Identify the candles with right type of Candle Boxes

Identify the candles with right type of Candle Boxes

How can candle be package and give away?

What make you think that candles as a gift is the best thing to give.

If you are a candle lover then you must understand the facts that what else candles can serve. But clearly to create appeal they need to have attractive candle boxes. Well, this blog will make you believe that candles are more than just a source of light.  As there are a wide range of candles use for different purposes. Give away is one of the purposes. However, for this, they need custom candle boxes. Therefore, like a candle retailer, you should have such a wide range of presentation boxes. Like every product, candles also have their own packaging needs. For this reason, this product have its own wide range of product boxes that give various benefits.

custom candle boxes

The significance of Candles & its Packaging

Candles, a symbol of light, illumination, divinity, love, passion, obedience, humility and much more, makes the event and occasion more memorable, romantic and pious as well.  Candles stay with us throughout our life from birth to death. For instance, from Sunday Morning ceremony to Christmas their importance cannot be denied. To preserve the soft flickering effect of them candle boxes wholesale are very much necessary. Further, the custom candle boxes also enhance their shelf life. Custom box printing over packaging if done with the best quality results in an amazing outlook of the candles. Different candles require different. Let us share what we candle box suppliers have to offer you which further make your candles appealing for customers.

candle boxes wholesale

Pillow Pouch Candle  Boxes

Pillow pouch are the most innovative yet reliable custom candle boxes. They have made their way in the world of packaging very quickly because of innovation. These candle boxes with its unique pouch-like shape and design really attract the customers. If you notice sometimes your simple and casual product gets sold easily because of such product boxes. These presentation boxes are exceptional to be used as gift packaging boxes. As their diversity in sizes allow you o pack different types of stuff having conveniently. Moreover, it can be used for another retail product packaging as well.

wholesale candle boxes

Custom Candle Boxes with Window Cutouts

In any product, the display is very important to make the products eye-catching for the customers.  If you have an assortment of candles then do focus on these candle boxes wholesale. Through these product boxes, you can bring your product into the limelight. For instance, two-piece set up boxes, drawer style boxes, book style boxes with magnetic closure and opening are very effectual as presentation boxes. Moreover, having a window cut out on the top of the front wholesale candle boxes further enhances their value. These window panes create attraction about the product in the customers. Moreover, the retailer does not have to open up the whole packaging instead window will do everything on its own.

candle box suppliers

Cylindrical Candle Boxes

This type of custom candle boxes are very innovative and appealing. Because of these two features, cylindrical candle boxes are very much in demand.  Furthermore, for round shape glass jar candles, candle box suppliers manufacture the boxes with different sizes in diameters. paperboard, kraft paper, and cardboard are the most suitable for the manufacturing of paper tube product boxes. These manufacturing materials give strength to the base of wholesale candle boxes. In addition to this, these materials have the flexibility to easily mold and fold into required shapes. To make them more interesting imagine and personalize them with interesting designs and also with. If you like, The Custom Packaging Boxes provides assistance through their graphics expert for candle boxes wholesale.

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Laminated Wholesale Candle Boxes

There is a constant need for innovation in shape and designs to attract customers.  However, there is another important that shouldn’t be taken for granted. This feature is really important for the candle boxes wholesale. Like so many products they exceptionally significant for candle boxes. This feature is of lamination. It is a process in which a thin shiny layer is applied on the product boxes. With the help of these lamination coats, custom box printing gets a soft, smooth and polished surface.  This provides protection against atmospheric changes and damages.  As candle box suppliers, The Custom Packaging Provides various options to choose from such as matte, gloss, spot UV, aqueous, etc. All these types of closures give a luxury outlook to these custom candle boxes.

candy boxes printing

Display Votive Candle Boxes

As already told that there is a huge variety of candles, votive is one of the types. It is getting very much famous because of the decoration of various events. For these special candles, special display candle boxes are preferred by the manufacturers and retailers. The presence of this beautiful presentation boxes on your countertop. This will definitely seek the attention of customers towards the product. Moreover, the feature of perfume will be able to do its magic properly if they are presented in such type of candle boxes wholesale having a clear plastic paper top. This type of top will protect these beautiful scented candles from dust and dirt however, perfectly display their elegant style.

candle gift boxes

Candle boxes & Shipment

Candle boxes can be used both professionally and personally. If you are planning to use these custom candle boxes for the professional point of view, here is our suggestion in this blog for all the professionals that make the candle packaging colorful with custom box printing. Furthermore, do not forget the proper shipment point of view. Since there are thousands of candles that are transported from one place to another. As candles are a delicate and fragile object they need more care. Hence, one must properly pack them properly in wholesale candle boxes.

