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Our photo tissue box custom are an easy way to boost up plain tissue boxes and add a little bling to your home.

Our novelty photo tissue box holders can be personalized and customized to give the product your personal touch.

Photo tissue box custom

Tissues are always in demand, whether it’s cold and flu season, allergy season, or to keep in the bathroom. As a result, custom-printed tissue packs are an excellent promotional item and a great way to keep the brand awareness. A tissue box is an answer when you want to provide people with something they can keep in their car or purse.

When someone reaches for a tissue, the packaging is always visible, so they will always see your branding on custom logo tissue packs. Promotional tissue packs can be great giveaway items for doctors’ offices and pharmacies.

Though a tissue is the most common thing while indulging in anything whether a household work, an office, in the room, in the kitchen or in the car, etc. So, if it’s visible with your photo it’ll enhance the beauty of this area & grab the attention of the people easily. Moreover, when it comes to giving your design or brand a little more staying power, a unique custom tissue box or photo tissue box custom is the way to go.

Photo tissue box custom as a gift

Tissue paper can use as a pack filler for your products. Using it to line the inside of a box will add a classy touch to any order. Tissue paper in a shopping bag or mailer is another excellent way to add some branded flair!

In short, tissue is one of the most flexible packaging materials. With that in mind, why not consider a photo tissue box custom for your packaging requirements?

Photo tissue box custom packaging as a gift may appear unrealistic for a small business. After all, there are numerous other expenses right outside your door. However, tissue box custom is an excellent investment because it is more than just attractive packaging. It’s a branding tool, a marketing strategy, and a customer service booster!

A novel way to display your favorite photographs

Bless yourself and those you care about with a personalized photo tissue box custom. With our decorative tissue box cover, you can keep your tissues close at hand. It instantly adds a personalized touch to any space and is a one-of-a-kind way to display your favorite photos.

Our acrylic photo tissue box custom has four sides for displaying your lovely photographs. Print the same image four times or submit four different images.

  • Fits a standard square tissue box • Comes in two pieces – a base piece and a removable top cover piece with four non-slip pads on the bottom. Colorful and vibrant design as well.

You must have full rights to a photograph to use it. If you doubt, please confirm your ownership or seek permission from the copyright holder (i.e., the photographer). You confirm that you have the right to use the photo/design by submitting it to us.

Photo tissue box custom add value to your gifts


The culture of gift-giving is widespread throughout the world. Most people look for ways to add value by personalizing gifts for loved ones or colleagues. Photo products are an excellent way to customize a gift.

Photo gifting is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. It demonstrates that you took the time to select and plan a thoughtful gift for the recipient. This trend also represents a one-of-a-kind business opportunity for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Customized photo tissue box for business

Yes, starting a photo gift business is not only a great idea, but it is also relatively simple. You don’t need a lot of tools or money to start selling personalized gifts, and it doesn’t require a steep learning curve to understand how it works.

To be considered successful, a company’s profit margin must be greater than its initial capital, which is what selling photo tissue box custom gifts is all about: little capital for more revenue.

This article will discuss why selling photo gifts is profitable and why you should consider it as your next business venture.

Tips for increasing sales with custom photo tissue boxes

As the photo gift market becomes more competitive, I thought I’d share some tips for increasing sales and conversions. We’ve already incorporated all of these ideas into our software

Increase the Number of Image Sources

The more options you give people for getting their images, the more likely they will design and purchase something. More than ten options are now supported, including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Open Clip Art, and QR Scan.

Provide live assistance during the upload process

Some customers are not as comfortable as others with using online design tools, no matter how simple they are. So, research has shown that live chat will significantly reduce dropout if it is within the customer. So we have added this feature to our standard layouts.

Add a personal touch

Photo gifts are a lucrative business. The personalized gifts industry alone will generate $31.63 billion in revenue by 2021. This is because many factors influence photo gift sales, such as holiday seasons, special occasions, birthdays, corporate celebrations, etc.

Everyone wants to feel unique. People also want to feel a connection with their significant others. There is no better way to show how much you value someone than by creating a personalized gift for them.

During a festive period, such as Christmas, almost everyone in a country where this holiday is celebrated buys gifts to exchange, creating an opportunity for people in the photo tissue box custom gift business to make money. Another fantastic time is around Valentine’s Day when lovers want to make their significant others feel extra special by purchasing a personalized photo gift.

A photo gift can be any product, such as pillowcases, picture frames, key chains, necklaces, iPads, computers, photo tissue box custom and so on, and can be highly profitable, particularly for small businesses. This provides businesses with more opportunities to sell to diverse customers. Photographs can customize with messages in foreign languages by using reputable translation services such as The Word Point.

