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Well, this is just a phone call I got from my friend but apart from that, I got so many emails from friends of friends and other relatives that they really liked the way packaging is done. So, I decided to write down some of the tips that I have gained from experimenting with my Kraft boxes, with you guys.

Stick with me as in this blog you will learn not only the attractive looking custom paper boxes but also why these custom paper bags and boxes are important and what role do, they play in your life. To begin with, just have some clear head and if you want to try it right away you can hold your pen and papers to draw and make the one by your own.

What fuss about Custom paper box?

Well, you heard me talking constantly about boxes and the usefulness, constantly in above paragraphs so let’s just break the ice and get into it. Different types of products require different types of packaging and to make the packaging different you might use different types of paper like Kraft paper boxes are used for wrapping as well as in takeout boxes. Cardboard sheets are used in making stiff boxes for heavyweights. Corrugated and so on.

The simple paper bags are usually brown that you might have seen as takeaway boxes and then come these colorful paper boxes that are in different colors and can be customized in different themes depending on the occasion they are being used.

Custom Paper boxes are usually used for lightweight objects that can be easily supported by the boxes. Well, here is what I’m going to help you with. You will get to know different ways to construct your own paper boxes and after constructing some of the ways in which you can utilize them.

What to look for in your wholesale paper boxes:

You can make these paper boxes on your own at your home which I will let you know how in the later details of this blog but if you believe that you are not that good and creative in making your own boxes, I would recommend you to start with the wholesale paper boxes manufactured by the best packaging and printing company. Or you can consult a creative friend if he/she can make up for you. If you are consulting a paper box from paper manufacturing companies, you need to look for the following best things in those:

Paper Boxes

How to make this on your own?

Well, you might not want to invest a lot in these custom paper boxes when you have to give gifts that are small jewels and other stuff. You might like to make paper boxes on your own that are small in size and are colorful in looking. Here is a sneak peak on how can you make Kraft paper boxes on your own by having some of the essentials that are needed. All you need is:

  1. Some stiff paper or color paper if you want to save your time from decorating it.
  2. Scissors, pencil, and stationery.
  3. A good quality adhesive.
  4. And a pattern to follow.

Since there are so many types and ways to fold the paper and make a custom paper box so, it is better to have a pattern cut out for the all boxes so that measurement and method remains same. But of course, you can use different ways and can experiment with the paper on your own.

Now the question arises how to make and what to follow. You can search different sites like Google, Pinterest and other for the pattern. You can get them printed out and that would be with the clear instructions of scoring and folding at proper points.

Paper Boxes

Paper boxes as Gift boxes:

Well, since these boxes can handle the lightweight, you can give small gifts in it like jewelry with the wishes and other small cute things. They would cover the product in it completely and provides you with the best outlook. If you want these boxes for Christmas, you can add colors like green or red to make it look like Christmas.

And if you want these paper boxes for birthdays and for other casual occasions you can print them in that way or you can use the color themes that are related to that day. For instance, color scheming for Halloween would be completely different from Easter and Christmas. You can get these paper boxes or you can make these paper boxes in styles and shapes like pillow, cube or in other shapes as well.

Boxes factory:

Well, you will come across a lot of boxes factory that produce the best wholesale paper boxes, but the one manufactured as per your desire and design are rare. Since it become hard for one person to make wholesale best boxes, it is preferred that you use any boxes factory for that. You can get these Kraft boxes as your wedding favor boxes or for your other party favor boxes. You can carve them with the color combination of bride and groom dresses and you can also make the best combinations with the things you really want to add.

Paper Boxes



I have seen custom paper bags in sales and that is a really effective medium to advertise your company and make it recognized in the market. All you really need is proper information to print on. This is something that is provided by the small order custom packaging boxes with the ease to make best paper bags that help in carrying objects along with the information that will help you in getting elevation in your business too. So, no matter if you want these paper bags for your personal use or for your professional use they got it covered for you.

Paperboard Packaging Boxes

Elegantly designed, Unique and Colourful Labels

Product Details

Food products require to be packaged in boxes that can retain their freshness, taste and can prevent them from getting spoiled by weather conditions. Paper boxes are durable and an ideal option for keeping the food hygienic. These boxes are cost efficient and effective in serving their purpose. Custom Paper boxes are available in all shapes, designs and sizes. The custom packaging boxes uses different printing techniques to make the custom printed paper boxes as luring as any of the high-quality material box.

Most paper boxes manufacturer use Kraft paper boxes as they are environment friendly. Similarly, The custom packaging boxes provides customized paper boxes to customers who prefer paper boxes to market and package their products due to their biodegradable nature. Jewelry, chocolates, biscuits, coffee, dry milk, cakes, cupcakes, cornflakes and loads of other items are usually packaged in paper boxes.

With the use of quality cardboard and raisin inks for printing, The custom packaging boxes creates window panes in these paper boxes wholesale to enhance the visual aspects of the enclosed product. Customers can be enlightened about various benefits if product information such as ingredients, net weight, expiry date and usage is imprinted on these boxes.

We at The custom packaging boxes provides variety, quality and competitive prices on one platform. We offer a wide assortment of custom paper boxes that can suit your business needs. Get your boxes imprinted in varied colors, shapes and sizes. Logo, company’s name and images can be printed on these boxes so they can serve as a memento for your business. We are aware of the significance of material and quality of ink for packaging boxes’ printing, therefore, quality stocks and inks are utilized.

  • Sizes: Available in all custom sizes
  • Material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt
  • Finishing options: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV Coating
  • Add on choices: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing
  • Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure: Easy to assemble boxes

Our Call Sales Representatives are available around the clock to entertain your queries.

  • Free Die plate Design
  • Short Delivery times
  • Free shipping around the world
  • Multi-colour process printing
  • All Sheet Sizes Available
  • White and Brown Kraft
  • Safe for Microwave heating
  • Freezer safe
  • 100% recyclable
  • No limitations for graphics
  • US FDA, ISEGA, and HALAL certified


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Create fully customized cardboard packaging boxes

We offer 100+ customization options to give you the best packaging style to promote your Brand with creative designs, and give an everlasting impression to your clients.

Base Materials

Paperboard Packaging Boxes

Paperboard or folding cartons are the best material for most product packaging in industry

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

The Custom Corrugated boxes are the most robust and flexible for shipping products

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard boxes come in useful in numerous ways and perfect for transporting fragile items.

Kraft Packaging Boxes

Kraft is the most Eco-Friendly product that is 100% recyclable with fully customized options

Add on Choices


Glossy finishing is the final step in printing adding Shine, resistance and longer life time


Matte is a thin layer of ink coating which gives a very smooth and professional look to your product

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a water based coating that protects and gives a shine to the packaging

Spot UV Coating

Spot UV is a liquid coating that gives extra high gloss shine to your specific printed area

Finishing Options


Embossing gives your image or logo an extra rise making your Brand more prominent

Gold Foiling

Gold foiling is a special layer of foil on top of your packaging that gives a luxury look to your product

Raised Ink

Raised ink is a very creative technique that gives a raised feeling with a shiny finishing

Die Cut Window

Die cut window designs give a whole new perspective to your packaging with exciting styles


The Custom Packaging Boxes, have all the focus on the best quality without any compromise.Our expert digital printing designers will transform your ideas and Brand value on your product packaging.

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