Candle Packaging Box

This will protect the candle supply throughout transportation. Now here is what you should do differently for making your boxes recognize. As a supplier personalize your product boxes for shipment. You can make them printed with your logos as custom box supplier. You can also visit U-Line for right shipment boxes for your candle supply.

Get attractive candle boxes to grab the attention of the customers

Get attractive candle boxes to grab the attention of the customers

Oh my god! My favorite candles… What do I do now?

This happens because of these candle boxes.

Have you ever face above mention situation? If yes then it’s the time to change your retailer. However,  if you are a retailer having such candle packaging you need to bring changes.  For this purpose, a wide range of candle boxes wholesale are produce. As there are a variety of candles. Therefore, to meet the need of packaging, candle boxes wholesale are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. As per the variations in custom candle boxes consumers prefer them on several events. Do you also want to increase the sales of your candles? Then switch your regular packaging with presentation boxes and see the difference.

custom candle boxes

Paper Tube Candle Packaging

This type of candle boxes are very innovative and appealing. Because of these two features paper tube, custom candle boxes are very much in demand.  Furthermore, these paper tubes are manufacture in different sizes and diameters. To manufacture them, kraft paper and cardboard are the most suitable. They also give strength to the base of candle packaging. Moreover, these materials provide strength and robustness to custom boxes and packaging. To make them more interesting imagine and print them with interesting designs. If you like, our graphics expert provides design assistance for wholesale candle boxes.

candle boxes wholesale

Votive Candle Display Boxes

As there is a diverse range of candles votive is another one. This type is getting very much famous as per the decoration on various events. For these special candles, manufacturers have built special display candle boxes. The presence of these beautiful custom boxes and packaging on your counter top will definitely seek the attention of customers. Moreover, these candle boxes wholesale presents the candle assortment properly. As it also have clear plastic paper top to display the candle inside. This type of top will protect these beautiful perfume candles from dust and dirt. However, like presentation boxes display their elegant style perfectly.

wholesale candle boxes

Printed Candle  Boxes

Printing is the feature after manufacturing which brings charm in custom boxes and packaging. As we know there are the number of events on which candles are used so, we need printing over custom candle boxes.  This also helps in seeking the attention of the customers. For this, several printing techniques are:

  • Laser printing
  • Digital printing
  • Lithographic printing
  • Graphics printing

Printing is available as per events like birthdays, weddings, and several other parties on candle boxes. Moreover, for Christmas and Easters, we have various designs to print which creates relevance between candles and candle packaging.

candle packaging

Candle  Presentation Boxes

As its name suggests, presentation boxes are very much effective in creating the appeal about the product. Now a day, candles are preferred to present as a gift. Therefore custom candle boxes are the best option to present candles as gifts. This type of candle packaging is usually rigid in nature. Further, these custom boxes and packaging is printed using different color pallets. For instance, CMYK and PMS and so on.  In addition, the addition of foam or cardboard inserts provides safety to the glass jar candles. These wholesale candle boxes have numerous cavities to package a number of candles together. Starting from two to 8 they have different numbers.

candle box

Laminated Candle Cube Boxes

There is a constant need for innovation in shape to attract customers. For this reason, cube boxes are introduced in the market. Like so many products they exceptionally perform their duty as candle boxes. These custom candle boxes have various types of lids. For instance, separate lids, lids with inter-tab lock and with magnetic closure. All these types of closures give a luxury outlook to these custom boxes and packaging. These candle boxes wholesale are available as per the sizes of the candles. Furthermore,  their plain surfaces are laminated to provide a smooth and polish surface. For lamination, The Custom Packaging Boxes provide a matte, gloss, spot UV, aqueous and so on.

candle gift boxes

Metallic Wholesale Candle Boxes

Custom boxes and packaging are changing the trend of goods packaging. custom candle boxes are one of them. Among a variety of candle packagingthere is one known as metallic packaging. However, there are many people who prefer metallic candle boxes as it looks more attractive to them. Furthermore, they provide assurance and safety to protect the glass candle containers.  Glass candles are beautiful but delicate enough and require extra care. Therefore, metallic candle boxes are most suitable for such candles.  In addition to this, this type of packaging does not need any kind of lamination which is necessary for paper boxes. These candle boxes wholesale are available in various sizes and shapes. For instance, the size starts from 1 inch to 5 inches and so on. Further, they are available in rectangular and round in shape that have different diameters. They also have a separate lid feature.

