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Inspire your clients with creative custom packaging boxes with logo

Custom Packaging at wholesale rate

Nowadays, selling the product is not the only purpose for generating sales and profits; the thing is beyond this now. Making your product recognizable among your customers and the communities is the new market trend. No doubt, attractive packaging increases the customer’s interest in buying the product. But sometimes customers understand that all that glitters is not gold. Here comes the need for custom packaging boxes with a logo, as the logo determines the value of your product and makes you stand among competitors. The logo identifies the brand’s worth and customers prefer to buy a brand as they believe the its quality. 

Custom printed boxes with logo represent and define your company. Custom packaging boxes with logo is the company’s face through which the customer recognizes you and your product. The logo often stays in mind rather than long taglines, so selecting the suitable logo and printing it on the custom packaging boxes for any businesses can make a huge difference in your sales. Moreover, your custom packaging boxes with logo differentiate your product from competitors. The customer buys the product from the market that suits their needs and display place also matters a lot. In the present era, products are sold based on their presentation and the customer’s image in mind. Custom packing boxes with logo are the main decisive point for the customer to decide what product to buy.

Custom Packaging Costs

Companies with excessive sales volume can easily manage their packaging cost for the custom printed boxes—bulk orders of customized packaging results in low price. However, the new businesses with small order custom packaging still have the option to get it done with our company. We are enabling enterprises to get printed their small quantities for the custom packaging boxes at wholesale rates. This step will enhance their sales together with cost-effectiveness. Custom packaging with a logo is a much lower cost in terms of marketing than spending a heavy amount on print and social media marketing for the product. Custom packaging with a logo should be designed attractively to attract customers to your products. 

Recent surveys revealed that the custom packaging boxes of any product had become the first most crucial point of consideration for any customer to buy the product. Whereas pricing, quality, and availability all come second to the custom printed packaging. 

Custom Packaging at wholesale rate

Custom Packaging at wholesale rate?

Custom packaging boxes at wholesale rates are the best option for any business. As the importance of packaging and logo has increased over time. It has led to more companies entering the customized packaging business. With this entrance of more companies in the packaging business, the cost and availability of custom packaging boxes at wholesale rates are now easily accessible. It is very convenient to order via the website and connect to the box printing companies. We provide complete details on our website. One can filter the customized boxes according to the size availability, color scheming, and box style. is catering to 1000+ businesses with their specific requirements to stand out better in the competition. One can always physically visit the packaging and printing companies near them to get some help with designs. However, online order works equally well where a complete list is easily accessible with on call support. Some companies are selecting innovative and comprehensive ways to make it easy to finalize your custom printed boxes.

How much to spend on packaging?

How much should you spend on packaging? It is the most challenging question when one is particularly deciding on a new product launch. As discussed earlier, custom printed boxes are the most important and decisive point in placing any product. The cost of spending on packaging mainly depends on two significant issues. First, the value of your product, and secondly, how fragile your product is. It is witnessed that the companies are keener to develop creative customized boxes to promote their branded product. Such customized packaging & logo helps them in placing and valuing their product higher than their competitors. The precise display placement lets the customer be more attracted to the products.

The average packaging cost should not exceed a maximum of 5% of the product value. As with expensive products, 5% of the production values would be sufficient to make innovative and attractive custom printed boxes. However, a maximum of 10% of total product cost should be spent on packaging for inexpensive products. The reason for paying more percentage is to have sufficient funds, as the products are cheap. Secondly, to spend more in proportion to make more attractive packaging, the gorgeous packaging will make your product highly placed and look more durable than competitors. The customer’s general view is that the more beautiful the packaging is, the more durable and better product quality. 

The second point is to determine how much to spend in terms of how fragile your product is. The product that is delicate needs better-customized packaging, so the product does not break during transportation. As a broken product will result in higher costs and bad customer impression. However, if your product is not fragile, you can have more and less costly options of customized printed boxes.

Custom Product Packaging for small business

Custom product packaging for small businesses is as important as it is for large-scale companies. The importance of the custom printed packaging with logo has increased many folds. Companies cannot place or market their product unless they have customized packaging, regardless of the size of their business. Small businesses have more requirements and have to focus on custom packaging as they have to compete with a significant competitor that has been in the market for longer than them. A product without custom printed boxes and logo will never be a priority for a customer to buy. It is always a much better option to go for customized packaging boxes with logo to generate more sales for small companies and manage their payment cycle.

Shelf Impact and Placement strategy 

Packaging boxes should be made professionally that delicately represent your product in the most valued and durable form. The better the design, the more it will compel the customer to buy the product. So the packaging design for the box will be the most strategic characteristic. Packaging and printing companies are an essential part of any manufacturing process. In the present era of branding, the packaging with the logo has become more important. Packaging has taken a far more important place in the placement of products. However, the quality of the product does matter for making your customer loyal, but packaging has to be the first turning point. The customer is most attracted to the packaging with the logo of any product. Branding is a global phenomenon. The logo and color scheming deeply showcase the brand type and quality. People try to judge the product with those elements.

Creative Packaging Designs that matter

Creative Packaging Designs that matter

Nothing can beat a good creatively designed robust packaging. Yes! It has been proved through extensive customer feedback that a good packaging of a good product makes it a part of the family. It means you care how you want your things to be presented and kept for longer use. Clarity and simplicity is the key to designing the packaging. If your product logo is clear and easy for customers to understand your product specifications that makes them buy it quickly. 

Perfumes, Jewelry, food, sports products and many more businesses strive hard to produce the best packaging that displays the product as well as includes the companies taglines and logo to make it unique. People follow brands because of their high quality and innovative products. Same goes for packaging as we all know that it’s always an issue how to keep your product safe. So if the packaging can give you that usability and reliability then why wouldn’t you love that product.  Perfumes and Jewelry packaging boxes are one of the most elegant to feel the experience of luxury.  Always go for a creative packaging that arouses curiosity in the customer to try it at least once. 

Nike logo

Suppose Nike has a “Tick” logo. That specific type of tick is easy for people to recognize more than the name. The Logo importance on the packaging boxes can never be underestimated. Nike cannot put on the shoes or the shirts without their customized packaging boxes with logo to maintain the standard and the confidence of their customers while carrying it. 

Summing up

So, believing in all the above convincing factors, if you are reading this blog for the custom packaging boxes with logo for your business brand, is a well-versed website catering to the business needs of thousands of brands. For this branded era, it is indeed said that if you pack well, you will sell well. Try us for your brand, and get the best packaging design to boost your sales. If you don’t feel like putting on a massive investment at once, you can start with 100 pieces to see how different it is catering to your sales. 

We offer exciting discounts on bulk orders with free shipping at door step and even free design consultation for your packaging design. Our experienced team of printers and designers ensure the best quality with wholesale rates. Order now for a free custom quotation.