is preferred and for textured and matt look UV spot coating re preferred.

Custom Apparel Boxes

Affordable in price:

The custom packaging boxes make sure no extra expenses hinder your way to excellence marketing of your products. Thus, make these custom apparel boxes economical and reasonable. And to make these products super inexpensive and affordable our team makes use of special die-cut equipment which results in finest quality. And chop-chop there is no charges for this die cut. YES! No die-cut or plate charges are charged. So, if you are wondering that where you can find high quality offset printing free of die-cut and plate charges, the custom packaging boxes is the right spot to place your order.

No compromise in services:

The custom packaging boxes, an experienced and remarkable company from their statistic and empirical studies have experienced that improved service quality increases profitability and long-term economic competitiveness. For the best services both in printing and delivering more than a hundred boxes, you can totally count on us. With the fastest turnaround rate of 15 days these custom apparel boxes are assembled and shipped on time, the custom packaging boxes provide you timely services.

Custom Apparel Boxes

Convinced yet? No? Then just check out the wholesale apparel boxes with different colors, logos, artwork, or designs, at the custom packaging boxes so that when next time you need to order for your clothing line you don’t have to search google or compare prices at other different sites.

Custom Apparel Boxes for an Enhanced Brand Appeal

Are you looking for a great way to package your apparel while mobilizing your buyers into buying your brand? Then you have landed the perfect place as we will tell you how the custom apparel boxes can help you achieve your business targets while portraying your brand in the best manner. Apparel is what everyone needs and constantly keep looking for new and latest ones. For that matter, apparel packaging boxes play a vital role in bringing forth your brand in the perfect way. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the apparel boxes and how to choose the right one for your products.

Custom apparel boxes

Choose the right apparel boxes

The apparel packaging boxes can help you depict the class and style of your apparel in the best way and aid you to mobilize your buyers by alluring them into buying the products. These boxes help to maintain the quality and outlook of your apparel to be presented to the customers in the best way. These stylish boxes also help to increase the overall look of your products with their appealing outlook. They can be designed in creative, unique and innovative ways to enhance the appeal of your products and attract the potential audience into buying your apparel with their sophistication. It’s only a matter of choosing the right and complementing boxes for your apparel that would help you enhance your brand popularity and appeal.

Variety of Packaging Options

You can make the packaging even more dynamic by including creative insertions depending upon your products and preferences. You can target more audience by adding such impressive designs like the windowed apparel boxes to enhance the presentation of your products. You can add a personalized touch to your boxes by getting them designed into a suitable design from top tuck and die cut packaging to printing in a sleeve as per your requirements and demand for your product. In this way, you can add a peculiarity touch to the attire of your products and make the customers get attracted to them at the first sight. So, go ahead and enhance the appeal of your products with the plethora of dynamic options available for the packaging.  You can also get your boxes have different types of finishes from spot UV, matte to glossy ones while making your apparel look a stand apart from all of your competition.

apparel packaging boxes

Eco-Friendly Kraft Custom Apparel Boxes

If you are an environmentally friendly brand and want to keep the packaging of your products Eco-friendly, then the Kraft custom apparel boxes are the best option for you. These boxes offer a very durable as well as a Bio-degradable way to package your apparel while presenting it in the best way.These boxes can be made into a multitude of different styles and designs as well as printed with the vital details to make them all the more enticing for the customers while keeping the environment safe and healthy away from pollution. Moreover, they happen to be the most affordable apparel boxes that can help you to enhance the appeal of your products without burdening your pocket.

Sturdily built for better apparel packaging

You can get your profoundly made custom apparel boxes with the most sturdy built to package as well as transport your apparel conveniently while retaining the quality of your products. With a multitude of design options as well as manufacturers offering their services to make the best apparel boxes for you, you can rest assured of the safety and best presentation of your apparel with these boxes. Not only that these boxes also help you to endorse your brand in an effective manner. Furthermore, they are the most cost-effective packaging solution that you can use to enhance the appeal of your product while ensuring its safety. You can either get creative yourself and design them or hire professional help to design them and then have them made and printed by the best printing company to ensure the quality. You can even get apparel boxes wholesale made in bulk to get them at even more affordable rates for endorsing your product effectively.

Windowed custom apparel boxes for enticing the customers:

The customization of the apparel boxes into having a transparent window can help to persuade the consumers to have a good look at the apparel and get attracted to it and finally make them buy your products. So, go ahead and enhance the charisma of your garments by packaging them in these elegantly crafted boxes with windows at extremely affordable rates to get the full attention of your consumers. These windows will allow your customers to have a good look at the products and feel much more confident and happy while investing in your products. Get the perfect die cutting window on your apparel boxes to entice your customers and put your best foot forward in the world of brand marketing.

customized apparel boxes

Brand Endorsement:

If you are going to launch your new apparel brand then getting custom apparel boxes designed with a pertinent theme as well as catchy and vital printed details can help your apparel brand get a warm reception in the market. You can get your boxes customized into a complementary color scheme that would help you to speak out for the quality of your apparel. Moreover, they also present with the best gift option as they are presentable boxes that can enhance the look of your products and make the recipients happy while receiving them. Hence, these boxes help you to endorse your apparel brand in the most cost-effective way while making your audience to get attracted towards your great presentation and awesome quality of your products.

