6 types of corrugated boxes with their exceptional use

6 types of corrugated boxes with their exceptional use

Boxes became part of our everyday life. Different types and sizes of boxes are used in different ways. Do you know that in malls, supermarkets and stores what  provides protection to your favourite products during transportation?  Let us reveal the secret that it is these corrugated boxes with the help of which safe deliveries are possible from distant places. These custom corrugated boxes are essential for direct packaging and displaying purposes as well. These boxes have a strange type of grace that appeals to the customers that result in boosting the sales of the product. The demand of custom corrugated packaging is increasing because of their versatility.  Whether you are a big businessman or make small scale deliveries from home these wholesale corrugated boxes are the most reliable packaging.these custom die cut boxes are available in variety of shapes and sizes.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Let us see how much these boxes are sufficient to be used in different fields of business.

  • Custom Wardrobe Corrugated Boxes

Shifting and travelling effects clothes. Everything need special care to make safe and properly delivery. Moreover, sometimes you all fell into the shortage of space but to pack some of your special dresses or suit you need something. For this purpose, we  introduce wardrobe corrugated cardboard boxes for our customers.  These corrugated boxes really help in retaining the shape and designs of the expensive clothes. Moreover, they also preserve them for future use.  Further, save them from damages and provides some more space without spending a lot on the wooden cupboards use these custom corrugated boxes. Wholesale corrugated boxes are cost-effective for domestic and retail shop utilisation. Further, these boxes are of two types:

  • stand up
  • lay down wardrobe boxes

The best part is, they can easily place under the bed or in the drawers of the cupboard consuming less space.

custom corrugated packaging

  • Polypropylene Corrugated Boxes

This particular type, polypropylene plastic custom corrugated packaging is in the list of immense demand these days. If you do little focus around you will find them. Their manufacturing includes hard plastic and thermoplastic polymer. Customers cherish these type of custom corrugated boxes because of their high strength,  excellent durability and moisture proof. To provide premium quality construction , skilful engineers use corrugated plastic utilising all their professional abilities. You can use these custom boxes wholesale  for damage free packaging of the electronic goods. If you want these corrugated boxes are available in the box as well as tray form.

Wholesale corrugated boxes

  • Wholesale Postage Corrugated Boxes

As online shopping is very much into the trend now; therefore, sending things or receiving parcels is way common these days. As a result, you people must have seen and even receive your parcel pack in postage boxes.  These boxes falls under the category of  custom corrugated packaging that actually provides the safety and security for all types of items inside them. Moreover, being an online retailer these corrugated cardboard boxes are a blessing for your postal services for making safe deliveries. Moreover, there are types of postage corrugated boxes.  For instance:

  1. Lid custom corrugated boxes
  2. Corrugated packaging boxes with Envelope base
  3. Self-locking custom die cut boxes
  4. Postage envelop with Five -panels

All of them have slightly different features that helps in the packaging of different types of products in them such as number strong base, convenient locking, suitability of long distance deliveries and so on.

corrugated cardboard boxes

  • Corrugated Boxes for Fruits / Vegetables

The world is changing with new advancements even the farms have so many changes. Previously farmers make deliveries of the fruits and vegetables to cities and towns which is old methods of providing services. In this process, much of the stock suffer destruction and damage but it is not the case now. To deliver the farm fresh supplies safely these custom wholesale boxes are the best choice. The design and manufacturing of these custom corrugated packaging  preserve the freshness of the fruits and vegetables.  In addition, food grade materials is used in their production; further holes are necessary that provides air passage in them. Air passages in fruit custom corrugated boxes helps in maintaining the freshness of content inside. They are suitable for transporting as well as for displaying the fruits directly in stores. For this reason, they can also be known as gift corrugated boxes.

affordable corrugated boxes printing

  • Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Transporting the products from one place to another place needs a lot of care and precautionary measures. However, when it comes to the shipping to far off places then retailers and wholesalers both are very much conscious. Therefore, to decrease the tension there are custom corrugated boxes. The variety to use for shipping purpose depends upon what type of product is going to be deliver. The benefit of using these corrugated cardboard boxes is that multiple layers provide strength and robustness in them. For instance, use double or triple walled custom corrugated packaging for heavy products like electronics. Remember that these fluting does not increase the weight of the wholesale corrugated boxes instead provides the strength and sturdiness to the corrugated boxes. These layers work as a defence shield against damages done by jerks or sudden bumps and jumps.

