Custom Cereal Boxes: Top 10 creative uses in Packaging

How we use a box of cereal in a different way?

Mostly children’s love to visit the supermarkets and their favorite gangway is Cereal! Apart from the colors, flavors and prices of the cereal boxes, it is difficult to select the right one. Of course, while eating the cereal, no one cares about the box of cereal. But it is possible to do anything with the empty cereal boxes.

box of cereal

Here is given 10 different ways to use a box of cereal:


  1. Writing pad

You just want some supplies to make a notepad from the cereal box, for example, Modge Podge, binder clips, and knife — after finishing the cereal you’ll have writing pads that you can use for your school- or office. You can check the instructions that help you to make cereal box notepads.


Box of Cereal


  1. Gift Boxes

No, you can pack a gift into a cereal box. Rather, you can make the cereal box with ribbons, bows, and buttons. The receiver will appreciate this gift idea and you can also re-gift it.


Box of Cereal


  1. Gift Tags

Cut out the box of cereal in different shapes you but don’t forget to clout a hole at the top of the box, and attach the tag for the recipient. Tie this gift box with ribbon or string and you are ready.


Box of cereal



Use a sharp knife to cut 2 rectangular shapes of the similar cereal boxes. To attach them you can use the glue on the unprinted side. It will be easily done in just two minutes.


Box of cereal


  1. Magazine Holder

Mini Cereal boxes are the perfect way to store the magazines — and you just have to cut the box in the diagonal form. To make it perfect, you can follow the instructions on how to make your own cereal box magazine holder. You can spray with the paint to redecorate the box.


box of cereal


  1. Shipping Boxes

You can make the shipping containers because of the Cereal boxes. They are useful if you sell the stuff on the online store. Just turn the box of cereal from the inside and glue it to make it together. Shift your item inside and just stamp it.

box of cereal


  1. Business Cards

OK, not everybody can make it, but if you are a professional person then you can convert the box of cereal into the Business Cards. It is a cool way to let the people know how much you love them. Apart from making the business Cards, you can also use these cards to note the important numbers and information and then laminate it to keep in your wallet.

box of cereal


  1. Palette for Painter’s

If you really love to paint, then use a box of cereal to place the colors.


box of cereal

  1. Craft Tray

Just cut the mini cereal box down from top to bottom, and support the flaps with the help of glue. You can easily get the instant tray to embrace the projects on whom you are working.


box of cereal



  1. Flash Cards

You don’t have the need to buy the expensive flash cards just cut the cards from the box of cereal.


box of cereal






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