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From children’s birthday parties to fancy dress galas, macaron boxes are a must-have for any occasion. Macarons are delectable pastries that require specific packaging in order to be properly displayed. The Custom Packaging Boxes offers sturdy macaron boxes that will keep delicacies fresh and beautiful until your customers and guests are ready to eat them at your next event or at your shop.

A macaron is a sandwich of two cookies with a filling of different sweeteners, cream, or jam in the middle. It’s a French cookie sandwich that may be found at bakeries, cafes, and sweet stores in various tastes and colors.

We produce Custom Printed French Macaron Boxes to meet the packaging needs of this delectable confectionery product. Our custom-designed boxes let you identify between macaron flavors and colors, as well as your bakery’s identity from those of other macaron bakeries.

We offer high-quality amazing macaron boxes made from the finest packing materials and embellished with unique designs or prints. You can have as many customized options as you like; all you have to do is tell us what design you want.

Our high-quality boxes keep macarons fresh and tasty for a long period, providing a tasty treat for your consumers. Contact us if you’re looking for high-quality French Macaron Boxes at a low price.


Macaron Box Packaging

Macaron packaging boxes are available in a wide range of forms and sizes. Some have clear sliders and are circular, while others are composed of cardboard and Kraft paper.

These boxes are frequently used for macarons; however, they can also be found with window sliders and non-clear sliders. Consider making a specific packaging for these macarons if you want to accommodate the demands of small children.

Macaron boxes are often composed of 350gsm white card stock, which gives them a crisp, clean appearance. You can also select a color scheme based on your intended audience. Because it promotes appetite, as orange is a fantastic hue for food packaging.

Colors like blue, green, and purple can also use. Make sure you choose the proper colors for your macaron packing with a professional’s eye. They’re also a terrific way to dress up the packaging of your macarons. You may find a macaron box to suit your style and theme for any event.




Customized Choices with Free Design Service

Show off your French Macarons or Chocolate Dipped Oreos with our highly and attractively customized macaron packaging. Choose from hundreds of custom options available to customize these boxes.

Request that your Custom Printed French Macaron Boxes be laminated with a gloss or matte finish or that they are foiled with silver or gold foiling paper. For enhanced radiance, a spot UV coating can be applied. Macarons must be packed in bespoke boxes with transparent display panels to lure spectators.

Make macaron boxes with your bakery’s name and a product description to help customers remember you. Aside from corporate demands, these boxes could be used for private celebrations or gatherings.

Decorate the packaging with the party theme and precise color combinations according to your specifications. Our professionals may also provide you with free design services and the best recommendations.


Keeping Safe While Shipping

The single trays hold 12 miniature cookies, baked goods, or sweet macarons with a diameter of less than 2″. All macaron boxes are coated on the outside, with a white uncoated lining on the inside. Macaron boxes are delivered flat in three pieces that may be folded and assembled effortlessly.

The inserts keep baked goods safe during delivery, and the windows let you glance at them while they’re on display. The Custom Packaging Boxes offers a variety of macaron box sizes and sleeves and inserts.

For macarons, use The Custom Packaging Boxes packaging and share these delectable sweets with friends and family!


Custom Boxes are a good way to promote your product

Macarons are a classic dessert that will never go out of style. As a result, selecting the appropriate packaging for them is critical. Macaron boxes that have been customized can be used to present your macarons in the most spectacular way possible.

They can make in any shape, size, or pattern, embellished with high-tech printing techniques. If your macaron business is more than a one-time occurrence, consider having custom-designed packaging for your customers.

You’re surely aware that a product’s appealing exterior always attracts attention, and this strategy performs well in commerce. In accordance with marketing goals, Bakery Packaging Boxes makes one-of-a-kind and long-lasting custom French macaron boxes.

These boxes aren’t just for storing macarons or preserving their delicious flavor. On the other hand, our premium boxes are ideal for exhibiting on store shelves as well as for takeaway or delivery.

When clients or guests receive a delightful treat packaged in similarly appealing packaging, it not only raises awareness of your goods but also encourages them to return or contact you.

If you’re seeking wholesale Custom French Macaron Boxes, get in touch with us. We don’t charge for delivery and are available to our loyal customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Even better, our square or rectangular Kray boxes are constructed of recyclable cardboard and have transparent windows. Clear plastic is also used for the suggested inserts for these boxes. Both of these present your baked goods in a way that will appeal to customers, visitors, family, and friends.

You may choose between inserts and macron trays that hold three, four, seven, or even twelve macarons, and the plastic must be suitable to preserve the food. Our macaron packaging is cornstarch-based or recyclable plastics, lessening their environmental impact.

