How To Choose Custom Printed boxes at ‘The Custom Packaging Boxes’?

How To Choose Custom Printed boxes at ‘The Custom Packaging Boxes’?

Packaging is the necessity of modern era. Each and every product you brought comes in amazing product packaging. Often these custom boxes are printed with the logo and contact information and often they are simple. If you are new to the business and a startup that are looking for the best box design to start their line, you are at the right place. Best custom printed boxes have more sale and demand in market than the one standard boxes have. Here is what you must look for, in the boxes before getting the wholesale printed boxes for your startups:

What to look for in custom packaging boxes:

  • It should have functional purpose.
  • It must be able to sense what buyers will feel.
  • Your customized packaging needs to affect them emotionally.

Make sure your custom cardboard boxes have function to serve. Basically 3 P’s are put into consideration that is Protection, Preserve and Promote. So if these three functions are performed properly your custom packaging boxes are perfect to stand in the market. Make sure your custom packaging boxes provides protection and ability to preserve. If you are looking to ship fragile things like candles, you can select custom printed candle boxes with the sleeves or with the auto-lock bottom so that your candles will be shipped without being broken. Another feature that is really important while looking for the custom packaging boxes is to make sure you get them printed with the Logo and contact details. This is the only way to promote your company and your brand.

All sort of packaging boxes for cosmetic to daily use products are available.

After making your custom packaging design perfect to suit your product inside them, you need to make sure you also add sense to the packaging.

What does your product make your buyers feel?

It is necessary to choose the box design by keeping your client’s priority. Not only style that matters but also the design plays significant role. You can get the custom gift boxes printed as per the occasion and your demand of the company. Clients are purchasing something on their behalf and what makes the clients happy is not what they are getting only rather what they are getting along with their purchase. It is best that you provide these boxes with excellent finishing and printing options to make them look appealing and perfect. You can induce die cut windows with plastic lamination or without plastic lamination.

Let them know what benefit they have gained by choosing you:

To conclude, you need to tell your clients that purchasing from you is beneficial for their own benefit. You have to design the box in a way that is not only elegant but also useful that your custom size boxes serve more than one purpose.  If they print box from ‘The custom packaging boxes’, they can utilize them not solely for the promotional purpose but also for the printed gift boxes and with the spectacular quality they can use them for shipment purpose as well.

3 Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas to Package In Unique Ways

3 Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas to Package In Unique Ways

How to package bath bombs made in home?

Bath bombs are really delicate and can fizz as soon as come in contact with the water. They are bombarded to react and results in bubbles. Therefore, they require proper packaging bags wholesale that will keep them in protected from outer contact of water and physical damage. Here are three best bath bomb packaging ideas that help in packaging your product not only in alluring way but also in best security of your product. So if you are wondering, how to store bath bombs? You are at the right place.

Top Bath bomb packaging ideas:

Bath bomb packaging before any type of packaging requires wrapping in plastic sheet or you can say shrink paper. Easy way to do shrinking is by wrapping plastic sheet all around and then after laminating it with heat you have to dry them so that plastic gets attached to the bath bomb. After which you are ready to package them in different ways of your own.

Cups for small numerous bath bombs

1:Cups for holding bath bombs:

Before packaging them in any baskets or in any kind of containers, it is best to package them in a way that is visible from outside as well. All you have to do is to shrink the bath bomb in bath bomb shrink wrapper and then put them in the cup that is not large enough rather cover half the bath bomb. Disposable cups work best for these bath bomb packaging. Then wrap them in plastic with a bow tie so that they look alluring and secure at the same time.

This bath bomb plastic packaging is best for packaging single bath bomb at a time. You can package all of them in this way and then add them to some bath bomb container or box to make the count more and let them ship if you want to deliver them to some place. The custom packaging boxes provides you with the best designs if you are still confused feel free to talk to our representative online.

2: Bath bomb gift baskets:

You can make diy bath bomb packaging to gift your loved ones. Just like the bath kits in which you put soaps and lotions, you can also put these bath bombs for gift baskets. Get the label on them printed or either a tag so that other person will know what they are getting it for and from whom. You can just put them in shrink bags and then put them in baskets or other ways to make them alluring is to put them in boxes and then put it among other stuff.

You can make bath bomb gift basket with the bath bombs of different colors and flavors of the bath bomb.   For instance, you can add fragrance just like induced in soaps and you can see them on handmade soap packaging. After adding fragrance you can add the tags of each fragrance and then put them in the basket.Bath bomb baskets for putting all bath bombs at one side.