Other Products Featuring the Image


Showing people their unique designs or photo on other products is a great way to increase sales. This can now be done automatically as part of the checkout process. It has been proven to increase average order value and customer engagement.

The Use of Photo Tissue Box Custom Enhances the Customer Experience

We always think of luxury packaging when custom packaging, whether gift boxes, gift bags, or tissue paper is appear in our mind. Why? Because high-end brands have traditionally used it. It’s all part of a well-planned customer experience strategy; brands provide a premium experience that can’t easily replace elsewhere to justify premium pricing.

A memorable ‘unboxing’ experience establishes a key point of differentiation and leaves customers with a positive impression of the brand.

Taking advantage of this association can benefit any business. The value-added extras that customers haven’t paid for, but love to receive, are the key to providing a stellar customer experience.

Taking the time to wrap your orders with photo tissue box custom may appear to be a minor detail, but it speaks volumes. It shows your customer that you value them and your brand enough to go the extra mile. Many brands tell their customers how important they are and how they should feel about their products — custom packaging, such as tissue paper, demonstrates this!

Include Simple Effects

Because Instagram has made adding different effects fashionable, allowing people to enhance their photos will increase your sales. We have over 20 legal effects available off the shelf for our standard apps.

Custom Tissue Paper is an Effective Marketing Tool

Every small business requires two things to be successful: distinct brand identity and high-value offerings. Even if you check all of those boxes, success isn’t a given in the age of eCommerce.

Too many brands compete for attention online, and standing out can be difficult. It can feel as if there is less and less separating you from your closest competitor, especially for retailers curating a selection of products.

In such a crowded market, it’s critical to make your mark uniquely so that your customer remembers you.

Creating your custom tissue paper with your logo front and center is a simple and long-lasting way to increase brand recognition among your customers. Custom packaging is typically reserved for more prominent eCommerce brands, giving you a competitive advantage.

As a brand, the point of opening a package is one of the most engaging moments for your customer, which means you have their complete and undivided attention — a little extra emphasis on your brand at that time is never a bad idea!

Provide a variety of template options

Collages and multi-image templates are trendy right now, and by providing your clients with more than just a simple image upload, you will increase your chances of getting an order. Adding new templates to our TCPB takes only a few minutes.

Photo Tissue Box Custom Provides Your Brand with Valuable Marketing Opportunities

Previously, your lovely photo tissue box custom would only be seen by your customers. However, the power of social media can significantly increase your reach.

Customers frequently take photos of their orders, packaging and all, and post them to Instagram, where hundreds, if not thousands, of their followers can see them. Thousands of potential customers are now aware of your brand and your unique way of engaging customers! Brands frequently focus on “influencer strategies” to reach as many people as possible, but the real opportunity lies in genuine referrals from your typical customers!

What is the takeaway here? Photo tissue box custom packaging is an ingenious marketing strategy. It offers an excellent value proposition by utilizing user-generated content to your advantage. It’s a visual pitch to potential customers about how you do business – with style and service.

Increase the number of higher-value products

Higher-priced photo gifts, such as suitcases, tents, tissue boxes, and personalized books, are now available, ranging from £25 to £150. TCPB makes it simple to incorporate these into your website and increase your average order value.

How are customers purchasing the product?

Are they getting it from a supermarket? A small store? Online?

If the product will be sold online and shipped, you’ll want to think about packaging differently than if it needs to stand out from the competition on a big-box store shelf. Items sold online should not have a lot of extra space that could cause the product to rattle around or the package to bend. Those that will be on a boutique shelf must catch the eye of a buyer while being surrounded by cutesy items in cutesy packages.—

Have you gotten your answers? Good. These will guide you through the rest of the (many) decisions you’ll have to make during the packaging design process.

Still, thinking about these questions? You are most likely not ready to begin the packaging design process. That’s fine! It is preferable to take your time and get it right than rush in.


Why You Should Use TCPB: Because of high MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), custom packaging has long been out of reach for small businesses; no issue has always believed that the advantages of custom-branded packaging should be available to businesses at all stages of development.

Our prices are so low, with the minimum order quantity for our photo tissue box custom printing starting at just 250 sheets! We make it simple for you to dabble in custom packaging or get experimental and refresh your designs as often as you like.

Furthermore, all customers have the option of joining our Eco Packaging Alliance. By joining, you can plant a tree in a deforested world area and receive a nifty badge to display on your website!

We should all do our part as businesses to protect the environment. So, why not use one of those methods to make some fantastic and environmentally friendly custom tissue paper?

Thank you!

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