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What is Cellophane Material

Cellophane is a plant-based material. The term “Cello” stands for cellulose- the structural component of plants. And cellulose can be made from various natural sources, including cotton, wool, corn, and hemp. Here you can find an in-depth study about compostable cellophane bags- made with biofilm derived from FSC certified wood pulp. This confirms the sustainability of the material that the bags are compostable. 

Printing on cellophane bags

Packaging of a product using custom printed cellophane bags needs to have an insight into the style, design, production of a container & evaluation as well. That is why online retailers always focus on the unique appearance of custom cellophane bags to improve profitability. 

A branded packaging of custom cello bags is a careful selection of shipping and packaging materials. Its design depends on how you choose to present the products. Its purpose is to provide added value to your customer and your business by creating a positive first impression of your brand, ideally memorable and shareable. 

What are the advantages of cellulose bags?

According to research, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, requiring 12 billion barrels of oil every year. In addition, 100,000 marine animals are killed in plastic bags every year. And you know it takes over twenty years for petroleum-based plastic bags to degrade in the ocean. When they do, they create microplastics that penetrate even further up the food chain.

As our society becomes more environmentally aware, we seek ecologically friendly and biodegradable alternatives to petroleum-based plastics. In addition to being an alternative to plastic, printing on cellophane bags has many environmental benefits. Moreover, cellulose packaging is the best solution for weak & fragile items. 

Packaging a product refers to all activities related to the design, pattern, evaluation, and production of a container & colors. Moreover, retailers at online sites always try to create branded packaging of personalised cellophane bags to delight customers and improve profitability.

Is Personalised Printing on cellophane bags suitable for my business?

If you are currently dealing with personalized plastic candy bags, nuts, baked goods, etc. Cellophane bags are a perfect alternative because they are made with a cellulose-based resin called NatureFlex ™ derived from wood pulp; that’s why your bags will be robust, transparent, and certified compostable. Cellophane bags are best for each candy packaging if you want creative giveaway packaging boxes to gift chocolates for your gold class customers. 

Here you may find two styles of biodegradable cellophane bags in multiple sizes:

Custom cellophane bags are easy to heat seal if required. We are committed to providing high-quality and environmentally friendly cellophane bags and compostable packaging. If you are interested in learning more about our cellulose film packaging for any product, contact us today. However, many companies market “green” cello bags made from polypropylene plastic for packaging, which is not eco-friendly. 

Properties of Printing on cellophane bags

Benefits of Cellophane bags

Benefits of Cellophane bags

Let’s now move on to the uses and benefits of cellophane bags. These clear bags are among the must-have items for retail stores. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its services and benefits. Being light is another advantage of cellophane bags that do not go unnoticed! With that, they take up minimal space in your storage area. Retail stores are looking for lightweight packaging supplies that take up less space, which is why cellophane bags serve both purposes for retail store owners. Ideal usage is also when choosing valentine gifts packaging for loved ones.

The availability at an affordable price is also part of the advantages of personalised cellophane bags. Here you can take advantage of these clear bulk bags at incredibly reasonable prices! You don’t have to worry about the cost of cellophane bags in the United States. We are shipping free custom printed cellophane bags USA. If you are interested in learning more about stylish cellophane packaging and finding one for yourself or your business, you can visit here and set the demands according to your needs. 

Is cellophane better than plastic?

As the first transparent container, cellophane revolutionized the packaging material. In the 1960s, cellophane was mainly replaced by petroleum-based plastics like polypropylene. These plastics were cheaper to produce and more durable, but unfortunately, they have resulted in an incredible amount of plastic waste. Cellophane has seen a reawakening in popularity in recent years. Chanellope has plastic-like properties, making it a more attractive option for brands concerned about the ecological issues related to plastic.

Cellophane cannot be recycled, but it’s completely biodegradable once it is disposed of in earth-filled lands for garbage. Hence it is entirely eco-friendly packaging and is a must for marketing your products. Improper packaging of a product can cause additional damage and waste.

The downside of cellophane

Cellophane behaves badly at low temperatures, essential for food packaging; for this reason, cellophane as a food packaging material has become less popular over the years.  Moreover, polypropylene has largely replaced cellophane. Cellophane and polypropylene were used together, whereby a cellophane layer was laminated with a propylene layer. In the present industry, cellophane is practically being ignored, but its eco-friendly qualities are making it a highlight in the packaging industry.                                 

Last thoughts

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