3:Bath bomb bags:

Bath bomb bags are perfect only if you put them in shrink wrappers first. You must be wondering, if you can shrink wrap bath bombs or not. Well, the answer to your ambiguity is yes! You can have plastic sheet wrapped around the bath bomb and then shrink it with the machine. After that you can dry it and with the dryer to make the sheet attached the bomb. This way it helps your bath bomb from direct contact with water. After that you can put them in the bags to make sure they look attractive and appealing to your clients.


How cigarette packaging work as efficient tool of packaging?

How cigarette packaging work as efficient tool of packaging?

Cigarettes boxes have their own grace for which consumers buy a particular brand. Though this product is not healthy for anyone still smokers find everywhere. And they are huge in number. Thus, to maintain their quality them companies are providing cigarette packaging. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that packaging has a distinct place in our lives for both professional or personal level. In the same way, custom cigarette boxes provide their assistance in proper packaging of these cigarettes. Moreover, cigarette box wholesale are very much helpful in wrapping the products which make shipping easy to large and small distances. Thus for this product, a wide range of packaging printing is available depending upon the demand of the customers.

In this blog, This will definitely help you with your professional and personal use.

How Custom Cigarette Boxes are manufactured?

Well, manufacturing of any type of packaging really affects the products pack inside them. Therefore, premium quality materials are very much important. Moreover,  for cigarette boxes different materials like Kraft paper and cardboard are the best options which are premium resources of manufacturing. Further, they are also capable of making rigid cigarette boxes wholesale for electronic cigarettes. Moreover, they are the materials with which we can do a successful experiment in the shapes of custom cardboard boxes. Both these materials are perfect to fold and mold into different shape and size. Moreover, the same materials are suitable to produce custom wine boxes as well as game boxes.  Further, the involvement of corrugated sheets while production provides strength to these Custom Cigarette boxes that work best as it protects the product from damages while shipping.

Let us share the variety of cigarette packaging TCPB  have to offer you.

Cigarette Boxes

Foldable Cigarette Boxes

This variety of cigarette boxes is commonly seen on retail shops.  This category is found almost in every smoker’s pockets.  Most common reason to use these types of cigarette packaging is its cheap and affordable manufacturing.  For their production, cardboard and paper sheets are used. Using different techniques they are given required shape. Usually, the flip-top shape makes the use of these custom cigarette boxes easier for smokers. Moreover, these cigarette boxes wholesale are economical for the retailers and for wholesalers still their quality is never compromised.  The best feature of this type is its flexibility to change into required shapes easily.

Cigarette Boxes for E- Cigarette

Have you ever heard about E-cigarette? If not let us tell you. It is actually a new and advance form which stands for Electronic Cigarette. It is a cigarette shaped device filled with nicotine to inhale. Therefore, to preserve these special cigarettes special type of cigarette boxes are used. These cigarette packaging have a flip-top opening with a magnetic closure which provides the safe lock. Thus, no instrument will fall out. In addition to this velvet and foam inserts are added. Inserts inside these cigarette boxes wholesale not only enhance the beauty and play the role of inside embossing. Also, they save the electronic cigarettes to roll inside the boxes.

Display Cigarette Boxes

This is another common but effective type of custom cigarette boxes. Since it is the most common type so they are available almost in every other tobacco shop, store and in big shopping malls. As its name suggest, this particular assortment of cigarette boxes wholesale help in displaying your new arrivals or even old stock back in focus for the customers. Further, their right placement give the real boost to the sale. The only thing which matters for this type of custom cardboard boxes are their right placement. For instance, place them somewhere near the cash counter where they seek the attention of the customers. Display cigarette packaging is available in standing stand which also brings products to visibility and also increases the sales revenue.

How Does Cigarette box work as a Marketing Tool?

There are several functions that we can achieve from a single thing. Then why not to apply the same rule on cigarette packaging. Therefore, printed cigarette boxes are an ideal source for promoting your tobacco brand in the market. This promoting technique will definitely boost the business. For this, you just need to print important details on your custom cardboard boxes.  For instance, select your logo, imprint it using packaging printing with details like the company’s name, brand name and contact details like a toll-free number or website address if there is any. This type of printing is not confined to a particular brand as it also works for custom wine boxes which is equally loved by many smokers.  With this, it will be easy for customer to remember the product. In addition to this, for custom game boxes, packaging printing plays a dynamic role.

