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Medical Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana is now legal in half of the U.S states and is growing rapidly. Due to legalization in most of the states, marijuana production has increased. Marijuana is for medical and recreational purposes. We have noticed a rise in the projects related to cannabis businesses, such as custom cannabis packaging, wholesale cannabis packaging. Therefore, here we are to guide our readers about how you can make your Marijuana packaging one of a kind.

Custom Weed Packaging

As growing countries continue to legalize marijuana use for both medical and recreational purposes, there is an increase in the demand for marijuana packaging in the medical industry that can be ordered here: Medical marijuana Packaging. The packaging industries are bringing more innovations to the market. The competition in medical marijuana packaging has increased during the past years.

Successful brands always know how to beat their competitors with their splendid ideas and creative stuff. We will discuss certain practices that helped the big brands to grow more and beat their competitors.

Best practices by successful companies

Here are the best practices by successful companies to make the most of their medical marijuana packaging:

1-  Communicate Quality

Quality is something successful brands deliver to their consumers. They have top-quality packagings such as smell proof and user-friendly packaging. They are also secure and have unique and appealing designs that attract customers and increase their sales. Attractive designs and labels are another thing best brands consider while selling their products in the market.

2-  Educate Customers

The other thing related to marijuana packaging is educating your customers. The customer should know exactly what they are getting with this product. The simplest way of communicating or educating is by packaging designs.

The information written on the packaging is essential in educating customers about the company, its values, the ingredients, benefits, and how to save themselves from hazards related to the product.

3-  Distinguish your Brand

This is the most crucial part of the packaging that most successful companies do. They distinguish their brands from others with the help of a unique logo, color scheme, design and other things.

This creates their unique identity in the market. A brand is known by its customers and stands out in the crowd of several competitors.

4-  Protect Product

The cannabis products are fragile and you need sturdy packaging with a unique design. The packaging should protect the product and deliver it safely to the consumer.

Whether your product is in a vial or a container, you need to protect it from the harsh outside environment; that is what big brands do. They provide their consumer quality and brand awareness.

5-  Custom Cannabis Packaging VS Standard Cannabis Packaging

You may think of using standard cannabis packaging, but this is where big brands think otherwise. The standard packaging does not offer uniqueness and creativity. If you use standard packaging, you may not distinguish your brand from other brands.

Custom marijuana packaging designs have different colors and are unique. You can add your creativity to the packaging. You can design your logo, design your color scheme and many more.

Custom marijuana boxes allow you to take down your competitors with your creativity and product quality.

6-  Child protective cannabis packaging

Child safety is another thing you should consider while designing packaging. Successful brands design packaging that is child-resistant. Marijuana is dangerous for a child’s health, and you should consider this seriously.

Big brands adopt certain practices such as push and turn for bottles in many states of the U.S. The zippers used for resealing should be heat sealed to consider it child-resistant. Best cannabis packaging designs.

Best Cannabis Packaging Designs


Cannabis products have various forms, such as smokable marijuana strains, CBD oils, edibles, vape pens. Different types of packaging are designed for different products. The packaging type also depends on the final destination of the product.

Paperboard packaging is functional when the product is placed on the retailer’s shelf. Some products should be child-resistant as they are dangerous for children.

1-  Cannabis pre-rolls Packaging

Child-resistant paperboard packaging is used for cannabis pre-rolls packaging. Pre-rolled cannabis products are an easy way to smoke marijuana. It is easy to use and disposable.

2-  Cannabis Vape pens packaging

Vape pens are used just like traditional cigarettes. This is an easy way to smoke marijuana. Folding cartons are used for vape pens packaging as they are sturdy and can protect several vape pens.

3-  Cannabis Oils Packaging

Cannabis oils generally come in two forms: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The first one is the active compound in marijuana and causes intoxication, while the latter lacks THC and is for medical purposes.

Cannabis oils are extracted from cannabis Sativa plants which are used in cannabis cartridges. Cannabis oils are stored in glass droppers and are packed in the folding carton for retail display.

4-  Cannabis Cartridges Packaging

Cannabis Cartridges Packaging

Cannabis oils are stored in cannabis cartridges. They are packed in folding cartons along with vape pens. It is great for smoking on the go.

5-  Cannabis Edibles packaging

Cannabis edibles are very famous among other forms of cannabis. Many confections are available in the market containing THC, such as chocolates and gummies. They are stored in opaque resealable bags with child-resistant folding carton packaging. They are stored like traditional candies.

6-  Cannabis Distillates packaging

Cannabis distillates are very valuable concentrates as they are viscous extracts of pure THC sap. They are typically stored in dab containers like that of other concentrates.

7-  Cannabis Concentrates Packaging

Cannabis concentrates have a variety of concentrates such as dabs, hash, tinctures, oils, and wax. They may be THC or CBD-rich concentrates. The type of packaging varies depending upon the type of concentrate.

Primarily they are stored in screw-top containers such as jars that are either opaque or transparent, and they are packed in easy to open boxes.

5 Top Trends in Cannabis Branding and Packaging

When it comes to packaging, branding and selling, many trends crop up with time. The same is the case with the marijuana industry. As more and more shops and dispensaries open up, people are learning more and more about selling cannabis.

It’s not just about THC products, but also CBD products become popular in the market and sell like hotcakes.

Here are the top trends in cannabis branding and packaging:

1-  Use Green Colour in Packaging

cannabis branding and packaging

The cannabis user appreciates the roots of the product they are consuming. Using green depicts that the product is environmentally friendly and its origin is natural. Most of the users prefer natural and organic root products.

We have seen many brands using green in their logos and labels, indicating the natural root of the product.

Many brand logos suggest an ancestral heritage that gives the company and brand distinction in the market.

2-  Clean and Simple Designs

The use of clean and simple designs gives a stylish look to your business. We observe many colourful brands out there. A friendly and straightforward design quickly attracts the attention of a particular consumer due to their simple taste.

Simple black-and-white designs are appropriate for new high-end and high-quality products. Clean and simple designs give a sense of relaxation and meditation to the consumer.

3-  Focus on Health

Medical Marijuana is currently more acceptable in society and the market than recreational marijuana. This creates a significant business opportunity for most businesses.

Many businesses highlight the medicinal properties of marijuana and use medicinal and pharmaceutical labels and colors to distinguish their business from the recreational marijuana business. They also add legitimacy to business by using pharmaceutical tags and colours.

4-  Use of Leaf icon on the Packaging

Many successful brands use the cannabis leaf on their packaging as it is the oldest way of marketing. Most of the brands in the past used the same leaf icon on their custom weed packaging.

The leaf icon also indicates a natural product. The green color leaf on the brand’s packaging indicates the raw or organic type of product.

Nowadays, the big brand uses this leaf icon with a twist. They may add different colors, change the leaf’s style, or add or combine it with other elements to modernize this idea.

5-  Playing with Stereotypes

Where recreational marijuana is legal, companies do play with words and bring new ideas. Big brands become a bit creative and explicit references to the recreational use of marijuana in such areas where recreational things are legal.

Don’t forget that creativity and new ideas will push you to the top and bring in potential consumers.

Medical Marijuana Packaging

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