What Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extensions to Follow

By on February 10th, 2015 in Hair Extension boxes

Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extensions 

hair_extensionsBeing an entrepreneur, we all know that packaging plays a significant role in presenting products, particularly when it comes to cosmetic or custom hair extension packaging. It is the packaging that identifies your product in the retail setting. People adopting the new trends of fashion industry are quite aware that clip-in hair extensions are more popular these days. Whether it is a Hollywood celebrity or an average looking women, everyone wants to get the hair extensions according to their preferences. These hair extensions not only make you look glamorous but also helps in covering up the thin hair or increase their length before the real hair grows out. Among the different choices of hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are more popular because they are easy to use. If you are buying clip-in hair extensions and using it is your first experience, then remember the do’s and don’ts of wearing them.


  • Do

    buy a right brush for hair extensions. A big hairbrush would prevent them from getting damaged while combing the extensions. In this way, they would last for a longer time period.

  • Don’t

    place your extensions in plastic bags or put them in drawers. Instead, hang them for the whole night so they can remain tangle free. Using hang-able hair extension packaging will let you hold the style for the next day or for a special occasion like wedding or some casual meeting.

  • Do

    select hair extensions that could perfectly match with your hair color. Obviously, you would not like to make your hair extensions seem different than your natural hair. Even though if your hair has highlights or low lights, it would be more appropriate if you select the hair extension color according to the color of the hair.

  • Do

    prefer to buy the human hair extensions as they look quite natural than the others and can be stylized like the natural hair. Branded hair extensions use the best quality thread and are thick from roots to end.

  • Do

    wash your hair extensions with shampoo that are particularly made for this purpose. Remember to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so that the hair can remain smooth and tangle free.

  • Do

    use distilled water for washing hair extensions. This is so because many parts of the world have water that contain minerals in it. The minerals in hard water may get deposited in the hair, thus making them look dry, rough and tangled. Distilled water can make your hair clean and give them a soft and shiny look.

  • Do

    try clip-in extensions because they are convenient in use and allows flexibility in styling. Glued or taped hair extensions can be proved damaging and uncomfortable for the original hair as well as the artificial hair.

  • Don’t

    use clip-in hair extensions with the roots of the hair. Instead, worn them low on your head so that no one could see that you are using extensions.

  • Don’t

    ever bathe or swim when using your clip-in hair extensions. To make them last longer and seem great, keep them away from chemicals and salt water. Using hair extensions during swimming or bathing can let them get tangle with the natural hair and may also destroy the clips.

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