Custom Cigarette Boxes

If you like,  you can have guidance from The Custom Packaging Boxes as it is a printing and packaging company providing premium quality cigarette packaging assortment with reliable packaging printing. Additionally,  Amazon prints to have more ideas for creating an advertising impression in marketing.



Which elements should be considered while buying Cookie Boxes?

Which elements should be considered while buying Cookie Boxes?

Cookies, a snack loved by all. Moreover, people love to have them in the morning as well as evening snacks with tea. When it comes to children, they are made for them. There is an unlimited variety of cookies which confectioners like you bake and sale but sometimes your efforts and talent is not rewarded the way it should be.  Have you ever thought about why? Every product is in of proper packaging in the shape of custom packaging boxes. Likewise, cookies need cookie boxes. When we talk about cookies, their crunchiness, pleasant taste and aroma together in a baking oven. these features can certainly take away anyone over to a completely new level of taste zone. Well, cookie packaging boxes help in preserving all these features. Moreover, it is not that just about the taste of the snack itself, but how it is presented to customers make a difference.

How many shapes and sizes of Cookie Boxes are significant?

Well, honestly the two aspects of shape and size do matter with respect to product and its sale. Just think it yourself if you have to pack a single set of cookies or a mass of mix or a random set of cookies, are you going to choose standard size cookie boxes. It will create no attraction in your product rather creates a bad impression. On the other hand, if you have a wide range of custom packaging boxes like tiny house shape custom snack boxes, Fairy dress box with ribbons and other custom bakery boxes. They better help in increasing your packaging impression. Moreover, innovations in designs and size boost the business as it did with many well-known bakery brands. It is commonly said in the business world that half of the products sale depends on the manner of how they are presented to the consumers.

What effects does personalization create over Cardboard Cookie Boxes?

There is another important aspect which needs to be focused on is the personalization of custom cookie boxes. These packaging boxes are printed with various designs and patterns that actually enhance their beauty. Well, you really have seen the attraction of customers towards cookie boxes with windows. Moreover, because of these custom packaging boxes, business really boosts and gets a well-known reputation in the market. Customers love when you pack their products in such custom snack boxes. Therefore, our company The Custom Packaging Boxes customize these custom bakery boxes as well as cardboard cookie boxes with various patterns as per events for you.  As the same type of packaging gives a boring and dull impression of the product packed inside.

Cookie Boxes for securing your cookies

Elements of Designing

As told already cookie packaging boxes are available in a variety of styles and sizes but other than that they also need colors. In addition, if you want your products to be prominent enough that they automatically capture the customers’ eyes of the customers then buy these full color cookie packaging. These printed boxes with added beautification elements of die-cut technology enhance the flawlessness. Moreover, the interlocking feature of tabs gives these custom packaging boxes more strengthened security for cookie packaging. Well, when it comes to custom bakery boxes, there are different designs for different products. For instance, cake, cupcakes, truffles, pies, even custom candy boxes have different designing patterns. These patterns are base on how much you can imagine. Therefore, bring your ideas for your cookie packaging boxes as well. Further, if you like you can also consult Printcosmo which is as worthy as we are in our work.

How much are these boxes capable of showing resistance?

Simple cardboard cookie boxes are not enough to pack bakery products. Most importantly product like cookies which need to have crunchiness with all its flavors. The manufacturing material use for these custom packaging boxes provides them strength and resistance. For instance, these cookie boxes with windows have the capacity to resist atmospheric changes like heat, moisture dust dirt and other damages which can affect products’ freshness. In addition to this, these cookie boxes are biodegradable and recyclable so they are completely friendly to nature and do no harm. Most of all, these custom bakery boxes are approved from FDA authorities for the packaging of foodstuff.

Cookie Packaging Boxes with handle to hold.

Why choose The custom packaging boxes to buy Custom packaging Boxes?

There are many companies in the market but The Custom Packaging Boxes is the one with highly qualifies engineers offering you premium quality custom bakery boxes in a wide range. For instance,  custom candy boxes, cookie and snack boxes, etc. With premium-quality packaging, our company also provide trustworthy printing. Printed cookie boxes provided by us are really doing their magic in the market. Further, we have lots and lots of facilities for our customers. Just one click away we await you. Visit our site and find more and more about your relevant packaging boxes.

What are different types of Custom Cardboard Boxes?

What are different types of Custom Cardboard Boxes?

What has brought change in the packaging world?

