Does The Packaging of a Perfume Bottle Really Matter?

By on June 5th, 2015 in Perfume Boxes

Perfume Bottle Packaging

Normally, people give first preference to the fragrance when choosing perfumes. When we talk about to reconsider it there are many other factors that also influenced their choice and that is “brand” and “designer”. What you think about the perfume bottle packaging? Has it also impacted on your perfume choice? And, if it is not, then why many designers spend countless days working on the fancy bottles of perfumes?

Perfume Bottle Packaging

I apply this theory on two such gorgeous perfume bottles -By some means, I never throw away those bottles when they get empty because I know that the artistic bottle design was the basic reason of choosing behind them from among other fragrances. The conclusion is, perfume bottle packaging has a deep impact on the purchasing decision of the customers.

Most Important For Perfume

Packaging is considered to be greatest importance to a perfume box. You can say it secondary, but the design and the color of the box matters a lot. Amazingly designed boxes than the usual things normally catch our attention immediately. Companies normally work with the world-class designers to create perfume boxes and bottles that are appealingly beautiful. In doing so, they sell their image of the fragrance to the customers.

The packaging of the Perfume also differs on the audience category. Men’s prefer their fragrances in the square or rectangle containers with strict lines and in darker colors such as black, metallic gray, blue and crystal clear. Women prefer the Fragrances that are packed in artistically designed containers. The colors that women prefer are bright and feminine for examples blue, purple, pink and red. They are also embellished with stones, charms and ribbon ties. Designs that include are normally replicas of real objects and intangible shapes.

Cosmetic Packaging

Perfume, cosmetic and lipstick packaging not only covers a dainty and cute design, but it also includes the materials that are used to make the containers and bottles. Glass is a good option and two reasons are responsible for this. First, the luxurious look and the second is its capacity to reserve the strength of perfume better. Air, heat and light also degrade the quality of perfume and also change its color and smell. Always prefer the glass containers because it protects scents from air, heat and light. Its delicate nature is the only drawback; they can easily be handled with care. Perfume and cosmetic manufacturers prefer to use the plastic to make the container for easier handling. However, plastic is weak and the liquids drawn-out easily, but one can go for the Porcelain, enamel and silver.

Cosmetic Packaging

Perfume and cosmetic bottles influence the price of the Perfume. The material, packaging, color normally uses to determine the price. Antique perfume bottles are the hobby of many individuals and they always hunt for the perfume stores.

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