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Attractive design, clever layouts, eye-catching images, and always bulk custom catalog printing in your organization are cornerstones of a good custom catalog design.  However, you can see that different industries generally require different approaches. For example, a large sporting goods store’s catalog will have a different look than a custom watchmaker’s, depending on the brand’s niche.  

Consider this before diving in, as one size doesn’t fit everyone in the catalogue designs.

Let’s begin to look at some key ways to enhance your custom catalog design with best practices:

Pay attention to the key elements

When your goal is to skyrocket your sales, paying attention to detail should be your primary focus. Let’s say you have a variety of products to offer. Not every one of your products may have the same answer on the market.

So, what do you do?

If you think that you should focus more on the bestselling items, you are right.

Even the best brands display their best-selling items in their commercial custom catalog. The goal here is to grab the attention of your customers and prospects. 

Create interest in your product catalog printing among your target audience so that they feel the desire to own similar products as soon as possible. 

And as soon as you can awaken the desire in them, it will require action. They will place an order or make an appointment in case it is a service you offer.

So, make it relevant and provide some giveaways to boost on a large scale.

Make your Custom Catalog mobile

custom catalog

Research has shown that most people are using their smartphones and mobile devices for online shopping. Having a mobile-optimized website and product catalog printing with responsive web design makes it easier for your customers to use their devices to shop from you on the go. 

Developing a custom product catalog allows you to make your store look good and easy to use on smartphones, which can help you increase your sales.

Moreover, you can reach people of all ages simultaneously because people would love to use the mobiles in the current era for everything like grocery, traveling, reading, business, and much more. So it’s easy to get them all in one place. But at the same time don’t underestimate the power of brochures which give a whole new influence in the local market.

Boost your Catalog presence on social media

With an online business, you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your digital engagement. One of the great and most effective ways is to give your social media channels a little more love and make sure they are filled with vibrant images and eye-catching videos.

We love how some people use their Instagram channels to display the beautiful images of their products. Other great ways to take advantage of social media are hosting giveaways, partnering with bloggers active in your niche, and using appropriate hashtags.

If you already have a strong enough presence on social channels with a core audience, now is the time to take advantage of that. 

Increase the frequency of your posts and spend a little more time creating rich visual content and short, engaging videos. Increasing engagement with your followers increases the chances of brand recognition among your followers. Encourage sharing and embed user-generated content to boost your brand on a large scale.

If your social media account needs some work, now is the time. You don’t have to be everywhere. Use it properly to gain the right amount of attention from your consumers and make a great deal with them without wasting time. Even custom-designed stickers are a very effective way of increasing influence in the locality of the target audience. 

Most successful people are doing great with making specific strategies. So you may search for the best practices and add some taste of creativity with specifications; that will encourage the clients to make a good deal with your brand.

Leverage your portfolio creatively

Try to make your portfolio interesting, not just a copy of the other’s information. By thinking of each piece as its own story, whether you use words, pictures, accounts, or whatever else to do it, people are more likely to pay attention to the projects you want to share with them.

custom catalog

Here are some different ways to approach each example:

Screenshots: Take screenshots of your work, such as spreadsheets, research documents, applications, social media posts, or even anonymous Google Analytics campaign results.

Case Studies – Write a short story about a challenge you solved or a company you helped.

Excerpts: include excerpts from your work; It is unnecessary to use the entire project, especially large or complex ones. For example, you can include a summary of a longer document or share a preview of bulk Catalog printing that you have done previously. 

Results: Create a visual representation of your achievements using charts, graphs, or charts.

Testimonials: Ask your former colleagues or clients to attest to your skills by including a testimonial. Make sure you make the quotes or testimonials you are using visually appealing to make them a clear message. 

Samples of your work – Portfolio samples don’t necessarily have to be paid work you’ve done.

Consider making a small catalog printing sample, especially if you can’t show past projects.

Sometimes clients don’t like to permit you to show their confidential work in your portfolio. In this situation, you can focus on other parts of your profile and proposal to present your experience and skills and look for different ways to maximize the impact of your testimonials.

Periodically update your printing and designs of a physical portfolio to reflect your skills as time by time and add reviews to make a strong relationship with your potential customers. 

You likely have old projects in your portfolio that you have already approved. As you do and improve your skills, you don’t want potential clients to see outdated designs that don’t reflect how good you’ve gotten.

The best solution is to renew old project descriptions to recall the currently most in-demand skills and competencies or remove them together. And if you think these projects are still relevant to your existing projects, then update your presentation to make your portfolio items look attractive and mind-blowing. 

If it’s not going on the same scale, remove these projects from your portfolio & make room for new ones to pursue smoothly. 

This act will gain the trust of your potential customers in minimum time, and they will be able to make a great deal with your brand. 

Pro tip: don’t let your wallet slip away. Every art catalog printing you bring to the table comes with a strong experience and growth profile, which will help you become the most valuable professional on the market. This enhancement is what you want your clients to see, so feel free to promote great work every time.

Create a customer loyalty strategy for your business

The truth is, excellent customer relationships don’t happen overnight, so nurturing and nurturing them at every point of contact is essential. So never choose the cheap catalog printing for your loyal customers to break their trust.

And when a brand prefers this, it can lead to greater loyalty, a better reputation, and increased sales. Part of that requires a mindset shift within your company to make it more structurally responsive, friendly & open. 

Just focus more on inbound digital marketing strategies to make that happen. A creatively designed favor box with a complimentary gift for your gold customers adds value to the business. 

Another part of this transformation requires the adoption of CRM technology and its use across the organization.

This CRM: Customer relationship management strategy maintains the relationship with the customers to grow gradually throughout their entire lifecycle. 

So, now you can understand how to build customer loyalty and develop relationships further to grow in business without any resistance.              

Final thoughts on Custom Catalog

A thorough performance analysis will tell you which product your customers prefer. On the other hand, you can also measure the evolution of the demand of your target audience. A minor tweak and tweak in your catalog design will result in a better result every time.


If you still pop up with these questions in mind:

Do you have a current company brochure? What strategy would be better to increase your sales with the help of custom printed catalog design? And do you imagine how I could make my catalog?

You will get the answers here. Our expert designers will provide the best custom packaging and printing solution according to your requirements and specifications. 

So, feel free to contact us anytime and pursue your catalog printing smoothly. 

I hope this content will help you understand the crucial elements while designing the custom catalog to make a good deal with clients. 

Thank you!