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The cigarette boxes has its own grace, which attracts the customers.  Packaging has a definite place in our life whether it is professional or personal. They help in wrapping the products for shipping purposes in bulk, to pack them for retail shops. There is a variety of boxes available with different colors and patterns. However, there is another variety of boxes used on daily basis named as custom cigarette boxes.  As per business point of view, uniqueness in variety sets you above and apart from everyone. The information shared in this blog will definitely help a lot of you in comprehending important factors of custom packaging. Also about their usage in the different business sectors.

How Custom Cigarette Boxes are Manufactured?

Manufacturing of any type of custom packaging really affects the products pack inside them. Therefore, premium quality manufacturing materials are very much important for cigarette packaging boxes. Thus, Kraft paper and cardboard are best options to have quality packaging of these simple and electronic cigarettes. Moreover, they are the materials with which we can do a successful experiment in the shapes of custom cigarette boxes. All of these materials are perfect to be folded and moulded into any shape and size. With the help of these kinds of stuff, different types of rigid cardboard boxes can easily produce. As rigid form is the most suitable for electronic cigarettes and its lighter. Moreover, the same materials are suitable for manufacturing the playing card boxes. Further, the involvement of corrugated sheets in production provides strength and sturdiness that work best as it protects the product from any kind of damage while shipping.

Custom cigarette boxes

Graphic/Digital Manifestation over Cigarette Box

The thing that completes these custom cigarette boxes is the design enhancing their outer appearance.  The time for using plain white or brown paper boxes is over, now you can avail digital graphic. This designing will remodel cardboard boxes for any kind of products. As told earlier, several types of shapes and designs of cigarette packaging boxes are available in the market. These custom packaging fulfils the requirement of different types of cigarette packaging. Therefore, a little amendment in color selection can change the ordinary boxes into stylish and attractive boxes. If you have any confusion then you have the option to consult graphic designers from The Custom Packaging Boxes. As this company provides the best printing and packaging services to its customers.

Wholesale cigarette boxes

How Does Cigarette box work as a Marketing Tool?

There are several functions that we can achieve from a single thing. Then why not to apply the same rule on custom packaging. Therefore, Custom cigarette boxes are an ideal source for promoting your brand in the tobacco market. This promoting technique will definitely boost the business. For this, you just need to print some important details on your cigarette boxes.  For instance, select your logo, imprint it on the cigarette packaging boxes with important details like the company’s name, brand name and contact details like a toll-free number or website address if there is any. These details are important but they should be comprehensive.  With this, it will be easy for the customer to remember the product. In addition to this, you can also visit Amazon prints to have different ideas to know how to create an impression in marketing.

cigarette packaging boxes

Lamination and Free Shipping

When we are done with the printing, lamination becomes necessary for custom Cigarette boxes. Lamination provides a smooth surface to the cardboard boxes.  In addition to this, it protects the printed material on the custom packaging. Well, for packaging like cigarette boxes it is very beneficial to protect the important details printed. Lamination coatings also enhance the shelf life of the cigarette packaging boxes.  Besides, they also protect the products from atmospheric effects like heat, moisture, etc. If we talk about the feature of the company, there are many other things that force you to choose this company over others especially for free and safe shipping of the wholesale cigarette boxes worldwide.

To Conclude

In my conclusion, I would say that if anyone of you requires quality custom boxes with quality services then they should visit us as a first priority. All contact details are available on the official website page and sales representative are available to answers your queries at all times.

Cigarette Packaging Boxes

Cigarette Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Want to build up your cigarette brand? We can provide you custom cigarette boxes at very affordable prices with free worldwide shipping. New cigarette brands are appearing in the market. What makes the new brand more appealing is their packaging. It is the packaging that influences the purchasing decision of the customers.


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Key Feature of Custom Cigarette Boxes

  • Custom Sizes:  Available in all custom sizes and shapes
  • Stocks: 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt, White SBS, C1S, C2S
  • Finishing options: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV Coating
  • Add-on choices: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing
  • Shipment: Assembled and shipped flat
  • Structure: Easy to assemble boxes
  • 100% Price and Quality Guaranteed.

Innovative cigarette boxes

Consumer purchases almost every product by the outer look. And you on the other hand, if a marketer or a company manager, you would definitely not want your consumer to reject you. On the basis of just because they don’t like your packing. And to save your precious product from being rejected by just its cover and to make it re presentable in innovative way. Cigarette boxes printing done by the custom packaging boxes is definitely your best chance. Since, you can get your cigarette box printed in your desired logos and themes and with the suitable printing press. Moreover, you can get quality printing on your custom cigarette packaging boxes. You can trust a company who offers quality printing, unlimited add-ons, free sample, free online custom quote and many other.

Wholesale Cigarette Boxes

Moving towards handling, cigarettes need little bit more care than other products. This is because if they get wet they become useless. So, to keep them safe from moisture and humidity cardboard cigarette boxes are made. These custom cigarette packaging boxes are quite in demand these days.

