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Get the facts and ideas to help you create a catalog that converts your small business to the next level. 

Today, having a catalog is essential!

Let’s begin to know about the essential facts regarding how to make a small business catalog stand out differently…

small business catalog

Catalog marketing is a sales technique used by companies to bundle many items together in a printed piece or an online store in the hopes of selling at least one item to the consumers. 

Designing a professional-looking catalog often requires professional publishing software Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign & QuarkXPress are great options.

If you are looking inexpensive or free, you may also want to consider:

The difference between these and Microsoft Word is that they are layout programs, whereas Word is a word processing program and cannot give you the same degree of control over the placement of images and text boxes. 

Also, if you’re planning to print your small catalog, Word won’t give you the best color options, nor does it offer certain features like bleed lines, which printers will require. Adjust to the printer to find out these requirements otherwise go for another one-mentioned above. 

Simply you have to select a custom page size, reduce margins to the minimum allowed, and use text boxes which lies next to images. Just be prepared for many adjustments when the program automatically moves things after adding more images or text. You can easily use one of them right after finding certain tools. 

In Fact, some businessmen think flipping through a catalog is easy enough; you can read it anywhere and you can also flick through the pages without turning on a computer. You can circle products, bookmark pages, drop them off, and pick them up later. 

But according to a recent report surveying 300 UK companies, including B2B and B2C companies from multiple industries, found that nearly half did not believe that best catalog printing is needed. 

Ian Simpson, Managing Director of Catalog Business (C4B), was taken aback by these results and believes that printed marketing material is not far from dead. 

But still many organizations prefer printed catalog or believe to make relation with visual appearance of images- so they can clearly read or mark. 

On the other hand, use certain software to make your online catalog & make your branded products essential in front of the target audience.  

So, make in both forms to grow your small business to the next level. 

Define your goals

Having clear objectives for your catalog is important. Summarizing what you want to accomplish will help you focus your efforts. 

You may want:

So, read just the elements of the catalog according to your requirements. Do proper research; it’ll surely help you in making an incredible catalog. 

small business catalog

Creating your catalog

Although from product selection to design choice, many elements go into creating a suitable catalog for your brand. 

The first step is to fulfill a full inventory of your products, so you must know what stock you are working with. 

So, you must consider the following questions before making a catalog…

How many products do you want to include?

How will they be structured or organized? Firstly, think about themes and ranges – people shop for occasions, these are not just products but the trust. People can trust your products so organize in a very subtle way so no one can deny your precious products. 

What products will be the hero? like, products on the front or back cover tend to sell more

Is any information about the product missing? E.g., Specifications or prices.

Product information must be consistent across all touchpoints for a seamless consumer journey.

People interact with catalogs on a deeper level

The shopping experience has become a big problem. Even digital-native organizations still have embraced print to connect better and engage their customers and prospects. 

It is about taking people beyond a transaction to an emotional connection. So, they foster a deeper engagement with retailers and their products. Research shows that the average shelf life for catalogs is 20.3 days. And that 84% enjoy getting the catalog from the retailers they previously shopped with.

Catalog printing evoke strong, positive emotions and associations

From the feel of paper at your fingertips to the visual appeal of images, catalogs provide readers with a true, multi-dimensional experience that stimulates multiple senses simultaneously. 

These physical experiences help create memories and connections. They also inspire readers with possibilities, helping them escape daily stress. Studies show that catalogs even help alleviate invoice anxiety. 

Catalogs allow attribution and measurable results

With budget pressures on marketers to demonstrate ROI, attribution is more important than ever. With their final mailing dates and source and client codes, catalogs are easy to track. 

Phone, mail, online orders, and special goods can be tracked with codes so that you can attribute a sale to a specific catalog. Driving customers to a digital application in your catalog also provides instant follow-up capability.

small business catalog

Catalogs for your business- Making your business grow with catalogs

You may never have considered marketing beyond digital channels if you are selling through your website or online marketplaces. But today, more than ever, catalogs are driving sales for companies like yours. 

In addition to literally putting your products in the hands of your customers, they allow you to establish a brand identity that can be difficult to achieve in anonymous marketplaces.

75% say catalogs can give them ideas about things to do or helps to buy

71% say that catalogs let them know what a brand can offer and provides the details


However, in the end you must know why catalogs are important to grow in business, so consider both catalogs to grow your small business, because both forms are interlinked with each other to give a unique look to your brand. 

Good luck! 

Thank you!