Candle Packaging Wholesale

Sohum Jar Candle Packaging

If you want to stand apart from the crowd you have to add a little extra effort to your custom boxes and packaging. Sohum jar custom candle boxes are designed in a typical jar size with the colorful soy. This makes it completely different from another packaging. On the demand of the customer colorful printing is available for them. You can compare our printing with vista print in quality. However, if you go to the word Sohum, it means identifying oneself through meditation. Therefore, it is suggested to go for a color combination that have a peaceful effect. This combination will automatically portray itself to the customers. Moreover, if the customers know a little about the idea behind the name, he or she will definitely attract these candle packaging.

boxes for candles

Do you want to know more about the candle boxes and their further types then contact The Custom Packaging Boxes on their web page to see what we have for you? Our sales representatives are 24/7 available for you.

Identify the best candle boxes for your gifts and other kind of candles

Identify the best candle boxes for your gifts and other kind of candles

How can candle be packaged and give away?

What make you think that candles as a gift is the best thing to give.

Being a candle lover and understanding the facts that what else candles can serve, I am writing this blog to tell all the people out there that candles can be best gifts to give. Candle packaging if done with the best quality results in an amazing outlook of the gift. Different candles require different candle boxes wholesale, here I’m going to tell you some of the best packagings you can do to make the outlook of your candles appealing and pleasant.

Candle Boxes

Selection of candle boxes:

Before getting the best candle boxes, you need to know the purpose why you need candle packaging. If you are planning to give one candle, with other accessories, you might not need a box but if you are planning to give more than one candle, you might need wholesale candle boxes printed with certain wishes or you need a sturdy cardboard for supporting the candles.

Candle boxes wholesale are available at any printing and packaging company, but if you are a person who likes to personalize things on your own, you might like to work on your terms. So, selection of candle boxes that can be made easy for you by looking at some of the basics:

  • Best cardboard that can handle the pressure.
  • Cardboard that is properly cut and edges are refined.
  • Candle boxes that are properly printed and look appealing
  • Different tabs for re-opening
  • Spacious that candles do not get damaged.

Well, if you get candle packaging boxes that has all these characteristics, you can definitely order from any company but if you believe that you can create one for your own here are some of the basics that might help you to make candle boxes.

Candle Boxes

Candles personalized with boxes:

If you are the candle loving person, you must be really superstitious about the scents or maybe you want to make things your way, for that purpose you can make candles on your own. All you have to do is to take a jar of shape you want your candles to be and then put that waxed candles with the thread in that jar after heating. You can add the color of your choice if you want to and scent too. With the best scent of your choice, you can mix the wax and pour it in the jar. After the wax is dried and got your desire result, you can remove the jar. Or plastic whatever you have formed. It is fine if you don’t want it to be removed from the jar, as that also looks classy and amazing.

You can add a note in the jar before pouring the wax, with specific wishes and blessing note. You can package the single candle with the wishes that are perfect according to the occasion. You can also get that packaged in ribbon instead of packaging the whole candle in candle boxes wholesale.

Candle boxes with window cut:

To make the outlook of your candle boxes different and if you have customized the candle tag with some kind of wishes, you might like it when they become visible from outside. So for that sneak peek, I would like to customize my candle packaging with small die-cut window. You can make a small window by your self at the place where your tag become visible.

Candle Boxes

It would be best if you make the die cut window during the manufacturing of these boxes as this helps make your impression strong. Even if your candles are not customized, you can get them in the box with window cut so that your clients will know the quality of the object inside. There are certain types of candles now, that are available in battery Led and in thread form. So, if your candle packaging has window at the top of the box, they can give a colorful effect when candles lit up by the battery.