low price corrugated boxes

  • Custom Die Cut Boxes

You must know that custom die cut boxes includes manufacturing through the die cut process. Corrugated boxes also fall under the category of these boxes because their manufacturing also involves the procedure. There is a huge variety of die cut custom corrugated packaging being widely used in the packaging fields.  For instance, books or CD/DVD custom wholesale boxes.  This die-cut corrugated procedures  also include production of Archive boxes. There are further such types productions from this procedure. The manufacturing of Custom corrugated boxes  from this procedure are in demand these days because they are cost-effective.

corrugated packaging

If you want to know more about corrugated boxes then visit the official web page of  The Custom Packaging Boxes. The sales representative will provide the answers of your questions.

Corrugated Boxes – All You Need To Know about it’s wonderful advantages

As the emergence of online marketing and e-commerce technologies is becoming eminent, we are witnessing a mass revolution in every niche there ever was in the marketplace. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new and innovating ideas to sell their creativity to the clientele, while some are revitalizing old ideas and using the already existing customer-base to their advantage. The online marketplace has pride itself and proved their mettle by offering savvy-customers with all the convenience they every fantasized. In such cases, one of the most important procedures which online platforms, as well as brick and mortar titans, need to consider is offering efficient packaging.

corrugated boxes

For online portals, it is extremely important to choose a packaging option, which can not only help them save a lot of money but can also offer the durability needed in national and international shipment trips. One of the options, when we talk about cost-effective and durable packaging, are corrugated boxes. However, most entrepreneurs or small-scale business owners do not have an idea of what corrugated cardboard boxes are, or how they can benefit a business. Let us find out some of the benefits of corrugated boxes, starting with what they really are!

What Are Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are basically one of the trending packaging materials in the marketplace, which are usually produced from fiberboard or cardboard, and are processed under immense pressure to firm them into cubicle sections. These boxes are usually used for shipping, moving and many more activities, which are being carried out throughout the world.

Corrugated boxes not only offer a wide array of combinations, but they also offer a diverse category of size and durability. Some of these corrugated cardboard boxes are produced from thin cardboard, while others have a higher density. This lays a direct impact on the price and the durability of the boxes and allows manufacturers to sell them accordingly to businessmen and homeowners.

Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes:

  • Light Weight:

One of the major advantages of corrugated boxes is that it is extremely lightweight. These boxes do not ask for a huge force of handlers to manage them, but can be organized by a single person as well; depending on what kind of products have been packed inside the box. Moreover, being lightweight makes it extremely easy for people to carry these boxes along.

  • Sturdy & Durable:

Now when we say that corrugated boxes are lightweight, most people might think that they are not durable. However, these packaging boxes are made from cardboard with different densities. Corrugated boxes which are more in density do not weigh more, but can certainly offer exceptional durability, and protection for products.

corrugated boxes

  • Inexpensive:

Another engaging benefit which we see when we are purchasing custom corrugated boxes is that these boxes are exceptionally inexpensive or cheap. Wholesale corrugated boxes do not only help you to plan for future shipments, but they can also help you cut a marginal overhead cost, which most of the other packaging options do not!

  • Easier Printing:

Having an extremely smooth surface, corrugated boxes are one of the best choices if you are thinking of getting these boxes printed. They can easily hold any sort of printing intact, and help you in transforming simple corrugated cardboard boxes into custom corrugated boxes.

  • Environment-Friendly:

When it comes to fitting according to the social policies of each and every state, corrugated boxes take the lead once again. These boxes are produced from a recyclable raw material, which can be reused without any harm to the environment. Moreover, these boxes do not pose any threat to the inner surroundings of your house, offering you a healthy alternative packaging option as well.

  • Smooth Edges:

Corrugated cardboard boxes have an amazing tendency of offering exceptional protection to customers. These boxes have smooth edges, which ensures that the users do not harm themselves in any way while managing these boxes.