Have you ever thought about it? If not then let us reveal that it is the cardboard boxes. They are the most reliable packaging solution. There are a lot of features of these custom cardboard boxes, about which people are confused. Let us talk about this to clear all the confusions. Firstly, there are a lot of people think cardboard packaging are expensive than other materials like plastic, etc. Actually, it is another way around, which means these boxes for sale are cost-effective. For this reason, they are used in a variety of business fields for product packaging. In the same way, custom corrugated boxes are playing their role in product packaging. Both these categories possess all the features which make them eligible for storing different types of items.

Let us share with you some common types of wholesale cardboard boxes around you.

Custom Jewelry Boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for both light and heavyweight packaging of products. Among these products come the precious jewelry, gemstones and so on. Starting from a small ring to delicate jewelry cardboard packaging is very much effective and reliable. Get them design as per your demand. Mostly to give these custom cube boxes, as well as other types, are printed with black color. Further, lamination with gloss, matte and other lamination option gives them even more polished look. All these additions transform simple looking custom cardboard boxes into luxury ones. For custom box printing consult company’s graphic designer which will shape your ideas in front of you. Don’t forget to have foam or velvet inserts. These additions will make your jewelry pieces more elegant and worthy. Ribbon bow ties will turn them as jewelry gift boxes for you.

Display Cardboard Boxes

One of the most common types of customized cardboard boxes. Being common means that you must have seen them around you in every small shop, store as well as in big malls and outlets. Further, stationery products, bakery, and confection products, they play an incredible role. As its name suggests, this particular assortment of cardboard packaging helps in displaying the new arrivals or even the old stock back to the focus of customers. Well, using the right placement of these small cardboard boxes can give boost to the sale. Place them near the cash counter so that you can have an impulsive sale. Moreover, this type further has another type known as standing display stands that also bring product in limelight.

Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is a versatile material for making custom cardboard boxes. Usually, you have seen cardboard boxes with a single wall but they have the ability to get the flute. These additional fluting provide them strength and sturdiness to pack heavy and transport heavy products to various places. Well, consult the company for the addition of the layers. That’s why custom corrugated boxes are preferred for shipping purpose. When it comes to the companies we The Custom Packaging Boxes provide the best boxes for sale. Well, there is another printing and packaging company Alibaba Packaging Boxes equally reliable you can also consult it. On the other hand, our company is able to provide printing which can advertise your company as well as products while they are shipped.

Cardboard Apparel Boxes with Logo

Do you know cardboard packaging which is very much famous in the apparel industry?  They are custom folding boxes that easily pack a wide range of clothes. For instance, scarves, shirts, ties, and a lot more small cardboard boxes are very much efficient.  In addition to this, for bridal gowns, these custom cardboard boxes play a great role in packaging. Further, you can avail the advantage by printing them. This customization can help in advertising your brand. Taking the help of the logo printing over these custom boxes you can easily advertise your brand in the market. Other than social and print media these custom cube boxes are more essential in providing these services. Just print your logo with some other important details such as your contact details then wherever the customer will take these boxes they will become your representatives. Moreover, the customer will also be able to tell others about you more conveniently.

  • Retail Cardboard Packaging Boxes for sale

Are you a producer of the wholesale item on a large scale? If yes, then you definitely need these cardboard packaging. Making the use of these cardboard boxes is the retail packaging solution. Therefore, you must have seen their wide spread usage for various products. For instance,  from cosmetics to shoes, food and other wide range of products. Everywhere these cardboard boxes wholesale are ruling. If you also want to release your product in the market then we TCPB present your cardboard box with multiple features and a wide variety. For instance, custom corrugated boxes for shipping. custom cube boxes as per the product’s requirement.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Further, small cardboard boxes will help you to present small items in a much-assembled way. This will definitely increase impulsive buying and selling.



Q: Do I have to provide design?

Free professional design support is available for all orders.

Q: Can I get Quotation for my boxes?

Yes, you can get no obligation custom quote, same day.

Q: What is shipping cost?

Free Door Step Shipment is provided for all orders in North America.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

Free Generic physical sample are available to evaluate printing quality and stock.

Q. What type of stock is used for printing and manufacturing of packaging boxes?

All Quality of Cardboard, corrugated and Kraft cardstock in available. You can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock.

Q: What add-on choices do Custom packaging provide?

You can choose from Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating & Spot UV etc.

Q: Is there minimum order quantity?

You can order as low as 100 boxes.

Q: Why choose Custom packaging for custom printing and Packaging?

Quality products are our ultimate goal. BBB has accredited us with A+ rating which makes our business perfectly suited for standards of best quality.