If you’re searching for unique, attractive packaging or macaron holders worthy of any European bakery, consider The Custom Packaging Boxes offering for your next event or party!

What factors should you consider before selecting Custom Macaron Boxes?


When picking custom printed macaron boxes, think about the type of packaging you want to use. Hot stamping, for example, produces raised imprints, whereas embossing produces depressed imprints.

Offset printing is preferred for larger orders since it gives the best print quality but takes longer to set up. In any case, keep in mind that design changes can create a delay in the process.

The best macaron boxes should be both long-lasting and appealing. They should also be beautiful enough to draw your clients’ attention. To optimize your profit potential, it’s best to acquire custom-made macaron boxes from a reputable manufacturer.

Bulk purchases would also help you cut down on waste and shipping costs. The correct boxes will also assist you in making your macarons more appealing to your clients and turning them into brand ambassadors. It’s not difficult to select the ideal macaron box if you know what to look for.

If you’re searching for a cheap macaron box, go with a hard cardboard shipping box. It’s the ideal size for sending and giving custom-made macarons at a wedding or other special occasion. There are other ornamental boxes made of acetate and other materials available.

If you wish to customize the box by yourself, The Custom Packaging Boxes will provide you with even more alternatives. If you’re buying a large number of boxes, make sure to look at a few alternative designs before settling on one.


Luxury Embellished Macaron Boxes

There is a demand for rich and mouth-watering desserts when there is a celebration. Parts of the world, particularly in Europe and America, prefer to package their most popular bakery items in well-made food gable boxes. The food gable box is a dependable packaging box with two handy handles.

You can use kraft material to customize a packing bag to ensure that your packaging is environmentally friendly. The utilization of a variety of strong colors and descriptive design profiles in the wrapping of your brand’s items can be a great approach for lowering customers.

The goods will have a different look only by using unique & incredible macaron boxes. Small toys and decorations can be used to personalize a package. For example, if you’re a baker, you can personalize a macaron box with a cartoon figure or a character.

So, these ideas will play a helpful role in generating more benefits.


Type of the Box

While macarons are typically available in single or multi-flavor trays, you may want to look for boxes that carry multiple flavors. These boxes can be a practical method to keep your baked goods fresh and tasty while protecting them from harmful elements.

You can also purchase foil-lined or matted macaron boxes. These boxes come in various forms and sizes and are usually made of high-quality materials. There are various styles, shapes, and colors to choose from.


Macaron boxes are made from various materials, including corrugated boards, kraft paper, and aluminium. These fabrics are very suitable for a wide range of events, including graduation hats, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.


Macarons come in various ranges of colors, so you can pick one that complements your party’s theme. You can put multiple tastes or logos on them if you want to. If you’re a baker, the windows can paint in a different color. Another wonderful idea is to choose a contrasting hue.

Clear plastic macaron boxes are the best, and they come in various styles. Customers can see the inside of your goods through a window box. A window box will bring some personality to your room.

Choose a rectangle box if you want your products to stand out. A more appealing presentation will be provided by a square or round one. The packing of the macaron container is improved with a handle on the bottom. Choose a round or oval-shaped box when purchasing single-piece macarons.


Small Macaron Boxes with Customized Branding

When buying a box of macarons, keep in mind that they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. A personalized macaron box is a terrific way to market your business if you own a company.

The recipient will attract to the box if it is personalized to meet the product. You may also get it customized with your company’s name and logo.

A personalized macaron box is a fantastic way to promote your brand. A personalized design on the box is a terrific approach to draw attention to your brand. This is because a buyer can see what’s inside, building trust and making the display more appealing.

While most customers purchase them in the same color so, you can personalize even small macaron boxes to fit your company’s style and message.


Last thoughts

Our macaron packaging is very special because it’s bright and perfectly matches our baker’s string. These boxes are frequently used as a gift or as delicious sweets to serve in front of your beloved ones.

Many people prefer the feature of the slide-out. The macaron displays are available individually or in sets. The macaron box set includes a tray, box, and sleeve.

You can also find the following items at The Custom Packaging Boxes:

Make sure you’re purchasing Macaron packaging that will fit the Macarons in the quantities you plan to package for sale.

Round trays with a clear plastic box that holds seven Macarons are available. We have box inserts that keep your Macarons standing on their sides, allowing you to present two, seven, nine, twelve, twenty-four, or even forty-eight Macarons to your potential consumers.

Thank you!

Good luck with more success!

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Product Details

Looking for custom printed macaron boxes at affordable rates? We provide high quality custom printed macaron boxes wholesale at most economical rates. We French macaron boxes and macaron gift boxes with no setup and die cut charges.