Candle boxes with colors:

These candle boxes can be used both professionally and personally. If you are planning to use these candle boxes for the professional point of view, here is a friendly suggestion in this blog for all the professionals, make the candle packaging colorful and proper for shipment point of view. Since there are thousands of candles that are being transported from one place to another and candle is delicate and fragile object. Hence, one must properly pack them in custom shipping boxes. Now here is what you should do differently for making your candle boxes recognized.

Make these candle packaging personalized with the color combinations and shapes. You can make them printed with your logos and with the wishes as well. Most of the candle packaging are in net or in the form of plastic case. So, you can customize them in printed form.

Gift custom candles boxes:

For the personalize gift boxes you can make candles by yourself. Well, there is reason why scented candles are more common than the other candles and that is because aromatherapy is really helpful and actually helps in making you comfortable and relaxing. You don’t have to specify the age group when comes to giving candles. You can give these candles even to your grandma so that she can get the aromatherapy.

Candle Boxes

For the best sleep and relaxation, lavender scented candles are being manufactured. Moreover, different candles like soy candles and wax candles you can add tags and printed sheets. Sometimes, it is better to use candles covered with net and twine with the printed tag on it. This helps in making the candles look graceful for the event.

Where to get the best wholesale candle boxes:

Well, after having some of the basic ideas about the candle boxes and how candles are actually manufactured, you have become capable enough to select the best type of candle boxes. And as per my experience, custom cigarette boxes to custom candle boxes, you can get the best printing and packaging by The custom packaging boxes. Where printing and packaging comes c hand in hand. So, if you haven’ t decided yet or you haven’t planned on giving single candle in the net packaging, you might like to go for the website where you will get not only variety and sizes but also in designs too.

Candle boxes: Boost Product Sales with custom candle boxes

It’s never too soon to begin making arrangements for the Christmas season. That absolutely incorporates thinking of approaches to build deals and enhance your image way of life as the year finds some conclusion!

In this post, we will examine strategies to expand occasion deals, including sprucing up your organization’s site, wowing your clients with inventive box thoughts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Candle packaging boxes

Ensure Your Online Presence Is Strong

We as a whole know what number of individuals put off seasonal shopping until the latest possible time. Presently, an ever increasing number of clients are maintaining a strategic distance from the surge and bedlam of the in-store involvement amid the high season, rather selecting to shop on the web.

Things being what they are, is your site prepared to deal with this new flood of clients? On the off chance that the last time you refreshed your site was in 2004, it’s most likely not. Besides, for those that can’t get to a physical area, this will be many clients’ first cooperation with your store. Make it a positive one.

The National Retail Federation discharged a current report expressing that occasion deals and income can represent anyplace between 20-40% of yearly deals. Things being what they are, how might you get ready for this unbelievably imperative season, which can here and there mean the distinction between remaining open for another season and closing up shop?

Much the same as confident kids on Christmas, you must make your own particular rundown.

Make The Delivery Special

Let’s be honest – nobody has room schedule-wise or the mental vitality to blessing wrap any longer. One of our most loved occasion deal thoughts? Convey the blessing wrap to your clients by making exquisite, occasional custom blessing boxes and other candle boxes.

Candle packaging boxes

To make the experience much all the more energizing, for what reason not offer a few diverse occasion box choices, and let your clients pick the ones that they like the best? Consider adding a touch of something extraordinary to the inside of the custom candle box too, similar to remove stars, a customized message, or even the verses to a most loved Christmas Carol! Also, make certain to incorporate an occasion hashtag, so your clients can interface with each other and with your image. Much the same as your site, candle boxes is one of the early introductions that you make on your clients. What’s more, those impressions never matter more than they do amid the Christmas season. Your clients could have shopped anyplace, and they purchased from you. Show them you value their business.

Fulfill their needs!

There’s nothing amiss with a little solid rivalry, and you and your rivals may wind up serving completely unique markets at any rate. In any case, it’s a smart thought to know, particularly amid the occasions, what your rivals are doing.

Regardless of what they’re doing, endeavor to figure out how to one-up them. This is the reason it’s so critical to begin doing your vacation retail explore early, and to stay secretive on your most loved thoughts!

Now that you’re prepared for the occasion retail season to start, don’t hesitate to send us a few inquiries and thoughts regarding your own candle boxes Wholesale!