High-quality Custom Cigarette Boxes

Since, cigarette packaging boxes are really high in quality and we here at ‘The custom packaging boxes’ makes sure that our boxes are beyond perfection. So, you can get your customized cigarette boxes printed with your logos and designs.
Personalized cigarette boxes and other unique elements have the tendency to attract the attention of the customers. So, this is the reason why we have the best team of designers to guide you throughout.

Cigarette Packaging Boxes- Alluring and attractive!

The best thing about these cigarette boxes and cardboard cigarette boxes is that they are very reasonable. Paying little respect to their stunning outlines and engaging alluring sort of shades and color schemes. In reality, these specially designed cigarette boxes that are low in cost. But they can be managed by everybody without any bother.
You can include components of your own choice. As in these custom cigarette boxes as you can try a considerable measure with them. Size and measurement again rely upon the requirement of the client and you can contact our designer whenever needed.

Why should you pick Thecustompackagingboxes?

  • First class Printing: ‘The custom packaging boxes’ is acclaimed for its top of the line printing and packaging mechanism. As we have die-cutting edge presses in addition to the most recent strategies that enable us to give the best printing results to our customers.
  • Finest material for bundling: We have constantly favored and utilized the best and the finest material. Alongside, we offer bundling arrangements as well as consider the outcomes of the material being utilized by us. It must be noted here that our containers experience an enormous testing system that checks the precision, size, and toughness of the cases.


  • Strength and toughness: We ensure that the administration’s we offer are up to the stamp. We offer quality and solidness in the meantime and we have a total testing process for this reason.
  • Die cut innovation: We put stock in progression and in this manner, we convey to you the stunning die-cut technology. Through which you can get each sort of plan inside a couple of days. You don’t need to trade off over your inclinations as we offer you the best answer for this thing. You should simply contact our representative and they will help you all through the procedure.

How to shop?

Shopping with us is a stunning background and the whole procedure is similarly as dazzling as it could be. You should simply take after the accompanying basic strides and you are ready:

  • Firstly, go to our website and select the class of the packaging like cigarette boxes that you are searching for. Since our site is very much organized and you will discover the objects really easily because of classification.
  • Next, once you will get to the tweaked cigarette boxes classification. You will see diverse layouts that may fulfill your requirements. Notwithstanding it, you can likewise get free specimens from our astonishing planners.
  • after that, you will effortlessly discover formats for redid cigarette boxes. Either they are available to be purchased online without any bother or not. And if you just open the tab they are right there in front of you.
  • It must be seen here that you can arrange custom flame boxes as well. And our craftsmen are there to bail you out with the measurements and appearance of the container.
  • Once you have chosen the uniquely designed cigarette boxes packaging. Next thing is to include the number of cigarette boxes you need and settle the measurements.
  • Lastly, just check your request once and checkout once you are finished with the points of interest required for delivery.
  • Happy shopping with!

Eco-friendly printing and packaging services

Well, we do not withstand with the plastic material that are not environment friendly. Thus, in this manner we utilize the best material for packaging administrations. Our complete packaging line including truffle cigarette boxes that are comprised of Eco-accommodating material.
We are particularly worried about climatic changes. Thus, we need to contribute to limiting these things. We need to utilize 100% biodegradable material for packaging boxes. Therefore, we are glad to report that we use Environmental friendly material for light boxes packaging and exclusively printed flame boxes.

Turnaround Time

Our customers perceive look up to us for printing and that is because of a lot of reasons. Among them important ones of the main motivations is our swiftest turnaround time. First and foremost , priority is on time conveyance. You should simply look for your custom cigarette lid package on our website. Place your order and there you go… you will get them in few days. Our standard transportation time is right around a week or ten business days. Truly, you will get your things at the guaranteed time with no trouble.

Free sampling and designing

Best of all, if you are confused for the determination of hues and the blends. Plus, cannot decide if you should use for your uniquely crafted cigarette boxes, or in the event that you need distinctive sort of shape for your custom cigarette boxes and you don’t know about the plan, we offer you the top originators from everywhere throughout the world who will help you in getting the best and astounding customized cigarette boxes.
In actuality, they won’t just help you with this thing, you can have free examples produced using them keeping in mind the end goal to have a thought regarding how the last item will resemble.

Shipping Services

We offer free sending around the world. Is it safe to say that it isn’t astounding? It is without a doubt. We offer various administrations to our clients and we are pleased to declare that we offer free sending also. Notwithstanding it, if there should be an occurrence of any crisis or any issue that you may confront with the conveyance, you can straightforwardly contact our client benefit delegate and they will direct you what to do in such cases.

Get custom boxes printed for your product packaging. Thousands of packaging Design that can be customized for your marketing and merchandising needs.


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The Custom Packaging Boxes, have all the focus on the best quality without any compromise.Our expert digital printing designers will transform your ideas and Brand value on your product packaging.