Looking for custom printed macaron boxes at affordable rates? We provide high-quality custom printed macaron boxes wholesale at the most economical rates. We offer French macaron boxes and macaron gift boxes with no setup and die-cut charges.

Macaron packaging boxes are used by many confectionery to brand their exclusive products. Before launching a special flavor of macarons, colorful packaging boxes are designed with memorable event images, catchy graphics, and content. The custom packaging boxes are macaron box suppliers that provide classy themes and colorful layouts to make your macaron packaging boxes appealing. You can also use embellished accessories like ribbons, paper flowers, or glittering laces to make these boxes more notable.

We have french macaron packaging boxes available in different shapes, colors, and sizes to fit any occasion. Renowned businesses use these signature boxes for macaron gift boxes to get their product range market worldwide.

In addition to this, window panes in macaron packaging boxes let the recipient take a look at the mouth-watering macaron bites. We provide cheap macaron boxes without compromising the quality of boxes. Our macaron packaging at wholesale rates will be the best deal for you!

Apart from the best designs and colorful layout, we at The custom packaging boxes make sure you get your macaron boxes in time and perfect finishing. Our multiple box styles used for food boxes made from cardboard boxes wrapped with paper gifts are perfect for all occasions.

Custom boxes take time to finalize the details. So, we provide the fastest turnaround time and various finishing coating options. So, when these boxes are assembled and shipped flat, they don’t get damaged. is offering various exciting options for the custom macaron gift boxes. Your boxes will be imprinted accordingly to your preferred shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Moreover, the use of die-cut window panes in French macaron gift boxes can make your potential customers fall in love with the scrumptious macarons.

We know that the quality of material for packaging is crucial for the lusciousness and storage of velvety macarons. So, we use high-quality card stock and ink for printing custom macaron packaging boxes. Plus, you can have your macaron boxes printed for either weddings, Christmas, birthdays, or other party favors according to designated specifications.

Importantly, designing a custom packaging box requires professional expertise. Hence, is an illustrious printing and packaging company providing bakery boxes  and macaron boxes in bulk to many customers across the globe. Accordingly, we are committed to providing the best wholesale custom printed macaron boxes to our esteemed customers. Indeed, we are preferred because we offer high-quality offset and digital printing services at affordable prices and in the least possible time. Also, we use high tech printing equipment to ensure that superb printed macaron packaging can be delivered to our clients.

  • Custom Sizes:  Available in all custom sizes and shapes
  • Stocks: 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt, White SBS, C1S, C2S
  • Finishing options: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV Coating
  • Add on choices: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing
  • Shipment: Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure: Easy to assemble boxes
  • 100% Price and Quality Guaranteed

Different products should be packed differently to enhance customer product experience. The custom packaging boxes provides custom printed macaron boxes to give your macaron an appealing outlook. Creamy and delectable macarons are usually packaged in well-designed custom macaron boxes to prevent them from being crumpled and retain their shape and fluffiness.

TheCustomPackagingBoxes are proud to produce eco-friendly macaron boxes. We hold a team of expert designers that design precisely according to your requirements. In addition to it, we believe in timely shipment and customer satisfaction.

So, our efficient production team ships each order in time. Also, we offer a 24/7 online support facility where our highly skilled custom support representatives entertain your queries and concerns regarding custom packaging boxes.


Details for Free Custom Quote

1Customer Details
2Product Details
3Upload Artwork

Create fully customized cardboard packaging boxes

We offer 100+ customization options to give you the best packaging style to promote your Brand with creative designs, and give an everlasting impression to your clients.

Base Materials

Paperboard Packaging Boxes

Paperboard or folding cartons are the best material for most product packaging in industry

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

The Custom Corrugated boxes are the most robust and flexible for shipping products

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard boxes come in useful in numerous ways and perfect for transporting fragile items.

Kraft Packaging Boxes

Kraft is the most Eco-Friendly product that is 100% recyclable with fully customized options

Add on Choices


Glossy finishing is the final step in printing adding Shine, resistance and longer life time


Matte is a thin layer of ink coating which gives a very smooth and professional look to your product

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is a water based coating that protects and gives a shine to the packaging

Spot UV Coating

Spot UV is a liquid coating that gives extra high gloss shine to your specific printed area

Finishing Options


Embossing gives your image or logo an extra rise making your Brand more prominent

Gold Foiling

Gold foiling is a special layer of foil on top of your packaging that gives a luxury look to your product

Raised Ink

Raised ink is a very creative technique that gives a raised feeling with a shiny finishing

Die Cut Window

Die cut window designs give a whole new perspective to your packaging with exciting styles


The Custom Packaging Boxes, have all the focus on the best quality without any compromise.Our expert digital printing designers will transform your ideas and Brand value on your product packaging.

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