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It’s a famous saying, “The book is judged by its cover.” More or less, this implies every situation of life. Before buying a dress, we look at its outlook on catalogs, or the appearance of its design makes it our choice. The attraction sense in humans has raised the trends of marketing and advertising. Market experts have seen a boost in sales with the marketing tools.

Modern ways of marketing have increased sales of regional businesses to a great extent. The busy lifestyle has increased the trend of dining out more often. Now local eateries, restaurants, and cafes have opted for digital marketing through chic websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms. But, besides all massive digital marketing tactics, do you still believe there is a need for old print paper marketing. Do you think restaurant flyers and other advertising flyers can work better or be a more progressive way for your business?  

Certainly yes! A creative and well-designed restaurant flyer can do magic to gather more audience. A restaurant flyer is much more than a piece of paper as it’s the way to tempt the foodies. Promotional flyers for business can be an accurate representation of your business theme and purpose.

A restaurant flyer is the main driving power to increase your profits. Suppose you are looking to add restaurant flyers to your food business. Let’s look at how it can change the customer’s perspective to buy from you…

How Effectively Restaurant Flyers can Advertise your Business to Foodies:

Below are tips and tricks to make perfect promotional flyers, small flyers, or advertising flyers for your restaurant business to attract potential clients. These can help to boost the restaurant’s overall sales. A well-designed restaurant flyer should have the following features:

Appealing outlook

What we call a catchy line is a must to grab attention. One word or a simple line can make a massive difference in attracting customers with your pasted front door flyer. Use colorful graphics with striking illustrations to boost the emotions and eventually tempt the foodies once you learn to make an appropriate one according to the aesthetic sense and ambiance of the restaurant; then, your advertising flyers will be your long-term companion.

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Offers and discounts

Another magic wand is the offers and discounts that businesses give to generate more sales and profits. The same goes with the restaurant business, where a minimum of 10% discount can turn over a massive crowd at your door. The offers like making it a meal, share box, and coupons work well. These all must be distributed with the restaurant flyers at different hot spots. These offers can vary from time to time and could be valid till specific dates. This is how restaurants promote their excessive meals and dishes.

Target the Audience

Knowing your targeted audience is the first successful step towards your goals. If you are opening a restaurant in an area or locality, you must first learn about the area requirements. Start with some offers and discounts so that the audience you want to target gets attracted. For example, fast food and junk items are more likely to attract college or university fellows while a desi authentic or continental would gather working staff. Keep a keen eye on your audience to get more profits and sales margins. Flyers can also work here; to cover the area and advertise your restaurant with a better menu showing your delicious dishes in bright images. 

Color Scheming

Food is all about color, aroma, and presentation. To design your restaurant flyers, use bold colors and textures to make people feel fascinated and hungry. Images that will create a mouthwatering desire for food. Display a giant pizza slice or a pancake or even a chicken roast with alluring colors and a more enlarged picture to make it feel real.  

Keep the text minimal with many prominent images to give an actual outlook. Focus on providing a fresh stance. Work on different visual areas with some white space; don’t make everything over-crowded on the flyer. Our expert team of designers and printers provide the best suggestions for any custom packaging or flyer printing to boost sales.

restaurant flyers

Menu variation in the restaurant flyers

A team of five can never have the same opinion; neither implies menu selection. A certain number of people coming together for dinner or lunch might try to order in variation. Give catchy highlights on your restaurant flyers about either Chinese, continental, Thai, or Pak-Indo cuisines. This will promote your restaurant’s overall performance and good word of mouth. A good reference is always another client for the businesses. 

Special Occasions and Events

Distribute the flyers for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, and other prominent events like weddings and birthday parties. Offer discounts or give a combo option for the circumstances. While on events, you can charge per person or event plan as a whole. For such special occasions, make flyers with attractive images of an event-designed location for customers to idealize the final look. 

However, restaurant promotions are reinforced when you pay attention to the proper marketing means. Though digital media will cater to online orders, flyers are an effective tool for faster access to direct marketing in nearby areas, especially for restaurants.

Door to Door advertisement

Deliver the flyers through newspaper deliveries or arrange a unique means to deliver them door to door. Place it in the food package. A clever and timely action can make a loyal customer.

Use special paper

The color works best together with a great base. Suppose you want to make your business flyer a success, then try to use it on special paper according to your restaurant aesthetic and theme. You can choose glaze paper for the fast-food restaurant business and matte and dull finish paper with a textured feel to give a premium look to your business type. The paper choice could be a tricky one as it has all to be dealt with the budget. We at The Custom packaging boxes are providing high-class printing of your business flyers. 

Select a right printing partner

The effectiveness of your designed brochure on your sales is directly proportional to the quality and attractiveness of your flyers. The custom packaging boxes provide the best flyer printing service with high-quality glazed or matte paper. The font and colors of your flyer design will be based on your ideas. From small flyers to flyer cards, all can be printed. We know the business protocols and will give you the most effective designs to boost sales. Promote your restaurant business with business cards and flyers to spread the message fast. 

How to select a template for your restaurant flyers

Selection of the template can require five essential things to be looked upon, fonts, image proportion, color scheme, background, and an overall outlook. Starting with the knowledge that there should be a monochrome theme to highlight the food items on the front. You can also highlight the kitchen, sitting hall, and other restaurant-related features on the template. Secondly, the image to text proportion should be 70% to 30% as the image has to tell the story with a bit of explanation as text. Fonts are essential; select a combination of two to three font styles and write the menu with clear font and headings with a precise one. Finally, the color scheme is all dependent on your business style to adjust it according to the logo and brand style. 

restaurant flyers


Apart from a call to action, you need to add some inspirational words to your restaurant flyer. The term could be anything that can grab attention. Work on the smaller text on the flyer. Everything else would be on the menu. Save, sale, love, and free are some grabbing words that can make a catchy line to attract more audiences. 

Upgrade your business plan

Never stick on the same menu and the same ambiance even after years. Work on the business plan and possible renovations. Print the restaurant flyers with the latest news, deals and meals that precisely reflect the location’s mood. Always set your location, whether it’s a new advertising campaign or an upgraded one. Good ideas are much calmer to implement and effective for sales. You can even invest by just making a small custom sticker that can have a new deal or any discount.

Uniqueness is the key

The most excellent way to be prominent from the competition is to display what you have other than the competitors. Discover ways to let your client know how uniquely you meet their needs. For instance, does your consumer choose healthier food options or specific tastes? There are loads of alternative ways in which you can respond to the needs of your consumers. Take reviews as it increases your confidence, and customer satisfaction is the positive image of your restaurant. 

The Custom packaging boxes are a printing and packaging company providing its services in America, Canada, and worldwide. Our services are box making for various restaurant needs to print the specifications on them. If your company is expecting a boost in the restaurant business post-pandemic, also imagine witnessing more excellent initiatives in the future that will supplement the restaurant sales. Subsequently, making profits is vital for all industries; restaurants must strengthen their restaurant marketing tactics to stand apart and improve their visibility.

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