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To gain inspiration for your packaging design, focus on the latest trends in cosmetic packaging. Once you know the current trends, you can create packaging that fits what is important to your customers right now and speaks to them in the right way. Remember that you want to choose a modern and trendy style, timeless and universally captivating, so your packaging design stays up to date for as long as possible.

However, when it comes to engaging customers, retail managers will need to go a step further. In today’s article, we’ll show you 5 creative ways of cosmetic packaging to give your brand a unique look!

Let’s start…

Keep your custom cosmetic packaging relevant

It’s essential to make sure you’re using the correct layout to talk to your target demographic. A design that looks out of place on a product’s packaging or conflicts with how the product will be used will not work. The more specific a design is, the more likely it will attract buyers interested in buying something that truly suits their tastes.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you are using the correct cosmetic boxes printing on a relevant product. For example, a design that would look attractive on an electronic packaging would look entirely out of place on a beauty product and give the wrong message. Of course, the conflict will be obvious and will surely confuse potential customers into thinking that what’s in the package isn’t what they want.

The point here is that a packaging design relevant to both product and demographics will save the customer time and speed up the purchase decision process. So keep going with the relevant custom printed cosmetic boxes to boost your brand to the next level. 

Durability is important

The durability of your package is essential to protect your brand value. If you have a box that appears flimsy or weak, the product’s perceived value also tends to suffer. Consumers may assume that if you don’t care about the packaging, you probably don’t care about the product you sell. 

Custom mailer boxes also need to be durable, as ten percent of e-commerce packages arrive damaged. There is nothing more disappointing than waiting days for a package to appear damaged. Businesses can save money by spending a little more to create a durable packaging solution that reduces the number of shipments returned for damage.

Don’t settle for the materials you usually pack in. There is a wide variety of materials with different strengths to choose from to pursue smoothly. So, focus on the durability of your custom printed cosmetic boxes thoroughly. 

Define the personality of your cosmetics brand

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It’s a simple task, right? Define who you are and what you represent. For some, it is. For others, this may be the most arduous exercise of the entire project. Regardless of where you are, we recommend that you start with the products that you want to sell and then continue from there. Is it strictly women’s makeup? Hair Care products? A skincare line? A combination of different eco friendly packaging cosmetics? Ultimately, what you sell lays the foundation for how best to define your brand. It also informs your message and the design scheme that communicates what you stand for.

For example, if you sell high-end cosmetics, exclusive materials and a luxurious experience are natural. Once you’ve decided, the next step is to figure out what you want your brand to represent. For example, luxury products mean luxury brands. But will it be a luxury with an advantage? Will it be glamorous? Affordable, like high-end products at relatively low costs? Or would it be exclusive with an eco-minded person? Ultimately, your brand drives much of your initial customer sales, as you will want your product lines to be closely linked. That means you have the creative freedom to distinguish your packaging, but consistency is critical to building a loyal customer base.

Taking all of the above factors into account will help you create your business logo, colour scheme, messaging, or other elements that give your brand a cohesive uniformity. Whether you’re a startup, a rebranding company or an established company trying to expand its appeal, defining your brand makes the packaging design process that much easier. We offer unique designs on lipstick packaging boxes to promote your brand creatively. 

Break new creative paths with textured labeling

The cutting-edge toy from premium manufacturers is textured labeling, a unique printing technique that brings depth and personality to labels. Perfect for premium potions and luxury cosmetic packaging design, textured labeling lets you experiment with augmenting multi-sensory container labels that feel as good as they look. For example, an eyeshadow packaging box can be made the same color as the liner inside to understand the theme. So, stay in the quest for new ideas to make your cosmetic brand different. 

Make it memorable and easy to identify

You want people to associate your packaging with your product. Just like every time you see a bright red can with a white stripe, you know it is a Coca-Cola can, you want your customers to react the same way to your product. Therefore, it must be memorable. Additionally, Forbes states that packaging must pass the five-year test. This means that you should describe the package to a five-year-old, and the child will be able to pick up exactly what they want. 

For example, tell a five-year-old to get the blue package with a cookie and milk, and you can be sure they will come back with Oreo cookies. This also relates to being memorable but also simple. It would be best to focus on creative colors on the wholesale cosmetic boxes for printing while choosing the best design. 

How to Design Cosmetic Containers That Sell

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Building a loyal and engaged community around your brand can be a complicated process. The competition is fierce and modern consumers are as demanding as ever. However, whether it’s a physical beauty brand or a digital store, a key physical touchpoint comes first: packaging. An authentic cosmetic packaging design can make a difference. It will stand out on the shelf and bring your beauty product packaging suppliers unique packaging. 

Follow these critical steps to designing custom packaging that sells:

Define Your Ideal Buyers

 Whether you have in-house graphic designers or are considering the help of professional packaging design companies, the initial step you need to take before starting the actual design is to define your ideal clients. Considering factors like what problems your products can solve, who they are for, what their demographics and psychographics are, where to buy bulk cosmetic packaging will help you create a design that resonates with the right audience.

Establish a brand positioning

As we mentioned earlier, the cosmetic industry is competitive. It means that you, as a company, will compete with many other brands that sell similar products. However, a key factor that will help you stand out is positioning your company in the market. Determine what personality you want to portray to your audience to know what elements are used in the design of your cosmetic packaging.

Create a Mood Dashboard 

This step inspires your brand imagery and helps you understand how your consumers perceive your product. Just look online for images, fonts, colors, and other elements that you feel embody your Brand’s personality. These will serve as ideas for the design process.

Choose a unique type of packaging

Depending on the product type, decide which custom packaging you will use. Whether it’s a dropper, sprayer, or pump, make sure it makes sense and follows packaging standards. For example, body lotions are suitable in airless bottles and liquid face powders in droppers.

Determine Packaging Dimensions 

During this step, there are a few things to consider, including your product boxes’ precise shapes and sizes. Your designers will help you adjust these dimensions and determine the quality and material of the packaging based on your budget.

Design the images

Finally, during the last step of the cosmetic packaging design process, your designers will create the images representing your brand and your products. These include logos, colours, images, typography, and other aspects representing your personality and identity.


Last thoughts

We hope this article will help you learn some tips and tricks brand managers use to promote their products in the retail market. If you are interested in launching your campaign or even designing/manufacturing your cosmetic shelf displays, please get in touch with us, and “The Custom Packaging Boxes” will be happy to assist you with your projects. 

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