Custom apparel boxes are a source of relief for the apparel retailers and designers who wish to make their brands popular as soon as they are launched. Packaging is the first impression of any product, so use it for the best outcomes by getting it designed and printed with catchy details and a smart logo.

apparel boxes


Are you are looking for the best quality custom apparel boxes?

Custom apparel boxes are quite in spotlight these days as a number of apparel companies have started focusing on the appearance of their product. It is justifiable as packaging is one of the marketing mix. Packaging helps in grabbing the attention of the customer and in the similar manner, it increases the shelf impact of the product.

Apparel Boxes

Which material is best for apparel packaging boxes?

A number of materials are being used for custom apparel packaging boxes. Cardboard, others are using paperboard and few are preferring mixture of both. Most of the companies are utilizing paperboard and this has turned out to be the best as it keeps the clothing material safe from any damage.

Design has gained much significance as it is considered important as compared to material because design has the tendency to attract the attention of the customers. Design plays an important role in enhancing the look and feel of apparel packaging boxes.

Get affordable and easy to carry wholesale apparel boxes now!

You can easily get affordable and easy to carry apparel boxes and custom apparel packaging boxes now online without any hassle. In addition to it, customization can also be done which will eventually enhance the look and feel of your product. These are affordable and these will help the manufacture in maintaining the profit. Afford ability is the factor everyone seeks and this is quite good in all the cases. Getting apparel boxes with customized features will eventually enhance the look and feel of your product.

custom apparel boxes

What damage you can incur by using low-quality packaging stickers?

No matter whatever is the price of clothing material, the more focus is put on the apparel packaging. There are a lot of factors that are taken in to account in this regard. Apparel packaging boxes are not commonly available in the market and you have to order them online or have to get in touch with a printing and packaging company in this regard.

Clothing line and apparel boxes:

You require apparel boxes for the packaging of garments and to make your product appealing these are the few tactics that included in garments business. It can be one identified with boutique or deal buy. In the comparable way, your garments should be wrapped and remain pressed in a decent cardboard clothing boxes. These clothing boxes and Kraft apparel boxes will give phenomenal appearance to your item. You may have seen in various boutiques and shopping outlets that they offer uncommon kind of apparel boxes that are so appealing and simple to convey.

Characteristics of a small clothing box:

Clothing boxes must have the escorting highlights:

  • They must be anything but difficult to convey as individuals desiring shopping purposes need to visit different shops as well, in this way, little attire boxes must be kept.
  • Apparel boxes must have an advanced look and it must have least planning.
  • Apparel boxes must be comprised of ecofriendly material that makes no harm nature.
  • Logo of the organization or boutique, slogan and different highlights like address, contact number can be added to it.

apparel packaging boxes

Custom clothing boxes and the custom bundling boxes:

  • Our apparel boxes are ideal for retail organizations and boutiques, both in store and for online stores.
  • We have the best fashioners who know each strategy to influence your unique events to like Christmas, occasions, birthday events, and weddings
  • Our custom clothing boxes can likewise be utilized for various school tasks or display purposes.
  • Our kraft clothing boxes and little attire boxes can be reused in a way that you can sort out your adornments in it and it can be utilized to keep youngsters’ rooms clean
  • These can likewise be improved and handed over to blessing boxes with the assistance of lace tops, beautiful adornments, and gleam complete, and other astonishing stuff.

How a custom die cut apparel packaging box works?

  • Custom die cut apparel packaging box comes in various shapes. It is normally alluded to in the packaging business. Custom die cut apparel packaging will reasonably stamp out the general size and style of your case.
  • We endeavor to limit your costs here by simply charging you at low cost, helping you to get your new packaging by holding the costs down on packaging by giving you the amazing offers on cut boxes or custom die cut boxes at moderate rates.
  • As a matter of fact, there is a start-up cost for remarkably made boxes; there are speculation assets to be created. Limit and transport costs can be diminished. You can guarantee harmed free boxes whenever with no delay.
  • As a self-evident truth, die cut apparel packaging boxes are principal to introduce day packaging for huge merchants and retailers, and despite for business visionaries who work out of home work environments. These holders are used to package and ship things the country over and over the globe.

All that you have to think about die cut apparel packaging boxes!

Die cut bundling boxes are being utilized by various brands and the significant reason is the uniqueness that they offer to the item. One thing must be remembered that these printed die cut boxes or wholesale apparel  boxes give an extraordinary look to any item. Notwithstanding it, they are accepted to give an imaginative way to deal with any item at reasonable rates.

customized apparel boxes

A Foundation of Structure

Furrowed cardboard or fiberboard is the foundation of many retail bundling examples of overcoming adversity. Basically, any kind of wrinkled board is made using bends that are put between two liner-sheets using strong sticky glue in essentially the right position to keep up adequate weight and swear off turning. With this foundation set up, it’s possible to play out with various outlines and assortment including the arrangement of a uniquely and amazing box, utilizing a blend of Kraft paperboard and distinctive materials.


Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.