The first and important thing is to keep an eye on what your customers need and want. If you fail to give them what they want, you are in danger zone as they will move to other people.

Power of simplicity:

With more approaches to achieve potential customers than any other time in recent memory, shoppers are always shelled with in-your-confront, ultra-forceful showcasing strategies. “Overpowered” portrays the experience of most buyers in the Internet age.

With the convergence of abundance, now and again the most ideal approach to stand separated from the group is to make moderate item candle boxes. Offer your clients a reprieve, and let the uprightness of your items do the talking. Here, we’re giving you some of our most loved thoughts for moderate candle boxes.

Simple and plain candle packaging boxes are also in these days as they have that power to attract the customers. Managing it according to the requirements of the customers and adding glimpse of Christmas will definitely give extra look and feel to the product.

Candle packaging boxes

Cases of Minimalist Packaging

Never overlook the powerful impact of simple and casual looking custom candle boxes.

Christmas requires a number of candles and you can use the amazingly designed custom candle boxes to make an impact this season. In addition to it, this can help you in getting the best candle boxes.

Keep in mind, in case you’re worried that moderate bundle configuration may not give you enough space to be inventive, or might confine the ways you speak with your clients, there are a lot of chances within the case. Likewise, consider stamping your Custom candle boxes with a web-based social networking hashtag, which buyers can post in or examine at their relaxation. They’ll likely be more inquisitive to look at it if it’s not tossed in their countenances.

We knew a dynamic, swarmed configuration wouldn’t fit with their objective market, so we made a straightforward box, a light blue square, reminiscent of a liner, and sandwiched “Curated” between two stick-straight blue lines.

By working with a settled proficient box organization, you can appreciate the most stretched out scope of choices when planning your cereal boxes packaging. A vast, set up organization will for the most part have a broad choice of green-accommodating materials and arrangement decisions to enable customers to expand their perceivability and gainfulness in the present focused business commercial center.

Candle packaging boxes

Basic custom soap box demonstrates to customers that you are so certain about your items that all you require is simply the items – not the influence of favor custom soap box.


Candle Display Boxes – Add Style to Your Candles With Our Amazing Tips

Simple candles, candles coming up with fragrance, birthday candles and every other sort of candle used for celebration or any other event can be presented in an entirely different manner. Candle packaging is not an easy task if you do not have a reliable team to work with. There are many people out there in the market who guarantee to deliver candle display boxes but upon delivery, all the client get is disappointment and regret.

candle display boxes

Therefore, we have come up with the best services and best ideas to make your celebrations and events worth remembering.

Tip#1: Wedding Celebrations & Candle Display Boxes:

Candles are a much-needed accessory in the wedding arrangements and as the matter of the fact; these candles add extra beauty in the event. As they are displayed at the event, they must be placed in the beautiful candle packaging supplies. The purpose behind the utilization of the candle display boxes is that it gives an insight to the candles and their designs. It usually comes up with a plastic covering and in a case of custom candle packaging box; it can be covered with a light fabric too.

Tip#2: Anniversary Celebrations With Candle Boxes:

Anniversaries never go out of fashion and they remain in the spotlight. It is high time to amaze your friends, family, and guests with your amazing event management skills. Inspire them by using our amazing and reliable candle packaging supplies services for free and utilize our candle boxes. You can always add your creativity to enhance the appearance of the entire event. In addition to it, candle display boxes will be the most suitable choice for arranging surprise as it will give your loved ones to have a sneak peek time checking your creative candle boxes and other arrangements

Tip#3: Gift Your Special Ones The Best Candle Boxes:

candle display boxesAs it is said that showing your love is as important as loving your loved ones, gifting has the potential to increase your love for others. In addition to it, there are several simple ideas out there in which you can use simple candle boxes to create wonderful surprises. Surprises are incomplete without custom made candle boxes. In addition to it, candle boxes can be gifted to others too. For this purpose, you must have a customized candle box with colorful ideas and amazing decorative concepts. These concepts will add more life to your candle box and it will become presentable enough.

You can also keep candle boxes for giveaways. Like mentioned before, you can always use your candle display boxes for giving it as a winning trophy to the people in your circle if involved in sort of contest.

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Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

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