  • Available 365 Days:

Last but not the least, corrugated boxes are available throughout the calendar year. These boxes are produced all over the world and can be purchased any day of the month, or any month of the year. This allows firms to stay on top of their packaging game all the time!

corrugated boxes

Mainstream Uses For Corrugated Boxes:

  • Moving Boxes:

When you are looking to relocate and move to another home or possibly another city, corrugated boxes are certainly your pick. These boxes can offer your home decor the protection it needs while being lightweight; so you can easily carry it in your new home!

  • Storage Boxes:

Large warehouses, factories, and even offices sue corrugated cardboard boxes in order to store their products. Some firms such as law agencies might even use these boxes in order to store their confidential files in a room, in order to make sure that they are always protected and can easily be accessed whenever needed.

  • Shipment Packaging:

The third common use for corrugated boxes is that they are widely used as shipping packaging options. Most online platforms tend to use these boxes, in order to trim down their shipping costs as much as possible – and reap a higher profit on every sale they make.

The Bottom Line:

There are a wide array of packaging options in the marketplace these days, according to each and every category within which a product might fall. However, when you have an online platform, you need to make sure that you choose a packaging option which not only helps your business save a lot of money but can also protect the products which are being shipped.

In such cases, custom corrugated boxes can really stand out. A company can purchase wholesale corrugated boxes, and offer their clientele a durable packaging with minimal overhead costs. Hence, if you’re a firm looking to add value to your product, or you’re a family looking to relocate and you simply need packaging for your home decor, corrugated cardboard boxes are certainly worth a shot!

corrugated boxes

100% recyclable corrugated boxes| custom Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are frequently reused while moving, transporting huge apparatuses and hardware, and they can even be utilized for a moment (or third!) time when shipping littler things like plants and gems. They’re likewise an ecologically mindful choice, as they can be produced using reused materials. Furthermore, we’re pleased to state that our folded boxes are 100% recyclable.Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

At the point when individuals think about the expression “cardboard box,” as a rule, they’re really imagining layered boxes. If the case you’re envisioning has fluted, fan-like folds squeezed between two strong layers of cardboard, at that point shock! That is basically a custom corrugated box, and you’ve quite recently taken in another industry term.

Utilization of custom corrugated boxes!

Frequently, custom corrugated boxes are utilized to send massive and heavier things or delicate things that need more security, as the folds give additional quality to toughness and wellbeing. Layered cardboard is additionally the material that item shows are by and large made from since they can deal with stacked loads and are sufficiently tough to withstand the ordinary wear and tear that accompanies life in a prevalent store.Corrugated Boxes

RSC Box Versus a Die Cut Corrugated Box: what’s better?

You might have heard of the term corrugated boxes and their significance. When settling on bundling for your business, it’s anything but difficult to get so hung up on the outline of the custom boxes itself that you totally ignore the genuine kind of box that will best suit your products and of course your services. Yet, the kind of box you select is similarly as imperative as the pictures you print outwardly.

There’s a great deal that goes into figuring out what sort of box is best for your necessities, yet in the first place, you should endeavor to comprehend the contrasts between chipboard versus folded boxes so you can choose which one will work best for your business.

What Is an RSC Corrugated Box?

Essentially, it’s what a great many people picture when they imagine a delivery box.

  • The four folds all crease more than each other, meet in the center and are generally taped closed.
  • Frequently, these containers are loaded with extra cushioning or pressing peanuts to keep your items from sliding around inside.
  • We offer an assortment of widths, lengths, and profundities to ensure that your cases are working for your items and not the different way.
  • RSC boxes are typically more moderate than different sorts of boxes because they require less cardboard to make and don’t require unreasonable tooling.
  • These corrugated boxes are anything but difficult to gather, yet will frequently require more tape than different sorts of boxes to ensure they are completely shut, and that they will remain so all through the whole of the delivery procedure.
  • Remember that since RSC boxes are made of cardboard, they are generally made from reused materials (as, obviously, are many pass on cut boxes).
  • This is a special reward for organizations that are particularly worried about the natural effect of their delivery procedure.
  • Also, maybe the best part is that they can be altered effortlessly, so you’re marking can keep on thriving in your bundling.

