3 Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas to Package In Unique Ways

3 Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas to Package In Unique Ways

How to package bath bombs made in home?

Bath bombs are really delicate and can fizz as soon as come in contact with the water. They are bombarded to react and results in bubbles. Therefore, they require proper packaging bags wholesale that will keep them in protected from outer contact of water and physical damage. Here are three best bath bomb packaging ideas that help in packaging your product not only in alluring way but also in best security of your product. So if you are wondering, how to store bath bombs? You are at the right place.

Top Bath bomb packaging ideas:

Bath bomb packaging before any type of packaging requires wrapping in plastic sheet or you can say shrink paper. Easy way to do shrinking is by wrapping plastic sheet all around and then after laminating it with heat you have to dry them so that plastic gets attached to the bath bomb. After which you are ready to package them in different ways of your own.

Cups for small numerous bath bombs

1:Cups for holding bath bombs:

Before packaging them in any baskets or in any kind of containers, it is best to package them in a way that is visible from outside as well. All you have to do is to shrink the bath bomb in bath bomb shrink wrapper and then put them in the cup that is not large enough rather cover half the bath bomb. Disposable cups work best for these bath bomb packaging. Then wrap them in plastic with a bow tie so that they look alluring and secure at the same time.

This bath bomb plastic packaging is best for packaging single bath bomb at a time. You can package all of them in this way and then add them to some bath bomb container or box to make the count more and let them ship if you want to deliver them to some place. The custom packaging boxes provides you with the best designs if you are still confused feel free to talk to our representative online.

2: Bath bomb gift baskets:

You can make diy bath bomb packaging to gift your loved ones. Just like the bath kits in which you put soaps and lotions, you can also put these bath bombs for gift baskets. Get the label on them printed or either a tag so that other person will know what they are getting it for and from whom. You can just put them in shrink bags and then put them in baskets or other ways to make them alluring is to put them in boxes and then put it among other stuff.

You can make bath bomb gift basket with the bath bombs of different colors and flavors of the bath bomb.   For instance, you can add fragrance just like induced in soaps and you can see them on handmade soap packaging. After adding fragrance you can add the tags of each fragrance and then put them in the basket.Bath bomb baskets for putting all bath bombs at one side.


3:Bath bomb bags:

Bath bomb bags are perfect only if you put them in shrink wrappers first. You must be wondering, if you can shrink wrap bath bombs or not. Well, the answer to your ambiguity is yes! You can have plastic sheet wrapped around the bath bomb and then shrink it with the machine. After that you can dry it and with the dryer to make the sheet attached the bomb. This way it helps your bath bomb from direct contact with water. After that you can put them in the bags to make sure they look attractive and appealing to your clients.


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