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If there is one thing that changes day and night continuously, it’s fashion. Not only women but also men’s fashion nowadays. People prefer to keep their fashion and clothing up to date. The garment brands put all their effort in an attempt to lure customers into buying their products. When running an apparel brand, a person must keep everything up to date and be creative to stand out from others. If you are also running a business in garments and are in search of ways that can promote your brand, then focusing on your apparel boxes is your best option right now. People prefer products that come with durable, suitable, and yet beautifully designed boxes. Making Custom apparel boxes is a potential move. As custom apparel boxes give you a chance to use your creativity in your brand’s packaging boxes and getting them manufactured with quality material. As we know that making Custom apparel boxes is not a child’s play, we are listing down 11 creative ways for you to design and promote your custom apparel boxes.

Make your Apparel boxes durable and sustainable

Every customer’s priority is getting their required product safely. Through shipping and delivery time, boxes made from low-quality material face many challenges, the weather, the shipping time, and other things that can ruin the product inside eventually. On the other hand, custom apparel boxes are durable and keep their design and beauty secure throughout the shipping and delivery time. Get your custom apparel boxes made from durable and sustainable material, which increases the life of your product and gives off a great expression of the quality of your brand.

Custom apparel boxes wholesale prices

The best option when getting custom apparel boxes? Get them at wholesale prices. This will save you much money which you can invest in your product. Every customer wants the packaging price to be as low as possible. Buying your custom apparel boxes wholesale is a different name for getting cheap apparel boxes. It will not only promote your brand but is also pocket-friendly for you and your customers. We know that finding companies who make cost-effective Apparel packaging boxes can be troubling, as many companies now compromise with the quality of the custom apparel boxes. But it is not something you should worry about, as The Custom Packaging Boxes are here for your convenience. “Apparel Packaging Boxes” Click on the link and let us know what you want. We’ll get your desired custom apparel boxes done swiftly. For more information on what we can offer, drop us an email given below.

Get your unique logo Printed

Designing and getting your logo is another great way to attract potential customers. Get your logo printed on your custom apparel boxes, as it will show a unique image of your brand. A logo is a crucial factor in a brand’s popularity and public image. Custom apparel boxes with logos are a catch nowadays, as a unique logo makes your brand stand out at first glance. Getting your logos printed on your custom apparel boxes makes it so much easier and effective.

Design your custom garment packaging uniquely

Remember that the boxes speak for the product inside. Every customer is going to see your Garment packaging boxes design before even opening the box. Designing your custom apparel boxes is a crucial step whose importance can’t be ignored or questioned. Using eye-catching lamination. Glossy, matte, Aqueous coating, or many more. Make it decent, unique, elegant to the eyes, and pleasing, fun to touch. The box below gives off a super sleek and minimal look which can do wonders for your brand if you like to follow the trend of minimalism that is in nowadays.

Set your target audience

Apparel Packaging Boxes


Start off designing your apparel boxes following a targeted audience. Keep track of whom you want to be interested in your product. Is it supposed to be suited for office men, a fancy dress for women, or casual wear for a kid? It all depends upon you to decide.

Setting a target audience will give you a precise aim, and you can focus more on one product at a time. After your product makes it into the market, you can add more products to your line. Make apparel boxes with which the customers can feel relatable. Create a mutual bond with them. Your Apparel boxes are the best way you can do this. This box above provides:

Eco-friendly Packaging

Another potential move you can play while designing your custom apparel boxes is to make them Eco-friendly. Eco-friendly packaging is more likely to be picked among various other categories. People are becoming more aware of the products used in the manufacturing of the packaging boxes. 

Try to find Custom packaging boxes on wholesale which are durable, can hold and protect the garments, and can also be recycled or reused. This may sound a bit tricky but, in the end, the effort is worth it. This one single move can highly increase the sales rate. You can also add details on your box on how to recycle it. Just remember that these are the things that can have a great impact on your brand. Be careful when choosing designs and making your custom apparel boxes as the product’s fate or brand lies in it.

Brand popularity

At the end of the day, what is the primary purpose of all this? Every brand’s main goal is to get high market value. And once in the market, your product and your custom apparel boxes represent your brand. Choose colour themes that can relate to your product and the brand. Logos will spread a distinctive image of your brand in the market. Your beautifully designed, unique custom apparel packaging should speak for your brand.

Follow new trends, keep updated on the shifts of trends, and how you are going to change your style according to it. Bring out the best in everything. Your products represent your brand once in the market, and its packaging speaks of the quality of your brand.

In this fierce, vast competition where everyone is putting extra effort, you need to be unique. Your product should be the first one to be picked among your competitors.

Adding Details

Adding details is another good way to catch your customer’s attention. People prefer to research what they are investing their money into. Add details about your garments, the brand, the packaging box, how to recycle it, how to take care of the apparel, the product. Most importantly, talk about what makes your product special and why they should buy from you. Keeping people aware is a great technique. Create a bond with your customers. Gain their trust. Tell them why they should prefer your product over the other competitors. This can be a great addition to your custom apparel boxes and another step closer to achieving your goals.

Getting Custom apparel boxes in bulk 

Getting your custom apparel boxes in bulk can save you from all the hassle of manufacturing them over and over again. Custom Apparel boxes can add extra expenses to your budget. It can ultimately make you add additional costs to your product. Getting your custom apparel boxes in bulk can save you up a lot, which most brands aim for. When running a business, you have to be practical. Getting your custom apparel boxes in bulk is the best strategy. When running a brand, especially one related to garments, you need to make intelligent choices. Getting your custom apparel boxes in bulk can be one of them.

We know what you need

11 creative ways to design and promote your custom apparel boxes


So, here we just noted down 11 creative ways you can design and promote your custom apparel boxes. Durability, suitable, getting them in bulk, wholesale prices, eco-friendly packaging, different styles, target audience, logo, and printing. There certainly are many other points to discuss, but we help you once you book a meeting with us and make us aware of your requirements! Now the question arises: where to get such perfect custom apparel boxes that hold your product and are the main key factor in your sales. It may have been a difficult task before, but not anymore. The Custom Packaging boxes are here and willing to make your custom apparel boxes for you. Our creative team can also design your apparel boxes for you, have them customized as you want. We are here for your convenience. Let us design, make, print, and customize your apparel boxes as you desire. Contact us on our given number or drop us an email at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.