What Is a Die Cut Box?

Rather than a standard opened the compartment, a custom dies cut box is by and large more altered fit as a fiddle and plan. While RSC boxes are adaptable, for those organizations looking for an, even more, top of the line or more marking centered plan, pass on cuts can likewise be an extraordinary choice as they enable you to be more innovative. Obviously, with that artistic freedom, by and large, comes to a higher cost, yet if you are contemplating bundling when arranging your advertising spending plan (and you ought to be), they can at present be a practical choice.Corrugated Boxes

Custom die cut boxes likewise consider additional cushioning for your items, as the dividers of the crates make twofold framing. What’s more, because the folds of the crates bolt without lifting a finger into their places, you won’t require as much tape as you would when amassing an RSC box – implying that a custom die cut choice will likewise be less demanding for your clients to open when it arrives. Custom die cut boxes function admirably for things that are particularly delicate, or for organizations that ship universally and are worried about the length of the delivery procedure and the wear and tear on the bundling.

Become a packaging expert!

We trust we’ve helped clear up any disarray you may have had about custom die cut boxes and RSC boxes, and that you feel engaged to make the correct call about which choice is better for both your items and your image.

Remember that we’re continually helping you swim through industry dialect on our blog, so seek out us to help keep on building your comprehension of the case and bundling industry. If you require more information regarding your product and which kind will suit the packaging of your product, don’t waver to connect with us today!

To begin your own venture, begin constructing your own custom transportation boxes, containers, or get in touch with us and we’ll help you with every one of your inquiries. You can order your products online without any hassle and you are good to go.

Have a happy shopping experience with thecustompackagingboxes and do not forget to recommend it to others. We will be glad to know your feedback.Thecustompackagingboxes offers free design & shipping services for the custom Corrugated boxes and packaging as per your design with 24/7 online support service.Corrugated Boxes

Thecustompackagingboxes offers free design & shipping services for the custom Corrugated boxes and packaging as per your design with 24/7 online support service.

How corrugated shipping boxes may be the best choice for shipping?

Shipping is an important thing these days due to expanding online businesses. You might have seen cardboard shipping boxes for a long time and now they have been replaced by corrugated shipping boxes. Corrugated boxes have become the talk of the town and it is due to a number of benefits that they give to its users.

corrugated shipping boxes


What are corrugated Shipping boxes and how it is the best packaging solution?

Corrugated boxes are without a doubt amazing best packaging solution and they are the best as they are made of best material. Custom corrugated boxes use corrugated paperboard in their manufacturing. This is the best material for shipping these days and the number of advantages that you get are mentioned below:

Lightweight and easy to handle:

Cardboard Corrugated Boxes are the best in a way that they are light weight and they can be easily handled in all phases like loading, unloading, packing and unpacking. They cost less while shipping as they are less in weight and you can put a lot of things inside them without any hassle.

Inexpensive shipping corrugated boxes:

The raw material needed for the production of corrugated boxes is quite cheap that makes the entire production process quite affordable. As the material used for fabrication is quite inexpensive, the custom corrugated boxes are quite affordable.  We recommend custom corrugated boxes as they are highly affordable and better than a number of options available in the market.

Better printing, more demand in the market:

As a matter of fact, corrugated boxes can have better printing due to its material. You can play around with graphics on corrugated shipping boxes. In addition to it, a number of companies have started using their shipping boxes as an alternative to their advertising techniques and trust me, you can do the same in affordable cost.

corrugated shipping boxes

You can use these corrugated boxes to raise awareness about your newly launched products and once they get the required recognition, you can move to the other marketing techniques. All you have to do is provide relevant information on the box and you are good to go.

Available in all sizes and shapes:

Corrugated Boxes are easily available in the market and the best part is that you can get them in a number of shapes and sizes by keeping in view the requirement of the client. In addition to it, you can go for any kind of design and with die-cut features, your custom corrugated box will be more than amazing.  

Eco-friendly and recyclable custom corrugated boxes:

They are nature-friendly and they can be recycled easily. As climate is getting affected quickly with plastic packaging materials, we must move towards utilizing corrugated boxes for shipping purposes.

corrugated shipping boxes



Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.