What changes will bring resilience in your custom cereal box?

By on February 18th, 2019 in Cereal Boxes What changes will bring resilience in your custom cereal box?

What really attracts in breakfast?

Well, there are many things to consider most importantly how healthy they are, how tasty and presented. It is the display that catches the eye of the customer and gives a chance to our product to be recognised and considered to be bought. In today’s world when everyone is in a hurry so they want it things to be quick and direct providing you what you exactly need. And we are talking none other than cereals. Cereals are sell on the basis of the presentation of customized cereal box.  If custom cereal box is not worthy of something that seeks the attention then the product inside will never be able to develop the right taste to come in the notice of customers.

custom cereal box

Whether you use plain cereal box or decorated ones, the element of imagination and inspiration are essential. It does not matter what kind of food you are presenting to your customers (fresh or frozen or packed); the main thing that matter are appealing custom Kraft boxes. In the food business, everything is first tasted by eyes than by the tongue. Cereals are among them, the most wanted breakfast all around the globe. Therefore, custom cereal box maker like us are always looking for the betterment of our product’s presentation using different innovative assortment.

plain cereal box

  • Cereal Box with seal able quality

People around the world, nowadays, makes cereals as their first choice for breakfast because it takes no time for preparation and gives the right amount of proteins and vitamins needed. However, once the seal is open there is a chance for cereal to lose its crunchiness and get a little wet due to the moisture in the air. To preserve the freshness of the cereals for every time they are pack in the reseal able custom cereal box. Furthermore, this category of customized cereal boxes helps people using the product packed inside them without anything to worry. There are such type of custom Kraft boxes that are used to pack the dry foodstuff at room temperature. To fulfil all these requirements with convenience, custom cereal box maker use different materials especially Kraft paper and cardboard. This manufacturing material is sufficient and efficient way to provide reliable packaging boxes.

 custom cereal box maker

  • Laminated Cereal Box

We all know about custom cereal box that have different images and patterns on it especially to attract kids and young generation. But do you that plain cereal box can grab attention? If not then we have just the right range which will definitely change your perception of plain cereal boxes. They are mostly prefer for the elders and for the mature ones. Keep the difference in your mind as we are talking about plain which means no kids stuff. To make you understand this wholesale custom packaging can be of single colour. Leaving all around the space for the retailers To make the description of the company and product. This helps to print them as per their demand. These boxes use glue in interlocking tabs to join them. If you focus, you will see that custom Kraft boxes look amazing and even eye-catching among so many made-up boxes. In addition to this, the application of lamination provides a polished and shiny surface to these boxes that reflects light.

plain cereal boxes

  • Customized Cereal Boxes

Universally the combination of different colours and designs grab the attention of everyone. However, as we know that everyone’s perception and preferences are different. Therefore, we need to make a design that have plus points to attract every kind of customer. Through customization we try to cover as much preferences as possible. CEO of company the custom packaging boxes focuses on the target audience so we can make the boxes according to the target audience to achieve the higher level of Excellence. This ultimately provides benefit to our customer who is looking for cereal boxes. For kids, custom cereal box maker prints them with their favourite dynamic characters like Spider man, Elsa, Batman, and so on. Furthermore, the other ways to customize as per the type and different flavors of the breakfast cereal with weight losing qualities or specifications thus bring the ideas for such type of printing to us.

Customized cereal box

  • Customized cereal boxes with Zip Lock Pouch

Now, this category of custom cereal boxes is very interesting. As per its manufacturing custom cereal box maker has make it w combo of both pouch and box. This type of custom Kraft boxes have sturdy flat bottom with a zip lock flap upside that provide protection from the germs, bacteria and moisture in the air. Interestingly, this innovative style is essential for so many other products packaging. Zip lock is very beneficial as it will preserve the cereal inside from all the atmospheric effects. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cereal. These customized cereal boxes use kraft sheets for manufacturing. Therefore, you can have fresh cereal plain cereal boxes every time you use it.

Wholesale Cereal Boxes

  • Customized cereal boxes with Window Insertion

Customized cereal boxes with window helps and fulfil complex packaging requirement than usual cardboard boxes. This window insertion is possible because of die cutting patterns or designs. This procedure transforms plain cereal boxes by adding different designs of windows over the boxes whereas we especially use the logo of the company as the design of the window on it which serves two purposes one of the windows and second of making the logo more visible and understandable.

Printed Cereal BoxesFor this, a die is used over cardboard or Kraft sheets to give them the required shapes, size, window panels and much more. In addition to this, these custom Kraft boxes are cost effective as well. When we the custom cereal box maker use die cut procedure for clear window insertion it further adds to their appearance.  These cutouts on plain cereal box will show the colorful cereals packed inside. For more information about custom cereal box visit The custom packaging boxes.  There you will find more about customized cereal boxes and their other features.

Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.